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Official Division 26North Newsletter.

Key Club International | CNH District | Region 9 | Division 26N October Edition 2013

In this Issue‌ Fall Rally North info! Recruitment Efforts Trick or Treat for UNICEF And much more!

Volume 1 Edition 4

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Fall Rally North Information


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October 2013 Sun











5 MRFS due














19 Fall Rally North!












Trick or Treat for UNICEF

DCM to be announced.

Coming Soon: November 1—Early bird dues deadline. November 30—Dues Deadline.



LTG Greeting

Hey Red Devils! I hope everyone is having a relatively low-stress, enriching time at school! I know these first few months can be the hardest; I know for me, the stress of balancing Key Club, schoolwork, other extracurriculars, and college apps has definitely been a tough obstacle to overcome! Nevertheless, remember that we are one ohana and you have your entire D26N Devil family to lean on during those tough times! As we're rapidly approaching some of the most exciting parts of the Key Club year - Fall Rally North, Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF, and sending in those membership invoices once again, remember to plan your time wisely and don't let the stress overwhelm you! Focus on your goals... How much money does your club want to raise for Pediatric Trauma Program by FRN? How big of a membership increase are you hoping for this year? How much money do you want your club to raise for UNICEF through trickor-treating this year? These are some valuable questions to think about over the month of October! Keep your head up and continue fueling that FIRE for service!

Leon Pan, Lieutenant Governor

What's up Red Devils?! I hope the first couple weeks of school have been awesome & you guys have been completing plenty hours of service! Don't forget to get signed up for RTC! I’m excited to see you all there! It'll be great to see many familiar and new faces. After that, Fall Rally North! Who's ready?! Try your best to reach your club goal for PTP and let's see that Devil Spirit!! See you guys soon (:

Jennifer Lam, Executive Assistant

What's going on Key Club? One more month until Fall Rally North! Thank goodness that the PSATs got moved to the 16th! Now even more people can go to FRN! I'm so happy because now I can go for sure! This also means one more month left for fundraising! If your school hasn't reached its goal for FRN yet, fill in some last-minute fundraisers so you can reach your school's goal. Also, RTC is coming up very soon. I'm so excited to go to RTC and have my first key club moment! If you haven't had yours yet, let's all have our key club moment together! Hopefully all of you guys started your school year with a bang! Good Luck!

Vivian Chong, Executive Assistant




Hey Key Club, how do you feel?

Club Updates

6 Next weekend our club is participating in the Antioch Coastal City Wide Clean Up. It will be our first major event, and we’re hoping for a club bonding experience as we pick up trash/ recyclables at the designated areas.

Jacky Chun Leung, President

Concord Key Club has had a great month! We've had our first two meetings and had a great turnout! Over 50+ sign ups! We've been planning several fundraisers- one involving a local restaurant and a teacher clean up! We're all getting pumped for RTC and the upcoming months!

Vanessa Martinez, V.P

We have been quite busy since the start of school. The member attendance and involvement have definitely increased in these few weeks. This past month, we have volunteered at the family fest in the marina, food bank several times, and have had successful meetings and club rush signups. Besides these events, we have held a poster day and several fundraisers are planned for the coming month! Monica Willemsz, President

Our first meeting is Thursday and we're hoping for a large turnout. We're also planning a fundraiser where the members pay for water balloons to throw at us (the officers). Not much else has been going on as we have yet to really meet and get to know our members besides the few from last year.

Jonathan Perez, President

Katie Shimizu, President

Lesliejane Pada, President

Roy Golingan, President


This Monday we will be announcing sign ups for committees such as Fundraising, Public Relations, Projects, and Promotions. Clubs Carnival is coming up this Friday and we will assign members to help set up the food, promote what we are selling, and count the money after the event. Clubs Carnival is basically a chance for all the clubs to fundraise on the same day at lunch. By this Wednesday, assignments for each committee will be given.


On Monday, September 9th, we had our first club meeting of the year. We had about twenty potential members show up. We also found a new club advisor and are now working on bettering the club.


We had our first meeting on September 5th, and around twenty possible new members showed up. Our school’s Club Rush is coming up, so we will have a booth set up. We usually get a huge turn out from Club Rush, so we’re looking forward to meeting all the signs ups. In the mean time, we are planning future service events and reorganizing the way we present meetings.

All club updates should be submitted to Desiree Choe by the 14th of each month. Thanks!

Briana Rios, President


We are in the process of getting a day approved for a movie night fundraiser. We are choosing a theme, time, food, price and also a car wash date.

Highlights from D26N’s last DCM


Regional Training Conference reminder



When? September 28-29 Where? Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda What? Region 9/15/17 Training Conference This overnight training conference is going to be SUPER fun! It’ll be an great opportunity to meet new Key Clubbers and experience the power of Key Club International as a whole. As of now it is too late to register, but for those of you who are going, if you have any concerns or questions on what to expect or bring, be sure to contact us ASAP and we will gladly help.

All photos by Leon Pan.


FALL RALLY NORTH! Two Fall Rallies are held each year; one in Northern California at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, one in Southern California at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thousands of members gather at each of the two theme parks on their selected day, one in October, one in November. At Fall Rally North and South, LTGs and Executive officers are "auctioned" off to Divisions; the winning Division is able to then spend a designated period of time with the "purchased" officer. Auction funds and a portion of the ticket sales for both events go towards PTP. Where: Six Flag's Discovery Kingdom When: October 19, 2013 Hours: Regular - 12pm to 10pm Exclusive Key Club: 9:30am - 10:00pm Parking Lot & Ticket windows open 8am Why: Experience Motivational Programs, Divisional Spirit Rally, Meet New People, Help out Pediatric Trauma, and Key Club Spirit.


Photo by Kimberly Cheng.

**As we approach Fall Rally, more information will be released regarding what time we'll be meeting as a division at the park! Since the park is only a half hour away, we will not be using a division bus and all attendees must find their own methods of transportation.**

Registration options: 1) If you choose to register early (by September 27), the price is $33! 2) If you hold a season pass, you can either pay $5 for a rally wristband, or pay $10 for a rally wristband + unlimited drinks at the park! If you do not choose to send in your registration by that date, you may wait to buy your ticket at the door. In that case, our Region Advisor, Mr. Gin, will be buying the tickets for you and you must provide payment in some form either beforehand or at the park. Please note: Only

ONE check can be sent in per each club.

**You can find the link to the registration form at events/fall-rally


Remember that each club has a fundraising goal to aim for before the Rally—you can find yours later in this edition. It’s very important that you all do your best to meet these goals so that we can make a HUGE difference together as a division. There are tons of things you can do—car washes, movie nights, or making and selling things. Pictured above is the PTP donation process for the raised funds. If you need any help with this or have any questions, you can contact Leon, Jennifer, Vivian, or me—our contact information is listed on the last page of this issue.

FUNDRAISING ideas Fall Rally North is in one month! The goal is to fundraise as much as possible by then, so let’s not waste any time getting those funds together! Your DLT is happy as always to help you plan any ideas you may have. Here are a few ideas:

Sell stuff! You can plan a bake sale, or make and sell something like these cute hair bows by Concord’s Vanessa Martinez (

Plan a Car Wash! Car Washed are such a fun way to fundraise! Northgate Key Club raised over $300 at theire last month! Note: It takes a little while to set these up since you have to contact the gas station and go through a few necessary steps, so the sooner you start planning the better!

S o r t i n g It Out The food bank is a great place to volunteer! It’s easy, rewarding, and fun! Here are a few snapshots from College Park and Mt. Diablo.

Interested in volunteering? For info, contact Sharon Zeppegno at (925)676-7534 extension 209. Include your name, phone number, email, city, availability, and the kind of opportunity you are looking for (in our case, Key Club group volunteering).

18 16


“Clubs Day at school was a great day to increase interest in our Key Club. Our members put in effort to spread the word to the freshmen and to the upperclassmen that never joined in the recent years. We just had our first meeting last Monday and it was a success! 95 names were on the sign in sheet and we hope to have all of those people become official members this year. The pictures show our first meeting which was our introduction meeting to inform recruits what is Key Club, what we do, what’s our purpose, what our goals are and more! “

Roy Golingan, Pittsburg President

Vivian Chong advertising Key Club at College Park’s orientation. Above: A fundraising poster from College Park. Below: Be a Happy Key Club Bee! Poster from Pittsburg.

The beginning of the school year is such a crucial time for Key Club! Why? It’s the time to add new members to our family! It’s the time to broadcast and show our community what Key Club is all about!

Here are some tips: Make posters and hang them in central areas in your school. Make sure the posters are eye catching, colorful, and informative—you want to include the time and place of the meeting, as well as a short description of what Key Club is (you can list some values such as community service, leadership, and character building.) If possible, try to get your meeting announced in the announcement system! This is the most effective way to broadcast. Prepare for your school’s Club Day! You can make flyers to hand out and set up a friendly, welcoming booth. Use social media! Facebook, Instagram, and tweet about your meetings! Concord Key Club made an instagram page; this is a great way to help members stay informed and interested! At your meetings, make sure to explain what Key Club International is to new members. We are part of a very impressive organization, and it’s important that new recruits get a sense of how much we accomplish all over the world.

Why is Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF so much fun? “Not only do you get to trick or treat with your friends on Halloween, you also get that amazing feeling that comes when you are doing something that will positively affect the lives of others.�

Katie Shimizu, Northgate

Scare up some funds and fun this Halloween by participating in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. All money collected by Kiwanis-family members through Trick-orTreat for UNICEF will once again support The Eliminate Project and help save moms and babies. Did you know? A proud participant in Trick-orTreat for UNICEF since 1994, Key Club has raised more than US$6 million for child survival and development programs around the world—from efforts to eliminate iodine deficiency disorder to HIV/AIDS initiatives in Kenya and Swaziland. Starting in 2012 Key Club joined other Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs to Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF to raise money for The Eliminate Project. You can find detailed instructions on how to order boxes and what to do with the money at

Membership Dues Reminders Starting September 10th, all clubs may access the Membership Update Center (same as last year). If you haven't changed your Faculty Advisor, the e-mail/password should be the same. If you have, tell Leon ASAP so he can get that changed in the International system! **Remember the early bird dues are due by November 1st, and dues must be received by December 1st at the latest! The minimum membership dues amount is $11—$4.50 goes to the Cali-Nev-Ha District; $6.50 goes to Key Club International. You may add additional money to be directed to your high school club fund. (for example, you can add $1 so the total due amount is $12.) You must print out an invoice and send a check with the money to the membership update center

Key Club International PO Box 6069-Dept 123 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069

2013-2014 School


Paid PTP Funds Eliminate Total Service Hours Members Funds





















Deer Valley










Mt. Diablo















The chart above shows the goals we have set for each club in Division 26 North. We know these goals may seem a little scary, but they are very attainable with a little planning, determination, and dedication. We have FULL confidence in all our clubs that these goals (and more) can be reached. Remember, your Division Leadership team is ALWAYS available if you need help with ANYTHING. We CAN make these goals a reality!

Editor’s Closing

Hey Red Devils! The first few weeks of school have been tough, but guess what? WE SURVIVED! We got back into the swing of things with a smoothness that only Red Devils possess, so now it’s time to start focusing on a few key things: fundraising like crazy, recruiting new members (especially lowerclassmen), preparing for Fall Rally North, preparing membership dues, planning Trick or Treat for UNICEF, and planning new service opportunities! I know it’s a lot to think about, but remember this: You ARE making a difference. Sometimes it may feel like you’re not, but I promise that you are—somewhere out there, someone is smiling because of the positive impacts you are making! Keep your heads up, Red Devils! I’m so excited to see all of you at RTC and Fall Rally North! Enjoy the rest of your day :) In Service,

Desiree Choe, Division News Editor.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions, concerns, or comments about upcoming events, dues processes, service opportunities, recruitment, fundraising, or anything else – we’re here to serve and help you 24/7.

LTG Leon Pan (925)705-9800

Executive Assistants

Vivian Chong


Jennifer Lam


Division News Editor

Desiree Choe


The Inferno: October Edition  

October Edition of The Inferno: Division 26 North's Official Newsletter.