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Treasure Tribune D19N Pirate Penguins

Volume 3 Issue 5

November 2013

Waddle with


the penuings

In This Issue….! Waddle with the penguins….Pg 1 In This Issue….! ….Pg 2 Letter from the Ltg. ….Pg 3 Month of October ….Pg 4-5 Member Spotlight ….Pg 6-7 Distict/International opportunity

….Pg8 Rose Float Volunteering ….Pg 9 Contact Information ….Pg 10 Picture of the Month ….Pg 11



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LEADERSHIP Letter from the Ltg.

Greetings! I hope winter has treated you all well. Fun fact: Winter is my absolute favorite season of the whole year. Although this year I was stuck waddling around in shorts and tanks, I hope to enjoy every last bit of winter until it ends! As our terms come to an end and DCON approaches, I was pondering how all the Key Clubbers could have a way to leave their Golden Legacy. I came upon an idea by Jet KIWIN'S Lt. Governor Halena Ngo who made a time capsule. I want YOU to come to the February DCM to write a letter to a future Key Clubber who will read it in the future. Also, bring anything else you would like to the March DCM where we will be closing the time capsule. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, and/or concerns. I am always happy to be here for you all!

-Carolyn Kim



Month of January In the past month, El Segundo High School Key Club participated in a bake sale. We went door to door in El Segundo selling baked goods that the members had made. The baked goods included cupcakes, brownies, donuts, danishes, and various cookies including chocolate chip, Nutella, and sugar cookies decorated with penguins and keys. A portion of the money that we made from the bake sale will be going to UNICEF. The rest of the money will be used to help pay for District Convention which is coming up in the next few months. We are also planning a restaurant fundraiser to raise money for DCON in the next month.

El Segundo




For the month of September through October 15

we have volunteered in four events. On September 21th we volunteered at the Salvation Army health fair. At the fair, we helped set up booths, and helped clean up and direct people to their destination. The Salvation Army Health Fair was from 8am- 3pm. On September 28th, there was an event called Lawndale Clean up. At the Lawndale clean up, we cleaned up thrash around the community and placed them in garbage bags. The clean up was from 9am-12pm. On October 5th our club volunteered at the Manhattan Beach Fair. The Fair was from 9am- 6pm. At the fair it was really HOT! But besides he hot weather, we helped out at the inflatable, regulate kids and keep the lines organized. Our last event that we volunteered for was the LA AIDS Walk on October 13th. The event started from 7am – 3pm. At the event we helped pass out food, cheer on the walkers, lead the walkers on the right path and empty out the trash bins.

At this event our Key Clubbers helped cut flowers and decorate the floats for the Rose Parade. Members had a chance to interact with members from other clubs in D19N. Key Clubbers got a chance to separate donated produce and other donated foods in order to create bags for low income families. The Friday program is for senior citizens so they played a game of bingo while waiting for their bags to be prepared. Members also helped pass out the bags after they were completed. It was a really fun experience because the members felt the appreciation of the seniors.



King Drew

Service! KEYCLUB

Month of January For the months of January and December

our club primarily was focusing on our biggest fundraiser of the year at Chipotle . The fundraiser was our members Golden opportunity to attend DCON this year in Sacramento . We spread the word through various social media sites . Together with everybody helps we fundraised $774.00 , allowing our members to attend DCON uring the past few weeks CAMS Key Club has been 2014 . participating in a large amount of service projects. During the winter




break our club participated in four events over the course of two weeks. These events include Operation Christmas Child, gardening, Kiwanis luncheons, and Rose Float Decorating. For the month of January our club has taken a step back. Our club has taken a step back from service events and has started focusing on fundraising. In response to the fast approaching District Convention, our club has put a hold on service projects to focus on fundraiser a. We still have planned two events for this month. These events are the aquarium of the pacific, senior home volunteering, and in the future we are planning to volunteer at the LA marathon. We are planning two fundraisers at the present. Our first is the matchmaker’s fundraiser, a friendly matchmaking service which pairs students at our school. The second is selling spam musubi which the club makes. We are hoping to raise enough money to send at least 12 members to District Convention. At the moment we are incredibly behind in funds so we are working hard to raise the money. We are also preparing for our club elections which will take place in late February or early March. We have already begun educating the members on the duties of each position and we will continue to help them with the election process. In total we have two events officially planned and are working on two fundraisers to put into action. Although we have slowed down on service events, CAMS Key Club is still ready to put our hearts into what we do.

In the month of December, Da Vinci Key Club adopted a family for the first time. We were able to give them $100 to buy food and multiple gifts that members had brought in. The family was extremely grateful and it was really great to see that we helped them. We also went to our first Rose Float decorating event. Many of the members enjoyed the experience and felt that it was great to be a part of something so big. We are currently planning on doing a fundraiser and are working on bake sales as well.


Da Vinci


Member Spotlight Jackie Paloblanco is our outstanding pirate penguin this month. She shows interest in every event we attend. She's always anxious to help out in every way possible and give back to as many people as she can. Although her schedule prevents her from attending some of the meetings, Jackie attends every event and stays up to date with the club. She has proven herself to be worthy of being named member of the month.

Jackie Paloblanco

Erika Reeder ERIKA REEDER is our member of the month for December. She has been outstanding this month she has shown dedication hard work and qualities a key club member needs. She has gotten praised by some people, who were the event planners, they have told us that unlike some people she knows what she is doing and they are thankful that she would ask for more specific directions then just to do something and not do it wrong. She has done double the hours most members did this month, she has gone to all of our December events and went to the rose parade. She was the last person we chose and even when she got the late notice she was so excited and willing to get up so early and be the first Hawthorne member at the El Segundo High School. We appreciate all of her hard work and dedication and that’s why she is the right person for our member of the month and we couldn’t pick any body better.

HARD WORK Joshua Fajardo Joshua Fajardo is our key club member of the month! Waking up before dawn on winter vacation, he was ready to work! He worked with other key club members for the Rose Float Parade that Friday morning. He worked very hard trying to do what was asked of him. Regardless of having to wake up 5 am to get ready, Joshua did his job well.



Member Spotlight Although this winter may not be so cool, CAMS Key Club definitely has members that are! This past month, freshman Minghua Ong, has truly shown a strong passion for service! Having seen her at so many events and meetings, the club is happy to have her as the Member of the Month. We’re glad to encourage the younger clubbers to go to events during the holidays, such as the Rose Float Parade, and hope that more underclassmen will be interested in upcoming events.

Minghua Ong


Katherine Sanchez For this month, the member of the month for Da Vinci is Katherine Sanchez or Kathy. As a member, she has shown her dedication to Key Club. She has shown her dedication by being a very active member in Key Club and going to many events. Comparing to last year, she didn't have any service hours and wasn't a part of Key Club. Once I mentioned Key Club to her, she became one of the most active members going to beach clean-ups and service events. Now, Kathy is an active member that loves to service events and has way more hours than last year. I am very proud of her, and so is our club. We love it when she comes to service events because she just makes the event even more fun. Our club is very thankful to have her in our club and we hope that she will be active in Key Club throughout high school.

Gardena Key club members

Our member of the month for December is well everybody. Congratulations to the members of the month!! We couldn't decide on one specific person because everyone has been working very hard during the month of December. A lot of participation and dedication were put forward this month and I am so happy to be part of this. From an unsuccessful blood drive to the Rose Float parade. December has been one crazy month. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a welcome to the Year of 2014. A new year with new beginnings and much more service. Service never stops!! Have a nice day!




District/International opportunity Do you have any golden plans this upcoming spring break? If you have nothing in mind, maybe you might be interested on going to a trip that will open your eyes. Key club International is now a partner of Rustic Pathways. Rustic Pathways provides life changing travel and service program around the world. Rustic Pathways is offering two golden international service program to Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, only for key clubbers. If you want more information, visit


7 8


Rose Float Volunteering



Contact Information Key Club email: Personal email:

Carolyn Kim: Ltg.

Cell #: 310-367-4060

Paulette Mumar: N.E.

Key club email: Personal email:

Key club email: Personal email: .com Home #: 310-327-4238

Maleko Bravo: E.A.

Vivian Duong: E.A. Key club email: Personal email: Cell#: 310-995-4336



Picture of the Month ATTENTION:

# k c 1 3 1 4

I am looking for great shots of key club related pictures on Instagram (must be yours), if you are interested to get your shot up on this page, then tag @keyclubd19n to your picture! Thanks!


# d 1 9 n

Contact Information: phone, email, address, etc. www.



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