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Division 15

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Region 13

Hi Division 15, Hope everyone is enjoying their smooth transition back into school. . . But more importantly - I hope each and every one of you is busy preparing for your club rush! Remember, this is one of the few opportunities to increase your membership drastically, so take advantage of it! Be spirited, use lots of props, and be creative :D

Interested in borrowing this flag? We encourage your club to do so! Just give Jaguar a call or send him an email and he can get it to you as soon as possible :D

Our division has JUST CREATED its TWITTER account so please follow us @ CNH_D15_KC on twitter! Don't have a Twitter account? THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE! You can still get updated from is by texting "Follow CNH_D15_KC" to 40404! So grab your phone that's right next to you and send one simple text to Twitter!

Division 15

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Region 13

Here's a preview of the D15 lanyard design for the 2012-2013 year! :D

Also, don't forget to join spread the word about D15's Google reflector! (Remember the new members who may not know about it!) Here are the steps to joining! :D

Division 15

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Region 13

Division 15

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Region 13

Division 15

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Region 13

Division 15

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Region 13

Hi Giraffes! First and foremost, the Division 15 Leadership Team would like to thank everyone who attended the Pediatric Trauma Program Ice Skating fundraiser. Despite the fact that only approximately thirty members clicked "going" on the facebook event page, we had over eighty Key Clubbers attending that night. In cooperation with our Kiwanis, whom we would also like to thank for acting as chaperones, Key Club raised about $242 by simply skating the night away. Thanks again Key Clubbers, and hope to see you at another successful event.

Division 15

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Region 13

Hey D15, Just a reminder that the September Division Council Meeting will take place at Red Hill Park in Rancho Cucamonga from 12 noon to 2PM! We'll be going over Spirit Gear, events, Trick or Treat for UNICEF, Dues & Chartering, Key Leader, Youth Opportunities Fund, Pre-fall rally and much more. It also looks like there's going to be a spirit rally to so make sure to attend! Hope to see you all there :D

Division 15

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Region 13

Division 15! Are you ready to win the spirit stick at this year's Region 13 Training Conference? Do you want to see Cannon Joyce, our District Treasurer, present at RTC? Interested in getting out of the house and learning more about Key Club? Even if you didn't answer yes to any of these questions, you should still attend (and encourage every Key Clubber you know to attend) Region 13's annual training conference! Where: Cal-Poly Pomona (Bronco Center) When: 10:30AM-5:00PM How: Ask your president for more information Who: Everybody Why: To learn more about Key Club and what we're about Cost: $2.00 pre-sale/$3.00 general admission Hello everybody! :D Are you interested in an awesome RTC overlay?! :D If so, please send: -A picture -A quote -Your position -Your name -Your high school to

Division 15

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Region 13

Hi Giraffes, It's almost that time of the year again...and you know what that means. Fortunately for those lucky enough to be part of D15, that means being a part of the largest Key Club event on Earth - literally. Due to CNH's large population, our Fall Rallies are split in two, and it just so happens that Fall Rally South had over 9000 people go last year. But ask yourself this: why do we go to Fall Rally? Why do we spend money to meet hundreds of Key Clubbers and take a day off from our busy schedules? As a service organization, what service are we performing that justifies our presence at one of California's top theme parks? The answer: fundraising. Combined, both Fall Rallies last year generated more than $100,000 for the Pediatric Trauma Program. Fall Rally South - See you there. Division 15

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Region 13

Fundraising Whether it's for the club, the Pediatric Trauma Program, The Eliminate Project, or any other charity, fundraising is an essential part of every Key Club. Here are a few tips and tricks (and a few ideas) to help your club be successful!

Fundraising Ideas

- Bake Sale Bakeless bake sale (calculate the profit and principal and ask your customers to cover the difference) - Car Wash "Bad Prom Dress" car wash. (Have guys dress up in dresses to draw attention) Keep in mind that these are just "Topless" car wash. (Charge an extra dollar or general guidelines. You know your home, so to wash the top) school, and community so doing fundraiser - Rummage sale: that appeal best locally would be better than Go to closing yard sale(s) and ask if the owner trying to copy another idea. For example, a can donate the remaining items to a good formal dance wouldn't be the best idea to cause. After you've collected enough items, kick off the beginning of the school year with host a large sale of stuff. (Again "know your a huge crowd of freshman - think more along audience" [sounds like an English essay. . .] you the lines of selling food at meetings (:D). Of could sell to teachers or even have an event course, I could go on and on about the where there are multiple booths with one importance of working as a team, delegating selling items and another selling food and etc.) your workload, **advertising** like crazy, and - Retail partnerships ("Round it up" Ask if a having fun, but let's cut straight to the point. certain percentage of the money can be donated to your club. Also try asking if they Things to Remember could donate the remaining change from every Know that your goal is to raise money, but receipt to your club.) always remember to have fun. If you're - Challenge donation: Ask if a franchise/chain hosting a large event, try to have multiple could match a donation that your club makes fundraisers going on at once. For example, (e.g. you have a bake sale which raises $300, sell food/drinks at a car wash or have a now the proceeds are doubled! :D) raffle (if allowed) at a talent show. "Synergy" - Restaurant Pancake Breakfast (e.g. Applebees. is the ability to raise additional funds when Let the restaurant host the fundraiser for you) already raising funds and is one of the less noticed aspects of fundraising. Division 15 Page 11 Region 13

" Introduction Since a lot of people that read this newsletter are either officers or prospective officers, here are a couple of tips to keep your board in tip-top shape. Although communication and leadership are important aspects of a successful board, the main focus of this article is goal setting. If you haven't already heard, setting goals is one of the keys to success in life. Setting challenging, yet reachable, goals for both the short term and the long term is highly recommended to be productive. Anyway, here's what SMART stands for, and hopefully this acronym won't be another forgettable one in the laundry list of shortened Key Club terms.


Specific: Don't just have a goal...have a specific goal so you know when you've accomplished it. Have a specific goal so you know exactly when to cross it off your "todo" list. For example, don't just say "Fundraise for DCON" say "Have DCON priced at $100/person" so you can calculate exactly how much money you need to raise throughout the year at set deadlines (quarterly, monthly, etc.) Measurable: Make sure you can visualize progress. Draw a progress bar for club funds or for The Eliminate Project. Division 15

" Announce to your club how much you've raised so they know how far they've traveled, and how far they still need to travel to reach the goal. Attainable/Realistic: Have a reachable goal (I mean...don't say "Have DCON priced at $1.00/person" because that isn't realistic) It's good to have challenging goals, but make sure it's one that you can accomplish during your term or something that your officer-elect can follow through with. Timely: Set a goal which you can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. This applies both to short and long term goals. Set deadlines for yourself (Finish this MRF by Saturday, September 22 @ 7PM) but don't say something like "Finish this MRF by tomorrow" because chances are you won't be able to get around to it (unless you have a crazy work ethic). Same with long term goals; don't say "Raise enough money to buy a club van" because that will probably not happen within your term. Instead, split your goals into something like "Raise $1000 for PTP by getting $100 a month." Hope these tips provide some new and useful information for your club board :)

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Region 13

Alta Loma - Back to School by Ingrid Channa The school year has already begun, and with new spirits, new hopes, and new plans, the ALHS Key Club is ready for new members as well. Throughout the month of August, the Alta Loma High School Key Club has prepared for the upcoming school year. With more plans of action, the enthusiastic members have been continuously working on hitting off the new school year strong. With a few more board meetings, the officers have been discussing with members of Kiwanis on how to make the club strong and consistent, and how to promote membership increase. Membership incentives, ideas, activities, and schedules have been discussed. Officers also had their own training by Kiwanis members to enlighten them on information about Key Club and their role. No matter how knowledgeable a member was, everyone was open to learn even more and go more in depth into Key Club. ALHS has also been preparing for the upcoming club rush on August 21st to 22nd. Though the date is coming soon and the pressures of the new year is fast approaching, everyone has been embracing these new responsibilities. Becoming one of the biggest clubs on campus, the Key Club hopes continue to gain many new, dedicated members and rejuvenate returning members the upcoming year. The club’s first meeting is planned to be on August 30th, with engaging plans for new, aspiring members. Advertisements are already under development with flyers being designed and the website has been completed, but the URL is in the process of being transferred. Members are furiously promoting the club as well to freshmen and new members. Key Club is always abundant in conversation for these passionate promoters. ALHS Key Club will also be participating in the next food fair at school. The club will be serving tacos. Not only that, but the club is also making plans for Fall Rally to be better prepared this year, so many more members can attend the unique, inspiring event. All in all, Alta Loma has mostly been planning for the summer, and now the club is ready to put those plans into actions for this new school year. The Key Club is ready to see fresh new faces soon in hopes to reach its highest membership count. Changes are being implemented, and members can be assured that the club will begin the school year as ready as ever.

Division 15

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Region 13

Claremont - Concerts in the Park by Nimrah Imam

Most people dread Mondays. The first weekday of the week is usually quite uneventful and can be quite a drag. But during the summer in Claremont, it’s different. Every Monday night during July and August, the city of Claremont along with Kiwanis, sponsors and hosts various music groups for entertaining the community at Memorial Park. The concerts are free and open to the public. They are continually a success and draw hundreds of people out each night. Friends and families gather and bring blankets, chairs, and picnic blankets to enjoy the evening. The series of concerts attempt to appeal to a wide audience as they offer diverse types of music. Claremont High School’s Key Club has had the privilege of helping out this great event for Kiwanis. Of course, concessions are offered during the concerts by Kiwanis. Concertgoers can buy anything from popcorn, candy, and drinks to hot dogs, quesadillas, and burgers. Proceeds from the concessions go to fund the band and make everyone from adults to kids very happy! Key Club members volunteer at the snack bar to help out Kiwanis sell concessions. Set-up is from 5:30-7:30, serving is 6:30-8:30, and clean-up is 7:30-9:30. The volunteers have a great time interacting with all the people while still having fun and enjoying the festivities. Concerts in the Park make Mondays a truly memorable experience for all and an exciting event to volunteer at for Key Club.

Division 15

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Region 13

Los Osos - Freshman Orientation by Brandon Swan Attending school in the middle of the week near the end of the summer was the last thing any high school student had in mind, but this was for freshmen orientation, and the members of Link crew had greater plans than a simple math lesson. Setting up for the freshmen, my partner and I had planned a Key Club theme, utilizing many division items. This included the extensive use of brown and yellow, we were even lucky enough to retrieve the Giraffia flag! Our initial goal was to convince as many freshmen as possible to join LOHS Key Club. We were not the only group with this aim in mind; many other Link crew leaders were also active members of our club and were willingly encouraging their young freshmen to join this wonderful club. The initial obstacle that was presented to all Key Club Link Crew Leaders was the generic stereotype of Key Club: a club that contained solely Asians. A school as diverse as Los Osos High School would definitely carp Key Club as strictly Asian, but my group, as well as the other Key Clubbers, were determined to undermine such a claim. In the beginning, LOHS Key Club staff planned for our table to be placed near the schedule pick-up, and that was where I, as well as my partner, was expected to bring the freshmen to sign up.

Division 15

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My group contained many shy freshmen, but all eventually became excited with the ideas we presented. The idea of using pins, a game that was originally presented by the D44N Ninjas during Fall Rally, was the exact same game I used during Freshmen Orientation, explaining that this game was derived from Key Club itself. I also took the liberty to explain what Key Club stood for, how it desired to change the world with service projects such as Project Eliminate and PTP. I explained the ideas of Ohana, and how all Key Clubbers were united into one, big family. Last but not least, I explained how Key Club was not a club limited to one ethnicity, but all who would commit to it. It is a club that I have personally found to be my safest haven and a club where I can truly be myself. By the end of the day, I had convinced all 17 of my freshmen to sign up for Key Club, and even managed to persuade them to do our cheer. LOHS Key Club is looking forward to a bright new year with many committed members!

Region 13

Ruben Ayala - Relay for Life by Erica Hong At the beginning of the month, the City of Chino held its annual Relay for Life from the 4th-5th. Since it is a 24 hour walk, much preparation was needed for the event to go successfully. Thanks to the members who were able to bring tents and EZ ups, all 55 people in attendance had a place to sleep for the night. However, many Key Clubbers decided to stay up the full 24 hours in accordance to the events slogan “Cancer Never Sleeps” so neither did they. We ended up raising $250 for American Cancer Society through our snack sales on the event day. At the awards the next morning, Ayala Key Club was graciously given the Best Youth Team Award for 2012.

Upland - Concerts in the Park by Brian Khakheria Key Club summer events are always a great way to spend time with fellow Key Clubbers from your division or school. Volunteering is always fun with some company around. The Concerts in the Park is a summer event where Upland Key Clubbers fundraise by making and selling food to people while they listen to an awesome kid’s band that gets the crowd going. We make and sell nachos, pizza, snow cones, hot dogs, ice cream, candy, and of course refreshing beverages. When the kitchen is about to close, the Key Clubbers help out by cleaning up and finally signing out with their chair of the event. At the Concerts in the Park, a Key Clubber has the option to call it a night or stay after and enjoy a movie with friends or family. The Concerts in the Park is a great Key Club event that many members enjoy each and every year.

Division 15

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Region 13

Jaguar Jung - Lieutenant Governor Cell: (909) 461-0034 Email: oovoo: jaguarjungg

Amy He - Executive Assistant Cell: (909) 569-5919 Email: oovoo: amy10x16

Fahrin Bhuiyan - Executive Assistant Cell: (909) 286-0006 Email: oovoo: bfahrin

Vanessa Luu - Division Secretary Cell: (909) 261-1267 Email: oovoo: vanessaluu

Daniel Garcia - Division News Editor Cell: (909) 225-0169 Email: oovoo: Corpl0cklear

Division 15

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Region 13

Division 15 September DCM Agenda I. Call to Order II. Pledge of Alliegance III. Key Club Pledge IV. Roll Call: Alta Loma, Chino, Chino Hills, Claremont, Colony, Don Antonio Lugo, Etiwanda, Los Osos, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Ruben Ayala, Upland, UplandChristian (Prospective) V. Old Business •Lanyards, Wristbands, and Thundersticks •Crewnecks and T-Shirts •Region Training Conference •Dues & Chartering VI. New Business •Trick or Treat for UNICEF •Key Leader •Youth Opportunities Fund •District Convention •Winter Formal 2012 •Key to College •Pre-Fall Rally •Key Club Week VII. Questions/Concerns/ Comments? VIII. SWAG Points IX. Miscellaneous X. SPIRIT SESSION!! XI. Adjournment

Red Hill Park


Contacts Jaguar Jung Lieutenant Governor Cell: (909) 461-0034 Email:

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