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Region 18 | Division 22 Hikina

Service Never Stops!

February 2014 Volume 1 | Issue 11

Hello Man!! Can you believe we are almost done with the Key Club year? Wow! Time is flying by! I hope for those of you who attended Hawai’i Convention had a wonderful time! It was a very exciting event. Congratulations to all of you who were awarded for all of your work this year. It was great to see every club in attendance recognized. At HCON we reflected on this past year. We also did a school beautification and attended a few workshops. Congratulations to the Division 22 Hikina Lieutenant Governor Elect, Johnny Zhu. Johnny will take on the full role of Lieutenant Governor after District Convention in mid April. Everyone has grown so much within this past year alone. I hope you are all proud of yourselves. Please continue to serve our communities during this transition period. Many of you have also elected your new officer boards, please make sure that every officer is trained before they are officially installed as officers of your club. Please let me know if you have any questions about this process. Remember that the year is not over yeat, and we still have a little over 5,000 hours of service to complete before we reach our goal of 20,000 service hours. I know we can do it! Keep doing your best, and thank you for all that you do. At District Convention we will be electing the new executive team for the CNH District. As time gets closer to DCON, I encourage you, even if you are not attending, to look at the profiles on the cyber key of the candidates. I will let you know when those are published. Your support, enthusiasm, and spirit are greatly appreciated. I could not be more proud to serve you all as your Lieutenant Governor. See you all very soon!

Kathryn Teruya Division 22 Hikina Lieutenant Governor

Region 18 LTGs with CNH LTG Victoria Lai and CNH District Service Chair Kelly Soares In this issue: LTG’s Address Division Submissions HCON Reflections Recognition DCM Info Other Reminders

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Division Submissions "

Key Clubbers participating in the HCON beautification project

Featured Project

Even while at HCON, Key Clubbers from all three divisions of Region 18 came together to help out a local elementary school, King Kaumuali'i. We were separated into different groups and were assigned different things to help out the school. Many groups helped fix the grounds, repaint walls, or even disinfect classrooms. Although tedious, Roosevelt had a great time knowing that their hard work would be for a good cause. BY: Marleen Tana

On February 8, 2014, Farrington High School Key Clubbers woke up early in the morning to volunteer at a Math Competition, which was held at Farrington High School. Key Club volunteers were assigned in many different areas. For example, leading the competitors to their assigned rooms or delivering food and beverages to the teachers and volunteers. We also collaborated with other clubs at our school. Although this service project was different compared to the service projects we have done in the past, we worked hard and had fun at the same time. BY: Joy Camile Ravina

Key Clubbers leading competitors to the test rooms

On Feb. 7th, Kaiser High School held its annual Cougar Nite. All the clubs at our school convened for this celebration of club pride and togetherness. Amongst all the clubs there, Key Club had the greatest turnout. After a series of icebreakers, clubs were pitted against one another in dodge ball and a quiz bowl. Because our club served as our "team" for the night, Cougar Nite was a great opportunity to create stronger bonds with our fellow Key Clubbers and it was a chance to spread the Key Club pride to others on the Kaiser campus. BY: Jenise Lam

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HCON Reflections


From February 14th until February 16th was the annual Hawaii Convention held in Kauai. This was my first time attending HCON, and it was definitely momentous and genuinely diverting. To me, it was enjoyable because of not only the genial people there, but also the spirit and aura that they brought upon the trip. Going to HCON was such an extraordinary experience of meeting the amazing people that are in Key Club and not only having fun, but working hard as well. On the first day, there was a general session, the first caucus session, and lastly, the talent show. Think that the talent show was the most memorable part. Not only were there talented dancers and singers, but also the skits were what really brought a smile to my face. Through all the skits, it showed how Key Club really helped and reached out to people. It showed me how it brought friends together, it not only bonds you closer together, but it introduced you to new people you might have never met before and expands your circle of friends. On Saturday, on-site contests such as Quiz Bowl, Impromptu Essay and Prepared Oratory were held at King Kaumuali’I Elementary School. There were also workshops that each member attended. We all learned so much within the three hours of workshops; they were very pedagogic and obliging. There was also a second and third general session, another caucus and service projects at the school. Many people had pulled weeds, picked up litter, painted sidewalks and cleaned the cafeteria. Lastly, there was the Lieutenant Governor’s Ball; mostly everyone danced in the Jasmine Ballroom. Finally, Sunday came; we held our District Council Meeting and the final general session. All of the Lieutenant Governor’s Farewell Addresses were abundantly eloquent and sentimental. Reluctantly, we all left HCON disappointed that it was over so soon, but full of unforgettable and treasured memories. I am really glad that I attended this year’s Hawaii Convention because I got to meet so many great people and take part in this conclave. Key Club is like another home to me and I am so gratified that I have the privilege to be a part of such a heartwarming and congenial society. Key Club showed me how so many people are affected by one organization and how we can change lives one step at a time. BY: Jenna Hashimoto

HCON was an emotional weekend along with being a very successful one as well. We first started the weekend with much excitement, for it was the first time for many of our members. Anxiety buzzed through the air as we slowly filed in the hotel and saw the other clubs. Some of our members were quick to introduce themselves whereas some of our members took a bit of courage before mingling. The second day, members had fun not only meeting new people but also working alongside the other clubs. Later on that night, we had our award ceremony. Roosevelt received many awards, thanks to the hard work of our members and our officers. Our very own, Johnny Zhu became the LTG elect for Division 22 Hikina. We also won Club of the Year, which made our dear President, Deena Char very proud. Roosevelt came together that night, sharing not only in the success, but the emotions. Many of the newer members started to learn how close this club is and how we're practically family. To end the night, we celebrated at the Lieutenant Governor's Ball and partied with the rest of the division. On the very last day, Roosevelt said a sad farewell to the other clubs, swearing that they'll keep in touch. HCON was not only an eye-opening event, but also a memory that we will cherish forever. BY: Marleen Tana

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Reminders " " " " " " "

Reminder: Remember to submit at least 1 article and visual per month " " " " " " " " " " " " Member

Of the Month

Ako Gagarin from Saint Louis (For going above and beyond the call of duty to have a successful HCON)

Club of the Month ‘Iolani School Key Club (For their diligence in service) "

DCM Info:

When: March 15th @ 10am-12:45pm Where: ‘Iolani Cafeteria Food provided

Thank you for on time Jan. MRFs: ‘Iolani Kaiser Roosevelt Maryknoll

Punahou Farrington Saint Louis



Congratulations LTG elect, Johnny “Johnny Boy" Zhu! Page 4

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