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The Key Club D25W Newsletter April 2013|  2013-­  2014  Year  |  Issue  1

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April Edition

Message from the Lt.G. and the Division Leadership Team Hey Pufferfish!  I  look  forward  to  a   bright  new  term  as  25  West’s  2013-­2014   Lieutenant  Governor.  I  can  already  tell   this  year  is  going  to  be  full  of  hard  work ,  service,  and  dedication.  Following  in   the  footsteps  of  an  amazing  leader   such  as  Andrew  Thai  and  his  term  is   going  to  be  a  difficult,  but  today  marks   the  beginning  of  a  new  term.  Almost  4   years  ago  I  first  joined  Key  Club.  Yes  I   thought  Key  Club  was  about  making   keys  when  I  first  joined.  But  I  soon   learned  Key  Club  WAS  about  making   keys...because  we  are  the  keys  to  the   community  we  serve.  You  may  not   realize  it  but  we  unlock  the  potential   for  the  people  we  serve.  Whether  it’s   donating  a  dollar  to  PTP,  helping  an  autistic  child  onto  a  horse,  or  passing  out   water  at  a  marathon,  we  allow  those  people  to  achieve  something  great.  This  year,  I  want  to  make  more  of  these  Keys.  This  means  holding  more  service   projects,  fundraising  for  PTP,  and  keeping  everyone  in  the  division  informed   about  these  events.  Finally,  I  want  to  thank  you  all  for  giving  me  such  an opportunity  to  serve  the  best  division  in  Cali-­Nev-­Ha.  With  the  help  of  my   division  team,  I  know  D25  West  will  remain  the  top  division  out  there.   Our  Ohana  wishes  you  good  luck  on  finals,  AP's,  and  CST's

Hey Pufferfish!  I’m  Uyen   Lam  and  I  will  be  serving   alongside  Katarina  Baltazar   as  your  2013-­2014  Executive   Assistants.  I  have  been  given   a  tremendous  opportunity  and   responsibility  and  I  couldn’t   be  happier  to  serve  such  a   wonderful  division.  I  have   watched  this  division  grow   and  I  know  that  we  can  easily  swim  to  new  heights,  whether  it  be  big  or  small, we’ve  all  impacted  someone’s  life  in  a  positive  way.  And  that’s  the  greatest   thing  a  human  being  could  do  for  another.  It’s  nearly  the  end  of  the  year;   CSTs  and  AP  exams  are  coming  up  soon,  so  keep  up  the  hard  work!  Be   kind  to  yourself,  pufferfish,  and  keep  swimming. Executive  Assistant,   Uyen  Lam Hello  to  all  my  Spikey  Babies!  It's  Katarina   Baltazar  your  Executive  Assistant  for  the   2013-­2014  term  and  I'm  so  excited  to  serve   you  and  with  you,  along  with  my  partner   Uyen  Lam.  It's  almost  the  end  of  the  school   year  and  the  usual  California  weather  is   coming  back  which  means  final  exams  are   coming  up  as  well.  For  those  taking  the   CST's  and  AP  exams,  good  luck!  Don't   procrastinate,  study,  snack  plenty,  and   get  your  much-­needed  sleep.  Have  a  good   one!  (:

Lt. Govenor   Matthew  Remmnick Hey  fellow  Pufferfishes!  I’m   Andrew  Phan,  division  tech  editor,   and  I’m  glad  to  be  serving  for  the   2013-­2014  year.  I’ve  granted  with   an  amazing  opportunity  to  serve   one  of  the  best  divisions  in  the   Cali-­Nev-­Ha  District!  I  plan  to   help  keep  everyone  updated  about   every  single  event,  from  every school.  I  plan  to  also  work  with   sthe  lovely    division  team  to  create  some  amazing  fundraisers  for  PTP.  With   CSTs,  APs,  SATs,  and  all  the  Ts  testing,  I  give  you  my  luck.  Let’s  make  this  year   phan-­tastic.  (Yes,  I  used  my  own  pun.) Division  Technology  Editor,     Andrew  Phan

Executive Assistant,   Katarina  Baltazar Hey  P-­Fish!  As  your  newly  elected  Division   Secretary,  I  believe  I  speak  for  the  all  the   Division  board  members  in  that  we  are   excited  about  serving  the  needs  of  the   community  and  promoting  Key  Club.     We  have  many  exciting  ideas  planned  for   the  upcoming  school  year  (like  a  fundraiser —date  TBA)  so  please,  encourage  your  friends  to  join  this  amazing  club  and  get  involved!   As  you  all  know,  it  is  a  fantastic  way  to  meet   new  people,  make  lifelong  friends,  and  truly   become  part  of  the  Key  Club  family.  With   the  end  of  school  year  rapidly  approaching,   Division  25  hopes  that  your  2012-­2013  school  year  has  been  one  filled  with   laughs,  memories  and  experiences  you  will  never  forget.  Good  luck  to  all  of   you  on  your  various  CSTs,  APs,  and  SATs! Secretary,   Allison  Azarloza

The Official Division 25 West Newsletter

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THE DCON EXPERIENCE by Clare Smith|Reseda Hi, my  name  is  Clare  Smith  and  I  am  the  former  Vice  President   of  Canoga  Park  Key  Club.     For  me,  DCON  was  amazing!  I  loved  every  minute  of  being  there.  Though  it   was  a  bit  confusing  for  me,  since  it  was  my  first  year,  it  was  still  great  fun  and   I  learned  a  lot  about  Key  Club  and  the  service  events  available  for  us.  The   workshops  were  great  and  though  it  was  my  first  year,  it  was  also,  unfortunately,  my  last,  so  I  could  only  go  to  some  workshops  and  miss  out  on  others.  I  would   really  recommend  DCON  for  Key  Clubbers,  especially  underclassmen,  and   I  would  recommend  going  more  than  once  before  they  graduate.  It  is  beneficial   for  kids  who  want  to  learn  more  about  Key  Club  and  be  more  involved.  It  is  a   great  opportunity  to  learn  new  cheers,  show  your  spirit  and  ultimately,  meet   new  people! I  believe  that  the  people  were  the  best  part  of  DCON!  Key  Clubbers  are  truly   amazing  people  and  there  were  thousands  of  them  there!  They  gave  us  a   number,  roughly  around  42,000+  Key  Clubbers  –  all  from  California,   Nevada  and  Hawaii  –  but  it  felt  as  if  there  were  much  more.   Being  around  so  many  Key  Clubbers  was  both  exciting  and  overwhelming.   What’s  more,  is  that  you  could  tell  who  was  from  which  state  by  how   they  ended  their  “How  Do  You  Feel”  cheer.  Californians  ended  with   “Abooga”,  Nevada  Key  Clubbers  ended  with  “Ugga”  and  the  Hawaiians   ended  with  “Unga”.  It  was  always  cool  to  see  some  Key  Clubbers  from   out-­of-­state.  There  were  so  many  different  kinds  of  mascots,  though  some   I  didn’t  quite  understand.  But  I  just  gotta  say,  pufferfish  were  the  best!  We   are  cute,  but  we’re  also  fierce!  And  though  we  didn’t  win  any  spirit  sticks,   we  were  still  spikin’  with  pufferfish  pride  and  spirit. The  keynote  speaker,  Scott  Greenberg,  was  awesome  as  well.  He  told  us  that  e veryone  has  our  own  “cancer”,  or  something  challenging  we  face  (whether  big   or  small)  in  our  lives,  and  that  to  be  a  great  leader,  you  have  to,  have  to  face   those  fears  and  just  conquer!  Key  Club  is  all  about  leadership  and  in  my   experience  at  Canoga  Park  Key  Club;  I  have  seen  a  lot  of  these  great,  inspiring   leaders. And  to  face  a  fear  take  great  courage.  There  was  a  lot  of  courage  floating   around  DCON,  and  love  was  in  the  air!  There  were  many,  many  public   prom  proposals  and  even  a  marriage  proposal  between  two  Kiwanis  advisors)!   And  even  yours  truly  got  asked  to  prom! Through  all  of  this  overwhelming  happiness,  there  was  also  overwhelming   sadness  at  the  end  of  DCON.  As  we  all  know,  everything  must  come  to  an   end.  The  last  day  of  DCON  was  also  the  end  of  the  2012-­2013  term.  And   though  it  was  heart-­breaking  to  see  all  the  old  board  members  go,  it  was   equally  satisfying  when  they  introduced  the  new  board  of  officers.

PDS -­ Post DCON Syndrome by Anne Alamazora | El Camino Real What is  PDS?  PDS  is  known  as  Post  DCON  Syndrome.  Over  2,000  Key  Clubbers  from  the   Cali-­Nev-­Ha  (CNH)  district  join  together  and  cheer  their  hearts  out,  celebrating  the  end  of  an   amazing  year  of  service  and  the  start  of  a  new  term.  PDS  has  the  effect  on  key  clubbers  that  they   experience  and  inherit  this  the  minute  they  leave  the  convention  center.  They  keep  their   wristbands  on  as  a  memory.  PDS  does  not  only  affect  us  mentally,  but  emotionally  and  physically   as  well.  It  makes  key  clubbers  want  to  go  back  to  the  convention  center  and  share  numerous  and   countless  memories  with  others  sharing  the  same  inspiration  as  them:  service.  Service  is  what   makes  key  club  happen;  the  amount  of  service  we  give  is  what  makes  the  annual  District   Convention  happen.  Key  clubbers  tend  to  reminisce  and  miss  the  feeling  of  being  part  of  a  key   club  ohana.  “Ohana”  means  family;  family  means  nobody  gets  left  behind  or  forgotten. DCON  (short  for  District  Convention)  often  gives  key  clubbers  an  emotional  and  happy  feeling;   otherwise,  it  gives  off  a  sad  feeling  if  you  are  a  senior.  As  key  clubbers  exit  the  convention  center,   they  start  to  remember  all  of  the  fun  activities  they  shared  with  others,  people  they  met  and   pinned,  those  hotel  room  memories,  being  away  from  family  over  the  weekend,  etc.  In  district   convention,  you  learn  more  about  Key  Club,  what  it  really  is  about,  the  different  organizations   we  support,  the  main  cause,  and  why  we  are  all  here  in  the  first  place.  You  learn  how  to  be   yourself  around  others  without  feeling  awkward  and  staying  positive.  In  addition,  you  meet  new   people  (later  becoming  your  best  friends  in  life),  cheer  your  hearts  out,  and  have  the  best  weekend   of  your  life.  This  is  why  people  miss  District  Convention.  It  makes  people  feel  themselves  without   having  to  worry  about  being  judged.  

In my  opinion,  district  convention  is  “indescribable.”  I  cannot  explain  how  perfect  it  was.   Do  you  know  what’s  crazy  about  key  club?  Feeling  comfortable  and  confident  around  strangers   from  the  Cali-­Nev-­Ha  district  when  you  don’t  even  know  them  personally  or  their  inside  stories,   but  all  of  us  share  a  common  inspiration:  service.  We  serve  as  one  district  to  help  out  programs   such  as  PTP,  Elimin8,  March  for  Dimes,  Unicef,  etc.  Not  only  do  we  serve  as  one,  but  we  know   But  really,  DCON  was  absolutely  wonderful!  Like  I  said,  I  loved  every  minute  of  it, how  to  serve  with  an  extreme  amount  of  fun.  Including  events  such  as  Fall  Rally  and  District    and  I  really  wish  that  I’d  gone  in  previous  years.  And  again,  I  so  recommend  other   Convention,  it  makes  you  feel  yourself,  knowing  you  can  be  crazy  with  these  strangers  you  have   Key  Clubbers  to  go  to  DCON,  at  least  twice  before  they  graduate.  And  if  there  are   never  met  before.  You  can  scream  your  heart  out  with  the  “How  Do  You  Feel  Cheer?”  and  have   money  issues,  their  club  should  help  them  fundraise  the  money  needed  to  send  them   spirit  battles  against  one  division  from  another.  I’ve  never  been  in  an  organization  or  club  that   there!  I  love  Key  Club  and  it  was  purely  awesome  that  I  got  to  go  to  DCON,  that   has  made  me  genuinely  happy  and  where  I  can  be  myself  around.  After  Fall  Rally  and  DCON,   they  actually  have  that  option  for  us.  I’m  really  going  to  miss  it  next  year!   I  fell  in  love  with  Key  Club  and  most  of  all,  it  made  me  realize  why  I  joined  and  why  I’m  here  in  the <3  PUFFERFISH!  first  place.  I  joined  for  service.  Do  you  feel  great  after  knowing  you  saved  a  life?  That’s  what   Key  Club  is  about.  You  don’t  serve  because  you  have  to;  you  serve  because  you  want  to.  This  is   what  I  learned  from  District  Convention.  Key  Club  has  given  me  such  a  huge  impact.  I  honestly  do   not  know  what  I  would  do  without  it.  

Fundraising Tips

Earth Day Fair

by Uyen Lam|SOCES

by Shobhan Kashyap|Reseda

Fundraisers can  be  hard  things  to  be   planned.  One  of  the  biggest  problems  it   that  there’s  no  NEW  creative  idea.  Well,   here’s  a  couple  ideas  on  some  of  things   that  can  be  done! All  fundraisers/business  that  involves   money  can  only  be  conducted  with  a   supervising  adult/advisor. Fundraising  Suggestions: -­Awake-­A-­Thon -­Officer  auction -­Walk-­A-­Thon -­Car  Wash -­Asking  for  change  around  school -­Good  change/Sad  change -­Dare  Week -­FOOD   -­Hold  a  dance -­Teacher  torture   (Teachers  can  volunteer  to  do  a  task   assigned  by  you  guys  or  whoever,  and  they   each  get  a  jar.  Whichever  teacher  raises  the   most  money  has  to  do  that  task  assigned  to   them!)  

-­ Have  officers  or  members  have   challenges:  set  a  goal  of  how  much  you   want  to  raise,  if  the  goal  is  met,  then  the   person  has  to  do  the  challenge                            a.  Make  them  wear  a  funny   outfit                            b.  Make  them  do  a  viral  video  Sort  of  thing  (Harlem  shake,  gangnam   style,  Gwiyomi,  etc...)

-­ Ask  a  restaurant  to  help  with  a   fundraiser(  ex:  Applebee's)   -­Pie  an  Officer  (Have  members  vote  on   which  officers  they  would  like  to  see  get   pied,  then  set  up  an  amount  it  would  cost   in  order  to  pie  that  officer  or  make  an  x   amount  of  dollars  to  pie  whomever  instead   of  doing  the  whole  voting  process) -­Dare  Week  (Key  Clubber  pays  x  amount   of  dollars  for  any  dare  they  like  and  dares   can  be  moderated)


It  was  a  cool  chill   morning  when  I  arrived  at   the  Tarzana  community   and  Cultural  center  at   9:30am.  Walking  in,  I  saw   Olivia  setting  up  tables   with  Christian.  I   approached  them,  asked   them  where  to  sign  in  and   they  directed  me  to  the   proper  place.  I  signed  my   name,  got  myself  a   nametag,  and  found  myself   setting  up  a  tent  for  one  of   the  tables.     Suddenly,  things   started  to  pick  up.  I  was   running  around  getting   tents,  chairs,  and  setting   up  paper  lanterns  with   Ethan,  another  volunteer.   I  thought  we  could  relax   and  enjoy  ourselves   socializing  and  hanging   out.  I  was  about  to  find   out  that  the  festival  was   about  to  begin.There  were   so  many  beautiful  things   they  sold  ranging  from   African  rain  sticks  to   wooden  carvings  that   imitated  the  sound  of  the   animal  they  were  carved.   There  were  beautiful   flowers  and  insects  for  sale   at  a  booth.  There  was  even   a  rock  wall  for  the  children   to  climb.  Out  of  nowhere,   I  was  assigned  to  the   Salvation  Army  booth  with   Joanna  where  the  one  in   charge  had  to  leave  on   some  urgent  business.  

We were  told  to  tell  those  who   came  by  to  donate  their  used   electronics  toward  their  adult   rehabilitation  center  they  were  running  and  to  hand  out  the   fliers.     At  10,  people  became  t o  enter;  first  one  by  one  but   soon  there  were  plenty  walking   around  to  each  booth.  Joanna   and  I  started  talking  to  those   who  came  by,  telling  them  about  the  cause  and  handing  out   fliers  to  everyone  there.  Talking   to  the  people,  I  realized  how   much  I  would  be  helping  those   who  are  trying  to  get  back  on   their  own  feet.  As  the  day  went   on,  I  transitioned  from  booth  to  booth,  enjoying  the  sound  of   nature  and  of  the  people  around  who  cared  for  nature  and  honored  mother  Earth.  As  I   stacked  up  the  chairs,  waiting  f or  my  father,  I  felt  accomplished   inside,  ready  to  head  back  into   reality  from  this  earthly  festival.

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D25W April Spiky News  

The Official Division 25 West Spiky News Newsletters for the month of April

D25W April Spiky News  

The Official Division 25 West Spiky News Newsletters for the month of April