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February 2013 | ISSUE 8

The Division 28N Newsletter March 2013 Edition IN THIS ISSUE‌.

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Words from the LTG Hello all you wonderful, blazing phoenixes! Can you believe that this might be my last hello in this volume of the Phoenix Press? Well, the end of this term is coming up, and I can't believe how fast it went by. Though we will be celebrating all our wonderful service and achievements that we have accomplished this year at the end of the year banquet on March 12th. Be sure to attend! You'll be able to come spend it with your fellow phoenixes while I give out awards and give my retirement speech where you'll most likely see me shed some tears. It will also be a potluck so bring food so that you can feast with your fellow phoenixes as we celebrate this end of the year. I do want to take this moment to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve YOU. It was an honor to meet and get to know so many of you, and it was an honor to see you all rise up from the ashes into these fiery phoenixes that you are, blazing to do more service and to cheer louder each and every day! I will say that the best parts of Key Club is being able to meet so many caring people, create many new friendships, and serve with the wonderful people that we befriend. Keep up that caring spirit for all of you baby phoenixes who still have a year or more in Key Club, and for all my fellow 2013 graduates, be sure to bring your caring spirit with you wherever you go because it will always be with you. Why? It is because you're a phoenix, and the phoenix spirit never dies out, and if it does, it always rises back again even stronger than ever before. I love all you phoenixes so much, and I hope you all can make it to the banquet DCM so we can end this year right! So I WILL see you there!

Scorching with service and spirit,

Ailina Heng Lieutenant Governor


Code of Conduct for DCON Dress Code:  Friday: “Spirit Attire” Shorts or jeans, collared shirts, sweatshirts or appropriate tee-shirts and casual footwear for males and shirts, skirts, shorts, or jeans, collared shirt, sweatshirt or appropriate tee-shirts and casual footwear for females (no bare midriffs). Clothing with logos other than those Key Club related are not allowed. 

Saturday: “Business Attire” Dress shirt, slacks, neck tie, and appropriate shoes for males, and dress or suit, skirt or slacks, blouse and appropriate shoes for females. No athletic shoes or sandals of any kind are allowed. For the Governor’s Ball semi-formal attire is encouraged, but not required.

Sunday: “Business Casual” Long pants, collared shirts and appropriate shoes for males and skirt, or slacks, collared shirt and appropriate shoes for females. No athletic shoes or sandals of any kind are allowed. No Jeans or tee-shirts will be allowed

Lodging: 

Members staying in a hotel or other lodging facility must sleep in their assigned room.

Female members are not allowed in the room of any male member, and male members are not allowed in the room of any female member at any time. Violation will result in the immediate dismissal from the convention.

“Hospitality Rooms” will not be allowed.

All members are expected to abide by the curfew established by the District Administrator.

No Key Club member is allowed on hotel balconies after curfew.

Responsible Behavior 

All participants are expected to abide by all government laws and regulations.

Members must respect the personal property of others, as well as the property of any meeting or lodging facility. The placing of signs or messages on the windows of the hotel rooms is prohibited. No materials may be affixed to any hotel or convention center walls. Any damage caused by a member must be paid for by that member.

Convention attendees may not possess or consume any alcoholic beverages.

Convention attendees may not possess or use any drugs or other controlled substance, with the exception of medication prescribed for the attendee.

Members may not possess or use tobacco products.

Members are expected to abstain from any activity of a sexual nature.

Members are expected to not tolerate hazing or any action that creates unnecessary physical or mental discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule of others.

Members may not possess weapons, firecrackers, or anything of a dangerous nature or act in any way unbecoming of a Key Club member.


Remember: You can be sent home at ANYTIME

Featured Article Hospital Volunteering Andy Gamboa, Rancho I have been volunteering at St. Rose Hospital every Friday since February of 2012. It is an honorable and pleasurable experience to volunteer here. I work in the front desk, and I am able to greet visitors with passion. My colleagues and I also help escort people who are lost to their destination. I enjoy helping others by giving information to people that need help. It is also a great opportunity to get familiar with the medical field. Over time, I get to help the nurses and discharge patients from their rooms. I enjoy volunteering so much because I know I can help out my community by some way.

Color Run Allison Lenon, Advanced Technologies Academy Participating in the Color Run this year was such an amazing experience. It is known as the “happiest 5k on the planet!” and let me tell you, it lives up to its reputation. I’m lazy, and hate all forms of exercise, but the Color Run made running, and the occasional skipping with unicorns through rainbows (LITERALLY!!!), extremely fun and unforgettable. It didn’t feel like I was out exercising, it felt like a 5k party! I participated as a runner, but I could see the volunteers thoroughly enjoying themselves as well, *wink wink* many were key club members from all over the valley! They were the ones throwing the magical, colorful powder into a faces, causing blindness for a good 3 seconds. Did I mention there was free drinks and food after the run… as well as an outrageous after party filled with prizes and MORE color? I had such an amazing time at the Color Run that I plan on participating once again over the summer. I encourage the rest of you Phoenixes to do so as well! I promise you’ll have the time of your lives.

Blankets Making Jacob Powell, Mojave For the past 3 Wednesdays (30th, 6th, and 13th) Mojave's Key Club has participated in a community service project based off the the project we participated in at R.T.C. 2012 where we cut and tide the edges of fleece blankets, in fact our LTG Ailina and our future LTG Chris participated on the 13th. When we are done with all the blankets we are donating them to Martinez elementary school.


SHADOW RIDGE Club of the Month Member of the Month Sam Chu from A-TECH Samantha Chu was chosen because not only has she been a dedicated member of her club serving as SAA, but she continually does everything she can to involve herself with the division as well. She seeks to volunteer for any opportunities that allow her to help serve her division ranging from volunteering to participate in committees to being SAAs of other events and more. She remains extremely spirited and always works to do anything she can to help her fellow phoenixes, which is why she was nominated and chosen for Member of the Month.


Club Snapshots Advanced Technologies Academy This month of January has been very bittersweet as the elected board of the 2012-2013 as it comes to an end. In retrospect, we have accomplished a lot and have improved as a club. We keep moving forward and as we do we continously relearn what is like and what the meaning of serving is all about. This month has al so been quite hectic considering all of the deadlines pushed forward for awards, DCON, and several other things. As of yesterday, January 31st we had our club elections and it was a really emotional and intense time. It was yet another great experience however due to the fact that the board-to-be are all really dedicated and committed to emulating this year's successes. Our board is working on fundraisers, membership reconciliation, new service opportunities, and we are planning to train the new officers because we see that as a major priority and fundamental to keep the club running smoothly. This month's DCM was really fun and I really am going to push to bring more members to the DCMs next year because they really enjoyed it and it was a learning experience for them. Another point we could improve on is officer socials. We had an officer social on the same day of DCM and it was just really nice to get to hangout and take a little break from the sometimes overwhelming task of juggling academics and key club. All in all, this month was really long and hectic yet very successful. The 2013-2014 year for key club looks bright, but we do still have one more month left to make an impact and end it right.

Arbor View We started this month the second week in because of Winter Break and then had finals the third week, so this resulted in only having three meetings. However they were pretty eventful meetings. We were extremely happy to have out lovely LTG come out to our first meeting of the month. Since it had been a while since our last meeting, due to Winter Break, it was nice to come back and have that extra Key Club spirit Ailina always carries with her present in the room. Then after another meeting-less week for finals, we got to come back and have our fabulous Kiwanis adviser there! He gave our club a great speech about taking the oppurtunities given to us and every member loved him. As for events, on Martin Luther King Day, members attended an event at a local fire station to help teach about fire and general safety! Also, 20 members showed up to the cheer on runners at Town Square for the Girl Scouts. It was rainy and cold, but I have not heard a complaint from any of the members. I assume they were too caught up in the cheering! We have had new members pay this month that have not been added to the website, but that is intended to happen this weekend, so I included them in this MRF. Lastly, we have been preparing for elections which will take place next week! Everyone is preparing speeches and we are all so very excited!


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12th—Banquet at Legacy High School from 5 to 7pm. Counts as DCM 18th—Articles and Visuals are due. Encouraged for each club to submit one of each 22-24th—District Convention at Anaheim, California.


LTG Elect Introduction

Hello fellow Key Clubbers! My name is Christopher Bui and I am excited to serve you all as Lieutenant Governor this upcoming Key Club year. I am quite the friendly guy so do not be scared to approach me for anything at all. I really do hope to work really hard to have an amazing year with you all, so expect a lot of things to happen this year!

Burning with the spirit of service

Christopher Bui Lieutenant Governor Elect

Contacts Ailina Heng (702) 875 - 1332

Region 5 Advisors Executive Assistant Division Specialist Division Secretary News Editor

Alyson Palmer Jen Skidmore

Christopher Bui Alexa Carreon Desiree Guerrero Ronald Pai

LieuTenant Governor

Division Leadership Team



Go out with a bang!

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