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Hello Giraffes and spirited servant leaders! Finally summer, a refreshing and relaxing time of the year, has come! It is time to renew our energy for an eventful school year, but also a significant time for Key Club- a time to “Grow, Serve, Lead”! Take advantage of this time to bond with fellow officers and members with fundraising and service as there will be no school that will add stress and workload. Thank you for many Giraffes who used this great opportunity of summer to come to Officer Training Conference. I hope it was an educating, fun experience with Division 36W Huskies. Please remember that is your job to relay all the information back to your members and fulfill the duties that were informed in this conference! Also remember, however, that I will be there whenever you need me. I will always reply to email through Speaking of communication, please use this summer time to ask and talk to me about club visitations. It is highly useful to continue to have officer and general meetings throughout summer because Key Club never stops-so I would love to be invited to one of them to learn more about your club, and hopefully your club will learn more about me as well! Look out for some Division fundraisers coming up, but as a club, you should be “Fundraising, FUNraising” as well! Region events are also coming up, so see you all throughout summer! Yours in service, Amy He



It was a hot, sunny day on June 1st at Cucamonga Guasti Park for Relay for Life. Relay for Life is an event created by the American Cancer Society to rally people together on the fight against any cancer, to celebrate the survivors, and to honor those who have struggled. Although there are many, D15 participated in the Cucamonga event as one division. There, the division came together as a team called “Save the TATA’s” against Breast Cancer., led by Ken Morse Many members came from a variety of schools—Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland Christian, etc. To battle the humid summer day, the team sold water balloons to throw at people and delicious Friendship Bread. Key Clubbers got to make water balloons, throw them at each other, and create brand new friendships among each other.

By: Raul Reyes | Pomona Key Club June 15, 2013 was a day not only to understand how to perform our jobs efficiently, but to meet others again in one place since the end of the school year. We gained a bigger understanding of not only our roles, but others to know and help each other if there are problems that are occurring later in the year. We discussed about each other’s ideas and goals for our position in our club with the great tips and knowledge that was given to us at officer training conference But it was not only a learning and informative experience. It was also another bonding moment. We were able to see once again that we are all in this together to support on another in improving our community. Also, there is a relief that we are not alone in improving the community, because people from all over are in the same mission to help and have a good time.


D15 & D36W


Relay for Life

Friendships formed, Key Clubbers honored, great food, and celebration were all just a small aspect of what the June DCM was comprised of. On June 8th, Key Clubbers from across the Division gathered together not only for the traditional June DCM, but also for the commemoration picnic to celebrate the year of service. The Main Spirit Coordinators taught cheers, the Division board sold Key Club bracelets, and the Division played water balloon games and ice breakers. Many clubs and members also received awards for their hard work, getting things such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Distinguished, and more. Just like every D15 DCM, it was a day full of fun, celebration, and many other important announcements. Called to order by Amy He at 12:36 PM Pledge of allegiance by Laura 12:36 PM Key Club pledge 12:37 PM Roll call 12:37 PM Alta Loma: 11 in attendance Introduced by Ingrid Channa, president Summer events Banquet Giraffe games Task coordinators needed! Chino: Absent Chino Hills: 8 in attendance Introduced by Joyce Xiong, vice president Junior High help Ushering at Senior graduation Relay for Life Bingo Banquet Clairmont: Absent Colony: Absent Don Lugo: 3 in attendance Introduced by Sara Chen, vice president Carnival at EJ Marshall Beach Clean-up Oklahoma Care Package Summer Event Senior Stoles Etiwanda: Introduced by Adrienne Austria, vice president Banquet Fundraising events Los Osos: 4 in attendance Introduced by Nanxi Liu, secretary Helped elderly Car Show Passed fliers for another car show Builder’s league Car wash fundraiser of June 15th for PTP Car Show (June 24th )


Montclair: Absent OTC 1:10 PM Ontario: Presales are $3 Introduced by Yaki Alejandre Division/Region events must notify LTGs 1:12 PM Relay for Life Senior Good-bye dedication 1:13 PM Pomona: Absent Ingrid Channa can post advertisements Rancho: on the division newsletter Introduced by Lauren Verdugo Region 13 picnic 1:11 PM Mayventure July 13th Banquet Laser Tag DCM 1:15 PM Relay for Life Summer Service projects and fundraising 1:16 PM Menchies fundraiser Challenge of the Month (June) 1:16 PM Officer training Raise $100 total, shown on the MRF Beach Clean-up Member of the month 1:18 PM Ayala: 7 in attendance Andrew Regalado, secretary of Ayala Introduced by Andrew Regalado, secretary Meeting adjourned at 1:19 PM by Amy He LTG Visitation New recycling program Lego Club at the library Chino Relay for Life Banquet New Advisor Upland: 3 in attendance Introduced by Kayla Yamada, president Alta Loma members visited a meeting Butterflies in May Relay for Life Summer car wash Upland Christian: 2 in attendance Kenny Yoo, president Eliminate car wash, raised $500 Relay for Life Old Business 12:48 PM Spirit Gear 12:48 PM Eliminate Tank tops $9 New designs for shirts and hoodies Club Visitations 12:51 PM Division Cheers 12:51 PM New ones must be ready by August Spirit battles at Regional Beach Clean-up

Leader: Ya'll know!

Leader: Are you down with D15?

Everyone: Ya'll know

All: Yeah, you know me.

Leader: Who we be!

Leader: The best in Region 13?

Everyone: Who we be!

All: Yeah, you know me.

Leader: G-I-R-A-F-F-E

Everyone: So fly!

All: Woah, woah, you need to go R-1-3 now you know D-1-5 won’t take it slow Cuz’ it’s time to Pump, pump, pump it up

Leader: One five!

Pump that 1-5 Spirit up

Everyone: One five!

Pump, pump, pump it up R-1-3 can’t get enough get enough, get enough (fade out)

Everyone: G-I-R-A-F-F-E Leader: So fly!

All: G-PRIDE! (Division 15 Remix clap) G-PRIDE x2 (Division 15 Remix clap) ONE FIVE!

Giraffes will make you wonder how we ALWAYS bring the thunder like STOMP, STOMP, CLAP. STOMP CLAP. x2



Congratulations to the following schools for completing the May challenge of the month! OTC Challenge Alta Loma Chino Chino Hills Claremont Colony Don Antonio Lugo Etiwanda Los Osos Ontario Pomona Rancho Cucamonga Ruben S. Ayala Upland Upland Christian

Task Coordinator Challenge Alta Loma Chino Hills Claremont Don Antonio Lugo Etiwanda Los Osos Rancho Cucamonga Ruben S. Ayala Upland Upland Christian

The challenge for the month of June is Fundraising...FUNraising! So if you’re club completes a fundraiser in the month of June, your club will have completed the challenge!


The July DCM will be held on Tuesday, July 9, from 3:00 5:00pm at Laser Quest located in Chino (5479 Philadelphia St). The cost will be $16 per person, and all proceeds will be going to When: Tues. July 9th PTP. Not only will our July Divisional Council Meeting be held, in which we will discuss current events in home clubs, and new and 3PM - 5PM old business within the division, but right after, we will partake in Where: Laser Quest 5479 Philadelphia St. two Laser Tagging games. If you have never been Laser Tagging before, we will be bonding with our fellow Giraffes as we lurk Chino, CA through the darkness of Laser Quest, shooting eachother with Cost: $16 per person lasers and dodging attacks from others. It's going to be a great way for our Division to grow closer together and have some fun this summer! Comfortable shoes and dark clothing is recommended. Hope to see you all there!

Hello Giraffes! Look out for a car wash that will be held by the division in efforts to raise money for PTP! Don't worry about distance because there will be not one, but two car washes on the same date! The locations will be split both North of the Division and South of the Division. The specific locations will be announced soon and will probably be in the Rancho Cucamonga and Chino Hills area. Although our division will be split for the car wash, we will be serving as one!


Tentative Date/Time: July 13th, Saturday from 10am-4pm Tentative Place: Butterfield Park **Official, confirmed information will be given soon through email and July DCM.

Look out for Region 13 Picnic, for a whole day of fun, spirit, bonding, and food! Clubs will also have a chance to fundraise, by selling picnic-style food, by filling out a quick form that will be distributed soon. There will be icebreakers, field games, spirit battles, and most of all quality time with Division 10N, 10S, 35W, and 35E to know more Key Clubbers around the area who share the same passion for service. Mark your calendars, Division 15!


If you haven't already ordered the Project Eliminate tank tops then you're missing out! Don't worry though because they will still be available! The tank tops were sold at a pre-sale price of $9 during both the June DCM and OTC; the sizes are unisex: S, M, L, and XL! D15 is also currently selling awesome Key Club Wristbands in which all proceeds will be going to project Eliminate. They are one for $3, or two for $5. These wristbands are awesome to stock up on to trade or sell to other Key Clubbers at larger events such as AIDS walk or Fall Rally. They will be sold at various Division events, so keep your eyes peeled out for them!

Just because it’s summer does not mean that Key Club stops! Service never ends! Thus, now would be a great time to invite the Lieutenant Governor to a club event or board meeting so she can discuss problems you might face for your club, service ideas, and much more. She can also get a glimpse of what your unique club is like— it’s atmosphere, vibe, and more. Club visitations are also a great way to inform members more about the division and to help the club understand a little more what the division is like. So go ahead and invite the lieutenant governor to your next event!


How wonderful would it be if the whole division was wearing you design! Submit your designs by Saturday, July 6th to for a chance for this to happen! Division 15 will not be accepting designs until Saturday, July 6th for the following: Shirt Hoodie Lanyard Shirt & Hoodie Guidelines: Shirt's base color will be yellow, and the hoodie's base color will be black. They must including the following: - Key Club Logo - Giraffe - "D15" or "Division 15" - Limited to 1-3 colors **3 colors is pushing it, so please keep in mind that more colors does not mean a better design - Colors must be limited to division colors: yellow, brown, black, gold Lanyard Guidelines: There is much more freedom regarding lanyard guidelines: -"D15" -Limited to 1 color


Club Photographer Kouleen Morales: Service Sarah Jeon: Fundraising Timmy Jeng: Host Club Nanxi Liu: Host Club Andrew Salcedo: N Spirit Janet Ho: N Spirit Shana Wang: S Spirit Evei Loren Dayao: S Spirit

Host Club Talent Coordinators Dilasha Panigrahi Jaguar Jung Janet Ho


Jaie Peshawaria Karen Elmaraghy Shannon O’ Toole Vanessa Hsia

OTC Coordinators Jaguar Jung Jenny Hong Kouleen Morales Nanxi Liu

DCM Serv Fundraisin Coordina

Brandon Hsiu Chloe Wei Joyce Xiong Justin Yoo Taylor Arburt

Relay for Coordina

Justin Yoo Karen Elma Myra Zhan Shamailah A

vice/ ng Projects ators




r Life ator



Fundraising Coordinators

Host Club Food/ Decoration

Annika Kim Brandon Hsiu Judith Zhu Justin Yoo Roy Garcia Taylor Arburtha-Clayton

Catherine Eng Dilasha Panigrahi Jenny Hong Justin Yoo Malik Mok Myra Zhan Priscilla Lieu Sara Chen

Spirit Attire Coordinators

Spirit Cheers Coordinators

Dilasha Panigrahi Jaguar Jung Judith Zhu Karen Elmaraghy Kinon Coles Max Yang Roy Garcia Stephanie Cho Tayler Hughes

Alison Meas Andrew Regalado Judith Zhu Kinon Coles Tayler Hughes


Dear Brandon Swan, I honestly don't know where to begin because you are just that amazing. How about I start off with a thank you. Thank you doesn't do justice to what you have done for our division. You didn't let anything bring you down, and instead you became this figure of a leader. You are a leader. You led D15 to second place at Fall Rally! You should be so proud of yourself. I look up to you as a leader and admire you so much. And I know I'm not the only one who looks at you with admiration. Keep doing what you do, because with your passion, dedication, and courage your name will be everywhere. You really do have the power to do anything you set your mind to. I hope you continue to be the fantastic leader you are in college or even become a greater one. Also, thank you for your encouraging words. You boosted my confidence and made me realize who cares what others think I should do what I think and know is right. Thank you for being my cheerleader at conclave! I hold that close to my heart. Please come back and visit and remember ill always be rooting for you from the sidelines! Good luck in college! Thank you for everything Brandon. And I know that the division and division board appreciates your hard work and dedication to the division this year. You are one of the reasons why D15 is now a force to be reckoned with. I love you Brandon! Love, Fahrin Bhuiyan | Rancho Cucamonga | 12th

Dear Muhammad Islam, I can still recall the first time I met you- when you were drinking boba and i was kicking my legs back and forth at Albertsons. Can you believe it? That was just a year ago. Throughout this year, words cannot describe the memories we've created together with our Key Club family. As our Korean-"Bengalian" IP Vice-President, you always brought us to smile from the worst moments. I remember that night when I was scrambling around to finish my English Project. Still, I don't understand why I fell into the trap of messaging you on Facebook- maybe because you're just that awesome? just kidding- but instead of helping me, you sent me Youtube videos of people dancing with spiders, SISTAR's new music video, and a horrifying Facebook link. I also remember that day when we were all out to eat KBBQ. Muhammad. You ate pork... Each little thing you did had its own silliness in them, and that's why you became one of my closest buddies at school. As your official adopted sister, I still have much to learn from you- the professionalism you have when serious, the silliness yet maturity you manage to combine, and the levels of passion you have for KPOP. I know one day we will meet again, but for now, this is a farewell to one of my most treasured 2012-2013 Key Club officers. Thank you for all happy moments you've brought to me. Best wishes to you at college Muhammad! Earn money, come back, and take us to Chipotle :) Sincerely, Joyce Xiong | Chino Hills | 10th

Dear Daniel Garcia (Pancho),

Dear David Garcia,

You have been a dedicated key clubber and a leader. You've inspired me to take the next step to be president and take challenges. I want to thank him for all he has done, from childhood to teen years. Thank you and good luck in the future.

You've been a great buddy to me and you've also helped learn the skills to be president. I will miss your goofiness and dedication to key club. You are a great president and I'll miss you dearly.

Sincerely, Sean Quilatan | Ontario | 11th


Sincerely, Sean Quilatan | Ontario | 11th


Townsend BBQ / Dance Help Out By: Jaie Peshawaria On Friday, June 7th, our Key Club had the honor of helping out at Townsend Junior High’s annual 8th grade BBQ and Dance. From 4:30-9:00pm, our club did as much as we could, from the set-up to the clean-up. We started off by bringing the materials outside from the storage. Cotton Candy, Snow Cones, and Candy filled the tables as we continued the set-up. I was so surprised by the amount of food that they had! The music was loud, the hot dogs were grilling, we had all the elements needed to have a great time. The students arrived and began to chow down on the hamburgers and hot dogs. Many came up to get cotton candy and snow cones. We had to really work to avoid any back-ups. Midway through the event, our club had the opportunity to speak to the principal about starting a Builders’ Club. It has been one of our club’s goals to charter a Builders’ Club, so we were extremely excited when the principal agreed to have us over to their school in the fall to show the students a presentation on Key Club and information on what a Builders’ Club is. As the night progressed, we helped clean the tables and pick up trash. The 8th graders were having a great time and we were happy for them. After most of the students were finished eating, they headed into the media center to dance. In the media center, there were so many interesting and fun activities. There was a face painting stand, a video game room, a photo booth, and of course, a dance floor. It was almost a black-out dance; there were many strobe lights

Officer Training Conference By: Nanxi Liu On June 15, 2013, key clubbers from Division 15 and Division 36 West united at the Cal-Nev-Ha District of Kiwanis International in Rancho Cucamonga to willingly learn about the duties of being an officer and interact in workshops and icebreakers. Spirited giraffes and huskies arrived promptly at 9:30 A.M. to help move tables and chairs around and set up the table for registration. Around 10 A.M., a rush of key clubbers rushed into the building, paying for food and settling down into seats. Special guests included the Region 13 advisor, Ms. Cridland, Mr. Roberts, and other lieutenant governors and parents. Throughout the general sessions, Amy He, Division 15 LTG, and Aaron Gomez, Division 16 West LTG, informed us of the history of Kiwanis and Key Club, showed us the true beneficial results of causes like PTP and the Eliminate Project, and spiced up PowerPoints with energetic icebreakers and small jokes from time to time. Between general sessions, officers and members could participate in workshops for their specified position, like Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Vice-President, and President. Other workshops included “Finding Service” and “Becoming a Better Speaker,” all of which were extremely informative. All the PowerPoints can be found in the division club reflector for further reading. For some, O.T.C. was a time for learning all about Key Club and its positions, working to one day become a good officer and get onto Key Club staff. For others, officer training conference was a time where they learned much more than they could have possibly imagined about their elected positions. For all, Division 15 and Division 36 West’s Officer Training Conference was a time where new faces were met, a bigger ohana and bond was formed, new icebreakers left everyone smiling and spirited, and everybody aspired to make a difference in the world through Key Club.

Farewell Class of 2013 By: Rebecca Lee

As the school year came to a close, it was time to bid farewell to the Class of 2013 Key Clubbers at Ruben S Ayala High School. The last key club meeting of the school year was held on Tuesday, June 4th as we said our last goodbyes to the amazing senior Key Clubbers. Just as Key Club is the largest service leadership organization in the world, it currently is the largest club on the campus of Ruben S Ayala High School. This is only possible because of the great senior leaders in our club. Many of our senior class key clubbers have been members since their freshman year. Possibly joining for fun, friends, spirit, or service, our seniors have truly defined the true Key Clubber during their time in this organization. They have grown from being the learners to the leaders of the club. Even as the year came to a close, many stayed active even with 100+ service hours. We hope that their passion for helping others stays strong and they will continue to exhibit their excellent leadership skill in the future. At the last meeting, 84 Key Clubbers graduated. In addition, more than 30 seniors completed a minimum of 80 service hours and were presented with a Key Club Stole to recognize their dedication to the club and community. Together, the Class of 2013 accumulated approximately 5211 hours of service solely through Key Club. We wish the senior class the best of luck and success to all of their future endeavors.

Relay for Life Upland By: Brandon Hernandez Starting at 9AM, the Relay for Life Committee members guided the Key Club members around the park, letting them get a feel for what happens at the Relay for Life events. Mostly, the program was run very efficiently and required largely basic tasks, with an abundance of volunteers on teams and helping through Boy Scouts and other organizations besides Key Club and Kiwanis International. If any teams did need help, whether setting up or running errands, Key Club members were at the ready. Most of our work was surrounded on helping a nonprofit organization that aims to end hunger in families in our local region. We helped sort and count different foods, and then bagged them into meal portions for transport to local food banks and homeless shelters. Once the Survivor Lap started and the Relay began, volunteers helped keep participants motivated and moving, even joining in on a 30minute Zumba class. Seeing and being part of Relay for Life events are truly gratifying experiences and are simply inspiring from the core, and sharing a cause for the common good of the people of the world, Key Club tends to go hand-in-hand with the American Cancer Society and their Relay for Life events.

EJ Carnival By: Austin Frenes

On May 31st, 2013, members of Don Antonio Lugo Highschool’s Key Club volunteered at a local elementary school’s carnival. When members arrived, they assisted by moving large metal tables, moving full buckets of ice and beverages with nothing but their bare hands, which caused rope marks, set up EZ ups, and helping to prepare the main attractions, the carnival games. Majority of the volunteers ran several carnival games, which ranged from throwing bean bags at targets, to launching small stuffed animals into targets. Most volunteers who worked a carnival game said it was tough work, mainly because the kids loved playing the games so much, and would not stop playing. However, the happiness that the games sparked in the children was more rewarding than just volunteering for service hours. At the end of the day, volunteers unfortunately had to tell kids that the game was closed, for the sun had risen below the horizon. Key clubbers proceeded to take down EZ-Ups, put tables back into their places, and turn in the hundreds of tickets that had been redeemed in order to play the games.

Relay for Life - RC By: Koji Mitoma Relay for life was a great experience for upland Christian academy and it gave us the opportunity to meet a lot of new members from other schools. It was great to be able to talk to multiple cancer survivors and families of cancer patients, as well as honoring those who have fallen to cancer. Our key club being new had an awe inspiring time seeing how much these events key club helps out at, help so many other people, and how much fun key clubbers can have while helping the community. Although not all of us at upland Christian academy were able to stay the entire amount of time at relay for life, I am positive it had a great impact on all of our members. The day of relay for life was very hot, fun, and a great experience for all the key clubbers at upland Christian academy.

Summer is one of the best times to volunteer because students don’t have to worry about homework, classes, and stress. They can stay at events longer and use more time in their day to volunteer and have fun. There are so many opportunities to choose from during the summer! Stuck or don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas for summer projects that clubs can do:

Service          

Library Senior Homes Schools / Summer Programs Runs Carnivals Toy drives Making dolls Writing cards Making quilts Folding cranes

      

Dime wars CClean ups (Park/Beach) Helping at Soup Kitchens Making care packages Singing carols Organize a Hershey Track & Field Benefit concerts

Fundraisers      


Awake-a-thons Movie Nights Car washes Bake sale Kiwanis Chocolate Sale Restaurant Nights

   

Scratch Cards Coupon books Cook Off Jamba Juice Stand

SWAG Points Rules             


Early Bird MRF - 20 points On Time MRF - 10 points DCM attendance - 3 points (per person) Division Service Project / Event - 3 points (per person) *District Project / Service Partner Project - 15 points *PTP Project Fundraising - 20 points Kiwanis Meeting attendance - 5 points *Article Submission - 5 points (per extra article) *Visual Submission - 1 point (per extra visual) Summer Projects- 5 points (per event) Task Coordinators - 5 points *Spirit item designs / cheers - 10 points Ice Breaker / Activities - will vary


I joined Key Club because I have heard wonderful things about it since junior high and the biggest crowd during club rush was at the Key Club table! During Club Rush, they also handed out flyers that says to join the "BIGGEST club on campus" so of course I wanted to check it out!

I wanted to be a part of an organization that I could call my family! Key Club is the largest club on Ruben S. Ayala's campus and I got to learn that it was a big family and a lot of fun to do service projects! What initially made me join was the thought of getting hours to do fun service events, but what makes me stay is the amazing spirit and dedication that Key Clubbers put into everything they do!

The real question is what didn't make me join Key Club? Everything about Key Club seemed enticing to me. I could help out my community. I could be more active with my school and city events. I could meet lots of great people and make lasting relationships and bonds. Ultimately, that's why I joined Key Club.

I wanted to continue my service from Builder's Club in junior high.

My friends! (forced me, dragged me, etc.) The overwhelming attitude towards spirit& service


The desire for a beautiful experience.


Early Bird MRF Due

——————-International Convention————— On time MRF due


Laser Quest Pre-sale Ends

Visuals and Articles Due

July DCM Chino Laser Quest Fundraiser 3-5pm

Division Spirit Attire Designs Due

Region 13 Picnic Butterfield Park 10am-4pm

Run or Dye Volunteer Pomona Fairplex Time TBA

Officers Council Meeting Time TBA


Hello fellow Key Clubbers! I hope everyone is having a great summer vacation filled with service and fun! Service never stops! Key Club’s been taking up a good chunk of my summer, but I couldn’t be happier with DCMs, service events, and Officer Training Conference. Thank you everyone who attended Officer Training Conference. If you still have any questions about your positions, feel free to ask away. Especially if you need help with tech related questions, I’d love to be of service! Also if there are power points you still need, they should be sent out soon.

Contact me anytime! E-mail: Cell: (909) 732 - 8205

And thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support on the first newsletter! I hope this newsletter doesn’t disappoint. Again, it is thanks to everyone’s submissions that this newsletter can be what it is, so keep submitting those articles and visuals. However, it’s so hard

to start the newsletter without submissions, so I have changed the submission deadline o the 15th. If you have any questions regarding

submissions, I’ll be happy to help. Please do make sure that submissions are on time though! The division website is currently under development so look forward to that! Yours in service, Ingrid Channa | Division News Editor


Alta Loma President: Ingrid Channa E-mail: Vice President: Priscilla Lieu E-mail: Secretary: Sunny Jerdskulboon E-mail: Treasurer: Peem Takoonsawat E-mail: mr.

Don A. Lugo

President: Hanh Do E-mail: Vice President: Brenna Fekete, Jade Ramirez, Nicole Calvario Secretary: Amrit Sidhu E-mail: Treasurer: Jomana Bandak E-mail:


President: Vanessa Luu E-mail:

President: Brian Do E-mail:

Vice President: Sara Chen E-mail:

Vice President: Tedman Nguyen, Jenna Mae Credo E-mail:

Secretary: Anthony Rosas E-mail: Treasurer: Sandra Lin E-mail:

Rancho Cucamonga President: Jenny Hong E-mail: Vice President: Lauren Verdugo E-mail: Secretary: Natasha Hadimulia E-mail: Treasurer: Pamela Hermosilla E-mail:



Secretary: Kouleen Morales E-mail: Treasurer: Mykhail Lazo E-mail:

Ruben Ayala President: Vanessa Hsia E-mail: Vice President: Rebecca Lee, Brandon Hsiu Secretary: Andrew Regalado E-mail: Treasurer: Stephanie Meas E-mail:

Chino Hills


President: Sona Senapati E-mail:

President: Kevin W E-mail: kvn.a.wng

Vice President: Jaihee Choi E-mail:

Vice President: H Zhang, Dominic S

Secretary: Joyce Xiong E-mail:

Secretary: Alice N E-mail: aynam06

Treasurer: Dennis Chen E-mail:

Treasurer: Karen C E-mail: kychen@l

Los Osos


President: Karen Tseng E-mail:

President: Sean Qu E-mail: seanangpr

Vice President: Adrienne Austria E-mail:

Vice President: Ph E-mail: fillupnguye

Secretary: Nanxi Liu E-mail:

Secretary: Yaki Ale E-mail: yakii1234@

Treasurer: Brian Lui E-mail:

Treasurer: Matthew E-mail: camarena.matthe



President: Kayla Yamada E-mail:

President: Kenny E-mail: kyoo27@

Vice President: Hannah Lundberg E-mail:

Vice President: K E-mail: crusade

Secretary: Christopher Muzquiz E-mail:

Secretary: Brend E-mail: bmunive

Treasurer: Kelsang Donyo E-mail:

Treasurer: Hanna E-mail: hannahj



Colony President: Alex Waz E-mail:

Hyeonji Shim, Lucia Schnabel

Vice President: Arely Pasillas, Justyn Correa


Secretary: Nicole Ochoa E-mail:



Treasurer: Julian Herrera E-mail:



President: Jasmine Ang E-mail:

illip Nguyen

Vice President: Raymond Slu E-mail:


Secretary: Ashley Rodriguez E-mail:

w Camarena

d Christian

Treasurer: Rudolph Camacho E-mail:

Amy He Lieutenant Governor (909) 569 - 5919 Jaihee Choi Exec. Assistant (909) 973 - 3028

Simon Lee Exec. Assistant (909) 278 - 3007

Dat Nguyen Division Secretary (909) 465-3233

y Yoo

Koji Mitoma

da Munive

ah Gilkinson

Ingrid Channa Division Editor (909) 732 - 8205


2013-2014 CNH D15 June Newsletter  

Here is the Division 15 newsletter for the month of June! Region Picnic, recaps, project ideas, and more!

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