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Division 15, Welcome to the very last newsletter for the 2013-2014 term. It is so weird to think that 2014-2015 term is about to begin! In this next month, there will be plentiful of goodbyes but do not forget this is a critical period where us current leaders and current officers leave OUR legacy to the next generation. Take the time to train elects, talk about goals and problems, and do everything possible so that progress is made, and not forsaken. I hope all of you have a wonderful time at District Convention. In this newsletter, you will find tip on how to prepare for it! It has been a true, great pleasure serving all of you. Thank you for all you have done for Division 15 Key Club, and I cannot be happier to say that I once served for such an amazing group of friends. Yours in Service, Amy He Lieutenant Governor 2013-2014

By: Austin Frenes | Don A. Lugo HS On March 8th, 2014, our division hosted a Car Wash to raise money for DCON transportation in front of Joe’s Crab Shack in Rancho Cucamonga. Giraffes arrived at 8:00 in the morning in the blustering wind in order to set up the car wash. At 9:00, we were open for business and were quickly washing droves of cars. We had an advertising team on the local four way intersection holding up signs, singing, and dancing in order to draw people into the carwash, and those advertising were highly motivated by the fact that we were competing with another car wash from a local high school. Not only did the event raise funds for DCON transportation, it was also a great bonding experience for those who attended. Overall the car wash was a great success. Also, a huge t hank you to Anika Lee’s father who brought free In-n-Out and Arizona Tea f or all of the hard working Key Clubbers!

By: Nanxi Liu | Los Osos High HS On March 15, 2014 an accumulation of a year’s worth of work lead up to Host Club. Since August of 2013, Timmy and all the other task coordinators have worked extremely hard to plan out a charity dinner that combined Ouran Host Club’s waiters and waitresses with yummy food, outstanding performances, and an exciting dance. Setting up took Friday night and Saturday morning until the event to do a seemingly endless amount of tasks – set up over 15 tables and 130 chairs, cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian spaghetti, and 3 different desserts, and set up decorations of Christmas lights, balloons, and centerpieces throughout the backyard. Although Host Club was definitely far from perfect, I really am proud and so thankful for all the task coordinators, waitresses and waiters, and performers who were so eager to help and so understanding. Furthermore, I am so proud of our DJ, Lauren Verdugo’s dad, who showed up and helped out free of charge on a Saturday! The owners of the house, the Ma family, were also extremely helpful and supportive too! From being on kitchen duty, I can say that serving all the food was so hectic and crazy, and although we ran out of a few choices and the food was not piping hot, I believe we can work harder to fix it next year. In the end, I want to thank Timmy Jeng the most for being one of the most understanding people I’ve ever met and an amazing partner to work with. Never have I ever planned something so big, and he was there every step of the way to help, give me input, and really shine as a leader and a friend. Without him, Host Club wouldn’t have been possible, and the same can be said about everyone who came and helped out! It absolutely blows my mind that something I can about so much, Project Eliminate, raised $1,494 and saved 1,660 lives. WE DID IT! It makes me so proud because it shows that Key Club is such an impactful organization in the world, and that Division 15 can have so much fun while saving a ton of lives. I look forward to next year, with greater achievements and saving more lives.

The Spring Picnic/ March DCM is this Saturday! There will be food, games, fun, AND A SPIRIT BATTLE! Come decked out in your Giraffe gear to show off your giraffe pride because the winning school will not only win FREE DIVISION SHIRTS AND LANYARDS, but the coveted D15 Sprit Stick as well! And the best part is that funds will be raised to Save the Philippines! There will be a $5 entrance fee and you must present a medical form as well. Also, our March DCM will be conducted after the picnic, and since this is the last DCM before DCON, it's very important that you attend! We'll be going over final DCON preparation, Division Banquet, new officer boards, and much more! It's going to be a great Saturday; hope to see all of you there!




Spirit Attire*

Business Prof. Semi-formal

Convention Casual*

* - Business casual option

Tips for DCON: Organize a meeting with all attendees to talk about code of conduct, dress code, etc. 2. Set up a Remind 101 to easily contact each attendee! 3. Go for a shopping day to buy all that you need: food, travel-size toiletries, clothes, and much more. 4. Decide on a place or what to eat on Friday night. 5. Read the candidates’ booklet on whom is going to run for District office. Everyone will be participating in the caucus! Pump up your SCHOOL club spirit! 1.

Hello Division 15 my name is Jaihee Choi, currently a junior at Chino Hills High School, and I will be serving as your Lieutenant Governor for the 2014-2015 term! In my past three years as a member of Key Club, I've been so inspired by the lifechanging experiences and unbreakable friendships made, and I've realized that Key Club is more than a club that I decided to join my freshman year, but it’s who I am! I never thought I would have grown so close to the Division 15 family; we’re so different, coming from different schools, but we’re all the same in that Key Club has given us this drive to serve others and care for those around us. My favorite events include the Holiday food packaging with Isaiah’s Rock, AIDs Walk, and events involving elementary school children because they are so cute! Every event I’m constantly reminded of why I love Key Club, and it’s because of the smiles, loving friends, and amazing experiences that have come with serving our home school and community. And that is why I'm so thrilled for this upcoming year to continue serving along side Division 15. My biggest focus for this term is the growth of each club with increased hours and membership, so that D15 will be at their absolute strongest! I also hope to incorporate more service and spirit into each Divisional event. I’m excited to work with all of you, so that we may all reach our greatest potential! It's going to be a great year!

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure By: Kaylee Beam

My favorite event this month was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, at the Dodgers Stadium in LA. At first, I wasn't thrilled about it - I knew I would have to be up before the sun rose and spend the day in the rain - but I'm glad I decided to go anyway. After my fellow volunteers and I checked in, we had about an hour to walk around before the race started, so we were able to walk down the pathway lined with various shops. We got free smoothies, free coffee, and little pamphlets full of information about the disease, from hundreds of different vendors. It was amazing to see that this singular event had brought so many people together, even on a Saturday with poor weather. When it was time for the 5k to start, my friends and I lined up near the starting line, and we were shocked - what had seemed like a sparse crowd of participants had grown into a group for 5000 or more people, and even when the sky opened up and it started to rain heavily, none of them left. I noticed that some people held signs, wore custom shirts, etc., all in honor of their loved ones who had been lost to cancer. To them, the cause and the memory of the deceased mattered more than their health and comfort, and that says a lot about those people. Even while standing on the side, cheering for them as we held our umbrellas, we were filled with the deepest respect. This event truly was an eye-opener for me. I feel that a lot of times, we as human beings tend to put ourselves before others, and in doing that, we lose our sense of hospitality and compassion. What's more, it showed me that cancer can truly affect anyone. Many people consider themselves far removed from the issue and fail to realize that everyone is susceptible. I loved it because it went above and beyond, and as a result, inspired me to do my part in fighting the issue.

AlTiRanch Pi Day By: Jamie Alarcon

On March 14, Alta Loma, Etiwanda, and Rancho used the buddy system to bond and raise money for PTP. In the center of Arbor Park everything was set up and ready to go. Music was playing, snacks and drinks were given out, and the activities were about to begin! Members got into a big circle introducing themselves with their name, school, and something interesting about themselves. Etiwanda’s current VP, Jenna-Mae Credo started the ice breakers that consisted of duck walking in a circle. Next was Jenny Hong, Rancho’s current President, leading the human knot! First round was boys against girls, the next, Etiwanda against Rancho and Alta Loma combined! Etiwanda claims they won but Alta Loma and Rancho showed more skill in unraveling themselves more consistently than Etiwanda’s clutch. Following the human knot was the eating relay! There were three different teams of 6 volunteers. It was all fun and games until it got seriously disgusting. The competition heated up as the food was presented. There was a hotdog, banana peppers, a bag of chips, half a lemon, crackers with wasabi, and baby food! You can imagine the intensity in the eating contest! Who won? I think everyone who had to eat that deserved a win. After a short break the main event came. All the presidents, and 3 volunteers lined up with a plastic bag as protection. First up was President Phi, requesting Mr Mr to play and Tedman had the honor of pie-ing him. Following Phi was Ingrid, Jenny, Jared, Xavier, and Kirby. All the pie-ing being done was extremely messy but fun to watch! We raised about $42 to pie everyone! It may not look like a lot to some but it was all worth it in the end. Alta Loma, Etiwanda, and Rancho got closer in friendship that made our love for Key Club even stronger! We all look forward to many events to come together whether it is a bonding social or community service events in the near future.

Care Packages for Homeless By: Vanessa Luu

As DCON approaches, the club has begun to slow down in order to plan for the exciting weekend. Though, we still work to serve the community. Throughout the month, Don Lugo Key Club collected or bought and donated items, such as granola bars, tissues, juice boxes, and hand sanitizers, to organize into care packages to send to the Foothill Family Shelter in Upland. Things started slowly as items trickled in to our advisor’s classroom, and eventually, we were able to collect enough items to make a little over ten bags worth of items. During one of our meetings, we had members fill gallon sized ziplock bags with the items they brought. Members also donated some clothes, including jeans, jackets and T-shirts, and blankets to add to the bags as well. We then sent the bags off to the shelter to be distributed to the homeless.

Packed with Love By: Alison Meas

Food cans, cereal boxed, napkins, toothbrushes, and more! These were just some of the the typical items that Ayala Key Clubbers were encouraged to donate in our Foothill Family Shelter Drive. Unlike most drives, this was not only limited to canned foods, but daily essentials that an average person, male or female, may need, like pads, tampons, toothpaste, shampoo, and soap! What we thought would be one of our “smaller” events turned out to fill half of our advisor's classroom! Our Key Clubbers willingly lugged around huge, heavy bags full of goodies just to participate in the cause. The best part was not only seeing how cooperative our club members were in this event, but seeing how appreciative the workers at the shelter were for our contributions. When the Ayala officers went to deliver our boxes full of donations, they were overwhelmed with joy. Their acknowledgment and sincere gratitude of our efforts in helping them and others was something we wish we could have shared with the entire club!

Hey Daddy! Congratulations on giving birth to me! It's been an amazing year and I honestly can't thank you enough for transforming Etiwanda to the club we are today. Without you, we wouldn't be this successful. Without you, we wouldn't have these many members join in realizing the true meaning of Key Club. Without you, the officers wouldn't be so strong and held together. Phi, you taught me a lot about Key Club and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have had the courage to be the next President. I am so proud of the person you are today. Aside from your amazing personality and our friendship, as a leader of Key Club, I know you're always someone I can look up to. I'm going to cry at DCON because I'm honored but at the same time completely nervous and anxious to take over a position that probably held the greatest there ever was in the history of Etiwanda.

From: Jamie Alarcon To: Phi Do

It's a bitter sweet moment, that held too many memories and I'm not really sure if I'm ready but, I know I can't wait to show everyone the person I am through your impact in my Key Club life. President Phi, King Phi, Daddy, or just plain Phi, this shoutout goes to you. Hopefully you see how blessed Etiwanda is to have a leader like you. I'll miss you when you're gone but for now, let's live it up till the end of this term!

From: Phi Do To: Jamie Alarcon, I am very proud for you all to be taking leadership with running the club next year. I have good faith to leave the club in your hands! After my term the club will only get stronger as years go on. I will always be around to see how amazing the club will be doing. I love you guys.

Jared Dauz, Taylor Yee, Samantha Nugroho, Alyssa Tandoc, Tedman Nguyen

I can't believe that all of you are leaving this year. Even though I haven't known some of you for that long, it feels like you've become part of my family. I feel lucky to have been given the chance to know each of you and I will miss you all.

Hi my litto elect! I’m so proud of being able to call you my elect and am extremely proud of the enthusiasm you have already shown as elect thus far. You’ve been a hardworking, great officer this year and I know next year you and the rest of the board will do incredibly well! I have nothing but utter faith in you guys that you will take this club to new heights, so don’t be afraid! I will be here if you need anything! I’m so excited to see From: Ingrid this board grow and I love you all. Channa

To: Mya Thin

Brian, thank you for providing me an example of what a great Key Clubber looks like. I know your going to go far and I know that one day I will be telling someone "Hey you know that Brian Lui guy? Yeah I was friends with him back in high school." Chong, I thank you for showing me that you can be responsible and be a great leader, yet still maintain a fun side. Sean, thank you for trusting me with everything and thank you for proving to be a great friend. I know that as long as you remain the amazing person you are that things will go your way. Andrew, thank you for being one of the very first people to show any confidence in me as a Key Clubber. Try to not have too much fun in college and remember I'm here if you ever need help. Steven, thank you for spoiling me with Asian food whenever I'm with you and for being one of the chillest people I have ever met. And to all other seniors that I know but didn't directly mention, you all know your in my heart and I will miss all of you. Gracias a mi familia por todo y adios:D

From: Roger Garcia To: Brian Lui, Chong Peng, Sean Quilatan, Andrew Salcedo, Steven Le

Brett Trenier Los Osos HS

Ingrid Channa Alta Loma HS

Etiwanda HS

I regretted not going to DCON this year because of my tight schedule, but I'm planning to save the date for next year! That's for sure!

My regrets are perhaps not being as social as I could have been. Next year I will take every chance to be with my key club familia

That I didn't participate enough! That I didn't sign up to be a task coordinator.

I regret not volunteering more. I plan to fix it by improving my time management skills.

Not enough fundraising. Plan more fundrasiers!

I regret that i didn't buy that much division gear.

Hey Giraffes! This Key Club year has been absolutely incredible. Division 15 has been awesome; all the personality and passion in each person is wonderful and makes me enjoy every event that I participate in with you all. So much has happened during the last month including, Conclave, Division Car Wash and Host Club. Conclave was nail-biting occasion for almost everyone, but particularly for me because it was such a tough decision between two excellent candidates. Congratulations to Jaihee for that amazing achievement; I know she’ll do a great job. The Division 15 Car Wash went pretty well; we managed to raise some funds for DCON transportation. Personally, I couldn’t make the event because of SAT’s, but I know that you all did an awesome job. Host Club was really fun. The food was delicious and the performances were stellar. I enjoyed meeting up with my Divisional family, learning some cool new dance moves, and sharing that amazing night with you all. I really appreciate all the effort the Main Task Coordinators and other Coordinators put into this making the event possible. The goal of the event was to raise money for Project Eliminate, and when the totals of the event were tallied, we had raised enough money to save 1.660 lives from Maternal Neonatal Tetanus disease. That is an absolutely fantastic accomplishment and we should all be proud. Thinking back on this Key Club year, I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had. I have enjoyed every moment that I have shared with this Division. Each of these moments of working hard, laughing, smiling, hugging, and making positive changes in the world with you all is so special to me. I usually don’t express my feelings, but I really do love everyone in this Division. Thank you for everything that you have given me. You have motivated me to work harder to make great positive changes in lives of others. I am grateful that Ingrid gave this opportunity to be her assistant and serve Division 15. She has been a wonderful partner and friend to me. Thank you all again and I hope to see you all soon! -Jaie Peshawaria

Hello giraffes! As this year draws to a close this is the final newsletter of my term. Going through the newsletters, I cannot believe that we’re already this far and have published so many newsletters. I can’t believe we’re on issue 11! I am incredibly honored to be able to serve this amazing division as the Division 15 News Editor. It hasn’t always been easy as News Editor (which was why I needed an assistant eventually), but being with each and every one of you guys has made the hard work and labor worth it. Thank you so much for being patient with me and accepting these newsletters as the year continued on. Day by day with every event, this Division and this organization continues to impress and amaze me, and it’s almost surreal what we have accomplished. I am always inspired by the amazing leadership that I continue to witness from every giraffe, young and old. Words cannot explain how it feels to be able to witness so many leaders blossom throughout this term. All in all, I’m so proud of you all. I’m so thankful for this organization to allow me to meet some of the most amazing teenagers who I know will definitely go far and achieve great things in the future. I hope next year you will all continue to achieve great things. If any of you need anything—any help, any advice, or just a friend, please feel free to contact me! I can’t wait to come back to see what great thing has been spurred up yet. Congratulations to Jaihee for receiving elect! I know you will be able to accomplish even more and build this Division up. There will be times when acting as leaders or serving the club or community will be stressful and difficult. However, I hope you guys have the strength to continue to persevere. If there’s anything I’ve learned this term, it’s that it’s okay to make mistakes and fall, as long as you get back up and try again, because everything you work towards, though it may not seem like it at times, it will all be worth it in the end. I hope you all enjoy this last newsletter; it’s been an absolute pleasure! With lots of love, Ingrid Channa

Alta Loma




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2013-2014 CNH Division 15 March Newsletter  
2013-2014 CNH Division 15 March Newsletter  

The last newsletter of the term! Senior shout outs, DCON tips, hellos and goodbyes, and more!