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A word from Alli

As I was sitting in bed trying to think of a descent topic to write about, Facebook distracted me, just like always. One of my friends had posted about Kim Jung Il’s (North Korea dude) recent death. I thought what a great year it has been for me, for this country, and for this world. Osama Bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi, and Kim Jung Il have died (three horrible people off of this planet)! Sure this state, this country, and our world might have had some bad fate. But thankfully, awesome, fantastic things have happened as well. Wonderful things have happened this year. We elected our marvelous LtG, Alyssa who has turned this division 1800 around, we have become a tighter division, we almost dominated at Fall Rally North, and our clubs are preparing to dominate District Convention. As each of our clubs begin to take this division by a surprise, we shouldn’t forget that even though we have hills (at times, personal Everest’s) to climb, to take a breather, enjoy the view, remember how we got to that point, and most importantly, we climbed that far. Even though we are busy climbing our hills, or Everest’s, we all are a part of Key Club. We all are working to make this world a better place to live. Whether it is simply picking up a piece of paper and throwing it away, stopping a fight, or beginning a school wide project to fundraise for the Special Olympics. If we don’t help make the world a better to live, people like Bin Laden, Gadhafi, and or Jung Il will turn the world around to the way they’d prefer it. Happy Key Clubbing, Happy New Year, and thank you for helping changing the world! Alli Lampshire Lowry Key Club President Division 23 Tech Editor Lowry Polar Plunge Chair

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mohandas Gandhi

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Hello division 23! This is just a reminder that DCON is coming up and you should be actively fundraising for your club! If you have any questions or suggestions for division fundraising, email me at:

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Division 23

The Yeti

Tech Editor

Alli Lampshire

THE Yeti I love shoveling the snow for all of my neighbors and building igloos

I love snow because it is an other excuse for me to be a little kid and play around in it. Plus it is one more reason to come in make extra marshmallow hot chocolate! <3

Region 6






Brea Denney

Mr. Mike

My favorite thing about snow is that I can ski in it.





d23.cnhkc.ltg@gmail. com


Lindsey Newman

Alyssa Yocom

My favorite memory of snow was when I had my first snow experience here in Nevada. My sister and I put on all of our new snow gear on and built forts and went sledding on the hill behind our house!!!

I don't really have a favorite memory in the snow because I don't like the cold too much but I love the way that snow looks when it has freshly fallen: sparkly, soft, fresh, and new. It makes me smile.

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Challenge of the month: Each month, I will give you a challenge. I want to hear all about your opinions and experiences so please take the time to answer these prompts. By accepting this challenge, you give your club Yeti Points. Tell me about your favorite childhood memory.


Hey there BEEautiful Yetis! I hope that you are all celebrating the New Year in the best way possible! It is a time for happiness, relaxation, motivation, and new opportunities. Now is your chance to make a difference! 2012 is starting us all off on a clean slate. Whether you are a freshman, a senior, or anything in between, take this year by storm! I encourage you all to serve your community and the people around you in every way possible as well as take some time this year to focus on what really matters: Friends, Family, school, and Key Club! Breathe in the fresh new air and go out and make a difference. I am bringing in the New Year with the MVBees (CNH District Board) at Winter Board training where I will be preparing myself to finish off my term and hand over our wonderful division to someone else. Change is in the air! Take this chance to become a leader within this division. If you are interested in becoming a Lieutenant Governor (or a club officer) please let me know as soon as possible! I would love to help each and every one of you become better service leaders. Becoming a leader at the club or division level will help you develop skills you didn’t know that you had as well as allow you to work with other service leaders. With that said, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for making this year so fantastic. Since April of 2011, Division 23 has reached amazing heights! We raised $1,200+ for the Pediatric Trauma Program, sent 167 people to Fall Rally North, we have gained an abundance of wonderful new members and our service hours have almost doubled! Congratulations to you, Division 23, you rock! I am so honored to be able to serve such a motivated and diverse division. But don’t let us stop now! The year is just beginning! Let’s go out with a bang and show California-Nevada-Hawaii what D23 has! Your chance to celebrate a great and successful Key Club year is nearing! District Convention is right around the corner. This event will showcase you and your club for all of the hard work and magical service you have done. This enlightening event is a great chance for you to learn, celebrate, and make friends all at once. I want to see YOU there! (Please contact your club officers for more details). Have a wonderful month! I hope to see you all at the January DCM and at other service events. :] Love, Alyssa

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o fr om The LtG

Lowry High School

A Visit from the North Pole

This holiday season as we prepare for one of our busiest times of the year some of our members stopped for a minute and took the time to make some local happier. They got a visit from Santa and some of his elves (oh, and most importantly , his Snow Princess)! We had some of our shortest members be the elves and oddly enough our tallest member and current President Alli was an elf, well that was until she decided to be a Snow Princess at the last minute. Needless to say it was a great success! We felt lucky to have no little kids pull on Santa’s beard and find out it wasn’t the real Old Saint Nick. We got many thank you’s from parents, and many shy smiles from the little ones. One thing we heard a lot of was “Santa this year I would like….for Christmas”

Mary Castaneda, Bulletin Editor, and Yoana Chavez, Junior Representative, playing elf.

I loved the whole experience of it! But my favorite part was when the kids walked in, saw Santa and had the biggest smiles on their faces! -Yoana Chavez, Junior Class Representative

In the pictures above: Yoana Chavez (elf), Mary Castaneda (elf), JD Martin (Santa), and Alli Lampshire (Snow Princess).

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District Convention 2012 Calling All Key Clubbers!! April 13-15, 2012 Santa Clara Convention Center Come CELEBRATE a year of magical service. District Convention is where Key Clubbers from all over our Cali-Nev-Ha District gather to expand their knowledge about Key Club and service, to elect the next executive board team for our district, and to recognize Key Club individuals and clubs for all their hard work and dedication to Key Club.

DCON Theme 2012: BEElieve – the Magic of Service

What to expect:

Lowry Members walking to the airport before departure to DCON 2011

A jam-packed weekend full of fun, fellowship, service, education, and spirit! DCON Consists of General Sessions as well as Workshops. Key Note and motivational speakers will be present. Also, a talent show will be featured. The workshops help you learn more about Key Club as well as provide you with the skills to be a better leader and to better serve your community. You will find at least one workshop that is perfect for you since there is a plethora to choose from. When you spend an entire weekend with more than 3,000 Key Clubbers in the same convention center, you can bet that spirits will be high! Enjoy fun spirit battles and show your pride for Key Club. This DCON, we are focusing on the successes of the club and the magical feeling you get from community service.

This event is life-changing. It makes a member better understand the gravity of Key Club. We aren’t just another service organization. We are a strong group of youthful individuals that are reaching millions of people worldwide. Being a Key Club member is something to be proud of. All of the hard work we do in Key Club surely deserves recognition. Please join us in Spring 2012! Enjoy a weekend in sunny California with other Key Club members just like you. A year of service will be celebrated all weekend long. We can’t wait to see you there! Questions? Please contact your club officers and/or Lieutenant Governor. Lowry Members before boarding their plane to Anaheim, DCON 2011

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BEEcome a Leader

Interested in becoming a leader that is able to work with 74 other leaders that love to serve their communities like you do?

Become the next Lieutenant Governor for D23! What do Lt. Governors do? 

 

 

Serve all of the Clubs in their Division Build their skills as leaders Develop time management, organization, and office program skills Serve the community Get the opportunity to explore their capabilities and achieve great heights Have a blast!

Training & Election 

Candidate Training Conference – Put on by 2011-12 Lt. Governors  Learn what it takes to be a LTG  January 14, 2011 Conclave (Lt. Governor election) held in February 2012 Are YOU interested in serving your Division for the 2012-13 Key Club year? Contact Alyssa Yocom at!

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BEEcome a Leader

Want to take up responsibilities and grow as a leader while working directly with others?

Inspire others! Learn about yourself! Share your enthusiasm! Become a LEADER.

Become your club’s next Officer! Becoming an officer develops your skills and allows you to help your home club help the community in a multitude of ways while building a better understanding of Key Club International.

Positions Available: =President =Vice President =Secretary =Treasurer =Bulletin Editor

Find out more! I am a caring and competent servant leader transforming communities world-wide.

=Talk to your club officers =Visit and research your position under the “Officers” tab. =Contact Alyssa at

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Officer Bonding Day Officers from all over Division 23 gathered on December 11 at the Sierra Hall (UNR). We didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t sit at a table all afternoon and have workshops- we were on our feet most of the time. It started with learning how to form a circle- yes, we had to learn how to make a proper circle. We had high five buddies, high ten buddies, and high fifteen buddies. With our high fifteen patterns, we had to come up with three wishes. While playing the line game, we learned a lot about ourselves and those around us. It was an inspiring day where new bonds were

Officer bonding was not only fun, but enlightening and I learned a lot about my peers. -Brea Denney, Executive Assistant

We played a lot of really fun games, I was able to meet some new people, and it was fun because I got out of my comfort zone and experience some new things. -Colter Ruttenbur, Lowry Freshmen Class Representative

Officer Bonding Activities

It was magical being able to see so many leader in Key Club come together and have a blast learning about each other. -Alyssa Yocom, LtG

It was a lot of fun and it was a great chance to meet and get to know some of the other officers! -Danielle Kovaltchouk,

Woosterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Treasurer

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Club Snap Shots Lowry: Special Olympian with his BINGO prize too cute!

Lowry: Alli Lampshire (Snow Princess), Mary Castaneda (Elf 1), and JD Martin (Santa), volunteer at a local Elementary School for Pictures With Santa

Lowry: Alli Lampshire takes pictures of the Special Olympian's and Santa at their Special Olympian Bingo Holiday Party

Albert Lowry High School We might have had a very intense month, but we most definitely created tighter and new bonds filled with memories that will never be forgotten. After a service project, our President, Alli Lampshire, and our Bulletin Editor, Mary Castaneda, were scared almost to death by our Sophomore Representatives who thought it funny to see them scream and throw everything they were carrying (which in fact I, Mary, didn’t really appreciate). Mary Castaneda, Lowry’s Bulletin Editor and November’s Member of Month, saved our President, Alli, many times during these last month, whether it be from getting her out of the little kid play place at McDonalds at one of our socials or simply saving her from herself. Mary had one of the highest attendance records for November, attended all service events, helping fundraise for District Convention, maintained a positive attitude, contributed idea’s to benefit the club, school, and community. Key Club week was celebrated by wearing our Fall Rally shirts, thanking Key Players, and inviting the school to a pizza party which doubled as our club social, this was a great way to get new members for our club and had quite a few new members and are expecting more to come! Our biggest fundraiser this month was for DCON with See’s Candy (we raised about $1,450; our club is able to keep 30% of that); we volunteered at our local Soup Kitchen and helped a local Elementary school decorate gift bags for their holiday shop. Some of our shortest and one of our tallest members (actually the tallest member, Alli) played elves and Santa at a local elementary school. Our annual Special Olympians Bingo Christmas Party was a huge success and seeing the joy and fun in the eyes of these kids when they got a bingo, we are actually very close to these kids and it warmed our hearts to see them so happy. Between preparing for Special Olympics and shopping for our Board Member Secret Santa, playing Santa and his Elves, helping make holiday bags, and trying to keep Alli from falling, Lowry members have been very busy .

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        

Early MRF: 200 Articles/Quotes: 150 Visuals: 500 DCM Attendance: 80 Most Service: 200 Most Funds Raised: 150 Dues on time: 250 Miscellaneous: 85 Total: 1,615

Earl Wooster High School       

Early MRF: 200 Articles/Quotes: 10 DCM Attendance: 60 TOC: 25 Dues on time: 250 Miscellaneous: 90 Total: 635

Edward C. Reed High School      

Early MRF: 200 DCM Attendance: 60 TOC: 25 Dues on time: 250 Miscellaneous: 75 Total: 610

Elko High School  

On time dues: 250 Total: 250

Galena High School   

Early MRF: 200 Dues on time: 250 Total: 450

North Valleys High School     

Early MRF: 200 DCM Attendance: 110 Dues on time: 250

Reno High School     

Early MRF: 200 DCM Attendance: 60 Dues on time: 250 Miscellaneous: 50 Total: 560

Miscellaneous: 100 Total: 660

Proctor Hug High School

Spring Creek

    

  

Early MRF: 200 DCM Attendance: 20 TOC: 25 Miscellaneous 25 Total: 270

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On time MRF: 100 Miscellaneous: 100 Total: 200

Special Olympics Christmas Bingo Party Lowry members came together this holiday season to host a bingo party for our local Special Olympians. Smiles were made, ideaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s were created, friendships were formed, and some Key Clubbers lives were changed by these very special people!

It was really fun. I was really glad to play Santa for all the kids. It inspired me to be better than I usually am. -Colter Ruttenbur, Lowry Freshmen Class Representative

Watching the Olympians see/ meet Santa with their shy, nervous smiles on their faces, brought back some memories. It took them a while to adjust to the idea of Santa being there. I could tell they loved when Santa took some time out of his busy schedule this time of year to sit down, and play some bingo with them. -Alli Lampshire, Lowry President and D23 Tech Editor

I really loved helping out with the party and playing bingo with the kids was really fun i loved their faces when someone would win a prize overall i think it was a great party. -Giovanni Diaz, Lowry Treasurer

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California-Nevada-Hawaii District Division 23

CLUB OF THE MONTH This certificate is awarded to   

240 service hours (November) Attended DCM Actively participates in the division when possible Maintains division relations

Albert Lowry

For actively participating within the division and going above and beyond regular expectations in regards to club duties as of December 20, 2011.

MEMBER OF THE MONTH This certificate is awarded to

Jessica SanJuan *Favorite Key Club Service Event: Tournament of Champions *Favorite Key Club Social Event: Region Training Conference *Why she joined Key Club: To make a difference in the world. *Club: Earl Wooster

Page 15

This member has been actively participating in the division through consistent attendance as well as by being an inspiration to others to do more service as of December 20, 2011.

DIVISIONS 23 & 45 KEY CLUB December Division Council Meeting Minutes Called to order by Alyssa Yocom at 2:06pm. Key Club Pledge and Pledge of Allegiance Attendance: Lowry, Wooster, Reed, North Valleys, Hug, Reno Old Business was discussed. Special Olympics Described as fulfilling and fun Shared experiences from it Key to College Educational, enlightening, fun. Thanks to UNR’s Circle K. Club Events Discussed the upcoming projects of each club. Upcoming Events District Convention April 13-15th 2012 at Santa Clara Convention Center Discussed fundraiser ideas Selling Lanyards Created the slogan “BEE the Key!” If you have any more, contact Brea at Philanthropic Fundraising & Service Service opportunities are available such as Adopt a Family, Collect Canned Food, Volunteering at the Humane Society, Special Olympics, Polar plunge etc. Miscellaneous Upcoming elections for Lieutenant Governor, and Club Officers Candidate Training Conference (for potential Lt. Governors) will be January 14 th. Save the date! Contact Alyssa ( if interested! Meeting adjourned at 3:06pm.

Date: Sunday, December 11th, 2011 Location: University of Nevada, Reno Time: 2:00-3:00pm Focus: Division bonding, DCON, Service, Eliminate fundraising, Division Socials

Relevant Contact Information Given: Alyssa Yocom Alli Lampshire Breanna Denney

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DIVISIONS 23 & 45 KEY CLUB January Division Council Meeting Call to Order Key Club Pledge Pledge of Allegiance Roll Call: Albert Lowry Earl Wooster Edward C. Reed Elko Galena North Valleys Procter Hug Reno Sparks Spanish Springs Spring Creek Division 45 Ice Breaker Old Business Division Accomplishments Club Accomplishments Upcoming Events A New Year, a New You Chili’s Fundraiser Lanyard Sales Service opportunities Philanthropic Fundraising (Eliminate progress) Conclave: Feb. 5th!

Date: January 15, 2012 Location: 855 S. Center Street Reno, NV Time: 1:00-2:00pm Focus: “New Year, New You,” celebrating the magic of service, District Convention, elections.

Notes: _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Key Club Pledge: I pledge, on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school, and community; to serve my nation and God; and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? Contact: Alyssa Yocom Division 23 & Division 45 Lieutenant Governor Email: Call/Text: 775-846-9747

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January 2012 Sun








FASFA Applications Open Happy New Year



4 National Trivia Day


Newsletter Articles & Visuals Due 6:00pm



8 Secret Pal Day




12 National Work Harder Day





Martin Luther King Jr Day NATIONAL NOTHING DAY



19 Popcorn Day

20 National HUGGING DAY

21Camp Lotsafun Fundraiser at Bowling Stadium National Hug Day



25 Opposite Day





31 Backwards Day

DCM @ 1 pm Newsletter Input due by 6pm 22

Division Council Meeting 29

Candidate Training Conference

February 2012 Sun





1 National Freedom Day

2 Ground Hog Day

Fri 3

Sat 4

5 DCM @ 12:45, Ice Skating Social @ 1:30; Super Bowl! National Disaster




9 10 Hershey's Chocolate Day

11 Eliminate Date


13 Get a different Name day

14 Valentines Day

15 Items for newsletter due National Gum Drop Day


17 National Random Acts of Kindness Day



20 Presidents Day


22 World Thinking Day National Be Humble Day



25 Executive Candidate Training Conference


27 International Polar Bear Day

28 National Public Sleeping Day


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Division 23 January Newsletter  

Hello Yeti's. Enjoy reading the newsletter!

Division 23 January Newsletter  

Hello Yeti's. Enjoy reading the newsletter!