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Forever XXI Region R egion 2 Division 21 Monthly y Newsletter Volume lum um II Issue VIII January 2013


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A Message from our LTG Photo Courtesy of Tommy Giang

Hi Hippos! Wow, can you believe it? There's only two months left in this term. I can't express how proud I am of this division. The spirit, the dedication, and overall AWESOMENESS of each and every single one of you makes me feel like the best Lt. Governor in the world.

As the year comes to a close, be sure to stay spirited! Keep working hard, keep volunteering, and keep being the amazing hippos you all are! Two months is a lot of time left, so be sure to stay strong! Photo Courtesy of Charlie Sin Photography

And last but not least, I would like to congratulate Nick Lee of Mira Mesa on a successful election on becoming the 2013-2014 LTG! And to our other two wonderful candidates, I thank you very much for your hard work. You both did an excellent job!

Anthony To

Past Events Mira Mesa Ice Skating Fundraiser January 4th

Article by: Jimmy Trinh

Mira Mesa Treasurer

An ice skating fundraiser? A time and place where Key Clubbers run around in circles with steel blades under their boots on slippery, cold ice in the dark with flashing lights? It sounds like a great idea. Everyone is laughing, smiling, and some are even holding hands. They anticipate to slip, trip, and fall, but it doesn't stop them from setting foot on the ice. It's because every Hippo in our Division 21 knows that our fellow members are there to support them. Even though we come from different schools, communities, and lives, some of our closest friends are within this club. The joy is passed on by each embarrassing fall and the photos taken in the cold ice arena. To start off the new year, our Key Club family came to celebrate the friendships we made and to create more memories. It's an amazing sight to see "Division

21 Hippos on Ice". Holiday Kick Off December 2

Article by: Tony Ho

Scripps Ranch President

With our second annual Holiday Kick-Off being a success, people were able to enjoy a day full of bonding with other members. With many activities going on, such as the gingerbread house making contest to the Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournament, people were also able to make cards for kids at the Rady Children’s hospital. To end off the amazing day, we all watched the Pixar Animation film Up. While making a grand total of $267, we donated half of our profits to Project ELIMINATE. With everyone having a fun time and meeting new people, our Holiday Kick-Off was able to start everyone’s winter break off on the right foot. Photos Courtesy of Tony Ho



Future Events Fri-Sun, March 22nd-24th

CNH District Convention (DCON)

Where: Anaheim, CA

When: All Weekend Long

What: Come celebrate the end of the Key Club year with Key Clubbers from ALL over the CNH District. If you thought that Fall Rally was fun, wait until you see what’s in store for you at the annual District Convention (DCON). Have the time of your life up in Anaheim, California as you have tons of endless fun and learn even more about Key Club from those from the Divisional level and up, including District and International. See your new Lieutenant Governor get inaugurated, meet tons of new people, participate in a variety of intense spirit battles, and attend a variey of workshops that get you more acquainted with the different levels of Key Club. It’s a nonstop adventure full of excitement and wonder as you bask in a MILLION waves of service!

The Anaheim Convention Center


Contact Info. &+8+5+10$1#4& LTG

Anthony To


Nick Lee

%.#+4'/106 President

Vice Amanda Nguyen Presidents Krystal Ta

Vivian Vuong Jenn Santos

Tech Ed

Travis Chang


Kathy Tran


Ivana Morris

Bulletin Editor

Mindy Nguyen

*+)*6'%**+)* +06'40#6+10#.

-'#40; President

President Kevin VanKham

Tony Vo

Sally Dang

Russel Kuoch Vice Presidents John Soup

*+)*6'%**+)* President

Cynthia Barron


Sandy Lai


Anthony Vannarath


Roland Kong


Cassandra Blessing


Luis Salgado

Contact Info. .#,1..#

/#&+510 President

Savannah Knox

Carla Martinez

Vice President

Paul Van

Matt Vasquez


Alexandra Padilla

Susan Wu


Vi Nguyen


Kiara Sanchez

Vice President Secretary


/+4#/'5# President

Jennifer Luu

Estella Hoang Head Historian

Vice President

Zabrina Reyes

Historians Karen Ha

Karina Dam

Demitra Hoang


Winnie Kuang


Jimmy Trinh


Ana Espiritu


Nick Lee Jin Gantan

Contact Info. /+55+10$#; President Denise Phan

2#64+%-*'04; President

Vanessa Nguyen

Vice President

Margaret Do


Neda Heydari


An (Amy) Tran Kristen Tran Vice President

Secretary Jasmine Nguyen

Treasurer Gabriel Ng


David Gonzalez

Spirit Chair Thao Tran




Courtney Huen


Vice President

Ive Greene

Izy Truong Vice Presidents


Nina Nguyen


John Lopp

Tony Ho


Yvonne Luu


Thao Nguyen thaonguyen

Contact Info. 5'444#



Vy Luu


Ziv Weizman

Vice President

Lincoln To

Vice President

Sebastian Le Bras


Jacquelyn Ha


Kevin Kahru


Audrey Bell


Osama Khan

Jenny Ho


Sarah Em

Tech Editor

January Newsletter 2013  

Divisional newsletter for Key Club's Division 21 for the month of January 2013.

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