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Forever XXI Region R egion 2 Division 21 Monthly y Newsletter Volume V olume ume II Issue IV September 2012

Welcome Back! The new school year has begun, but Key Club is just getting started with all the events waiting right around the corner. Take a quick break from your hectic schedules and get updated on what has been happening throughout the division and on the latest upcoming events.

1 Photo Courtesy of Anthony To

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A Message from our LTG

! e n o y r Hi Eve

It’s great to see that although there is such a big DROP in how much free time everyone has, officers still continue to plan out and attend service events!

nth for e hectic mo n o n e e b e v nd ust ha k up again a c a With so much less time to do your work, I’ve b his month m g in rt a w ool st e h n sc a h it to W d ! e e made a list of tips on what you can do to have an custom everyon getting reac well! ly g w n o ri sl fa e is n o e n ry easier time getting back into school! eve eryo le, I hope ev daily schedu


With less than two months left until Fall Rally, what are you doing to get your club hyped up? Be sure to start selling tickets and planning out transportation, the logistics, and who will be helping out! Be sure to contact your club officers soon to ask about buying tickets! I also hope to see everyone attend RawrTC on October 13th at Cuyamaca College! If there’s any questions about it, feel free to ask me or your division assistant! I hope to see over 100 Hippos there so we can claim that spirit trophy back from the Jellys!

I hope everyone continues to work hard as the school year comes along! I’m proud of the amount of service we’ve put in to our communities so far, so let’s continue to provide even more!

Anthony’s Back to School Tips:

Good Luck!

Anthony To

- Don’t procrastinate! Be sure not to wait until the last minute to do your assignments! - Keep track of ALL your dates! Have a planner, calendar, or even a notebook to keep track of all the important dates. (SAT, Service projects, etc.) - Take breaks! With the amount of homework you’ll be receiving (ESPECIALLY you upper classmen) be sure to take a break every once in a while! It’d be terrible to be EXHAUSTED before Fall Rally even arrives!

Challenge: How was the first meeting? Let me know :)

Email reponses to:


Past Events San Diego Heart Walk

September 15

4:00 A.M. During this time, nearly everyone, if not everyone, would be lying fast asleep within the comfortable confines of their own beds, tucked away and happily dreaming--with the ocassional nightmare. However, In the morning of September 15, Key Clubbers were waking up to the darkness that filled the early morning in order to ready themselves before heading down to Balboa Park to volunteer at the annual San Diego Heart Walk. Key Clubbers from all over San Diego--including D21, D31, and D37S-- attended the event. After checking in and dining on a delicious breakfast provided by the staff of the American Heart Association, Key Clubbers awaited their assignments as the sun slowly rose above the horizon and illuminated the once-black, morning sky. Once the event started, Key Clubbers disperesed throughout the area in order to perform their duties such as cheering on walkers/runners, replacing trash bags, and handing out water bottles at the finish line. Key Clubbers were left exhausted at the end of the event but nonetheless happy for their contribution to a worthy cause.

Photo 1 and 3 Courtesy of Anthony To



Past Events On September 9th, one of the first back-to-school service events was on its way at Scripps Park: the 82nd annual Rough Water Swim. Working alongside the Kiwanis of La Jolla, UCSD's Circle K and D21's LTG, Anthony To, La Jolla High School Key Club worked to ease the tension of the competitive swimmers. Volunteers marked numbers, registered competitors, took off tags and sold food to participants and swimmers. With sunburns at the end of the day, volunteers had a blast helping out everyone from 9 year olds to elders. The money from sales and registration goes back to the community through the Kiwanis of La Jolla. Article written by

Kiara Sanchez La Jolla Key Club President

Photo Courtesy of Google Images


Future Events Region 1 and 2 Regional Training Conference Saturday, October 13th Where: Cuyamaca College When: 10:00 A.M. - P.M.

Courtesy of Lincoln To

What: Come out to one of the biggest events of the year. This year’s theme is Dinosaurs. Everyone from both Regions 1 and 2 can attend this event. Divisions include Hippos, Robots with Hearts, Jellyfish, Red Bulls, Surfers, and Dolphins. A day full of workshops, SPIRIT BATTLES, meeting new people, and most of all: FUN. Want to become an officer one day? Attend, you’ll learn some valuable information that can help you! Are you an officer? Attend, you’ll receive even more training to make your year successful Are you a member or just interested in Key Club? ATTEND, you’ll meet new, amazing people, have tons of fun, and get your dinosaur on!


Future Events Stay up to date with these events and many others nott only by following this newsletter, but also checking Facebook and talking with yourr fellow members. The follow-ing are upcoming events in October and late September..

Trash Bash 2012

Saturday, September 22nd

Where: San Diego Bay: Embarcadero When: 8:15AM to 12:30PM

What: One of the first events of the year! Trash Bash is a beach cleanup hosted by the San Diego Oceans Foundation. Instead of just college trash on land, there will be a change for you to snorkel and collect trash underwater. You can be a land volunteer or a snorkeler. If You want to be a snorkeler, you need to bring your own gear. Sign up at:


Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor Hello everybody. I hope all of you had a wonderful summer. The new school year has begun and the homework keeps piling on, but now is not a time to procrastinate and fall behind. No matter the workload, you can always finish it all if you plan out your schedule on which assignment to do and when to do it and if you take time off your breaks in order to get a little head start on your homework before you even get home. However, don’t overwork yourself. Sometimes it’s better to take a break rather than continue working for a long time. Be sure you don’t miss out on attending the various service events that are just around the corner---especially RawrTC. The school year has just begun, but Key Club is just getting started. Big events such Fall Rally and DCON may be months away, but it’ll come before you know it. I hope you all do well this school year and enjoy it as much as possible. Sincerely,

Travis Chang D21 Tech Editor 2012-2013


Want to Submit an Article or Photo? Do you fancy writing or have an amazing desire to talk about all sorts that you and your club have attended? Do you enjoy taking a camera along with you and snap pictures wherever you go? If you do any of those things and/or are interested in submitting an article or photo about any volunteering events you and your club have been to, feel free to email them all to me at: Your contribution is much appreciated. Thank You. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email or other means.

September Newsletter 2012  

D21 divisional newsletter for the month of September 2012

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