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Official Division 20/32 Newsletter Division 20/32 | Region 15 | Cali-Nev-Ha District | Key Club

Table Of Contents Updates from Lieutenant Governor, Tricia Tran…………………… Page 1 Recognition…………………………………………………………..…. Page 3 Club Updates………………………………………………………….... Page 4 Fall Rally North……………………………………………………….…. Page 6 Leadership Training Conference………………….……..……….… Page 8 Beach Cleanup……………………………………………...………… Page 10 Stay Connected……………………………………..………………… Page 11 Pediatric Trauma Program……………………………..……………. Page 12 Member Recruitment…………………………………….…………... Page 14 Membership Orientation…………………..…………………………. Page 15 Hershey’s Track and Field………………………………..…………… Page 16

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Pictured: Tricia Tran with Thu Dang at the Kiwanis LTG Installation Dinner located in Healdsburg

Contact Information: E-Mail: Phone: (707) 322-2188 Kakao: Triciaaa Line: Sullichoi Facebook: Skype: Triciaaatran Oovoo: Triciaaatran Ask:

Jinny Tran - Santa Rosa

You have been working very hard these past few weeks! Your dedication for volunteering in Cross Country and getting other officers together for the training conference took time and effort. Thank you so much for taking some time off to and putting it into Key Club, and getting back to me when necessary. I hope that you continue to show your commitment and support as an epitome for others! Serena Uppal – Montgomery

Thank you for attending many events that our division holds! I know that you are constantly informing your club with information. Your communication is always consistent, and your submissions are always on time. You are a great leader who is definitely organized. I am eager to do a visitation for your club! Good luck with the rest of your year serving your club!

Club of the Month

Great job Maria Carrillo! I am very proud of you with the service that your club has performed. I am very pleased to hear the volunteer hours related to helping people, and a hospital! Keep up the great work and don’t stop on serving your community! I hope to see more of you all in our division events!

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Casa Grande is getting ready for the new school year by recruiting new members and is planning to fundraise by holding a car wash and garage sale in September. They will also be having a bake sale soon.

Cloverdale has a meeting on Tuesday, and are focusing on their new members and bribing people with goods to join Key Club because they have a busy month in September and need all the help they can get!

Maria Carrillo made sure that their past members were coming back for the new school year, and are planning activities for the school year. They are currently planning on a campus clean-up.

Montgomery has new incoming freshman joining and are trying to reach out to new organizations. They are also thinking of things to sell at football games to fundraise money.

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Piner has a meeting on Tuesday and is participating in an MS bike event for research, planning a field day and fundraising to send members to Fall Rally North and Regional Training Conference.

Rancho Cotate is excited to have a new advisor, and is trying to interact with other clubs and organizations to start the school year off right.

Santa Rosa: has had a few board meetings, and will have the first meeting of the year on Tuesday. They are actively recruiting new members. They are also helping out at a Chili off event for the Rotary.

Windsor Key Club has been slow, but they are getting back on with everything and are back on track again and ready to serve!

Just buzzin’ in to remind Vice Presidents to submit their monthly club summary to no later than the 15th of each month, every month!

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Fall Rally North For those of you who do not know what Fall Rally North is, it is a rally that is held in Northern California at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Thousands of members gather together on the day to hang out, cheer, mingle and auction off LTG’s and Executive officers! All the money from Six Flags and the money that was auctioned off goes towards Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP). For more information regarding the program, please refer back to past newsletters or to :

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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My experience at FRN was ineffable. When I first attended, I not highly educated what KEY Club was exactly about. I always thought FRN was just a small gathering with people do go on rides and befriend them. I was definitely wrong. I was in awe seeing the amount of people I saw at FRN. Everyone was so kind, friendly and enthusiastic. I do not regret attending FRN because this event awakened me to see KEY Club on another level. From “How do you feel?” to “Putting some booty in it,” I am definitely ready to feel the GOLDEN energy and hot weather that FRN always brings. I really do hope that everyone will be able to attend this amazing event. If you love making new friends, enthusiasm, KEY Club, people, roller coaster, saving lives, and hanging out, then this is definitely the even for you to attend! - Tricia Tran Piner High School

I can't wait to go to Fall Rally because last year I heard it was a lot of fun. The spirit is really high and every division is there. It seems like a great way to meet people all while having fun. I can't wait to show off D32 spirit! - McKenzie Martin Rancho Cotate High School After hearing all the golden stories from my friends, I am so excited to attend Fall Rally North for the first time. I’m really looking forward to meeting my fellow key clubbers and seeing all the key club spirit. I can’t wait to attend because I am sure it will BEE just as amazing as I have heard. I hope to see my fellow dinosaurs there. - Karissa Mills Piner High School Fall Rally was amazing the year I went! I've never seen anything like it. The spirit there was so insane it made everything so much fun. I can't wait to go again. - Jinny Tran Santa Rosa High School Fall Rally was an exciting event. I have never experienced any event with so many smiling and spirited teenagers. This is something a Key Clubber can't miss and will probably regret not going to. Key Clubbers will see how amazing Key Club is and how much we contribute to the community. You will be full of energy and dino-pride after this. - Steffanie Tran Piner High School Even though I don’t enjoy roller coasters, attending the rally was great. I did not expect to see so much spirit and excitement, but when I did it was incredible. Everyone was full of energy, and the number of Key Clubbers there was amazing. -Vicky Nguyen Piner High School Fall Rally was the highlight of my Key Club adventure last year. Thousands of Key Clubbers all with such amazing spirit make you feel part of something huge. I learned how key club is not just some school cub; it is so much bigger. I loved the rally and seeing all the other divisions decked out in their gear. I hope this year we can make D32 stand out in the crowd with our gear and spirit! -Destiny Martin Piner High School

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Officer Training Conference August 31 |12:30 | 93 Stony Point Circle | Salvation Army

12:30 P.M.


Club Meeting

Main area/ Kitchen area

12:45 P.M.



Main area/Kitchen area

1:50 P.M.


Eliminate Project

Pamela Moore, Redwood Empire Club

2:20 P.M.


Transition to training

2:25 P.M.


Officer Workshops

Presidents – Tricia Tran | McKenzie Martin Vice Presidents – Anna Aguilar SecretaryDaisy Paz, 10-11 IP LTG Editors – Jacob Torres, P.I.E Treasurer – Claire Carter

3:25 P.M


Snacks, drinks, stretch

Main room

3:30 P.M.


Concurrent Session

PTP – Dallas Phillips, Div. Assistant Major Emphasis – Thu Dang, Div. Secretary Keeping KC Active – Raven Quesenberry, Div. Spirit Coordinator District Awards + Goals – Tricia Tran, LTG

4:20 P.M.


Snack, drinks, stretch

4:30 P.M

Closing Evaluations, Closure

4:45 P.M

End Time

Tricia Tran, Lieutenant Governor

Clean up, take down and enjoy the great rest of your evening!

CNH Key Club | Division 20/32 | Leadership Training

CNH| KEY Club August 31, 2013

93 Stony Point Circle Santa Rosa, CA 95401

August Divisions 20/32 Council Meeting


I.Call to order II. III. IV.

Roll call Reports Old Business

a. visitations b. Recognition Chair c. T-Shirt Contest i. Raven Quesenberry 1. Finalizations 2. Voting process

d. Improvement initiative i. Newsletter 1. Division 2. Lieutenant Governor V. New Business a. Updates on RTC i. Goals + Prices

b. Fall Rally i. Spirit packs 1. What to include? a. Bandana? b. Mardi Gras style necklace? c. Bubbles?

2. When to order? 3. How to advertise?

c. PTP fundraising i. Car wash 1. Recommendations? ii. Bake sale 1. Talk to your Kiwanis 2. School events iii. Stores 1. Set up table, poster and advocate the cause 2. Sell candy bars iv. Awake-a-Thon



On Saturday, July 20th, our Division 32 Key Clubs came together in Fort Bragg to do a beach Clean-up. For most of us, it was a pretty long drive to Pudding Creek Beach where we assisted with the clean-up. When we got there it was surprisingly not as dirty as we thought, but looks can be deceiving. We all split into groups, grabbed a pair of gloves and a garbage bag and set off to work. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. It was a great day for being at the beach. It only took us about an hour to get the beach clean. It was good to know that not a lot of people littered at that beach. When we were all done we all had a picnic and we all had a great time. All in all, it was a great day at the beach, We cleaned up all the garbage so that others could enjoy a more beautiful environment, and we all had fun doing it. Plus, it was nice to bond with other Key Clubbers from our division. ~Alayna Lorence

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Questions? Contact Tommy Nguyen, Division Tech Editor

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Pediatric Trauma Program What It Is The Pediatric Trauma Program helps to train pediatric doctors, nurses, and first responders, purchase medical supplies and equipment, and create outreach programs to educate the public on preventative and safety measures. PTP exists because accidental injury is the #1 cause of death in children under the age of 14 in the U.S., even though 90% of these injuries can be prevented. Many of these injuries are caused by lack of proper safety equipment or lack of education about child safety. The Pediatric Trauma Program works with hospitals around the district to change these statistics. Our division’s nearest PTP hospital is the Oakland Children’s Hospital and Research Center.

How We Help Our district has committed to raising $150,000 for PTP. Fall Rally is one of the biggest PTP fundraisers of the year. Our division is asking that ALL

CLUBS THAT ATTEND FALL RALLY BRING AT LEAST $150 FOR PTP to help us reach our goal. Besides just fundraising, Key Clubbers can also help by spreading awareness and educating the public about issues related to pediatric trauma. Going into Kindergarten classes to teach bike or playground safety are great ways to get involved with PTP. Our goal is to lower the occurrence of pediatric injury through education and resources. More information can be found at: html

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

Page 12

PTP Donation Process Step 1: Write a check to Cali-Nev-Ha (CNH) Key Club

[Your Organization’s Name]

(OPTIONAL) If you want a receipt, write the check to Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation


Cali-Nev-Ha (CNH) Key Club Four Hundred and Thirty-Six

Division ## Key Club—PTP

[Authorized Signature]

Make sure to include your division number and ‘PTP’ in the memo

Step 2: Put the check in a sealed envelope and title as so... High School Name Division ##, Region # Address

ATTN: Bruce Hennings, Key Club PTP Donation Cali-Nev-Ha (CNH) District Office 8360 Red Oak Street #201 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Please Consider the Following The DEADLINE for mailed checks that will count towards Fall Rally is RECEIVED BY:

Fall Rally North October 12th

Fall Rally South November 2nd

Only ON-SITE DONATIONS are processed AT Fall Rally We DO NOT process any COIN donations on site; checks are acceptable on site Remember, you can send in PTP Donations THROUGHOUT the year Please never send cash through the mail as a donation, only checks

Member Recruitment The KEY to Key Club

As fall rolls around, it brings many things with it: the start of school, the changing of leaves, and a new Key Club season! This means that a whole new class of potential Key Clubbers is ready to be informed, inspired, and recruited—by YOU! These students may never have even heard of our club and the amazing work we do, so it’s your job to fix that! You can recruit new members in many ways. Most schools have a Club Day, where your club can set up a booth and charmingly persuade passing students that Key Club is the organization for them by talking about all of the possibilities a future with Key Club holds. You can also talk to the students in your classes about joining, and bring it up in conversations. Your club can even talk to your school about making announcements or hanging flyers encouraging students to become members. Whatever you do, just get the word out about how wonderful our golden club is, and the future dinos will surely come swiftly to attention! Good luck out there, Key Clubbers! ~Raven Quesenberry Division Spirit Coordinator

Want even more ideas? Check the Membership Recruitment Guide at hx and yClub_Key_Club_Week_Manual.sflb.ashx

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

Page 14

Leadership Opportunities Membership Orientation

Want to Learn More About Key Club? Membership orientations and conferences are a golden opportunity to get to know Key Clubbers, learn about the ohana we have in the Cali-Nev-Ha district, and come together to celebrate our passion for service. Membership Orientations are held at the beginning of the new year to Welcome new Key Clubbers into a world of compassion and service.

Want to Hold a Membership Orientation? Things to Think About: 

What to Mention: Key Club not only is a way to earn copious amounts of service hours, it is an opportunity to become involved with the community.

 Personal Experiences: How have your experiences shaped who you are today through Key Club? Tell these to your members, this is what keeps them coming back.  The Event Itself: Where should you hold it? A classroom during lunch, a friend’s house, a local rec center are great ideas. Familiarize the structure of meetings with the new members, as well as reciting the pledges and announcing upcoming service opportunities.  Extras: Be sure to bring food, have lots of icebreakers planned, and paper to write down golden ideas for the upcoming year!

~Dallas Phillips Division Assistant

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Hershey’s® Track & Field Games Hershey’s Track & Field Games is a great way for Key Clubbers to host their own event and help children in their community BEE more active! From ages 9-14, children in your town can participate in fun games and activities, celebrating the achievements of youth around the country! If your club has a Builder’s club or K-Kids, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know them and provide them with a day of fun! To participate, you must first find an advisor or a Kiwanis member to help organize the event. Then, you must register the on the Hershey’s® Track and Field website. Don’t forget to promote! Get as many families involved as possible for playing and having fun. Ask your fellow Key Clubbers to volunteer at the event, and if you have any questions, feel free to email those at HTFG. Registration for the 2014 event must be received by March 28, 2014.

The events: meter dashes and relays, including 50-meter Dash for children ages 9-10 and 100-meter dash for Ages 11-12. Also, there are softball throws and long jump Offered.

Why? Organizing an event that helps combat the lack Of activity across children in America can help your Key Club bond and have lots of fun at the same time. Many Children who have participated in these events nationWide have competed in the Olympics as well! This event Can provide a wonderful experience for children as well As help them discover their inner talents!

~Dallas Phillips Division Assistant

The Official Division 20/32 Newsletter | October 2013

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Division 20/32 October Newsletter  
Division 20/32 October Newsletter  

Sneak peaks: Congrats to Montgomery, Santa Rosa and Maria Carrillo!