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whale watchers Volume 5 || Issue 6


September 2018

Table of contents Hey Whales! What is the PNWOF? MGRC Membership Raise Club Officer of The Month D19/36 2018-2019 Club Officers August Service  in Review Why should you consider joining Key Club?

Hey Whales! Hey What?

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As sayallgoodbye to summer 18 and19 hello a new As we we all have said goodbye to summer andtohello to school and a new of year service, would like tois the new year school year andyear a new for Iservice, here share aaqoute youlike all to you forall. this new quotewith I would  tomotivate share with you school year. "DETERMINATION is doing needs "DETERMINATION is doing what needswhat to be doneto be donewhen evenyou when youfeel don't likeit" doing Set even don't likefeel doing It's ait." new goals forand yourself, your to iterror, ,and put school year a newput year for mind trial and be determined. It's and a new fortotrial and error,Don't seek your mind to work setyear goals accomplish. opportunities and put yourself out there. Goodluck toI ever give up, be determined! Goodlcuk everyone and youhope all and have a great first month of school!! you Enjoy this months newsletter!! In Love and Service, Your LTG- Alyssa Mantanona

September Officer of The Month

Sam Henricks

Postition: NKHS Secretary

"Hey whales! I’m Sam Henricks and I’m currently the NKHS Key Club Secretary! Key Club for me has been a bumpy ride but I don’t regret joining because I’ve made so many great memories and have met so many new friends. I technically joined freshman year but got more involved sophomore year. As the year went on I pushed myself to help my club out more and I’m glad I did. As an officer I have so many goals for this year, I plan to do more service projects and work with more of our Kiwanians in Poulsbo. Key Club is such a great organization and a fun one to be in, I love being able to help my community while enjoying myself! Being in this club has helped me come out of my shell and express myself more because before I thought I could never make a speech and run for an officer position. My leadership skills have definitely improved because of this club. The biggest goal of mine this year is to push more people at my school to join our club so we can make a bigger impact!"

2018-2019 Club Officers

President: Delaney Wiggins Vice President: Noelle Lipschutz Secretary: Aniko Lesko Treasurer: Jackson Taylor Editor: Gabriela Saez

President: Mikaela Madlanbayan Vice President: Jennifer Nham Secretary: Shayla Nguyen Treasurer: Matthew Quall Webmaster: Sam Levario Editor: Simone Cantel

President: Makailee Gemmer Vice President: Chelsea Miller Secretary: Connor Huey Treasurer: Kaija Corry Editor: Candice McKee Junior Class Representative: Rachel Yee

2018-2019 Club Officers

President: Annie Matson Co-President: Abby Brown Vice President: Taylor Co-President: Charlette Hanson Clodfelder Vice President: Kit Ellsworth Secretary: Samantha Henricks Secretary: Emily Ramirez  Treasurer: Darrel Blevis Treasurer: Anastasia Home Editor: Hailey Santana  

President: Graciela Flores Vice President: Christian M Secretary: Arly Lagot Treasurer: Crystal Reyes Webmaster/Editor: Hailey Ullius Sargeant of Arms: Jaz Balondo

D19/36 Service in Review August Edition Silverdale Kiwanis Safeway Food Drvie for these OHS members! (LTG Alyssa & &OHS SOA Jaz

Bremerton High School Key Clubbers and fellow Kiwanian help out at the Back to School fair at a local middle school!


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WHALE WATCHERS Volume 5 || Issue 6  

Division 19/36 September Newsletter Edition!

WHALE WATCHERS Volume 5 || Issue 6  

Division 19/36 September Newsletter Edition!