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whale watchers Volume 5 || Issue 5


june 2018

"The secret to success: find something you love to do so much, you can't wait for the sun to rise to do it all over again."

____Chirs Gardner____

Table of Contents July Greetings from your LTG


Upcoming Events


PNW Executive Contact Information


Connect the K's


Officer of The Month


18'-19' Club Officers


18'-19' Club Officers


Club Service Recap What is Key Club? Why should I join? PNW Social Media Division 19/36 Social Media

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Greetings Divison 19/36 WHALES! Contact and connect with me! Email: Phone: (360) 865-2507 Snapchat: alyssamantanona Instagram: alyssamantanona

Sadly, summer is quickly coming to an end... But I hope you're all enjoying the last few weeks soaking up the sun and squeezing some service into your summer! With school coming up, be ready for a new year of service. It's going to be a great one!!! Thank you and enjoy this months newsletter (: In Love and Service,


Alyssa Mantanona Liuetenant Governor of Division 19/36 Pacific Northwest District Key Club International

Upcoming Events Bremerton's Day of Volunteering Join Miss Evergreen"s Outstanding Teen, Mikayla Hawk at Harborside Fountain Park For the First Annual 'Bremerton's Day of Volunteering'! Come Help clean up the park and listen to key note speakers and learn more what volunteering is all about!

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Kitsap County Fair Service booths

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The Kitsap County Fair staff needs YOUR help in working at the Information Booths!! If interested, contact Lori for more information on  how you can sign up for shifts ( )

Key Club Day North This event will be taking place at Wild Waves in Federal Way (WA). Key Clubbers will enjoy a fun day with plenty of activities, and have the oppurtunity to meet Key Clubbers from different clubs!

8 r e b m e t p e S


District Executive Contact Information District Governor- Ingrid Redford

E: P: (360) 623-5619

District Secretary- Brandon Orick

E: P: (503) 421-0189

District Treasurer- Andy He

E: P: (509) 201-7977

District Editor- Julie Lely

E: P: (971) 222-9990



Officer of The Month


Jennifer Nham

Position: Bremerton High School Vice President

"Hi! I’m Jennifer Nham and I’m currently BHS’ 2018-2019 Key Club vice president! I am a senior and this is going to be my third year in Key Club. Joining has been one of my greatest decisions ever. It has changed my whole high school experience. I’m usually a quiet person, but Key Club has allowed me multiple opportunities to express myself and meet new people. Not only do you get to make lifelong friends, you also help the community grow. Key Club helps bring everyone together and our biggest goal is to encourage leadership through serving others. Through Key Club, we learn about leadership, character building and inclusiveness, which are all great attributes that all students should have. If you enjoy serving others, I suggest that you should join Key Club and find out what the hype is all about (especially DCON!!). When I first joined Key Club, I never thought that I would actually become an officer on the board. The first year, I wasn't as involved because I had a hard time going to volunteer events and getting the hours I needed. However, my second year, my advisor, Ms. Irish, had encouraged me and a few other friends to run for board. After become treasurer, I pushed myself to dedicate more time into this club, and now, Key Club is my life. My goal is to make Key Club as inviting as I can so anybody can join and become apart of

2018-2019 Club Officers

President: Delaney Wiggins Vice President: Noelle Lipschutz Secretary: Aniko Lesko Treasurer: Jackson Taylor Editor: Gabriela Saez

President: Mikaela Madlanbayan Vice President: Jennifer Nham Secretary: Shayla Nguyen Treasurer: Matthew Quall Webmaster: Sam Levario Editor: Simone Cantel

President: Makailee Gemmer Vice President: Chelsea Miller Secretary: Connor Huey Treasurer: Kaija Corry Editor: Candice McKee Junior Class Representative: Rachel Yee


2018-2019 Club Officers

Co-President: Abby Brown President: Annie Matson Vice President: Taylor Co-President: Charlette Hanson Clodfelder Vice President: Kit Ellsworth Secretary: Samantha Henricks Secretary: Emily Ramirez  Treasurer: Darrel Blevis Treasurer: Anastasia Home Editor: Hailey Santana  

President: Graciela Flores Vice President: Christian Macazo Secretary: Arly Lagot Treasurer: Crystal Reyes Webmaster/Editor: Chelsea Resol Sargeant of Arms: Jaz Baldonado Lingad


b u l C e c i v Ser p a c Re

From spending time with Kiwanians while doing the Silverdale Kiwanis food drive, to spending multiple days and hours setting up a rummage sale for a local church as well as having a blast playing dress up, Olympic High School Students were there for all the laughter and hard work !! Thank you Key Clubbers for all your hard work, Division 19/36 apprieciates your service

LTG Alyssa Mantanona at Kiwanis Food Drive!




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PNW Division 19/36




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Whale Watchers Volume 5 || Issue 5  

Enjoy the August edition of the Whale Watchers newsletter! This months newsletter contents include: -Connecting the K's -Officer of the Mont...

Whale Watchers Volume 5 || Issue 5  

Enjoy the August edition of the Whale Watchers newsletter! This months newsletter contents include: -Connecting the K's -Officer of the Mont...