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The Hip Life. Region 2 Division 21 Monthly VOLUME I | ISSUE III | AUGUST 2011


Hungry Hungry HIPPOS

Go on, ask us how we feel! ’Cause we feel good, oh we feel so good…

What’s hot this month?

Officer Training Conference! By Zabrina Reyes

RADY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, AUGUST 14. D21 officers filed into the Kiwanis-sponsored rooms last Sunday in the hopes of becoming exceptional leaders of their home clubs. 11 out of 11 schools showed up, so the turn out was fantastic! Presidents, VP’s, secretaries, and other

officers attended this conference to get trained and to get active. Prospecting officers also attended to get a gist of how the board works. Key Club Alumnus, Circle K members, and Mr. Crawford joined...

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Photo Courtesy: D21 sign: Nina Nguyen OTC sign: Jennifer Le







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Hippo Spotlight: Jihui Jin Jihui has demonstrated spectacular community service. He has helped raise over $300.00 through the Ice Skating Fundraiser, an event he organized to benefit D21! Having joined Key Club as a sophomore, he became more active as the years go by. Summer did not stop his passion for helping our community. Now as a senior, he plans to assist Mira Mesa’s Key Club in becoming the best it can be.

I used to be extremely lazy... I was never social mainly because I didn’t feel like it, not because I was shy. Key Club made me more open to meeting random people and acting like a complete fool in front of strangers.

You could say [Key Club] gave me confidence, but it’s more like it gave me an incentive to act like an idiot and mess around in the name of Key Club.

D21’s HOT HIPPO for the month of August 2011

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why? I would be a watermelon mainly because they’re green and delicious. Of course, considering I can’t eat myself and cannibalism would be immoral…the decision does seem to be a poor choice. But, that doesn’t change my choice. I’ll just be the most narcissistic watermelon out there, loving myself, until I got eaten.

Why did you join Key Club in the first place? I joined my sophomore year because Tiffany Tran…told me I could skip a day of school if I went to DCON. After going, I caught the Key Club fever and became slightly more active.

One thing people may not know about you?

You’re stranded on an island, but you can only keep three things with you. What three would you choose? Because of popular request…[I’m bringing] a girl, a sword, and a lighter….The sword is to pass time. I’ll have a lot of free time on the island, so might as well master the art of sword fighting. The lighter is my one item for actual survival.

Favorite Key Club moment? Considering I have a terrible memory and Key Club moments seem to blend together, I’d have to say my top five include the time I spent at DCON and ICON. Going around meeting people, whether it was crashing random pictures or swimming in the lazy river, was the most interesting experience I got from Key Club.

I have a brother named Josh.

-3Photo Courtesy— Isabella Tran


And now…


Hello Hippos, What a wonderful crazy month it has been! There was Summer Board Training OTC, and we managed to cut our debt in half. This month in particular, I have seen a surge of leadership in this division; members and officers have been designing shirts, lanyards, key covers, and more. I see Presidents and officers planning out events for the year on Facebook. By the time Fall Rally rolls around, Division 21 is going to have some of the best

spirit wear, no doubt. It brings me joy to see all this enthusiasm and initiative for Key Club when school hasn’t even started. The recent Officer

Training Conference

was a very exciting experience for me. Thank you again, to all 75 of you who came out to make this the best OTC ever. Never have I ever been in a room so filled with motivation and spirit.

By far the best part of OTC was seeing everyone bond and work as a

team. I hope that we continue to grow together as a division and as a Key Club family. The only thing missing from this month was enough service. I know every single club can do better and have more events than they are having right now. The Executive Assistants and I are enforcing a new policy of No-More-Blank-MRFs, so start looking for August service events. Remember, if you ever need help with events or anything else, my inbox is always open!

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer,

Amanda Sani

LTG's Monthly Challenge:

Email me and tell me something you learned at OTC!



[The Ice Skating Fundraiser] was rather fun—a good way of putting a social and a fundraiser to support Key Club. -Luan Phan (Mira Mesa senior)

Navajo Canyon Cleanup July 23 Whitney Cheng Oleman, along with members from

“…The clean up I think went pretty well, it being

Patrick Henry, helped out the beauty of San Diego by

summer and all,” Andrew Tran (Patrick Henry senior)

weeding, unnecessary plants, watering the wanted ones,

states, “It was something that wasn’t too difficult but

and cleaning up the remainder of the area.

still a great thing to do.”

Ice Skating Fundraiser San Diego Ice Arena, July 29. In the dark hours of the night, you would expect

everyone. With an astounding profit of $300, the

all of the D21 hippos to be in bed, resting after a hard

event that was meant to raise money for the division

day of service. But this was not the case. At least, not on

proved to be exceptionally useful for the future. This

July 29—the night of the Ice Skating Fundraiser!

success and amount of fun was blatantly evident, as

Key Clubbers, along with their guests, skated to

Jennifer Le (Scripps Ranch junior) emphasizes: “A lot

their heart’s content to pounding music and the

of people came to skate, it was a lot of fun, and I

company of others. “Ice skating with Key Clubbers

didn’t fall down once!”

makes ice skating more fun than it already is,” Michael

planning skills of Jihui Jin (Mira Mesa senior), D21 is

Tran (Mira Mesa senior) explains, “I enjoyed D21’s

off to a great start this year.

Thanks to the awesome

company and had fun joining ice skating trains with

” -55


Working with our local Kiwanis Club was great. It was really fun working with them to serve lunch to all the athletes that participated. -Joshua Joo (Serra High School, senior)


Pancake Breakfast

Clairemont, August 6 18 Key Clubbers woke up




bright and early on August 6 to

High School junior and coordinator

attend the Pancake breakfast from

of the event): “It was nice seeing

7:30am to 11:00am. Members were

different Key Clubs coming to help

able to help out with the pancakes,


and benefited from free food! Says

pancakes ☺.”





Sports For Exceptional Athletes Tierrasanta, August 13 On August 13, Key Clubbers volunteered with their local Tierrasanta Kiwanis members for the “Sports For Exceptional Athletes” program. They served lunches to the athletes and received free food themselves. Ross Massey (Serra senior) jokes, “It’s not a Key Club event until we get free food!” Kool-Aid was also served, and Key Clubbers realized that “making Kool-Aid [actually] requires math!” (Isabella Tran, senior). The photo on the left shows Josh Joo (event coordinator), Jihui Jin, Jimmy Trinh (Mira Mesa junior), and Isabella measuring Kool- Aid for the athletes. This event was a great way to bond with Kiwanians. Photo Courtesy— Pancake Breakfast: Anida V. S4EA: Isabella Tran


What’s hot THIS month? Cover story

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1 Posters leading to the rooms, drawn by members of Scripps Ranch High School


Graphic used on the front of the program

Tiffany Tran, Mira Mesa alum and past Key Club president, teaches the duties of Presidents and VP’s.

Circle K members, and our Region 2 Advisor

The following are a few of Amanda’s (meant-to-

joined some of our Key Club leaders from 1:00pm

be-exceeded) goals for the year:

to 4:30 to teach the duties of certain offices. Workshops such as Project Planning and Making Bank advised others how to properly plan an

• •

event and how to plan a successful fundraiser. There were also presentations about Project EliMiNaTe, a newly established program to expel MNT.

750 paid members by the end of the year $3,000 for PTP (“Pediatric Trauma Prevention”—a program designed to stop unexpected childhood trauma). One project per month, per club OTC







leadership, involvement in Key Club, and unity. It In the closing session, Amanda explained

her goals for our division and promoted the cheers for Fall Rally (more information on page 9).

Photo Courtesy— Photo 1: Jennifer Le 2: Kim Luu 3. Benjamin Lam

also provided valuable information to the big clubs and small ones. Now that our officers are properly trained, we can provide a strong base for our other members!


UPCOMING EVENTS Mark your calendars and stay in the loop by joining our divisional group:


Divisional Luau Tierrasanta Rec Center 6:30pm-9:30pm Get your casual gear on and join us for the Divisional Luau! It’s the last weekend before school starts, so let’s end summer with a night full of fun! Tickets cost $10 (presale) and $12 (at the door). All members of Region 1 and 2 are invited, so invite your friends! However they must have permission from their advisors. Tickets will be sold periodically—the next time you’ll be able to buy them is at the upcoming DCM (link to the Facebook event: See you there!



Mr. Key Club Pageant Ocean Beach Rec center 4726 Santa Monica Avenue Time: TBA Start sharpening up, gentlemen, and sign up to become the next Mr. Key Club! Help us fundraise while you participate in three rounds of pageantry, including speeches and talent shows. Contact Amanda or any of the EA’s for details.

OCT 29

Region 1+2 Training Conference! RTC: “Radical Time Change” Taft Middle School Time: 10:30am Be a part of one of the biggest events of the year! The theme this year is 80’s, so dress appropriately—the crazier, the better! RTC is open to all Key Clubbers within Region 1 and 2. This is a good chance for new members to experience what it’s like to participate in a big Key Club event. RTC, known to be a “mini DCON”, is far cheaper and includes Spirit Battles, workshops, Service Fairs, and dancing! The Spirit Trophy is up for grabs—can the Hippos win for the third year in a row? Admission price is currently set to $10.00—free, for advisors who decide to come. Dinner will be served; bring extra money for lunch. Check your calendars, clear your schedules, and spread the word!


FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK Hey there, Hippos! It was nice seeing you all at OTC! Let’s take our training back to our home clubs and lead them to community excellence!

Tech editors: here is the website where you can find Key Club’s graphic standards and pointers _Key_Club_Graphic_Standards_Guide.sflb.ashx

You can also browse the CNH website:

School is fast approaching and summer is coming to a close… let’s

Wanna be featured? Now accepting submissions for the next issue of D21’s newsletter! • • •

keep the service up and exceed our divisional goals! •

Cheers, Zabrina Reyes

Tips for a healthy first week of school. FREE OF DRAMA. FREE OF STRESS. FOLLOW THESE TIPS, AND FEEL YOUR BEST!

• •

Wear your best outfit and strut. It. Out. Studies have shown that those who wear clothes they love boosts their confidence. Set the tone for the rest of the school year! Smile. Smile at someone—make their day. It never hurts :D Service – don’t forget your community! A healthy environment = A healthy you.

Submit photos that fit the criteria of Key Club visuals Attend all events; social and service-based. Tech Editors: submit a bulleted list of events you participated in on time Suggest something creative to include in the next issue

Send in your submissions via: E-mail: (858) 395 – 1697 Deadline

Sept 15 6:00 PM

DON’T FORGET! Practice the divisional cheers for fall rally! “Jungle Cheer” “Jump On It” “Gigalo”

Or, just search the youtube channel:

-9Graphics courtesy: Kim Luu


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