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ROBO UPDATE 2.1 The Official CNH Division 14 Newsletter | November 2013 VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 6

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Thank you to Jaipaul Mann and Herman Singh from Yuba City High for participating in last month’s challenge of the month of complimenting a stranger! You made and impact on their days and you are golden!

“ Today you are you, that is truer than true there is no one alive who is youer than you! ” - Dr. Seuss

THANK YOU ROBOTS While making this newsletter, I spent days on this page, thinking of how exactly I could sum up all of my feelings to describe how proud I am. It took maybe a week to finish all the other pages, but when I came to this page, I just stumbled. I didn’t know exactly how to get my feelings on paper, and I still really don’t, but here it goes! Four years ago, I attended my first Fall Rally north, I still remember everything about it, and I remember attending the rally and looking up on stage at all the people dressed in silly outfits, and I wondered, “Who are they?” Later, I found out that they were part of the District Board and I found out what a Lieutenant Governor and District Executives were. I was extremely inspired after finding out the amount of dedication and work these individuals put in making the world a better place. Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought that one day, I would have the golden opportunity of serving as your Lieutenant Governor and standing up on the similar stage as part of the “LegaBEEs.” Blue Robots, I want to thank you all, because you had trusted me to serve you on January 12, 2013, I was able to go through a life-changing journey, which I’m still on, serving as your LTG. It has made my life so much better and everyday I feel so thankful that I was given this opportunity. But all of this would be nothing without you. Robots, this year we were able to leave our own golden legacy of our own. We had the highest D14 member attendance at FRN with over 145 members, while I was on stage, I couldn’t stop smiling as I saw all of your beautiful faces screaming and cheering. On top of that, together we raised a total $1,570 for PTP which is an all-time D14 New Record! You are saving and bettering the lives of so many children! Even though we couldn’t break the Top 3 curse, the fact that we made top 3 in the spirit battle against divisions that were 2 times our size is an amazing feat and I am so proud of everything we have achieved!

CHALLENGE OF THE MONTH Give thanks to your favorite teacher and get a gift for them & take a picture! Submit your visuals to d14.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.c om by November 15!

Now that Fall Rally is over, we still have much more to look forward to! Candidate Training Conference for those who want to be LTG is coming up and DCON is only 160 days away! I can’t wait to see all the amazing accomplishments we will achieve in that time!

Let’s continue leaving our golden legacy!

Prajwol Devkota


APRIL 11-13, 2014 Location: Sacramento convention center

Registration: February 20, 2014: $178

Late Registration: March 15, 2014: $218


What is DCON? District Convention (DCON) is an annual convention held to celebrate the year of achievements, bond with our CNH ohana, attend workshops, elect the new Executive Board, install/retire the District Boards, and MORE! Where is DCON? This year, DCON is being held in California’s state capital at Sacramento, CA at the Sacramento Convention Center! So, blue robots, DCON is only 45 minutes away from all of you so it is much cheaper! There are a total of 9 different hotels around the city in which you can stay in. The quicker you get your registration in, the better choice of hotels you get! When is DCON? DCON 2014 is going to be held from April 11-13, 2013! But, as clubs, you must submit your registration by February 20, 2014 or you will all have to pay for late registration which is $40 more! All clubs must send in one registration and one check paying for everyone so all of this must be worked on and fundraised for by December so it can be ready and processed by January to turn in! YOUR CALL TO DCON 2014


GO FOR THE GOLD! Imagine being on stage accepting YOUR award from a District Executive while over 3,600 Key Clubbers are in the crowd cheering for you. This doesn’t just have to be an imagination, it can become a reality! There are so many ways for you to get recognized at DCON 2014! Make sure you apply and check out all of the contests on, we’ll see you on stage at DCON 2014!

PAY YOUR DUES! Why pay dues? Dues help us run our organization and they come with a lot of benefits! Make sure you pay your club dues so that your club can be an official Key Club and your service hours can be counted for!

How your dues are split up: It only costs $11 for a life changing experience! $6.50 of your dues goes to International, this helps pay for your membership card, membership pin, the administrative budget, the international board budget, Key Club magazine, Youth Opportunities Funds, international convention, and leadership education! $4.50 of your dues goes to the District and this helps pay for administrative fees, District Board Budget, Key Leader Scholarships, SLP/PTP Grants, Leadership development education, Fall Rally North, Fall Rally South, District Convention, and insurance!


Project Eliminate make a commitment to save at least 3 lives

The Eliminate Project is a project that the Kiwanis Family works on with UNICEF to work together to eliminate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) from the world. This is a deadly disease that kills 1 baby every 9 min., that’s a total of 160 deaths per day and it only takes $1.80 to help save a life. There are only 22 countries left with this terrible disease which is caused by unhygienic conditions. Let’s work together to help support our district goal of raising $500,000 by August 2015 and reach our division goal of $2000 for MNT by the end of November! Together we can save lives! Fun fact: MNT was recently eliminated in Sierra Leone & Gabon!

watch for more info. m/watch?v=npXGqy__30&list=PL E05D365AB2078B55


Show your K in every Way — Show people what Key Club is all about!




Spread the word by wearing Key Club gear and publicizing Key Club Week in local stores, your school Web site, community newspapers—even on the radio. Officially announce Key Club Week in your community with a proclamation and start doing more service to get Key Club recognized in your community!

Kudos to the Key players — Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know—teachers, advisors and other Key players. Write thank-you notes, host an appreciation dinner or do something uniquely your own style to recognize the contributions of these special people.

Connect the Ks — Key Club is the largest high school service organization in the world and is a member of the Kiwanis family. Celebrate the entire family of Kiwanis by getting the whole gang involved. Connect with local Kiwanis, Circle K International, Builders, Kiwanis Kids or Aktion clubs and team up for a joint service project.

Bring a friend to Key Club — More members = more service. Increasing the amount of service Key Club performs increases the impact Key Club has on the world. Bring a friend, or two, or more to your next Key Club meeting.

Your way — This is your club’s chance to do its own thing and make its mark. Pick a project, plan a recruitment party or combine activities from the other Key Club Week days. Whatever idea you choose, take it and run with it.



SPOTLIGHT ON SERVICE November is Kiwanis Family Month! So for the month of November, the Spotlight on Service program encourages your club to do a project with your Kiwanis family clubs! If you don’t have a Builders, K-Kids, Circle K or Aktion club near you, do a project with Kiwanis! Remember our Kiwanis sponsors are why we are here, they do everything for us so it’s our turn to show them appreciation and help them our and collaborate! Once you have this done remember to send your submission in on the Project Submission form at


GOLDEN SPOTLIGHT You shine brighter than the sun! Golden Robot of Oct. - Jay Wu Your growing passion and dedication for Key Club and service is inspiring. It is really great to see how you are coming to more events and showing off your leadership skills and spirit that continue to inspire all of us! Thank you for all that you do to help out!

Golden Leader of Oct. - Jose Gonzalez What would we all do without our beloved Sprit Coordinator Jose? You are one of the loudest, and one of the friendliest! You truly show off our core values, especially of inclusiveness by being so open and getting everyone else involved! Thank you for leading us to top 3 at FRN!

Gold Club of Oct. - Live Oak High Live Oak continues to amaze our division by showing of more and more! Membership growth, with the most members from D14 attending FRN and the first club to reach the minimum $200 for PTP donation amount! Thank you, keep growing!



ROBO POINTS Each month, clubs will get points based on the following criteria and the club with the highest amount of points by DCON 2014 will win an amazing prize! Points will be given for:  Early Bird MRF (10 points)  On- Time MRF (5 points)  DCM Attendance (1 point per member)  Division Service Event Attendance (1 point per member)  PTP/MNT Fundraising (20 points)  Kiwanis Meeting/DCM Attendance (5 points)  Article/Visual Submission (5 points per extra submission)  Spirit Items/Cheers (10 points)  Challenge of the Month (5 points)

River Valley 155 CONGRATS! Marysville 112 Live Oak 100 Yuba City 96 RV Las Plumas 15 Albert Powell 31 East Nicolaus 23 Lindhurst 0 Oroville 0 10 Wheatland Union 0 Current Leader


NEWS Have you been missing a little fun in your life? With the stress of school, college applications, standardized testing and everything else, you must be overwhelmed with stress! Well, it’s time for you to take a break, have some fun, and get colorful at the Gnarly Neon 5K Color Run at the Marysville MMX Raceway on Saturday, November 2nd, from 7 AM to 1 PM! We will be serving together as a division and having our November DCM so be sure to not miss out! Call to November DCM Video:

On October 11, we had our biggest DCM of the year yet with over 40 members at the Fall Rally Prep in River Valley High School! It was so amazing to see all of you golden leaders being so spirited and amazing! Remember that after attending a DCM or any division-wide event, we have the brand new Division Event Reflection Form for you to fill out! Fill it out/bookmark it here:




Being auctioned off! Thank you for buying me and District Tech Editor Lincoln To Robots!

The Session 2 LegaBEEs!

RECAP EA Shagun with a cute D5N Corgi Tracy!

On October 19, Blue Robots we left a golden legacy on Fall Rally North as we brought over 150 members and raised an all-time D14 record of $1,570 for PTP! We also made the Top 3 in session 2 Spirit Battle against notably larger divisions! L-O-V-E I LOVE MY D-I-V!


EA Shagun Bali with the District Executives! What’s a Key Club event without derps? Look at how pretty LTG Julia Shen is!

Cute Blue Robots having fun at Six Flags!


Lt. Governor Kellan having a precious moment with a blue robot!

Clarissa and Julissa Gomez enjoying their time!

Jose Gonzalez & PIE Chair Jacob Torres have their GOLDEN Ticket!

SAA Coordinator Derek Chen & MR Chair Carissa Yen!


Ashley’s amazing Tutu!

Perf Lams.


what are the

ROBOTS up to?

Live Oak


Back to School Night by Mamunna Gorsi [Secretary]

Leis for Breast Cancer by Clarissa Gomez [VP]

As the school has started we have began our first fundraiser. On Wednesday, August 28, we had our Back to School Night in which we sold hot pizza and cold water to hungry parents, students and staff. Three students helped out for the setup and for the selling portion. Throughout the fundraiser it was a bonding time plus recruiting time with fellow classmates. This year the event was only 2 hours long and we were located in front of the English wing. To our hopes we had sold out all the pizza and only had a couple of water bottles left which was great news for us. We left with a great result and happy parents, students, and staff.

In honor of Pink October, Marysville Key Club made pink & white ribbon leis. Taking advantage of our day off from school, we had a two hour “Ribbon Marathon” where we showed newBEEs how to make ribbon leis and made tons of ribbon leis as well. We found ways to keep ourselves entertained, from playing Pandora music to just talking with each other. It was nice to be able to meet new Key Clubbers and make new friends. Lots of our attendees seemed to like the “Ribbon Marathon” and definitely seem willing to do another one sometime soon. We plan on selling these Pink October ribbon leis, along with our orange & black ribbon leis (for our school colors) at our Homecoming. Hopefully, lots of people will support us and we can come together for a great cause.


River Valley

Yuba City

K-Kids Mentors by Erin Dominguez [Secretary]

Riverbend Harvest Festival by Prabhjit Kaur [President]

On Wednesday, October 9th, River Valley Key Club started up its bimonthly program at Bridge Street Elementary school once again. This ongoing service event is designed to cater to kids from 1st to 5th grade at the elementary school by providing fun and nurturing activities during the school’s afterschool program. Key Clubbers took the time and effort to give up their 4th period class to volunteer at the school, helping kids draw pictures for upcoming Halloween and creating lifelong bonds with them. This service event has to be one of my favorite because of the amazing relationships you create with the little ones and the potential impact that you can have on their lives. Bridge Street never fails to put a smile on my face.

On October 25, 2013 from 4pm-9pm Yuba City High School Key Clubbers helped out at the Riverbend school festival, helping out at all the different booths and helping parents and children getting tickets and playing the games. There were different shifts throughout the day and many key clubbers gave winners prizes while cheering on other kids to support them at the different booths. The volunteers put smiles on the children's faces and assisted through the entire event. Your club isn’t featured? Make sure top send your visuals and articles to by the 15th of each month!


calendar of


REMINDER: MRFs due on the last day of each month! 17

Region Advisor: Rhonda Cameron Email: Call/Text: (530)870-2085

Lieutenant Governor: Prajwol Devkota Email: Call/Text: (530)867-5341

Division Newsletter:

Division Facebook Group:

Mobile Subscription: Text “Follow D14Robots” (w/o quotes) to 40404

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