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APRIL 2014


Welcome to the official 2014 Secretary’s MRF Manual! This guide has been created as an updated version of the 2011-2012 MRF Manual which was created by Past District Secretary Breigh Dang (2011-2012) since the MRF file has been updated since then! This version of the Manual has been created to specifically support secretaries in the 2014-2015 term with submissions of their Monthly Report Forms! I hope you all find this form useful to you because it did take a lot of time! Make sure to check out all the other resources that are provided throughout the Cyberkey and Division Website if you need help and never hesitate to ask questions! You only get one term like this one, I hope you make the most of it! Enjoy! Wired for service,

Prajwol Devkota 2013-2014 D14/39 LTG

INSTRUCTIONS The First Tab: Opening up the Club MRF form for the first time can be really overwhelming and confusing, but, although it is a complex file, it is extremely easy to complete and keep track of! The first tab of the MRF (Instructions) does what it says, it provides you with instructions and an overview of all of the things you will be doing and keeping track of in this file! Make sure you read through it!

TASK 1 Initial Information: The Task 1 Tab is where you put in most of the club information. The MRF file is coded in a way so that all information is carried on so it’s important that you do this task first! The club information you put in here will be used throughout the rest of the MRF!


The At A Glance section will be where most of your club information is inputted. Make sure ALL of the information is completed! The only parts that can really be missing are the Club Website and Club Reflector Group sections if your club does not have one. Other than that, everything else, you should have information for and you should fill out. If you do not know your Club Number/Region/Division or even your Sponsoring Kiwanis Club, feel free to email your LTG, he/she will know and can let you know! Regarding the Meeting time & Location, this MUST be very detailed for example: “Tuesday at Lunch” would not be good enough, “Tuesday @ 1 PM in Room 609 at Circuit City High” would be better so that your LTG knows when your meetings are for club visitations!



Do you know your club board? Because all you are basically doing in this sections is writing down the names of all the officers and advisors! The side on the left are officer positions that cannot be changed, list as many as your club has! A basic Key Club requires: Kiwanis Advisor, Faculty Advisor, President, Secretary, Bulletin Editor, and Treasurer! But, of course, your club can have more officer positions so that is how you can add them on the right side. If your club has only one Vice President, just put “n/a” for their focus.


And just like that, you’re already almost done with the second tab in your MRF! This section is very simple, just answer “Yes” or “No” to the questions provided! The Official Membership from the Beginning of Term is the membership that your club had at the end of the previous term and the Official Membership on February 1 will be the membership that your club will have as of that date near the end of your term! Make sure you do not input or mess with the Annual Achievement Report Score section! That is coded and will be calculated for you automatically in February!


CLUB ROSTER-DIRECTORY The Contact List: One of the duties of a Club Secretary is to create a Club Directory and to make this job simpler, this is one of the tabs in your Club MRF! This is one of the pages in the MRF which is not protected and highly adjustable so that it can be best suitable for you! Add the information which you need for your club members. It is recommended that you have a member’s name, phone number, email, grad year, and membership ID as these are needed for the Membership Update Center during the Dues process!


If you look at the very top of this page (and every other page from now on) you can see that your Club Name, Division, and Region info. is carried on from the first tab! It’s a great example that shows why it’s so important to input accurate information into the MRF because a lot of information is carried on form the formula! This section is pretty self-explanatory, just input the information of your club advisors so that you have a reference to contact them easily because, although we are a student-led organization, we need our adults to support us and guide us!


Add as many as you need depending on club size!

Similar to the advisor section, it’s important to have all the information of your Club Members so that you can contact them and remind them about meetings or events! It’s best to have officers on top and members listed alphabetically!



All of this information is additional information that you can add about the members that you serve. The purpose of the committee column is to organize your club into committees for projects, especially if your club is large. The Grad Year is helpful for the Membership Update Center. The Membership ID is something that is important as a resource. The address is a useful tool to have in case your members need to get something sent home or need to get picked up by an advisor for an event or something. And, the paid column is a great tool in helping keep track or paid and unpaid members! These are all additional items that are highly recommended for use because they only help you!



Organizing the names of the members you serve whether it be on the Service Hours Tab or the Membership Roster tab is simple! Just follow these steps!


The first step is to highlight the column with all of the names.

The second step, go to the Sort & Filter (found on the top right on the home tab of MS Excel) and click Sort A to Z for alphabetical sorting!

Check the names, they should now be sorted automatically by alphabetical order!

SERVICE RECORD Keeping up with the Service Hours: One of the major duties of the Club Secretary is to keep track of and organize each club member’s service hours! The Service Record Tab (which is also another one of the unprotected tabs of the MRF) is used to help you keep track of all of the service that your club members do! Although the format is editable, it is recommended to keep it mostly the same because it will automatically calculate total hours.


Membership and dues payment is automatically transferred from the Club Directory tab, so don’t mess with that because it could corrupt your MRF Code. All you have to do in this tab is add Service Events, the date of the events, and give members time for the amount that they served. If a member does not attend, then leave the cell blank. The MRF code will automatically total the amount of hours served by each member so you don’t have to worry about that! As more events add, you are able to add more columns to add service hours. Remember to give recognition for members once they reach 50 hours of service or more!


MEMBER RECOGNITION PROGRAM The MRP: MRP or Member Recognition Program is a brand new program that was created by the 2013-2014 CNH District Member Recognition Committee! MRP is a new level of recognition that allows members to get recognized in 4 levels: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum! To help ease the process of the MRP, this tab has been added to the Club MRF this year. As a Club Secretary, you will be working on this tab throughout the term (until MRP deadline) to help recognize the members you serve for what they have achieved! Although this sounds like a hard process, it’s quite simple, just like the rest of the MRF!


Levels of Recognition: The Levels of Recognition and Requirements of the MRP have been added to the tab already so use those as references to determine what level of recognition each member will get once the whole tab is completed. One thing to note is that, for MRP, all members need to be Dues Paid, and, to qualify for each level, a requirement is the amount of service hours. For ex: you can have 10/13 requirements completed, but if you don’t have 200 service hours, you cannot get Platinum. Membership/Dues Paid/Service Hours: All three of these will be directly added from the Club Directory and Service Record Tabs so there is no need to worry about updating these. In the case that this information is not added, simply just copy and paste from past tabs. Training Events: Add the number of training events that the member has attended! These include events such as: Officer’s Training Conference, Leadership Training Conference, Region Training Conference, Candidate’s Training Conference, and more! Kiwanis Family Events: Key to College, Kiwanis DCMs, Mentoring K-Kids/Builders clubs,… there are so many Kiwanis Family Events that members can attend! This section is used to number the total amount of Kiwanis Family Events attended. Interclubs: Add the number of Interclub Meetings that are attended by the members, for example meetings where your sponsoring Kiwanis Club has members attending or meetings that you hold with another club in the division. Division Events: Add up all of the Division Events that the member attends like Division Council Meetings, Division Service Events, Division Socials, or Division Fundraisers! District Events: Did the member attend District Convention or Fall Rally? If yes, then add up the number of events they attended. International Events: If a member attends ICON, then add the point here. Articles/Visuals Submitted: Articles and visuals are due every month to your LTG! So, for each member that writes and submits the articles and visuals for your club, give them the recognition for how much they have submitted! Event/Project Chair: If a member helped chair and event, then add the number of events they have chaired. Division/Region/District Workshop: If a member hosts a workshop at any of these levels, add up the number of workshops they have hosted. Club Committee Member: If your club has committees and the member participates in them, put a Y. Division/District Committee Member: If the member is a part of a District or Division Committee, then put a Y. Club Leadership Position: If the member is an officer or committee chair, then put a Y. Lives Saved from MNT: $1.80 saves 1 life from MNT, divide that from the amount a member raises by themselves for MNT, to figure out how many lives they save and add that up! Level of Recognition: After it is all totaled up, count up how many levels that the member achieved. Name: Before submitting, finally, name the level of recognition the member achieved!


MONTHLY REPORTS The Monthly Routine: Most of the previous tabs of the monthly tab are either completed on your first submission or, they are “works-in-progress� that get worked on throughout the term. So look back, you have already got work done on at least 5 of the tabs of the MRF by your first submission! Note that the Club Elections, Annual Report and Project List tabs

were skipped because those do not get worked on until near the end of your term. We will be discussing those tabs later on. The monthly tabs of your MRF are going to be the main tabs that you are updating throughout your term every time you submit along with the Service Record and MRP. After getting through it your first time, it just gets easier and easier on from there! Eventually, submitting your MRF and updating the monthly tabs just turns into a routine!


Note again that the club information is automatically compiled from previous tabs so do not mess with those! Also, Previous Membership is also compiled from the Task 1 Tab, so make sure to update that and it will automatically come on to these monthly tabs. DO NOT mess up the formula and change it on these tabs or else you will break the MRF code and have to start a new one! Current membership will not be changed until Dues Season which usually begins in September. After that time, keep track of the number of new members paid from the MUC and the date the membership check was sent as well as the check number! After September 30, this will become a continually updating process according to how many members you grow throughout the term! The information regarding if your club has a District Officer or International Officer are also taken from the Task 1 Tab! Also, a good way to check membership records for your club is to ask your LTG!



This section has all the information that is automatically filled from the Task 1 Tab of your MRF, note that for Kiwanis Sponsors to fully meet obligations to your Key Club, they should:  Appoint a Kiwanis Advisor to the Key Club and ensure he/she receives adequate orientation.  Ensure Kiwanis members attend every Key Club meeting.  Maintain an expense line item in the Kiwanis club’s service account to support the activities of the Key Club.  Meet with the school principal before the beginning of the school year.  Ensure that all members pay annual dues.  Ensure Key Club officers receive proper training following election.  Hold a planning session involving the leadership of both clubs.  Host or participate in two joint activities involving the membership of both clubs.  Invite two Key Club members to attend every regular Kiwanis meeting.  Ensure Key Club members attend conventions and conferences


General Meeting: This is where you add the dates when you had a club meeting, just click on the cell, and scroll down to select the date. (note you can only count DUES PAID members) Member Present: Write down the number of members present at the meeting from sign-in sheet! Faculty/Kiwanis/Guest/Speaker Present: Select YES or NO depending on if there was a presence of each at your meeting. Interclub: Use the code guides to type in what type of Interclub meeting your club had if you do have one. (*S= w/sponsor, *KF= w/Kiwanis family (other than sponsor), *KC= w/another key club)


Board Meeting/Social/Special Meeting, Kiwanis Meeting/Kiwanis DCM: Just click on the cell and add the date of each if applicable. For Kiwanis Meetings, make sure you add the date of every Kiwanis meeting (regardless if members were present or not) and add if members were present or not in the row below.


LTG Communication: Click on the cell and use the drop down to select the various methods that your Lieutenant Governor has kept in contact with you! If there was none, then just leave it at none. Meetings and Conferences: Just select “Yes� if any of the events were held in the month and list the number of members that attend the event! Note that Officers Training Conferences typically occur in the summer and Region Training Conferences typically occur in the fall.


Fall Rally: Typically occurs in October, just list the number of members present and if advisors were present as well. Division/Club Banquet: Occurs depending on whenever your LTG or Club President plans it but just the same as Fall Rally, list number of members present and if advisors were present. Kiwanis Special Function: Defined as any Kiwanis Function other than a regular meeting, just list number of members and if advisors are there using the drop cells as with the above! Key Leader: Location and time for these weekend events vary but just do the same as with the above for Key Leader events! Division Conclave: An event held to elect your next Lieutenant Governor! It typically occurs during January-February! If your club has someone who is a potential candidate, but Yes. Other than that, the same things apply.


CNH Convention: DCON, which occurs in March or April! If you have a candidate from your club that was endorsed by the division for district, then say yes, same other rules.

KCI Convention: ICON, which typically occurs in July. If you have a candidate endorsed from the District for International position, say yes, otherwise same rules for attendance!


Newsletter Issues: If your club has a newsletter, put down the number of the issue. Member Inductions: Did you welcome any new dues-paid members to the club? Member Training: Did you provide any training for the club members? Meeting held during break: Did your club hold any meetings during school breaks? Club Elections: This is not done until February or Early March, but once complete, put yes. Club Directory/Updates: As a secretary, you should always keep this updated. Add Yes or No depending on if you made updates or not. Articles to Div/CNH: Articles are to be sent to your LTG every month on the 10th along with visuals. Did your club send articles to your LTG that month? Articles to KCI: Did your club send anything to Key Club International?


This is one of the largest parts of your Club MRF monthly tab that you complete and also one of the most important because accurately recording the amount of service that your club does is one of the most important jobs you have as a Club Secretary! Make sure you complete this section very carefully and thoroughly. After the first one, this becomes easy as well!


Project Title: Just include the name of the service project. Membership: For the Total # of Members, only count Dues-Paid members who attended the event and for the Total Member Hours, add up all the hours served by the members in total. For example if 5 members attended an event for 5 hours each, the total members hours would be 25. Please note that member hours can only be counted for Service Events! Fundraisers for the club are beneficial to the club only and therefore do not count as service hours. Service: Mark an X for the type of event that your club did: 

Service Project: any type of project that includes volunteering

Project Benefits Club: any type of fundraiser that might help raise club funds

Division Project: a project that was held by your Lieutenant Governor for all clubs in the division to attend

District Project: a project that corresponds with the District’s main focus

Governor Project/Focus: a project that your District Governor has selected as his/her focus

Project w/ other Organization: March of Dimes, UNICEF, American Cancer Society, etc.

Major Emphasis Program: includes the Service Initiative (Live 2 Learn) and the Service Partners (March of Dimes, UNICEF, and Children’s Miracle Network)

Project w/ Kiwanis Sponsor: a project with your Sponsoring Kiwanis Club

Joint Kiwanis Project: A project including your club and one or more Kiwanis Clubs

Project w/ Kiwanis Family: A project consisting of your club and any branch of the Kiwanis Family (i.e. Kiwanis, Aktion Club, K-Kids, Builder’s Club, KIWIN’s, Circle K) 

Foundation Project: Project that benefits the Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis Foundation (including

programs such as PTP and PEM)

13 Fundraiser: Mark an X if project if project was a fundraiser. Put it under Funds raised for service if donated and funds raised for club if it’s for club funds **** note that all of this get’s totaled by itself on the bottom of the MRF!


This section is where you just basically summarize things that your club did for the previous month! Things that you can discuss are: special events, strengths/weaknesses, Kiwanis Family, fundraising, membership and more! Make sure to write a really good club snapshot because it could be featured!


This section is used to give a deeper insight on the projects that your club accomplished for the month! The projects, amount of hours and funds raised (if applicable) will all be automatically transferred, all that you have to add is the name of the Project Chair (if there was one) and a quick description of what happened at the project! And that sums up the monthly tabs for the MRF!


CLUB ELECTIONS Who is Next?: As mentioned earlier, even though the Club Elections tab is near the beginning of the MRF, you do NOT complete it until your Club Elections are held during February or Early-March! So, this tab shouldn’t be completed until near the end of your term! This information is important so that your LTG can have your Club Officer-Elect information for your LTG-Elect! After completing this, make sure you also work with your Secretary-Elect to update that information to the District here:



During the end of your terms, most of you will feel exhausted and worn out, but remember that the end/transition of your term is just as important as the rest of it! Make sure to work with your Elect on completing MRFs and training them on your tips and tricks, even sharing this manual with them so that you can be sure that the future of your club is in good hands! Also don’t forget to pass down your MRF files and let your elect have access to these club records!


PROJECT LIST Self-Explanatory: This tab could possibly be the simplest tab of the MRF! Everything you have to do for it is actually already even listed on the page itself! The point of sorting the projects from most service hours to the least is to help your club’s Annual Report!


ANNUAL REPORT Your Golden Achievements: The Annual Report Tab is used to compile all the information for your club’s Annual Achievement Report or AAR Score! The AAR score is used for submissions to determine whether your club can win awards for automatic entry contests like diamond distinguished club! Make sure you complete this tab because it is your responsibility and because it is recognition that your club worked for! Although this tab looks overwhelming and confusing, don’t worry! Almost all of the information on this tab is automatically transferred from the rest of the MRF, it is an overview of all your club has done for the term, and you only need to do a little adjustments so that the MRF can calculate your club’s AAR score because it will be requested by your LTG later in the term!

FILE NAMING/DEADLINES Proper Protocols: Your Lieutenant Governor requests MRFs to be submitted on the last day of every month. Also, since your LTG gets MRFs from all of the clubs in the division, to help make it easier to sort them, your MRF should be named with ClubInitials_MRF_1415 for example, Circuit City High’s MRF would be “CC_MRF_1415” and the email subject should be [Club Name] [Month] MRF so for the April MRF for Circuit City, the email subject would be “Circuit City April MRF.”



ATTACHMENTS FOR GMAIL MRFs are sent via email to your LTG ( To help build professionalism, you should always write in the email when sending the MRF. For example, “Attached is the MRF for the month of June!” For Gmail, if you write “attached is” and you forget to attach the MRF, it will automatically remind you before you send the email so you can never forget to attach your files!

GOLDEN RECOGNITION District Tree Award: Do you need motivation for doing your MRFs every month and getting them in on time? If you get all of your MRFs in on time or early to your LTG, then you will be able to win the CNH District Tree Secretary Award! You will win a patch for your club and your club will be recognized at DCON, it’s easy recognition for the work that you do! Distinguished/Outstanding Secretary Award: A major part of trying to get the Outstanding or Distinguished Secretary Award at District Convention is turning in accurate/on-time MRF submissions! That, on top of other requirements and creating an e-portfolio could get you on stage at DCON in front of 3,000 Key Clubbers to get recognized for your hard work!


COMMUNICATION WITH MRFs When you are attending board meetings, try to bring your MRF file with you so that you can leave it open during the meeting and discuss club actions with the board. You can share with them how the club is doing, while, at the same time, they can also communicate with you what has happened so that you can update it on the tab accurately! This builds communication with your board while helping you create an accurate MRF!


TIPS FROM OTHER OFFICERS “Make sure to bring sign-in sheets everywhere you go! It’s really important to keep track of the amount of members that attend meetings, events, socials… everything, because that information is a crucial part of the Monthly Report Form!” 2013-2014 D. Gov Victoria Lai “Making use of the Key Club Planner that I have has really helped me complete my MRFs. You can get them at the Key Club store or officers should get it. I write down all the events in there, use sticky notes to help me remember the events and just log in the member hours from sign-in sheets. MRFs aren’t too bad, you just have to stay organized!” 2013-2014 D12S Gunderson Secretary “Set a deadline for yourself a couple of days before your MRF is actually due, so you will never procrastinate, and always meet the Early Bird deadline! Submitting earlier is better than late submissions!“ 2012 -2013 D37S LTG Alyssa Godfrey



CONTACT & RESOURCES Division 14 Lt. Governor:

Region 14 Advisor:

CNH Key Club Secretary Page:

Secretary Reflector:

D14 Secretary Page:

CNH MRP Resources:

CNH MRP Resources:

CNH MRP Resources: Thank you to Victoria Lai, Alyssa Godfrey, Cynthia Voly, and Andy Wong for helping in creation of this manual!


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D14 MRF Manual 2014  

Monthly Report Forms (MRFs) help us keep track of everything we do as Key Clubbers! But, completing MRFs can be confusing and scary at first...

D14 MRF Manual 2014  

Monthly Report Forms (MRFs) help us keep track of everything we do as Key Clubbers! But, completing MRFs can be confusing and scary at first...

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