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THE PHOENIX PRESS February 2012 | Issue 8

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02 Lieutenant Governor Introduction 03 Past Events: December Kiwanis Meeting, January DCM, Kiwanis January DCM 04 Club Snapshots: ECTA, A-tech 05 Calendar & DCM Information 06 Contact Information 1

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Lieutenant Governor Introduction Welcome to the wonderful world of February, Phoenixes! You can bet your little tail feathers that this month is going to be hectic! You have your District Convention (DCON) Registration, you have your applications for member and club recognition, you have your Conclave where you will vote the next Lieutenant Governor to represent YOU, you have your upcoming elections for your club’s new Key Club board, and you have the other thousand crazy events that you have to take care of. That sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, I would not worry any step of the way because I will be here to support you with all of my time, might, and whatever I can muster up for you all! I do have a couple reminders for you so make sure you listen up, Phoenixes! USUAL: Monthly Report Forms – 3rd of the month • I will be sure to send out feedback e-mails so you know what to improve on when finishing the rest of your Monthly Report Forms! Articles, Visuals, and Member Nominations – 18th of the month • TURN THESE IN. MY INBOX GETS LONELY.

MEMBER RECOGNITION: Applications can be found on under the Recognition Tab! If you need assistance in attaining the information provided or how specific tasks can be completed, please ask me for help! THESE ARE DUE ON MARCH 2, 2012 11:59 PM. If you do not submit your portfolios for this, you will not be considered for the recognition process.

CONCLAVE REMINDERS: Please be sure to turn in the Conclave Registration forms I sent out by the 10th of this month! • If we do not meet the quorum of at least 50% of clubs, then we will not be able to elect a Lieutenant Governor for Division 28 North. It is crucial that you send at least 2 delegates and 1 adviser DISTRICT CONVENTION REGISTRATION: from your club to represent and vote. We will now be doing online registration for this District • The maximum number of attendees per club is 12. It would be Convention! It will be much easier to use! appropriate to send the club’s old and new board to vote, but any• one can attend. • CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE • NO REGISTRATION FEE THIS YEAR! A snack bar will be proFOR PAYMENT; you must mail out your payment as vided so bring a little bit of money just in case you get hungry. one whole check for your group • If you have questions, let me know! ELECTIONS: Please make sure to hold them within this month or early March! You will need to submit this information in the month of April, so stay proactive!

If you need me for anything concerning the newly improved online DCON Registration, I will most definitely be there to lend a helping hand (or voice on the telephone)! If you need help compiling recommendation letters or proof of attendance for various meetings, I will provide you with those records. If you need help with the voting process during Conclave, I will explain on-site. Every move you make, every bond you break, and every step you take I will be watching you and guiding you every step of the way! P.S. Make sure to e-mail for a snazzy template like mine to show your excitement for DCON! (: Scorching with service and spirit, Jarren L. Santos Advanced Technologies Academy Division 28 North Lieutenant Governor 2011-12


Past Event Recaps December Kiwanis Meeting During winter break on December 23rd, 2011 along with board members we attended a Kiwanis meeting. It was a very enjoyable time with our hosting Kiwanis club because we got to bond with them and talk about service together. Personally I learned a lot about what we can do in the community from the Kiwanis meeting. Due to the meeting we are actually planning on doing an Easter Egg Hunting event for a children’s hospital together. It was quite the experience; we met at Bootleggers, an Italian Restaurant, to talk about exactly what is happening in our Key Clubs. My board and I do hope to strengthen our bond with our Kiwanis over these upcoming months. If you want to have a more successful Key Club then going to a Kiwanis DCM or Kiwanis meeting is highly recommended. Getting to know your hosting Kiwanis club is a big deal because they can help a lot with funding, doing service, and even chaperoning if your club really needs it. That is what my board and I did over the winter break! What a blast! - Christopher Bui, Advanced Technologies Academy

January DCM January Divisional Council Meeting held on January 10th, 2012 was an amazing meeting. I have never been so fired up to go to CTC (Candidate Training Conference) or been so inspire to get ready for District Convention for this year. DCMs are a great way to get involved in your division and even meet new people who are just as dedicated as you are to Key Club. It was a great time hanging out with fellow D28N Key Clubbers. It inspires me to do more each time I go to a DCM because everyone is so involved in their service and they make me want to do service. Also, learning about what is going on in our district is always fascinating to learn about, for example, DCON or District Convention is coming up and now I really want me and my club to go. DCMs are a great way to build relations with your division and even your LTG, so if you and your club have not gone to one yet COME TO THE NEXT ONE! -Christopher Bui, Advanced Technologies Academy

Kiwanis January DCM On January 14, 2012 me and my fellow Bulletin Editor, Brian Vu attended a Kiwanis DCM (Divisional council meeting). It was great time learning and talking with our fellow Kiwanians. We learned about K- 1 Day and future events going on. Surprisingly I even did a club report on my own telling the Kiwanis what is going on with my club. Kiwanis DCM is definitely worth the time. Everyone should go to one to create a better relationship with our Kiwanians . -Christopher Bui, Advanced Technologies Academy


CLUB SNAPSHOTS For the month of December 2011

East Career and Technical Academy It was the last month of 2011, but not the last month for our club to do service! For the month of December, our club has been involved with many projects. Our major project was the St. Jude's Christmas for Kids toy drive. 22 children who are currently fighting through many treatments and disease recieved specific gifts they ask for, such as toys, lotion, books, etc. Although we only had 2 weeks of school in December, we managed to provide all 22 children gifts that they had wished for. We are also very happy with the outcome of this project that we sent in an article to CNH Keyclub. December was a month filled with holiday spirit, so we didn't stop there. We were introduced to Holiday Spectacular at Springs Preserve. We were assigned to stations, helped passed out water bottles, and played with the little children. Our fellow president volunteered at Magical Forest as security safety when people crossed the train tracks. Other members got involved with other schools such as Bailey Middle school and Cunningham Elementary school as office, library and tutoring volunteers. Winter Break had finally come, but we sure did not forget that service never dies. Our club contiued volunteering during the long two week break. Many members were still active at volunteering at Valley Hospital on the nursing floors, ICU and the emergency room. They helped deliver food to patient's in rooms, socialized with patients, and discharged patients by pushing them in wheelchairs down to their cars. December has been a wonderful month for East Tech Key Club. We are happy to see how active our club still is, and we hope that the new year has many great things in store for our club.

Advanced Technologies Academy With the month of December cut short, we still tried to provide as many service opportunities possible and take action to keep members' interest. First of all, this month we hosted our very first committee meetings. It was very successive as we had many members show up to take part in giving ideas and helping us plan. With committee meetings, basically each officer is the head of one of the main committees: Membership Development, Service, Public Relations, Social/Kiwanis Relations, Fundraising, and Spirit. It was lovely being able to get some insight from our members and expand our horizon of ideas. Furthermore, we also presented our members with the opportunity of participating in the Santa Run and the Zappos Rock and Roll Marathon; and because winter break takes over much of this month, we decided to get in contact with the Springs Preserve for members to partake in service over break. Thus the Springs Preserve was having their Holiday Spectacular which gave members a whole week over winter break of service opportunities! They were able to assist in many small duties that definitely made a difference. Furthermore with January around the corner the board also spent this time to plan for the month, and there are many things on the agenda already! We're all so excited as the Key Club year continues, but as of now we wished everyone a Happy Holidays and happy services.

FUN FACT As a division, we have completed 9978.5 hours so far! Keep up the amazing work, Phoenixes!!


Upcoming events of February 2012 Sun



























18 Articles, Visuals & Member N.













2 Member Recognition Apps Due


Executive CTC

7th: February Division Council Meeting Time: 5PM– 6PM Where: Mojave High School (5302 Goldfield Street, North Las Vegas, NV, 89031)

18th– Articles, Visuals, and Member Nominations due • • • •

When submitting monthly visuals, remember to... Name the photo [MONTH]__[SCHOOL NAME]__[EVENT NAME INITIALS] i.e.) 04_ELDORADO_KOD (This would read September, Eldorado, Kiwanis One Day) Label the subject [SCHOOL NAME] - [EVENT NAME] | ie. Subject: Rancho - Relay for Life SUBMIT ONLY PICTURES OF SERVICE Submit it to the LTG’s e-mail address!

Division 28 Conclave Where: Legacy High School (150 W. Deer Springs Way, North Las Vegas, NV, 89084)

26th– Executive Candidate Training Conference Where: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

March 2nd– Member Recognition Applications due • • •

Applications can be found on under the Recognition Tab! If you need assistance in attaining the information provided or how specific tasks can be completed, please ask Jarren for help! THESE ARE DUE ON MARCH 2, 2012 11:59 PM . If you do not submit your portfolios for this, you will not be considered for the recognition process.


Division Leadership Lieutenant Governor: Jarren Santos (702)-427-9957 Division Secretary: Quin Redublado (702)-885-8827 Executive Assistant: Esmond Fung (702)-715-7171 Divison Technology Editor: Kanae Ito d28n.cnhkc.dteched@ Division Specialist: Amer Navarse Cali Jr. (702)-418-5237

Region Advisers Region Adviser: Alyson Palmer (D28) (702)-338-8239 Region Adviser: Jen Skidmore (D38) (760)-803-5943


Club Presidents Advanced Technologies Academy James Gan (702)556-6886 Arbor View Samantha Wills (203)794-4437

Las Vegas Brandon Gayton Legacy Alyssa Sarti (702)580-9115

Mojave Canyon Springs Yishay Rojas Michelle A. Maynard (702)-883-3298 Cheyenne Annabel Posis (702)417-6401

Rancho Juanne Deguzman (702)575-8098

East Career and Technical Academy Angela Dela Cruz (702)785-3236

Shadow Ridge Amee Joshi (702)480-4919

Eldorado Francis Amigo (702)628-1782

Veteran’s Tribute Career and Technical Academy Stephanie Martinez (702)835-2380

Las Vegas Academy Jaime Estepa (702)372-1691

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