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Official Division 26North Newsletter.

Key Club International | CNH District | Region 9 | Division 26N November Edition 2013

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November 1: Early bird membership dues are due November 4-7: KEY CLUB WEEK!!! Go to KeyClubNew/service/kcw.aspx to find details on this.

November DCM date and locaProject Eliminate 14 tion to be announced.




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L-O-V-E! We love our LTG!

Red Devils!! Can you believe that it's already been more than six months since your officers were officially installed for the new term? That means that there are only less than six months left until the current terms are over; within the next few months, do not lose sight of your passion for service and aim to leave YOUR lasting GOLDEN legacy! First of all, thanks to everyone who went to Fall Rally North on October 19th! It was an amazing experience being on stage and seeing all of your faces glowing with pride and spirit for our division, and I hope it was an even greater experience for you! YOU were the reason why we won the spirit stick, why we raised $1500 for PTP, and words can’t express the gratitude I feel. I'm so proud of the work that we've accomplished as one division and the incredible improvements that Division 26 North has achieved. Compared to last year, we had a 100+ attendance increase to Fall Rally, an $1500+ increase of money raised for PTP, a service hour increase of more than 500 hours, and an average DCM attendance increase of 50 to 70 members! With so many accomplishments already under our belt, let's keep that fire burning during the winter months and make our division even GREATER!

Your D26N LTG, Leon


What's up Red Devils?!


How's school treating you? I hope you are all having a great time! Fall Rally North was amazing – we definitely showed all the divisions that this is Devil Territory! We cheered our hearts out, and showed off that Red Devil Spirit! Don't forget that membership dues are due really soon! November 1st is the early bird deadline, and November 30th is the normal deadline. Other than that, don't forget to keep fundraising (this time for the Eliminate Project) and racking up those volunteer hours! Can't wait to see all you Red Devils at our next DCM!

Jennifer Lam, Executive Assistant Concord High

D 26 Let me hear you scream! Fall Rally North has been a blast and I can't wait until next year's! It was great meeting TONS of key clubbers all around the area, making connections, and most of all showing off our devil pride! Now just because FRN is over does not mean we can relax! At the end of raising money for PTP, starts the fundraising for the ELIMINATE project! At RTC, we learned that 1+2=2. No, it's not a mistake. The equation actually means 1 (you) + 2 (dollars) = can save a mother and her child from maternal and neonatal tetanus (2 lives). Each club, like PTP, has a designated goal to reach in order to raise money, so start fundraising now in order to avoid procrastination! See you soon!

Vivian Chong,  Executive  Assistant College  Park  High


R.T.C Camp Jones Gulch

September 28-29, 2013

“RTC was tiring, but VERY fun. I learned a lot about the organization, fundraising, and how to be a more effective officer. It was fun because I got to meet a lot of Key Clubbers that I didn’t previously know. There was a lot of cheering and how do you feel and putting some booty in it.”

Melanie Paul, Northgate V.P

photo by Cindy Weng

Key Clubbers gather around to do a group exercise. Picture by Cindy Balasbas Gin.



Hey Key Club, how do you feel?


Club Updates



We're preparing to sell candy grams for Halloween within our school. We are hoping this event will raise school and Key Club spirit, and ultimately lead to more recruitment of members. We’ve also been trying to promote Key Club more in general by talking our classmates and showing them pictures and videos during of volunteering time.

Jacky Chun Leung, President College Park has reached our goal of 90 members! Meetings have been successful, and membership increases weekly. Lately, we helped out at community service day, the food bank, the Alzheimer's walk in Walnut Creek, and have held a fundraiser at Coco Swirl. Additionally, we had a lot of our members attend the last DCM and managed to get in contact with Kiwanis. The biggest events for the upcoming month are our Halloween social and Light the Night.

Monica Willemsz, President Our club has had meetings almost every week since the beginning of September and with great attendance. We have been recruiting new members for our club, and just recently ended the membership recruitment. We also participated in our first volunteer event of the year, the Alzheimer's Walk in Walnut Creek, and are currently getting sign ups for our next volunteer event. We just started our Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF with our school's leadership and are looking into doing some other things like fundraisers or volunteer events with our leadership program.

Lesliejane Pada, President


This month Northgate Key Club got to restore the community's environment after a huge fire that occurred in the past month. We helped clear brush from the Clayton burn site in order to prevent possible future fires from spreading. We also cleared the roads from the overgrowth to promote quick fire truck transportation in the areas. Northgate Key Club will participate in Kindness Cards and trick or treat for UNICEF in the next few weeks.

Katie Shimizu, President

Roy Golingan, President


Pittsburg High has been having several football games the past month, and Key Club has been serving food in each of the games. We volunteered in the Pittsburg Entertainment and Arts Induction Ceremony the Sunday before the FRN Boot Camp. In there we ushered the theater and kept order during the event. Right now we are preparing for our Hunger Games competition in school, which is a fundraiser for PTP.



Fall Rally North. We prepared for months. We fundraised. We learned cheers. We recruited. We planned and planned and planned… but did anyone anticipate the glory of ultimate VICTORY!?!? The day was hot and the competition was fierce, but we powered through and won the prized spirit stick for the first time EVER. G-Double O-D-J-O-B GOOD JOB! GOOD JOB! Although many voices were lost, our pride remained intact and our love of service drew us even closer together to become stronger than ever. Red Devils, we left a legacy at Fall Rally North—a powerful legacy that will be continued for generations to come. We are the Red Devils Division 26 North, and we are part of an AMAZING district in an AMAZING organization, and through the power of our dedication, we save lives.



CNH LTGs and officers on stage in front of the Rally. Photo by Cindy Balasbas Gin. “It was just incredible! I’ve never seen such a spirited group filled with such amazing people! The spirit battle was so much fun; everyone was fired up. I was thrilled when we won the spirit stick, and I’m so glad that I got to be a part of it. “ Jacqueline Lee, Mt. Diablo High School



A special thanks to Roy Golingan, our spirit coordinator! We couldn’t have done it without you, Roy! Thanks for your amazing dedication.

All photos taken by Cindy Balasbas Gin.

Q&A Q: What was your FRN experience like? A: “My experience at Fall Rally North was amazing! It was my first time attend-­ ing the Rally as well as one of the huge Key Club events with other divisions. It was great to have such a wonderful celebration for a wonderful cause such as raising money for PTP. Though I am a president, I never found myself to be the type to dance around or scream at the top of my lungs for anything like volunteer events or meetings, but today I found myself doing all of the those things just for the fun of it. I truly felt a part of the "International" side of Key Club, even though this isn't even all of it! It was great being able to attend such a huge event with all the other divisions and meet all these new and wonderful people. It made me happy to see not only my club members happy and enjoying themselves, but seeing our entire division and other divisions having fun as well. I enjoyed the Rally, the spirit, and the company especially our spirit battle victory!”

Lesliejane Pada, Mt. Diablo High School President

12 This past month, College Park participated in the walk to end Alzheimer's in both Walnut Creek and San Francisco. We helped clean and set up the event. Many members attended, and were enthusiastic about helping, though we were rained on in San Francisco. Everyone had fun and was willing to answer how they felt in the middle of it all. Yay Key Club!

Monica Willemsz,  College  Park  President

This month we had our first official volunteer event of the year. We volunteered at the Alzheimer’s Walk in Walnut Creek, and we were able to work with DVC’s Circle K and former Key Club Alumni! At the walk our club worked with the cheer squad and we cheered and encouraged all the runners and walkers who participated in the walk. It was a fun and interesting experience cheering everyone on, meeting new people, and learning their stories about how Alzheimer’s affected their lives. After the walk, we helped clean up and return everything. The event was successful and a great experience and start to our volunteer work of the year!

Lesliejane Pada, Mt. Diablo President


This month Northgate Key Club helped to restore the community's environment after an enormous fire that devastated a good portion of Mt. Diablo in the past month. We helped clear brush from the Clayton burn site in order to prevent possible future fires from spreading. This was a very important opportunity to show our support for the nature in our community, an extremely valuable element that tends to be overlooked at times. We’re hoping to participate in more service opportunities like this in the future! Katie Shimizu, Northgate President During the last month, our club has participated in a couple of events. One was the Delta Band Review, which took place around Antioch High School. Our club was there to not only run errands but also to serve as guides for traffic safety. We helped out the community by making sure everyone who was viewing from a distance was safe. As always, we were happy to help out the community in any way possible, and are looking forward to more opportunities like this. Jacky Chun Leung, Antioch President

With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Neonatal tetanus kills one baby every nine minutes—nearly 60,000 newborn children every year. A significant number of women also die due to maternal tetanus. The effects of the disease are excruciating—tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. To eliminate MNT from the Earth, 129 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take $110 million—and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. Kiwanis and UNICEF joined forces to tackle iodine deficiency disorders, achieving one of the most significant public health successes of the 20th century. Now, together, they are eliminating MNT from the face of the Earth. In doing so, the project will reach the poorest, most neglected mothers and babies with additional lifesaving health care. The end of this one disease means the beginning of better health for so many families.

SCHOOL Alhambra Antioch College Park Concord Deer Valley Liberty Mt. Diablo Northgate Pittsburg

Eliminate Funds

$150 $200 $550 $550 $100 $150 $200 $450 $350

Now that Fall Rally North has passed and we’ve donated our PTP funds, it’s time to start fundraising for the Eliminate Project! Pictured to the left are the goals your division leadership team has set for each club. Let’s get an early start so that we can meet—and pass– these goals! The goal is to save as many lives as possible, and it starts with YOU!

Editor’s Closing Message

What’s up Red Devils?!? Ok, so Fall Rally North was a blast. Actually, maybe that’s not descrip-­ tive enough… I don’t think there are any words in existence to describe how much fun it was seeing all my fellow red devils all decked out and ready to represent. The moment we won the spirit stick was unbelievably amazing; I can still recall the enormous roar of our division, celebrating together as one, proving that we were the most spirited bunch of all. You all make me SO proud! We’ve achieved so many things to-­ gether and I know that the future has some even more exciting events in store – Are you ready? Keep up the good work Red Devils! Never forget that you make a difference everyday with the kind and compassionate actions you choose. As always, I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Inferno, Division 26 North’s very own division newsletter. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. Take care!

In Service,


Desiree Choe, Division News Editor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ANY ques-­ tions, concerns, or comments about upcoming events, dues processes, service opportunities, recruitment, fundraising, or anything else – we’re here to serve and help you 24/7.

LTG Leon Pan (925)705-9800

Executive Assistants

Vivian Chong


Jennifer Lam


Division News Editor

Desiree Choe


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The Inferno: November Edition  

The November edition of The Inferno, Division 26 North's Official Division Newsletter.

The Inferno: November Edition  

The November edition of The Inferno, Division 26 North's Official Division Newsletter.