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My last full month serving as your Lieutenant Governor is almost over just as my term is! Less than 25 days away until I retire? No, it can’t be. It’s a slap in the face every time I think about how fast this term has gone by. Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was struggling to make my first newsletter? When I had no idea how to speak in front of people? Everything really has changed. Every time I reflect on this term and everything that has happened, I feel so blessed and thankful that I was able to serve all of you. Thank You Blue Robots, for being the best division I could ever ask for. Although I couldn’t be the best LTG for you, you never let me down. With just a few more weeks left until District Convention, I am proud to say that we have some of the highest DCON attendance from D14 ever! Division 14 has their GOLDEN Ticket! Check out the page numbers on this issue, it’s true! I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you in Sacramento soon! Speaking of DCON, District Convention next year for those of you who are unable to go this year, will be in Anaheim! Another thing that’s in Anaheim and a lot closer is ICON! Robots, welcome to the ICON Issue of the Robo Update! This 10th issue is dedicated to giving you a fresh new perspective on ICON on top of the usual updates and information! All the pictures on this page are from ICON 2013, which I had the golden opportunity to attend! Key Clubbers from all around the world, fresh new sights and cool new ideas! ICON truly is a magical experience and it will be even greater and cheaper this year since it is in our District! Make sure you don’t miss out on this, chances like these don’t come around often! The end is near, especially for seniors. But, with every end, comes a new beginning. This year has been filled with so many golden memories and it is almost coming to an end, but you never know what unexpected things are waiting for you in the future! One more newsletter to go! Enjoy!


With love and care, Prajwol Devkota, D14/39 LTG 2013-2014


Oh my goodness, what a BLUEtiful family of robots! Words cannot describe how honored I am to be serving as your 2014-2015 Lieutenant Governor for Division 14. Going back to my freshman year of high school, I can still vividly recall my first few Key Club meetings. Three years ago, River Valley High School Key Club was hosting their weekly meetings every Tuesday during lunch in the gym, as we still continue to do so today. This was the single club on campus that really connected with its members, making sure that everyone felt included and special. On an even greater scale, Division 14 as a whole radiates this positive and encouraging vibe that you simply cannot find in other divisions. From being a member, I quickly rose to club secretary, then division secretary, and now currently your LTG elect. You have all shown me such unparalleled compassion and encouragement throughout these three years. I consider Division 14 my family, my one and only, my OHANA. Key Club is the only organization that combines service with spirit, ensuring that communities are bettered through fun service projects. It’s no surprise that we’re 260,000 members strong across 5,000 clubs in 33 countries! With District Convention 2014 nearing, I hope that you all take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend this event and truly uncover the excitement of Key Club. You are all BEEutiful and I am so incredibly proud to be able to serve each and every one of you blue robots! Here’s to a GOLDEN year of service! Erin Dominguez, D14 LTG-Elect


Have you heard the #DirtyLittleSecret? Over 780 Million people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Key Club is sponsoring the Thirst Project this month to raise awareness about the world’s water crisis! For the month of March, use the dirty water recipe (below) and carry around a dirty water bottle with you to places. When asked about it, share the Dirty Little Secret to spread awareness about the Thirst Project! On March 22, go completely silent to stand in solidarity with the 780 million people around the world whose voices are not heard everyday! For more info go here:


District District Updates Updates With District Convention 2014 less than 20 days away, we are still looking for clubs to volunteer at the Service Expo! Does your club have a golden service project idea that they would like to share with the CNH District? Sign up here: to volunteer at the Service Expo at DCON 2014! -eliGtHF7u3cFNFfPz0nRg/viewform

Congratulations to all officer-elects who have been elected to serve their clubs for the upcoming 2014-2015 Key Club terms! Make sure you submit your club information to the District here:

and make sure to plan ahead and work with your current officers to transition! Good luck on your terms! “For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse. So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.� N.T.

Starting the 2014-2015 term, monthly submissions for articles and visuals are due to the District by the 15th of each month. So, club submissions of visuals and articles are now due to the Lt. Governor by the 10th of every month! To make article submissions easier, we have created an article template for Division 14 and it can be found here:

make sure to use it to make your submissions simpler and easier! Also, remember that visual submissions should be candids with members doing service, not posed pictures! Apps for the 20142015 leadership team will be released after District Convention, stay on the lookout of that!




MRS.GOLDEN BRUAN, GRIDLEY ADVISOR OF FEBRUARY Since before the establishment and charter of Gridley Key Club, you have been so supportive and cooperative! Thank you for all of the time you put in for Key Club! Also thank you to Ms. Stiles!

TAYLOR TUNGASMITA, YC GOLDEN ROBOT OF FEBRUARY From the first division event you attended, your participation and dedication to Key Club and Division 14 has been continually growing! Thank you for being an amazing Historian!

LOVELEEN KAUR, GRIDLEY GOLDEN LEADER OF FEBRUARY Without you, we wouldn't have our 9th Key Club in Division 14, so thank you for your hard work. Gridley Key Club is amazing and it is bound to go so far with all the work you have put in!


Welcome to our Division 14 Blue Robot Ohana! Congratulations on your charter and hard work! We look forward to many more years of golden service with you!

ROBO POINTS Each month, clubs will get points based on the following criteria and the club with the highest amount of points by DCON 2014 will win an amazing prize! It’s the LAST MONTH to earn points! Make sure to take every chance the standings are very close!

Points will be given for:         

Early Bird MRF (10 points) On- Time MRF (5 points) DCM Attendance (1 point per member) Division Event Attendance (1 point per member) PTP/MNT/CMN/MOD/STP Fundraising (20 points) Kiwanis Meeting/DCM Attendance (5 points) Article/Visual Submission (5 points per submission) Challenge of the Month (5 points) Find the Hidden Message (10 points for first person)

CURRENT STANDINGS 01 / 02 CLUB 2 1 Yuba City 320 +62 1 2 River Valley 301 +35 3 3 Marysville 220 +28 4 5 6 7 8 9

4 5 6 7 8 9

Live Oak 178 +9

Gridley 85 +20 Albert Powell 66 +5

Las Plumas 51 +5 East Nicolaus 33 --

Oroville 0 --



NEWS I’m excited to announce that all the clubs in Division 14 have finally gotten their dues paid! Not only that, all clubs have grown in membership! Congratulations and thank you for your hard work! DCON Prep has been scheduled for April 2 at River Valley High in Room 609, see you all there!



Division 14’s first Key to College that was hosted by Circle K Sacramento State was legen - wait for it - dary! A huge thank you to Sac State CKI K-Fam Chair Seng Kang and President Bianca Posada as well as the rest of the Circle K members for coming to Division 14 and helping us learn more about Circle K and a lot about college! It definitely was an eye-opening experience and a great bonding opportunity with the college level of our Kiwanis Family! Thank you to all the robots 09 who attended, you all looked extremely cute as always!

SPOTLIGHT ON SERVICE For the month of March, the CNH District’s Spotlight on Service Program shines on March of Dimes! The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Key Clubbers help out the March of Dimes foundation by helping raise money through fundraisers from November (which is Prematurity Awareness Month) up until Spring-time which is usually when the March for Babies is hosted. The March for Babies is a walk which is one of the largest fundraisers for the March of Dimes! Make sure to submit, if your club participates and raises funds for MOD!

Submission form at :


what are the

ROBOTS up to?



Barry School Fiesta Dinner

Pie an Officer

By Jenny Tran [Member]

By Jose Gonzalez [VP]

On March 7th YCHS’ Key Club attended Barry School, where this school hosted the Fiesta Dinner. This annual Fiesta Dinner fundraises for their school as well as to promote school spirit. There, along with about thirteen volunteers assisted Barry’s Parent Club with several different activities. A handful of volunteers were able to serve the customers lining up buffet-style, with food such as rice, nachos, refried beans, and pulled pork. Volunteers also worked behind booths holding assorted events such as selling school merchandise, a silent auction, and a bake sale. With the booth selling merchandise, key clubbers were able to advertise school attire like t-shirts, water bottles, and car stickers. Next, the silent auction sold items ranging from swimming apparel, to baking necessities. YCHS Key Clubbers were able to assist the guests by informing them with directions and rules. Finally, the bake sell held delicious desserts which all helped fundraise for Barry School. As this event went on for the next three hours, volunteers walked throughout the cafeteria searching for any leftover trash. As the event was coming to an end, volunteers assisted the Parent Club in cleaning the multi-purpose room. At the end of the day, this event left volunteers reminiscing middle school times while being able to serve their community.

During Live Oak’s Basketball Homecoming week


social, Live Oak High School Key Club did a fundraiser for District Convention 2014! We had a fundraiser to pie the officers in the face with raffle tickets! Each and every officer had a jar which people could fill up with tickets that they purchased. They would have to write their names on the tickets and get it picked out. If picked, the person would have their golden opportunity to pie one of the five officers from the Live Oak Key Club Board! All the Officers ended up getting a lot of whipped cream on their face and getting pied during the Homecoming Social! It was a fun and productive experience and fundraiser for District Convention as it helped us lessen the cost of convention for many members!



Have a Heart Run

Carwash for DCON

By Erin Dominguez [Secretary]

By Tom Cheng [President]

Bright and early on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014, Let’s face it. Convention is expensive. With on-time Key Clubbers from both River Valley and Yuba registration coming in at $178 in addition to hotel City High School paired up to volunteer for the expenses, Marysville Key Club charges each DCON annual Have a Heart Run. Members spent their attendee $250 to go. Unfortunately, this price tag is not wallet-friendly. Thus, Marysville Key Club morning helping out our fellow Kiwanians from offers fundraising options to help alleviate the costs the Yuba City Early Risers Kiwanis Club and Yuba of convention. On March 8th, we had a car wash to City Noon Kiwanis Club by making breakfast for help raise funds for DCON. This wasn’t the the hungry runners. From frying bacon to flipping familiar donations carwash that are usually held to pancakes, members were eager to lend a helping raise funds. Instead, we had a car wash featuring pre hand. After all the runners had been served -sold car wash tickets. Without getting into the breakfast, Key Clubbers were able to sit down and technicalities of the pre-sold tickets themselves, we eat their own meal too! This was the perfect way to actually had one member, Sarah Morse, who sold all her tickets and made $100 to help cover the cost of serve our community! A big thanks to everyone convention! In conclusion, there is nothing better who came out, we had a fantastic member turnout than washing cars in perfect weather with our fellow and, it was really nice to get to bond with another Key Clubbers in an effort to raise funds club in the division as well as our lovely for convention. Kiwanians!



WHY ATTEND ICON 2014? Key Clubbers from all around the world, all coming together for one reason in the Golden State of California! International Convention is your chance to experience the magic of Key Club with dedicated leaders just like you, from over 33 countries! We hope to see you in Anaheim, CA this summer from July 2 - July 6!

GOLDEN VIBES Make your Summer 2014 memorable! What’s a better way to spend your summer than to BEE with thousands of Key Clubbers? Express your CNH District pride, attend workshops hosted from Key Clubbers from various districts, cheer with your CNH Bees and enjoy the beautiful So-Cal weather! Good vibes everywhere!

YUMMY! GOOD FOOD! Meals at Downtown Disney. Doesn’t that sound nice? Dinner with some of your favorite Key Clubbers at the Happiest Place on Earth! Doesn’t sound like something you want? You could go to eateries that aren’t typically in our area like Unami Burger, Baja Fresh or Healthy Junk and more! Maybe even go out for some boba milk tea! There are endless options of delicious food choices for you to choose from during ICON!


International President Raeford Penny, International Vice President Rachel Benoit, CNH District International Trustee Kelsie Hoppes, International Trustees for other Districts, CNH District Governor Victoria Lai, District Governors from other districts and more! BEE inspired on a whole new level be meeting the leading figures of Key Club International, only at ICON 2014!



Good food, good weather and Key Clubbers will all be in abundance at ICON 2014 but on top of all that, you can have a golden experience with all of the sunny sights of Orange County, California, home of the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland! Not only that, you should make time to visit the beautiful beaches of Orange County or, thrill yourself with amazing rides at Knott’s Berry Farms or take a tour of Universal Studios and Hollywood then go hiking in Anaheim Hills! Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

WHAT DO PAST ICON ATTENDEES HAVE TO SAY? “People should go to ICON because you truly get to see how global Key Club International really is as well as how spirited the California-NevadaHawai’I District gets.” Tricia Tran, D20/32 LTG

“Go to ICON 2014 to celebrate all of the GOLDEN memories of the 2013-2014 term!” Nick Lee, D21 LTG


“People should go to Anaheim ICON because the magic doesn't just stop at Disneyland, there are many unique shopping centers such as Downtown Disney, South Coast Plaza, many cool eateries, the star-studded fun of Universal Studies, the warm and sunny beaches and, I will be there!” Tommy Dang, D4N LTG

YOUR SLICE OF P.I.E. FROM JACOB TORRES “Do you LOVE the experience of DCON? Imagine if you multiply that experience by 3! That, equals to a week-long amazing experience of Key Club International Convention. Now is the time, more than ever to broaden your perspective of this organization, because people from all over KCI are coming to CNH territory in Anaheim, CA to celebrate a year full of service - internationally. This convention is the most affordable convention for CNH attendees since it is in CA. Take this opportunity to cheer with your district, elect the new I nternational Board, party hardy like a CNH bee at the dance, meet people from all over the world and throughout the country (i.e. Bahamas, Bermuda, Florida, NY, and etc.)! Take a chance, I hope to see you all there!” CNH District Policies, International business, Elections (PIE) Chair Jacob Torres


Chris Bashinelli was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After a decade-long acting career culminating in a role on The Sopranos (HBO), he decided to follow his real passion—by moving to Africa. He now traverses the globe from Tanzania to Thailand as host and producer of Bridge the Gap (PBS), a show in which he discovers what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day. Chris has spoken everywhere from Brazil to TEDx to Azerbaijan. He’s a guest author for award-winning publications such as the Huffington Post and Lonely Planet and the United Nations’ “go-to kid” for all things about youth, Brooklyn and cultural exchange. He will be the keynote speaker at the opening session of the Key Club International convention in Anaheim, California, on July 3, 2014. - Info from Key Club International


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calendar of


This month’s hidden message is a punny pick up line! Can you find it?

This month, I challenge you to write a letter to someone you care about! Send me a picture of it!


REMINDER: LAST MRF of the term DUE MARCH 31! Work with your Secretary - Elect on it!

Region Advisor: Rhonda Cameron Email: Call/Text: (530)870-2085

Lieutenant Governor: Prajwol Devkota Email: Alt. Email: Call/Text: (530)867-5341

Division Newsletter:

Division Facebook Group:

Mobile Subscription: Text “Follow D14Robots” (w/o quotes) to 40404

Division Website:

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Robo Update 2.5  

Welcome to the ICON Issue of the Robo Update, also our 10th issue, woo! Read through the second last issue of our volume to learn about ICON...

Robo Update 2.5  

Welcome to the ICON Issue of the Robo Update, also our 10th issue, woo! Read through the second last issue of our volume to learn about ICON...