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THE PHOENIX PRESS Key Club International | CNH District | Region 5 | Division 28 North Newsletter 2011-2012 | Issue 2 | July 2011

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What is good, my fierce and fiery Phoenixes?! Lemme’ ask you a couple of questions! How is your summer going? What are your plans for the next two months? Planning to do some extra studying before the new year? Are you going to serve the community this summer? Is service on your checklist for a great summer? How do you feel?! My goal this summer is to have some events to get Division 28 North excited! I will have the chance to attend the International Convention at Phoenix, AZ, and I can’t wait to share the experiences I gained and the information I learned from there. Be sure to stay in-check with my e-mails that will be relayed from me to the officers of your clubs. Look out for some upcoming events such as the Joint-DCMs that will be planned very soon. And remember to get those designs for merchandise in! I cannot wait to see what you guys have in store for the division! I can tell you right now that I am so stoked and psyched to see some summer service! Some great ways to get some service and to get active are to help people out during your spare time, get together with your home club and have a social/service event, or meeting up with your sponsoring Kiwanis Club to get to know them so that they are aware of what will be going on during the new year! Try some new things since it’s the summertime, so go help plant a garden or volunteer at your local hospital! Maybe you should try fundraising by having a car wash or get together with your local Kiwanis and plan something together! Anything to get your spirits high and your community in shape will be a guaranteed summer memory. So let’s make this a great summer with memories to cherish and remember for the rest of our lives! I cannot wait to see you guys very soon! (:

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Soaring with service and spirit, Jarren L. Santos

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Esmond Fung HAY GUISE! It’s your Divisional E.A. here, Esmond C. Fung. The “C’s” a chance for you to find out all about me! Basically, I am a 15 ¾ year old Sophomore attending A-Tech for the 2nd year. Engineering Majors, REPPIN’. I love music, God, and I LIVE FOR KEY CLUB. My wonderful journey started all last year, a year full of experiences with tons of friends that I had made in this sacred club in which I will never forget. Let us save that story for another time. Who I want to get to know, is you! As the Executive Assistant, I will not act as only an assistant to the LTG, but as an assistant to you. Anyways, some goals as your E.A. has to reach are here: 0. INCREASE EVERY SINGLE STATISTIC IN OUR CLUB BY 100%. 1. Establish relationships with one another! I mean, hey we’re all friends here, am I right?! 2. Increase bonds between the clubs (that way we can help one another out!) 3. Accomplish our goals! And last but not least, numero cuatro: Getting to know and serve you! I am one of the most friendly and talkative guys, YOU. WILL. EVER. MEET. I love breaking the ice (with Ride That Pony!), socializing, and accomplishing above my curriculum! Do you think we can do it? YES. WE CAN. As Obama stated, we will CHANGE the world with our Phoenix Might!  Flying sky high’ (‘cause service never dies), 

Quin Redublado Hello Phoenixes! I’m Quin Redublado, the Divisional Secretary for Division 28 North. I’m a past secretary and president for ECTA’s Key Club and an upcoming Junior for the Education program. You can usually catch me on the computer just browsing, or eating. :3 I like to play the guitar and ride my bike around when it’s not ridiculously hot outside. I love Key Club and I’m proud to be a Phoenix! I’ve got the spirit and I’m more than ready to serve my division! If you need anything, don’t be afraid to contact me. I’ll assist you to the best of my ability. :) Let’s keep up the good work. Burnin’ up the skies, service never dies!

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Kanae Ito Hello Phoenixes! ♥ My name is Kanae Ito (pronounced as Kuh-nye Ee-toe), and I am your new D28N Divisional Technical Editor (DTE)! I am a past treasurer for Rancho High School’s Key Club and an upcoming junior (Class of 2013!) enrolled in the premedical magnet program. I enjoy watching anime, drawing, practicing the piano, and studying foreign languages. Outside of Key Club, I am also a member of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), and National Honor Society. I joined Key Club as a curious freshman, and that was definitely one of the best choices I’ve made in my life.^^ I am in LOVE with this wonderful organization, and I’m proud to call myself as the DTE of the best division ever! My goal for this 2011-2012 term is to make amazing newsletters that will keep you updated with how your high school’s key club is doing, as well as our performance as a whole division. Though I may not be as talkative as the other members on the divisional board, I am definitely a friendly person, and I love making new friends. So if you have the chance, please do talk and get to know me. :) I look forward to working with all of you lovely Phoenixes, and let’s make it a great year!

Photo Credits: Jarren Santos, Lieutenant Governor, A-Tech

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Recent Events The Rancho banquet was held on June 10th at our bulletin editor’s house. Instead of having a formal banquet like many schools do, we had more of a summer themed one: a pool party. I wasn't able to go to the banquet last year, but I now know how much fun the banquets are at Rancho. It was also a potluck, and since all our members are dedicated, we had more food than people. I can honestly say that the banquet was the best; our club "celebrated" a great year, and I believe we all deserved it.

- Lalisa Nopkars, Key Club Secretary, Rancho

Photo credit: Juanne Deguzman, Key Club President, Rancho

Monthly Awards This is something new that will be implemented this year. Throughout the months, we will be having awards for Club of the Month and Member of the Month. Through this process, you guys have the chance to get recognized all over CNH as a designated individual as well as within our division! Now, this process is decided by the Divisional Board, so show us reason why we should choose you! Impress us with something new like a cheer or a new ice breaker! Stand out and BEE a great leader in your community! Just simply impress us and be unique! For the Club of the Month, Jarren will be giving decor (spirit stick, Phoenix plush) for you to take home and decorate to whatever pleases your club! Just please be sure to keep it in great condition as well as to keep in clean! We will be implementing this at the next DCM in July!

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T-shirt/Sweater/Lanyard Designs Are you interested in having an idea of yours put onto an article of clothing like a t-shirt, sweater, or lanyard? We are in great need of designs for the new year so that we can implement some longawaited divisional merchandise into Division 28 North!

For T-shirts and Sweaters: NAVY BLUE and ORANGE are highly recommended as the main colors for the design, but feel free to show off your creativity. • Please limit yourself to 4-5 COLORS when creating a design. More colors on the clothes mean that they will be more expensive to purchase and will cause some problems! • Make sure to include the Phoenix, Key Club Logo, the names of all D28N schools (please ask if you do need a list of the schools), and the phrase "DIVISION 28 NORTH" because these are required. • T-SHIRTS should have a front and back, and it is highly encouraged for sweaters as well, but not required! •

For Lanyards: •

Make a little Phoenix Icon / Figure! It doesn't matter whether it is scary, cute, cool-looking, adorable, or detailed! As long as it's an icon, we'll be able to put that on the lanyard! Division 28 North must be on this lanyard in any font you want.

Your design will be represented all over Division 28 North as well as the Cali-Nev-Ha District! Submit

your designs to the LTG, Jarren Santos, by


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Visuals and Articles Do you want to share what your club is doing? Do you want to highlight an event that you really enjoyed? Do you want to get recognized by the division or even the district within the Division/District Newsletter? Well, here's your chance!

Visuals If you take a lot of pictures (for you future historians / bulletin editors out there), then here's your chance to show off your club performing great service for the community as well as your photography skills! Here's what you'll have to do if you're interested: Name the photo [MONTH]__[SCHOOL NAME]__[EVENT NAME INITIALS] ie.) 04_ELDORADO_KOD (This would read September, Eldorado, Kiwanis One Day) • Label the subject [SCHOOL NAME] - [EVENT NAME] | ie. Subject: Rancho - Relay for Life • ONLY PICTURES OF SERVICE • Submit it to the LTG’s e-mail address!

Your photographs may be featured in various publications of the Division/District such as the newsletter and the website! 

Articles (Division/District Newsletter) • •

• • •

Download the template found on the CNH Cyberkey -> (template is found towards the bottom of the page) Write an article about ANY KEY CLUB-RELATED EVENT. From socials to service events to meetings to how you feel about Key Club, find some inspiration and start writing! There's no limit to how much you can write and submit! NAME YOUR FILE: D28N_[Event Title Initials]_[Article #] | ie. D28N_KOD_04 (This would read Division 28 North, Kiwanis One Day, Article #4 Label the subject: D28N_[SCHOOL NAME]_[TOPIC] | ie. D28N_Cheyenne_Key Club Park Social Submit to



May Club Snapshots Legacy May has been a busy month for our club as the year is coming under wraps. Most of our officers were able to attend Officer Training Conference this month where we learned valuable things about our responsibility we uphold to our club. This month we were also involved in the Kiwanis held event of Kite Day. For the past couple of months we have been planning for this event and preparing and making kites; and this month all of our hard work came together greatly as Kite Day was a success! At this event we were able to help little kids decorate their kites, give them free food, set up booth games for them to play, and even the kids from the Boys and Girls Club came out to have some fun! We made an estimated 450 kites for this event, and after the day was over we only had about 35 leftover. It was a successful and amazing day being able to see all the kites fly in the sky and the smiles on the kids' faces. Furthermore, this month we also decided to show our appreciation to our custodians for all the hard work they do to keep our school clean by giving them a luncheon of their choice, which was Cafe Rio. It was really nice to be able to do something for the people that do so much for our school yet receive little recognition. Also, Teacher Appreciation Week was this month, and to show our appreciation, we asked around to all the teachers if they needed any help packing up since the school year was coming to an end. We were able to get some teachers to accept the offer, and it seemed very helpful that we were able to give them an extra hand because as the year comes to an end, many rooms seemed to be a mess. Lastly, we were also lucky to be able to have two students attend Key Leader this month at Camp Lee Canyon. They came back inspired with many ideas and enthusiasm that sparked the entire club! All in all, this month has been exciting for us as the year is coming to an end and the planning for the new year begins!

Advanced Technologies Academy This month, the Atech Key Club was very active. We joined and hosted many events this month, and these events included Relay for Life, Culture Festival, Officer Training Conference, and Dodgeball game. There were many members that went to Relay for Life, they enjoyed the experience very much and they also supported awareness for cancer. Jarren Santos, D28N LTG stated, “Cancer never sleep!” This month we co-host with RESPECT club for Culture Festival; Key Club members helped out by setting up, serving food and cleaning up. Members were also encouraged to bring food from their culture to contribute. This year’s Officer Training Conference was held once again at Atech. New officers from schools in Las Vegas gathered here and learned their position rolls. Our officers had a chance to meet many officers from other schools and learn many new things from the PowerPoint showed. Since our last Dodgeball game was so popular among our school, we hosted another one this month. The one we hosted this month was much more organized than the last one and went smoother. We improved by making the rules clearer to the player and we also included new features that the students liked very much. Overall, this dodgeball game was very successful! All in all, we had our last club and board meeting the last Thursday of May and we are getting prepared for summer events!

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July DCM

“Caring —Our Way of Life”


Division Leadership Lieutenant Governor: Jarren Santos (702)-427-9957

ExecutiveAssistant: Esmond Fung (702)-715-7171

Divisional Secretary:

Divisonal Tech Editor:

Quin Redublado (702)-885-8827

Kanae Ito

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July 2011 Newsletter, Key Club Division 28 North

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