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The Official Division 25 West Newsletter June 2013 Edition |2013 -­ 2014 Year | Issue 3 Table of  Contents Relay  for  Life  Cleveland | by Christian Narciso |   One  of  the  events  this  month  of  June  was  Relay  for  Life   at  Cleveland  High  School.  Key  Clubbers  from  25  West  and  East   were  present  for  the  heart-­warming  cancer  awareness  event.  The   schools  in  our  division  that  were  present  are  SOCES,  Reseda,   and  Canoga.  They  helped  play  an  important  role  in  the  event,   by  setting  up  and  cooking  a  sausage  and  pancake  breakfast  with   the  members  of  the  Reseda/Canoga  Kiwanis.  It  was  6  am  in  the   morning  and  the  Kiwanis  came  to  set  up  their  cooking  station   for  the  breakfast.  Key  Clubbers  from  D25W  started  helping   them  out  by  setting  up  the  tables,  chairs,  and  the  materials   needed  to  cook  for  the  breakfast.  After  setting  up,  it  was  time  to   prepare  the  food  the  Kiwanis  brought  for  the  event.  While  the   Kiwanis  were  cooking  the  pancakes  and  sausages  for  the  break-­ fast,  the  Key  Clubbers  were  preparing  the  other  food  and  drink   items  items  such  as  maple  syrup,  butter,  bananas,  apples,   oranges,  juice,  and  water.    

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Member of the Month

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D25W & D16 2013 Banquet Club of the Month We cordially invite all Division 16 and 25W Key Club members (including 2013 graduates) to join us in celebrating the 2012-­2013 Key Club year, Gatsby style.

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Sierra Canyon

Division News! Relay for  Life  Cleveland continued

Once the  clock  hit  8:00,  the  people  started   lining  up  for  breakfast.  We  were  ready  to  serve   a  hearty  warm  meal  of  pancake/sausage  break-­ fast  for  the  people  who  were  in  the  event.   Everything  was  ready  for  the  breakfast,  the   utensils  were  prepped  and  the  food  is  already   displayed.  Kiwanis  and  Key  Club  served  break-­ fast  to  all  ranges  of  people  during  the  Relay   For  Life  event.  We  served  breakfast  to  police   officers  who  maintained  security,  to  many   members  from  Division  25  East,  cancer  survi-­ vors  who  made  up  the  bulk  of  the  event,  and   many  families  with  their  children.  It  was  great   to  volunteer  for  Relay  For  Life,  since  we  got  to   help  out  those  who  had  a  personal  battle  with   cancer  throughout  their  lives  and  we  get  to  see   them  having  a  smile  on  their  face  by  serving   them  a  warm  breakfast.  Overall,  the  event  was   quite  fun  and  heart-­warming  to  volunteer  for.  


D25W & D16 2013 Banquet Who: Division 16 and 25W members (including 2013 graduates) if you are a member outside of these divisions, please contact LTGs Claudia Diaz and Matthew Reminick and Region Advisor Doug Ridnor. When: June 29, 6-­10 pm Where: Canoga Elks Lodge 20925 Osborne St. Canoga Park, CA 91304 Admission: $20 Food is provided along with a potluck style dinner so please contribute! Speak to your LTG for details on how you can participate. Dress Code: formal wear! and feel free to add your own 20's flair. please be classy, with the "cl" attached. Feat. DJ Craiben | Want to perform? Speak to your LTG for details!

Want something cold with a little pop? Well go get some frozen popcorn and help the division help PTP! Check the flyer at the end for more details! The Official Division 25 West Newsletter

Flyer at the end!

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Region 7 Ad! Would you  like  to  spend  some  time   at  the  beach  with  your  friends?   Well,  come  join  and  socialize  with   company  from  the  WHOLE  Region   7,  while  you  help  clean  up  the   beach.  Also  for  those  who  ordered   the  Region  7  sweatshirts,  here  is  the   place  where  you  can  pick  them  up!

Day: July 20th, 2013 Location: Dockweiler Beach Time: 5 P.M to TBA

Sweatshirt Design


You can buy the sweatshirt for $30 at the beach! After that it will be a pre-­sale ONLY!

The Official Division 25 West Newsletter


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Region 7 AD Division 25 East Mascot: Koala

Location: East of San Fernando Valley Schools: 1. Birmingham Charter 2. Grover Cleveland 3. Granada Hills Charter 4. John F. Kennedy 5. James Monroe 6. Northridge Academy 7. Van Nuys Division colors: Green and Black Upcoming Events: Relay for Life at Reseda D25E Banquet D25E&W Joint OTC R7 Beach Clean Up

Division 16 Mascot: Tigers

Location: Burbank and Santa Clarita Schools: 1. Alemany 2. Arleta 3. Bellarmine-足Jefferson 4. Burbank 5. Canyon 6. Cesar Chavez 7. East Valley 8. Golden Valley 9. John Burroughs 10. North Hollywood 11. Panorama 12. Providence 13. Saugus 14. Sylmar 15. West Ranch 16. William Hart 17. Valencia Division colors: colors Black and White


Division 3N Mascot: Starfish

About D3N: Division 3 North Key Club was officially established on April 15, 2012 when Division 3 Key Club realigned into two new divisions because of it's tremendous growth. The mascot "starfish" was adopted at the May Division Council Meeting on May 21, 2012. Our division colors are coral and yellow. Our schools include Clark Magnet, Cres-足 centa Valley, La Canada, Verdugo Hills, Village Chris tian, and St. Francis which essentially is La Canada, La Crescenta, Sunland, and Tujunga. Upcoming events: Division 3 North Banquet -足 June 21st @ 401 W. Colorado St., Glendale | 5:30PM Region 7 Beach Clean up-足 July 20th @ Dockweiler State Beach

Region Ad


Division 3S:

The location of the division covers the Glendale, Eagle Rock, Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Northeastern Los Angeles areas, and includes the following 10 schools: APEX Academy, Benjamin Franklin HS, Eagle Rock HS, Glendale HS, Herbert Hoover HS, Hollywood HS, Holy Family HS, John Marshall HS, Sotomayor HS, and STEM Academy. Our division colors are Blue and Silver! Some future events include a Division 3 South Car Wash FUNdraiser, Division 3 South Banquet, and of course, the Region 7 Beach Clean Up!

Division 25W

Location:Northern Los Angeles/West Valley/San Fernando Valley Over 500 members Upcoming Events: We have an ongoing frozen popcorn fundraiser and we are host-­ ing banquet with d16 and OTC with 25E

If you are a Key Club member from outside Region 7 and would like to join us, please con-­ tact your Ltg to contact on of Region 7’s ltg! Division 25W: Matthew Reminick

Division 25E: Andrew Chang

Division 3N:Jacqueline Tsang

Division 16: Claudia Diaz

Division 3S: Karlo Madrona

Summer Greetings! from the Division Team Hey Pufferfish! Hope you all did great on your finals. I look forward to serving and swimming with you all this summer. Remember to invite your incoming freshman fish into our Ohana. Have an awesome summer!

HAPPY SUMMER SPIKEY BABIES! I hope everyone is having a great summer. I'm in Florida right now, but feel free to keep in touch with me. Keep on spikin' in service. LOVE your d25w executive assistant

It’s finally  summer,  pufferfishes!  I  hope  you’re  having  awesome  vacations,  (I’ll  be  spend-­ ing  my  own  in  Florida  and  Bahamas),  but  we’ve  still  got  summer  events  to  keep  our   division  active.  Keep  in  contact  with  your  club    and  presidents  to  stay  ypdated  with  events.   Have  an  awesome  summer!       From  your  Executive  Assistants,  Uyen  Lam

Now that summer is here, it is a great time to get involved in some really amazing community service opportunities. Check out our divi-­ sion's tumblr and/or website for ideas and news on upcoming events and fundraisers. There are so many ways one can get involved, so make the most of this summer! -­Secretary Allison Azarloza

Hey Pufferfishes!  I  hope  that  you  are  having  a  great  summer  so   far!  Remember  to  keep  on  serving  this  summer!  That  is  what   makes  Key  Club  the  best  club!  The  ability  to  stay  active  even   when  school  is  out!  Make  sure  to  check  out  the  updated  website   and  follow  us  on  Twitter  for  new  events!  -­  Andrew  Phan   (Division  Tech})

The Official Division 25 West Newsletter

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Upcoming Division Events D25W & E presnt a Joint OTC! Are you an officer or looking to be an offi-­

The division is having a fundraiser with Californa Mad Poppers. We get 20% for PTP of the total profits! The cool thing is that it lasts forever! The location is 7138 Shoup Ave. Canga Park, CA 91307. All you have to do is bring a flyer, or say Pufferfish. Now you are probably won-­ dering what do they do. They sell frozen popcorn. It sounds a little crazy, BUT it is awesome. It is cooked popcorn with flavor added, and placed in the freezer. You can get more info on the website. It’s on the flyer at the end of the newsletter!

Encino Farmers Market

Hello there Pufferfishes! If you are in need of a service event, there is an event just for you! The event is the Encino Farmers Market and its every Sunday. Volunteering hours will range from 7am to 1pm. The address is 17400 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys, CA 91406. Contact Christian for more details! -­ Christian Narciso

Heal the Bay! The Nothing But Sand Heal the Bay events which occur on the third Sat of every month. They are from ten am to one

Locations June 15: Venice Pier July 20: Will Rogers State Beach

The Official Division 25 West Newsletter

cer? Well, D25W and D25E is combining forces to bring you Officer Training Con-­ frence. Learn what it takes to be an officer or what to do in your position. For new people, who want to get to know what Key Club is, they have that too! Join Division 25 East Koalas and Division 25 West Pufferfish in their Joint OTC. From "Find-­ ing a Fundraiser" to "How to BEE a Leader", this "GOLDEN Brick Road to Service", as it is titled, will provide you with many different informative workshops that will definitely benefit and aid you and your board this coming Key Club year. If you are a club officer, remember to attend this important training conference. Location: Sierra Canyon High School Library (20801 Rinaldi St Chatsworth, CA 91311) Time: 8:30AM -­ 3:00PM Date: Saturday, June 29th ***There will be a mandatory $5 fee for the food and snacks provided during this OTC. ***Please keep in mind that the dress code for this event is business casual. This means: -­ Males: long-­sleeved button down shirt, slacks, a tie (optional), and appropriate dress shoes. No sandals, athletic shoes or hiking boots. -­ Females: a blouse, slacks or a skirt*, and appropriate heels (that are comfortable) or flats. *Your skirt must be of finger-­tip plus one inch length or at/below the knees.

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Service Photos!

Great Job! Here is your award!

Working Hard in the field! Great work!

Getting the food ready! Officers working hard to the end!

Dial 1800-­Key-­Club and oh, we’ll be there to help, all right!

Our Pufferfish is always in need for some effective service that helps the community whenever and wherever!

The Official Division 25 West Newsletter

Working hard in the sun!

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Contact Information! LTG: Matthew Reminick

Division Board

To send photos and articles:

The Official Division 25 West Newsletter

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Endless Fundraiser Introducing California Mad Poppers, the world’s 1st frozen popcorn. We are teaming up with Division 25 West in a fun-­ draiser that never ends!!! Whether you order online or in-­ store at: 7138 Shoup Ave, West Hills, CA, 91307 California Mad Poppers will donate 20% of the proceeds every month to your school/Club. Go online to and click on the Corn-­4-­ Charity tab where you will then go into the schools section to find the code. During check out please do not forget to enter the promo code. All purchases in the store are handled di-­ rectly with the staff and you will need to provide the school/Club name or the promo code. *All in-­store promo-­ promo tions are not valid when raising money for the schools. School/Club Code: 333004

D25W June Spiky News  
D25W June Spiky News  

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