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ROBO UPDATE 2.0 The Official CNH Division 14 Newsletter | October 2013 VOLUME 1 | ISSUE 5

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“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well have not lived at all - in which case, you failed by default.� - J.K. Rowling

HOW DO YOU FEEL?! Did you just get up, stop whatever you were doing and cheer about how good you felt? Good, because Fall Rally North is right around the corner! Can you believe it? We are halfway through the 2013-2014 Key Club year! It’s hard to believe that just 6 months ago we were at DCON 2013 and in just another 6 months we will be at DCON 2014! As I take a glance back to where we were then and where we are now, I can’t help but smile. Everyone has grown so much as leaders, we have all grown closer together as a family and we’ve all done so much service together. Together we have raised $500 for MNT and $250 for PTP and we keep adding on to our goals! Hitting the halfway mark means we have only so much time left to leave a lasting legacy so it is not the time to stop working, but the time to work even harder, and give it our all. More communication, more service events, more fundraising, more bonding, more spirit, and what better way to bond than at Fall Rally? On October 19, we will be attending Fall Rally North at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom where we will be in Rally Session 2 at the Chabot Stadium with Regions 4, 15, and 16! Can we win the spirit stick? Can we reach our goal of $2000 for PTP before then? The answer is YES, we can make it all happen, we just have to keep working hard. I know we can do it. So let’s keep doing that golden work Robots, and I’ll see you at Fall Rally! To correlate with our halfway mark this month’s issue has been completely redesigned from start to finish! I hope you enjoy the new facelift that our newsletter has gotten and I would like to thank past D41s News Editor Anhthy Tong for inspiring the design changes. I also can’t wait to see you all at our INCREDIBLE DCM on Oct. 11, until then, remember I am here for you whenever you need to contact me! Stay Golden,

Prajwol Devkota

CHALLENGE OF THE MONTH Compliment a stranger and take a picture with them! Submit your visuals and compliment to d14.cnhkc.ltg@gmail.c om by October 15!



Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


$37 ON SITE PAYMENT What is Fall Rally? Fall Rally is the CNH District’s biggest fundraiser for the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP). Due to the district’s large size, 2 Fall Rallies are held each year. As Division 14 Key Clubbers, we attend Fall Rally North at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with the rest of Northern CNH!

Why should you go to Fall Rally North? Meet thousands of spirited Key Clubbers just like you! Take a break from the stress of school and enjoy the day by experiencing Key Club spirit and going on all of the amazing rides that Six Flags has to offer! Not much of a daredevil? Then enjoy making new friends and meeting all the animals!

How can you attend Fall Rally North? Attending Fall Rally is easy! All you have to do is talk to your club president or advisor to see if they still have room on their method of transportation. Then get your permission slip and medical release form filled out. After that pay for the transportation, and bring your $37 for the park, unlimited drinks, unlimited rides, and the rally plus some extra spending cash for food!


RALLY SESSION INFORMATION Can we win the Spirit Stick?

11:45 PM

Rally Session #2 With: Region 16 (Koi Fish, Dinos, Ninjas, Grizzlies, Bees,), Region 4 (Yetis, Cheetahs), Region 15 (Tsunamis/Dinosaurs), and Region 14 (Blue Robots, Octopi)

How does the Rally work? The Rally Session is the most important part of Fall Rally and the most fun! Basically what happens is the District Executives and the LTGs are all put up for auction during the session. Each division can bid on buying an LTG or exec. with the amount of money they have raised for PTP. The LTG or exec. they buy must then spend an hour with the division that buys them. Other than that, there is a huge spirit battle between the divisions in the session that goes on throughout the whole rally so you have to stay spirited for the whole time because you are being judged! Each division gets a turn to do their division cheer, then the execs. select 3 divisions to be on top 3 depending on how loud and creative the cheers are. The top 3 must then compete again with a different cheer and the loudest division wins the golden spirit stick! For the past 2 years, D14 has made the top 3 but lost due to rule-breaking so let’s be loud and follow rules this year!

What is allowed and what is not? You are encouraged to bring Thunder sticks, Tutu, Sashes, Shirts/Sweatshirts, Arm/Leg warmers, Pom poms, Foam fingers, Face paint, Bandana, Wristband, Hats, Flags! You cannot bring: Clothes pins, Whistles, Pins/Buttons, Balloons, Large banners, Full body costumes, Hand clappers, Bull horns, Crazy glue, Any small items !Please remember safety comes first during rally, no standing on shoulders!


Insert Club President or Club Advisor’s Name here

Email a digital copy of this form if the physical form cannot be received by this date to

Only one form from each club must be submitted and these have been emailed to your officers!

Make sure you add the exact and correct amount of each shirt and size!


Money must be sent to this Address, Checks must me made payable to Rhonda Cameron!

Pediatric Trauma Program

Pediatric Trauma injuries are the #1 killer of children under the age of 14 and 90% of these deaths are preventable! Raising money for the Cal-Nev-Ha PTP Program helps recognize these unintentional injuries in hope to prevent them and treat them when they occur to prevent these deaths!

Submitting money for PTP in 2 easy steps!


Write a check to CNH Key Club and include Division 14 and PTP in the memo!


Put the check in a sealed envelope and title it as shown!

Donations must be received by Oct. 12 for FRN or just bring the check to FRN and hand to LTG Prajwol to submit before the rally!


District Convention 2014 is Your Golden Ticket to endless opportunities to learn, grow, have fun and create golden memories! This year’s convention will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center on April 11 to April 13, 2014! Are you ready to meet over 3,200 Key Clubbers?! STAGE AND CAMERA INTERNS WANTED! APPLY ONLINE AT THE CYBERKEY NOW!


On-Time Registration: $178 per member due on 2/20/14 Late Registration: $218 per member due on 3/15/14

International Convention 2014 is going to be held in our GOLDEN CNH District in Anaheim, California! Get to meet the International Board, Key Clubbers from all around the world, elect the new International Board, attend informative workshops, and so many more!


International President: Raeford Penny

International VP: Rachel Benoit

International Trustee: Kelsie Hoppes

** KCI consists of 11 International Trustees, Kelsie serves our district


The 2013-2014 Member Recognition Committee Presents the...

What is MRP? The MRP is a program designed to recognize a large amount of dues paid CNH Key Club members. There are four levels of recognition under the MRP: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To qualify for any level of the MRP, a CNH Key Club member must be dues paid and have at least 50 hours of service. The member then must complete several additional requirements. These requirements are posted on the MRP Rubric on the CyberKey. For more information, check out the Member Recognition Program portion of the CyberKey (under the Recognition tab), join the CNH KC Recognition Reflector, contact LTG Prajwol, or CNH MR Chair Carisssa Yen!

This is the rubric for the MRP on how to get points to achieve a higher level!


1. Who is eligible? Any dues paid member from clubs in good standing throughout the Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club District is eligible. A member may not start counting service hours or other MRP requirements until dues are paid. If you were already a dues paid member of Key Club in the previous year and are in good standing then you may count summer hours. Those who transfer schools may also have their hours transferred over to the new school that they attend. 2. When is the MRP applicable? All Key Club sponsored activities held from March 25, 2013 to February 20, 2014 qualify for this term’s MRP award. 3. How do I go about submitting my MRP form? Fill out the MRP form according to the guidelines. Once completed, submit your application to your club’s Recognition Coordinator or person tasked with organizing your club’s MRP applicants. A list of MRP award winners will be sent to your lieutenant governor. From there, this list will be sent to the CNH Key Club District’s Member Recognition Committee and winners will be recognized at District Convention 2014. 4. How do I keep track of my MRP status? It is recommended that you keep track of your own hours and events attended, even if your club already does it for you. This way, you can fill in the MRP form at the end of the year more easily and efficiently. Please note that your proof of attendance must be verified by an e-signer. 5. Can a single event be counted within two different categories? Yes. Some events fall under multiple categories. For example, if your club hosts a beach clean-up service project with your local Kiwanis Club, this would count towards both “service hours” and “Kiwanis Event”, and maybe even “Interclub”. 6. Should the forms be completed on the computer, or should it be handwritten? It is recommended that all forms be completed electronically. However, the final decision is left to your club’s Recognition Coordinator or person tasked with organizing your club’s MRP applicants. 7. How do I determine how much money I’ve raised for MNT if I fundraised with my club? If a member participates in a club fundraiser for The Eliminate Project, the amount that will go toward the member’s “Lives Saved” section on the MRP will equal the total funds raised from the event divided by the number of members who participated in the fundraiser.

Feel free to contact MR Chair Carissa Yen at or check our the Cyberkey or LTG Prajwol for any further questions! on/mrp


GOLDEN SPOTLIGHT You shine brighter than the sun! Golden Robot of Sep. - Maikou C. Lee Seeing you attend more and more of our division events is great to see! Your developing leadership skills are surely golden! Thank you for attending our car wash, service events, and RTC! We hope to see you at more and more of our division events because you brighten up our days!

Golden Leader of Sep. - Quinta Pedraza Stepping up as president is not an easy task but you seem to make it look very easy as you keep working hard! Keep up the continued work as you build yourself and the members you serve! It was great to see that your club had the highest attendance at RTC!

Gold Club of Sep. - River Valley High River Valley! Keep up that golden service that you do! Your spirit and growing membership along with the highest attendance at RTC is something to be very proud of and we hope to see that continued growth coming from your club!


THANK YOU, STAY GOLDEN! Members and clubs are recognized for events from August 21 to September 20!

ROBO POINTS Each month, clubs will get points based on the following criteria and the club with the highest amount of points by DCON 2014 will win an amazing prize! Points will be given for:  Early Bird MRF (10 points)  On- Time MRF (5 points)  DCM Attendance (1 point per member)  Division Service Event Attendance (1 point per member)  PTP/MNT Fundraising (20 points)  Kiwanis Meeting/DCM Attendance (5 points)  Article/Visual Submission (5 points per extra submission)  Spirit Items/Cheers (10 points)  Challenge of the Month (5 points)

River Valley 110 CONGRATS! Live Oak 94 Marysville 85 Yuba City 39 RV Las Plumas 15 Albert Powell 8 East Nicolaus 3 Lindhurst 0 Oroville 0 12 Wheatland Union 0 Current Leader


NEWS Hey Blue Robots! Our Fall Rally Prep/DCM is on October 11 at River Valley High School in Room 609! We will be having a 2 hour session where we make spirit gear, make spirit cheers, and get informed about Fall Rally so you need to attend, especially if you are attending Fall Rally North! This event is Superhero/Supervillain themed! So dress up as your favorite Superhero/Villain character and the top three costumes will win a prize! If you have any hoola hoops, PVC pipes, cardboard, scissors, paint, construction paper, fabric, old newspapers or anything regarding arts and crafts please bring them!


GOALS PC: Leon Pan Here is a quick update on how we are doing on our current goals! For PTP, we have $160 that have been raised but only 3 weeks to reach the $2000 goal! Fundraise until October 18! Then just bring the check to FRN for on-site submission! For service, we have served 880 hours and we still need to reach 10,900 hours! We only have 5 goodin-standing members with 50 hours of service or over so we need to reach these goals! For FRN, let’s win that spirit stick and reach all our goals!




Special Thanks to District Secretary Amanda Redublo, our CSU Circle K Guests, Ms. Cameron and all of you for attending Region 14 Training Conference and making it a golden moment to remember!


what are the

ROBOTS up to?

Live Oak

Harvest Bowl by Jose Rafael Gonzalez [Vice President] The Harvest Festival was one of our club’s big fundraising event this year for the Pediatric Trauma Program. After our participation in the Diamond Jubilee Fall Parade on our BEEautiful float which was built from the dedication and hardwork of all of our GOLDEN members, we went straight to work on our Key Club booth at the community park where we sold fried potato chips that were made from scratch with the help of our Live Oak Kiwanis Club! The rain did not dampen our spirits as we cheered and exchanged chips for donations for PTP which we raised a total of $157! We were even featured on a local newspaper, the Gridley Herald so it was a great day for all of us!



Member Orientation by Clarissa Gomez [Vice President] Marysville High School hosted its very first Member Orientation where we had 5 different workshops to teach our members more that there is to Key Club. Right after school, we had a social where we had our members introduce themselves, we had ice breakers, and we had a scavenger hunt. Right around 4:30pm, we started our orientation. We had four presenters: Julissa Gomez, Emiliano Gomez, Tom Cheng, and Prajwol Devkota. Key Clubbers had tons of information thrown at them, from our member points system, to all about Dues, to all about Focus Projects, and much more. Our members definitely came out of this orientation with much more knowledge than they came into it and we can say with much hope that they will continue to serve actively in their home, school, and community.


River Valley Walk for Alzheimer’s by Erin Dominguez [Secretary] River Valley Key Clubbers gathered on the morning of Saturday, September 21st to help out with the Walk Against Alzheimer’s here at the Feather River Parkway. Volunteers supported the organization by selling multicolored balloons (purple, blue, yellow, and orange) with unique meanings for every color. Each balloon cost $5 and a personal message to a loved one could be written on it. At the beginning of the race, the balloons were released, signifying an end to the pain that this terrible disease has caused countless people and their loved ones. The participants walked a total of 3 miles with our Key Clubbers cheering them on every step of the way. The Walk Against Alzheimer’s was a wonderful way to start of our weekend! Thank you to everyone who participated!


SPOTLIGHT ON SERVICE For the month of October, our Spotlight on Service is UNICEF/The Eliminate Project to focus on Trick or Treat for UNICEF! Instead of asking for candy this Halloween take around a Trick or Treat for UNICEF box and ask for little donations for the Eliminate Project! Remember that just a $1.80 saves a life! Last year, by continuously asking for donations, I was able to raise $74 just by myself! Can you beat my record? I challenge all of you to raise as much money as you can this month with these Trick or Treat for UNICEF boxes by asking friends, family, or even skipping a trip to Starbucks! To order these FREE boxes go to:


calendar of



Region Advisor: Rhonda Cameron Email: Call/Text: (530)870-2085

Division Newsletter:

Lieutenant Governor: Prajwol Devkota Email: Call/Text: (530)867-5341

Division Facebook Group: ots

Mobile Subscription: Text “Follow D14Robots” (w/o quotes) to 40404

Division Website:

Division Twitter:

Division Instagram:

Division Reflector Group:



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Robo Update 2.0  

Our 5th Issue of the Robo Update comes to you with a brand new look! To celebrate that we have reached the halfway mark in our Key Club year...

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