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October 2012 | ISSUE 4

The Division 28N Newsletter October 2012 Edition Words from the LTG ………………………………


A recap of the last month and what to expect next month.

RTC…………………………………………………… 3 Are you guys ready?! BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Service Projects…………………………………… 5 A Key Clubber never stop to rest for service!

Club Snap Shots…………………………………… 9 Special mention of some clubs that did a amazing job last month!

Contacts…………………………………………….. 10 Got a question? Give us a call!

Calendar……………………………………………. 10 Some exciting stuff next month!

Burning up the sky! Service never dies!


Words from the LTG HEY ALL YOU BLAZING PHOENIXES! How are you? How has school been so far? Hopefully you're adjusting to your new schedules and avoiding the evils of procrastination! Also, I hope you all are staying healthy and eating right because it seems that many people are getting sick, so be sure to always take care of yourself! Anyway, I'm so happy to hear of some amazing first meetings, and you can read more about some of them within this newsletter. I'm so glad to hear that you all are recruiting new members and building up your clubs! And to all you new members out there, let me just say something that a past president has told me: what you put into Key Club, you will get out! So if you wish to have an amazing time in Key Club, don't expect it to just come to you. Go to all these wonderful events that we plan for you and go do service for the community with your Key Club friends! Go up to someone new and introduce yourself because we're all about being friendly and inclusive! Furthermore, this past month, many of you have been promoting Region Training Conference, otherwise known as RTC! I can't wait to see each and every one of you that are going because it's truly going to be a SUPER one! We are all Superheroes of Service, and I can't wait to see the all of your SUPER spirit! Remember though that the purpose of RTC is to train, so be ready to learn more about Key Club as well! Well I look forward to hearing about and seeing all the service you do with your articles and visuals that you submit, and I can't wait to see the innovative service projects your clubs come up with for this month of October. It's the time of Halloween, and there's so much you can do! Many organizations are having their Halloween events and there's also Trick-orTreat for UNICEF going on! I'm very excited for the holiday and spirit of scaring this month, and I hope you all are, too! I shall see you soon, and I hope you have a Happy Halloween! BOO! :)

Scorching with service and spirit,

Ailina Heng


REGION TRAININ What is Regional Training Conference (RTC)? Within our region, we have five divisions: 28 North, 28 South, 28 West, 38 East, and 38 West! At Region Training Conference, Key Clubbers from all across our regions in these different divisions gather together to LEARN more about Key Club! Hence, the word, training!

What will be at RTC this year? At RTC, there will be many educational workshops presented that range from Key Club 101 to the District Project to International Business and more! We will also be participating in some small scale service projects and working to fundraise for the Eliminate Project because Key Club is all about service! There is also the famous spirit rally and a fun dance at the end as well. Not only that, we will also be visited by our District Governor, Alyssa Yocom! There are so many wonderful things planned for everyone at RTC this year, and it's going to be a blast!

Any tips?


Bring water and plenty of cough drops as you will lose your voice by the end of the day with the high energy and spirit! Also, if you wish to bring a bag, it is suggested that it is small because you will have to carry it around all day. Lastly, be sure to get some sleep because you will be spending a full, fun day with Key Club, and you will need your energy and spirit!




What is the dress code at RTC? At RTC, we will be checking to make sure everyone is in dress code, so please be sure to follow all these rules to ensure a smooth, fun day! Long pants should be worn to RTC, and these pants should reach your ankle or longer. No capris and shorts are allowed. Be sure that your pants don't have any rips, holes, or frays; and you cannot use tape to cover up these holes. Also, please do not wear any jeggings, leggings, or sweats! Lastly, all pants worn should be worn at your appropriate waist level. There is no need for sagging, and no one needs to see your underwear! Please do not cut them up or alter them in any way! These are your Key Club shirts, and you should wear them proudly as they are! As for shoes, we do advise that you wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes. There will be tons of Key Clubbers running around everywhere, and we wouldn't want your toes to get stepped on!

rvice Save the date!

When? October 13, 2012, Saturday! Time: 8AM - 8PM Where: Cimarron-Memorial High School (2301 North Tenaya Way Las Vegas, NV 89128)

Want to help at RTC? We are looking for a few people who would like to serve as RTC task coordinators this year. We are also looking for any members who are interested in being a part of the SAA Team! If you would like more information or if you are interested, please


Open House Recruitment By Rosalyn Ngo, Rancho

Gradually over time, unfortunately, we lose members of the Key Club fam. However, that's okay, why not recruit new members and create a new bond? On August 23, 2012, Rancho hosted an Open House to all freshmen students. My experience was really heart warming as I got to spend quality time with many of the Key Club officers and members! Not only did we recruit, we also spread the word to provide service within our community. Open House was a very successful day because we recruited 30+ new members! I can't wait to kick off a whole new year with Key Club! :)

The Member of the Month

Congratulations to BRANDON OWEN from ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES ACADEMY Attending every meeting and event, and offering numerous ideas, Brandon Owens is an amazing and valuable asset to Atech's Key Club. Now matter what the circumstance, Brandon's enthusiasm is uplifting and inspiring to members. He is always exuberant for any event and always goes the extra mile by providing more service events for our club and members. In fact, during this month, Brandon took the initiative to organize a group of volunteers and assisted in contacting the coordinator for the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival. Not only has he encouraged members to attend and experience the magic of service, but he has also offered transportation services after school for those who plan on volunteering on Friday. He is a member who should be recognized because he BEElieves that Key Club has had a huge impact on his life and his goals. It's people like him who make our organization so successful and we are absolutely proud to have him as a part of our Key Club family.


Featured Articles

First Meeting of the Year By James Reamer, Advanced Technologies Academy

After a long summer of fun and vacation, school is now back in session. And with a new school year means a brand new year of clubs and activities to be a part of. At A-Tech, everyone knows of one club that dominates all the rest, which is Key Club! The club does not get its dominance from its reputation and prestige; it comes from the members that attend each and every meeting and the spirit they bring. Starting off the year right, Key Club had their first meeting on September 6, 2012, launching the beginning a new year of Key Club. Once the final bell rang, students came rushing into the Lecture Hall, filling up all of the seats. During the meeting, the president and board members were introduced and events were already planned for the students. Deadlines needed to be met. Service events were offered. Chaos consumed the room as students talked about what they wanted to do in Key Club. But, as the meeting came to a close and people started to leave, the one phrase unified the members together in all the chaos, "HOW DO YOU FEEL?!"


Featured Articles The First Meeting By Patricia Williams, Arbor View

The bell signaled the end of the school day as doors began opening and the clamor of relieved conversation filtered through the hallways on that Thursday. Banner rolled up and resting on my shoulder, bell struggling to stay in my hands, I rushed towards the lecture hall, hoping desperately that I would get there before any early birds while wistfully wishing I had gone to set up earlier. The door swung open, the table set, and the computer struggling to turn on, new members excitedly filled the seats as the officers took their places in the front. The clear ring of the bell silenced the crowd, and the first meeting of the new year commenced. September 6th marked the beginning of the Arbor View Key Club's 2012-2013 run, as well as my first year leading the members as president. I was nervous, plain and simple, but I fervently hoped that the slight tremor in my voice would remain hidden from the members. We began in spite of some technical difficulties and charged through full speed. As I relayed information and encouragements of "Go to RTC!" and "Turn in shirt designs!" to the crowd, I felt myself relax with every smile and laugh from the members. Eventually, the nerves eased away and I felt less like a deer in headlights and more like a phoenix freshly reborn. The excitement in the eyes of every member lingered with me, and as the bell was rung once more and people got up to leave, that familiar feeling tingled inside with a thought: "This is Key Club." The officers grouped together with our advisor, and we collectively seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. If this was our first meeting, then we all knew that this year would be one of our best.



Club Snapshots Arbor View School is back in session! All of our existing members are so excited to start the new year and meet the new members. During the Aggie Round-up, freshmen orientation, we set up a table and told anyone who would listen all about the amazing opportunities Key Club offers. The result was great! Many people signed up to receive more information about the upcoming school year. Also in the week before school started, our members volunteered in the front office helping put together packets of forms and information to be given to all the students on the first day of school. The help was greatly appreciated. Another event from this month was babysitting. When the teachers go back in school two days before the students, their own kids may not have anywhere to go or anyone to watch them. To help with this, we provided a free babysitting service for teacher's children on Staff Development days. It is always such a fun project for our members, since they get to play games and make arts and crafts with the kids. As for the board, we have met twice this month to plan out many of the dates for projects this year and to get projects for within the next couple of months approved. Our first meeting for the school year is in two weeks. Flyers advertising the meeting are hanging all around school and plans to create and hang posters are set for next week. We are all so excited to meet the new members of the 2012-2013 Arbor Key Club!

East Tech Career and Technical Academy As summer started coming to an end, it was ready for us Titans to get back on the school grind and show off our success! On August 20th, it was East Tech's freshmen orientation! A handful of us participated. Since the theme for RTC was superheroes, we incorporated wearing heroic outfits to catch attention! We could've dressed up in our simple attire and STILL be considered superheros. We had our own booth and had cupcakes to grab attention. Some of our members talked to parents and students regarding what Key Club was, some gave tours around our beautiful campus, and majority of us told them how we felt! We had our executive board meeting on August 27. We are definitely pushing fundraisers to raise money for our club and have chaperones to escort us to RTC. Plus, we're trying to go for 2-peat and win again this year! The titans have made so many proud over the summer. We held our first general Key Club meeting. We had about 160 students attend! The space was crazy! We were limited to only so much. The meeting went well though. We discussed Fall Rally, money dues, and membership! Hopeful-


































LAS VEGAS CINEFEST! Contact Brian Vu at if you are interested


DCM at Veteran’s Career and Technical Academy from 5 to 6pm


Articles and Visuals/Member of the Month are due!


Secretaries must turn in their MRF, no exception!

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