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Here are a few suggestions where you can eat if you come to visit Ierapetra. We tried to choose different kinds of eating places so that everybody can find a place they like. There are of course many more places where you can eat.



Siciliana Aperitton Pizza Family

Gorgona Napoleon


Aperitton CafĂŠ If you want to combine food and coffee you can go to Aperitton. It is a cafĂŠ but it also serves hot and cold snacks. It is situated on the Promenade and you have a beautiful view of the sea. Some of the things served here are: sandwiches, ice-cream, crepes, waffles and chocolate cake.


Galera Galera is a beautiful restaurant near Petra Mare Hotel. It serves traditional food like mousaka and dolmadakia and drinks like raki and wine. Every Saturday evening they play traditional Cretan live music.

Gorgona Gorgona, mermaid, is a fish restaurant but you can also eat meat here. It is situated by the sea, near the beach Apovathra. It is open all day.


Kokos Kokos is an ouzeri. Here you can drink ouzo, raki, wine but also coffee. This pleasant place is situated near the Fortress. It has got nice surroundings and a beautiful view of the sea and the Fortress. The food served is traditional Cretan dishes and Greek cuisine. Everything is homemade by “mama Ioanna�. In the summer you can go for a swim, the restaurant is practically on the beach, and then eat lunch here.

Napoleon This fine restaurant is situated in the centre of Ierapetra near the sea. The Napoleon restaurant Napoleon serves fresh fish caught by local fishermen and traditional dishes of the Cretan cuisine. These dishes could be combined with local red or white wine or raki, the favourite traditional alcoholic drink of Cretan people. After your meal you can enjoy the view of the beach Apovathra or go for a walk in the old, narrow streets of the old town of Ierapetra.

Picantiko If you don’t want to eat traditional food in a tavern, you can go to Picantiko. It is located in the centre of Ierapetra opposite the old market. Here you can buy cheese pie, spinach pie, doughnuts with sugar or chocolate, croissants and many other snacks. There are tables if you want to sit here but you can take your food with you and sit on a bench and look at the sea.

Outdoor eating area right by the beach.

Pizza Family Pizza Family is a pizzeria in the square where the Mosque is. Here you can eat pizza and pasta. The food is excellent and the surroundings beautiful.

Pizza Family

Siciliana If you want to eat pizza, Siciliana is the place to go. If your friends don’t want to eat pizza , Siciliana is the place to go again. This seaside restaurant offers a big variety of dishes, from fish to crepes, and can satisfy all tastes. Both tourists and local people enjoy the food and the view.

Special When you don’t have time to eat in a restaurant and you want to eat something that will make you feel full, you should go to Special. It is a gyros place near the Promenade. Gyros is grilled meat in pita bread with tzatziki, tomato, onion and French fries. But it also serves chicken, hamburgers and souvlaki.


Eating places