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Official Division 26North Newsletter.

Key Club International | CNH District | Region 9 | Division 26N December Edition 2013

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Volume 1 Edition 6

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LTG Announcement Hey Red Devils! First off, I’d like to give a GOLDEN thank you to my AMAZING EAs, Jennifer and Vivian, for planning such a wonderful November DCM. I was so happy to see all 72 members who showed up, and even happier to see how spotless we left the park after the event was finished. With the stress of finals and college apps looming over many of us, it has definitely been a stressful time, but I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments so far this year. We’ve got some pretty exciting events to look forward in 2014, like DCON, and I’m really looking forward to the experiences next year has in store for us. That being said, keep serving the community, fundraising for Project Eliminate, and be sure to let me know if you’re interested in running for an above-club position! In Service,

Leon Pan, D26n LTG


Jennifer Lam Executive Assistant

I hope November has been treating you well & that you all had a good time at our DCM! Vivian and I tried our hardest to make it fun just for all of you. Thanksgiving is coming up, so what and who are you thankful for? Personally, I'm thankful for every single one of you D26N Red Devils. Because of you, I've grown, learned and become a better person. You guys are my ohana and I couldn't have asked for a better one. From being underdogs, to taking the spirit stick! Something I will never ever forget. I can't wait to create more memories that I will carry on for the rest of my life. On the other hand, I hope you guys have been raising tons of money for the Eliminate Project! Remember what how much your club's goal is, and reach it! Well, that's it for now. I can't wait to see all of you guys again! I love y'all!

Hello Red Devils! Hope you guys have started fundraising for the Eliminate Project! As you guys already know, time goes by really fast! Most of us are already done with a fourth of the school year! Please make sure to reach your club goal. Thank you so much for coming out to our November DCM! It was such an amazing turn out and Jennifer and I were so happy to hear that you guys had so much fun! It was also fun for both of us planning all the activities, and the result was far greater than I had ever expected. I am so happy to see how much our Key Club Division has grown. In the beginning, we only had around 20 people per DCM, but now we've exceeded to over 70! It is truly amazing how we accomplished so many goals so far this year, and I look forward to the excellence the future may hold for us.

Vivian Chong Executive Assistant

2013-2014 Division GOALS SCHOOL



Total Service Hours







College Park Concord Deer Valley Liberty Mt. Diablo Northgate Pittsburg

$600 $600 $100 $100 $200 $600 $500

1100 1100 440 440

440 770 880

Highlighted in red are the Project Eliminate fundraising goals your D26N DLT has set for each club! Some of you are close to reaching your goal while others haven’t started—either way, don’t worry, you still have time! We advise that you plan your fundraising events now though. Ask us if you have questions!




Hey Key Club, how do you feel?

Club Updates

6 This past month we were working on group bonding, so our club dynamic would be smoother. We even ran into Deer Valley a few times, and now we are planning to collaborate on a group day so our members will be more familiarized with other Key Clubs and be closer with one another.

Chun Leung, President Concord High has began our trick or treat for Eliminate and the members have responded quite well, but we're keeping the total a mystery until the end of the month. We also participated in Light The Night with College Park! The club has had an amazing time at Fall Rally and Key 2 College and can't wait for DCON.

Vanessa Martinez, V.P This past month of November, Deer Valley has volunteered at Highlands Elementary’s Fall Fest in Pittsburg. For Key Club week, Deer Valley invited Antioch Key Club to cosmic bowling so we could help bring the clubs a bit closer together. It was fun and crazy; we came in like a wrecking ball. We will be participating in the annual Safeway Thanksgiving Food Drive. Right now, we are planning more bonding days with Antioch as well as a Junk Food Cook-Off and Benefit Showcase fundraisers. We are also talking with the organizers for the local Holiday Run and Walk about volunteering there.

Jonathan Perez, President

Lesliejane Pada, President

Katie Shimizu, President

Roy Golingan, President


We are currently finalizing our fundraiser activities for the Philippine Typhoon donations. The Hunger Games is rescheduled to December. That activity will be our main fundraiser for the American Red Cross and possible a portion of it for the Eliminiate funds. We found a weekly volunteer service opportunity at MLK Junior High every Thursday at around 5PM. The volunteer service will be babysitting parent's children while they are in conferences with teachers.


This November, Northgate Key Club collected the Unicef boxes for Project Eliminate, showed our Devil Spirit throughout the school during Key Club Week, and attended Key 2 College in Berkeley. This Saturday, a group of our Northgate Key Clubbers helped out at the Tree of Lights ceremony in downtown Walnut Creek. Also, we have just collaborated with the Filipino Club to start a canned Food/other goods drive in response to the typhoon in the Philippines.

All club updates should be submitted to Desiree Choe by the 14th of each month. Thanks!

MT. Diablo

We are currently working on collecting money to aid typhoon relief in the Philippines. Our school's leadership and Filipino Pride Club also offered to help, and are collecting with us as well. We have been promoting our collection boxes throughout our school and have been receiving a lot of support and donations from the student body. We are also currently working on getting more volunteer opportunities, and will be participating in some volunteer events coming up for the next holidays!

Highlights from D26N’s November DCM

A GOLDEN thank you to our EAs, Jennifer and Vivian, who planned this entire event filled with games, food, and festivity!


Devil of the Month: College Park’s Brian Choe

Candidate Training Conference info



The Candidate Training Conferences (CTC) are for Key Club Members who are interested in being a candidate or a potential candidate for an office above the club level. Anybody who has paid their dues in good standing may run for a position. If you’re interested in gaining leadership skills and further serving this amazing organization to your fullest potential, you should definitely consider running!

Visit to find out more and register, and be sure to download the Key Club Elections Guide, which will give you all the information you need about the procedures and benefits involved with running for any official position.

KEY 2 COLLEGE On Saturday, November 9, UC Berkeley’s Circle K hosted their annual Key 2 College workshop for Divisions 2, 26S, and 26N. Throughout the day we were split into groups, assigned counselors, and given VERY valuable information relating to our futures. As always, this event ran smoothly and was extremely informative. A huge GOLDEN thanks to Erinn Wong and Circle K!

Picture by Monica Willemsz


Spotlight on Service

LIGHT THE NIGHT Minami Coleman, College Park At "Light The Night" in Walnut Creek, College Park Key Club cheered on citizens who walked to support those who fought against leukemia, along with their friends and family. We had posters, foam fingers, and many other spiritinspiring trinkets to cheer with. After the event was finished, we stayed to help clean up by taking down tents and putting away materials that will be used again for next year. CP Key Club had a lot of spirit and gained more than hope in looking toward the future. We had an amazing time lending support to our local community members.


Homecoming Week Roy Golingan, Pittsburg The first week of November was our school’s Homecoming Week. Our Key Club has been very active with all the activities during this week and we would like to appreciate every member that helped make this a successful series of events. Throughout the week, we were promoting our Homecoming King and Queen nominees, Key Club members Jerrel Vison and Nancy Nguyen, and we were assembling our car float. On Friday, Jerrel, Nancy, Ira Brownlee, Roelyne Reyes, and my mother came to finalize our Homecoming float that had a Mean Girls movie theme. After the car parade, we had our final football fundraiser during our Homecoming game. We raised about $100 by selling fried rice. During the actual Homecoming dance, both our nominees for King and Queen won! It was the first time two Key Club members took the crown and we are proud to say that Jerrel and Nancy represented our club well.

Highlands Fall Festival Jonathan Perez – Deer Valley

On November 1, we volunteered at Highlands Elementary School in Pittsburg. We helped set up tents, game booths, the haunted house, and served food at their Fall Festival. Everyone seemed to get hungry at once so we had no time to breathe and despite the power going out a few times and running out of certain drinks, we were able to accomplish our goal of getting everyone their food and keeping them happy. We look forward to participating in more events like this in the future!

Typhoon Relief Fundraiser

Spotlight on Service

Lesliejane Pada, Mt. Diablo

14 16

This month the Mount Diablo Key Club started a fundraiser for Typhoon Relief in the Philippines. Super typhoon “Haiyan” is one of the worst typhoons the Philippines has seen in years, and has been directly affecting many of our students’ families. We started creating our own boxes, and have been collecting money to send to the Philippines Red Cross Headquarters in Manila. Our club has been promoting throughout the school, and has gotten our Mount Diablo Leadership and Filipino Pride Club to get involved as well. We just started recently, and many people have donated already. We’re happy to see the involvement, compassion, and support resulting from this event!

Reminders for December

Annual Ice Skating DCM! Divisions 2, 26N and 26S December 6 (Friday), 8-10 PM at Dublin Iceland There will be a $10 entrance fee (all proceeds go to Project Eliminate).

See you there!

Don’t forget! All membership dues are due to be received by December 1! That’s the final deadline.

Editor’s Closing

Hey Red Devils! Wow, it’s almost December and the winter holidays are just around the corner! It feels like the school year just started, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun – and I definitely have been with our awesome red devil ohana! I’m so proud of our accomplishments this term – we won the spirit stick at FRN and have been making enormous improvements in terms of recruiting, fundraising, sending in MRFS, serving the community, and much more! I think it’s safe to say that we all deserve a nice, relaxing vacation. But in the meantime, let’s keep our goals in mind! Now is the time to fundraise for Project Eliminate – check out your club’s designated goal in this issue! Keep serving the community with a smile (and remember to document your events and send them to me) and let’s finish this year with a bang! In Service,


Desiree Choe, Division News Editor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions, concerns, or comments about upcoming events, dues processes, service opportunities, recruitment, fundraising, or anything else – we’re here to serve and help you 24/7.

LTG Leon Pan (925)705-9800

Executive Assistants

Vivian Chong


Jennifer Lam


Division News Editor

Desiree Choe


The Inferno: December Edition  

The December Edition of the Inferno, Division 26 North's Official Newsletter.