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A Message from our LTG

Hi Hippos! I hope everyone that attended enjoyed the Officer Training Conference (OTC) earlier this month. I had a great time with everyone that attended! I really thank everyone who was able to make it. With less than a month of summer left, I hopp you all make the most of it and end it with a BANG! As school comes up, be sure to stay active, ad stay hungry for service.


Anthony To Division 21 Lieutenant Governor

Monthly Challenge: What are your plans for the new school year? How are you going to stay active?

Email your answers to:


Past Events OTC/August DCM

August 11

Not everybody can adapt to a new job or responsiblity instantaneously. Sometimes there are certain clarifications that must be made in order to achieve a better understanding of the task given to someone. The annual Officer Training Conference, or OTC, is meant to better educate the various officers and members of a division on the responsibilities they hold and the world of Key Club beyond the club level. This year’s OTC featured many presentations by the newly elected divisional board as well as several members of some of the new club officers. The OTC was also the site of the DCM for the month of August. Officers and members were able to learn more about Key Club and their responsibilities all while being informed of the most recent divisional news. This year’s OTC also featured a special guest: Madison

Draper (Division 31’s LTG), who took time from her own schedule in order to help out with the presentations. What’s an event with out some interdivisional love?



Future Events There are always events to attend, so stay up to date on what’s going on through DCMs, this newsletter, your officers, and any other means. “Stay active and always be hungry forr service” - Anthony

To (D21 LTG)

Macy’s y Shop p for a Cause y Store Where: ANY Macy’s

Saturday, August 25th

When: All Day

What: Get your Macy’s saving’s pass for only $5 by contacting the representative for either Mira Mesa High School or Scripps Ranch HIgh School as shown on the event page. Come out this Saturday on August 25th to ANY Macy’s store and save 10-25% ALL DAY on your purchases. School is almost here, so this is a perfect opportunity to save on apparel and any other items you need at Macy’s before kickstarting the new year.

There may not seem like there’s a lot of events, but make sure to check with your officers or LTG about new events after some time. Sometimes it just takes a little time before an event appears. Until then, keep enjoying your summer! Travis Chang (D21 Tech Editor)


Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editor Hey everyone! It hurts to say this, but summer is almost over. With the time we have left before the start of school , we should make the best of it and have fun as much as possible, whether playing games, partying, going to the beach, or even statsifying ourselves with sleep. Even though all of this time has past, thereÂ’s still a lifetime of things that we have yet to have done. The more we accomplish and the more we have fun now, the more time there is in the future for us to try something different, exciting, or even extraordinary. For those of you who wish to contribute a little more than you are now, feel free to submit articles and pictures about events that you and your club----or another club----attended to either me or Anthony that you want to be featured in the divisional newsletter or sent to the district for their newsletter. Read the information to the right for more details.

Enjoy every bit of summer and what it has to offer. Sincerely,

Travis Chang D21 Tech Editor 2012-2013


Want to Submit an Artlce and Photo for the Newsletter or Submission? For those of you who want an article that you wrote along with a photo(s) of that event to be included in an upcoming newsletter feel free to email them to me at If you want it to be for submission, please send to my email your article and one accompanying photo. Please let events be dated during or before the month of the newsletter you wish your article to be included in, but not before the 20th of the previous month. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of the month of the newsletter. If you have any questions, especially regarding what Submission is, feel free to contact me by email or other means.

August Newsletter 2012  
August Newsletter 2012  

The divisional newsletter for the month of August of 2012