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May 2015


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BATTLE ON THE TURN Calob Blain and Nate VanCamp battling out of turn 2 I-96 SPEEDWAY (Lake Odessa) | April 25 ����� ����� �������� �� MIKE BARTON


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2 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

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MAY 2015 Michigan’s Motorsports

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4 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

2015 District 14 Board of Directors & Division Chairs PRESIDENT Thomas Dunn (517) 896-9757

HILL CLIMB CHAIRPERSON Tom Ruid (616) 813-7322

VICE PRESIDENT Neal Soenksen (313) 244-6827

VICE CHAIR Roger Bibbler (616) 813-0646

SECRETARY Heather Soenksen (517) 775-5897 TREASURER Steve Beane (313) 918-8944 LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR Thomas Dunn (517) 896-9757 AMA CONGRESS – OFF ROAD Dick Bigelow (586) 677-0456 AMA CONGRESS – ROAD Kaye Johnson (248) 459-1777 RIDER REPS – OFF ROAD Tim Beougher (989) 751-8073 Brian Kidner (231) 670-7418 RIDER REP – ROAD Lanny Johnson (248) 225-5651

ATV CHAIRPERSON Robert Miller (517) 282-4373 VICE CHAIR – ATV MX Larry Seeley (269) 986-2197

VISIT US AT WWW.AMA-D14.ORG POINTS KEEPER Terri Sweet (517) 719-6264

VICE CHAIR Andy Nichols

RIDER REPS - XC Jacob Hill (517) 505-4530


ENDURO CHAIRPERSON Bill Smith (248) 891-1400 VICE CHAIR Mark Beltinck (517) 304-0726 POINTS KEEPER Tom Zettel (989) 245-6812 RIDER REPS A/AA CLASS Scott Allen (248) 925-6468 B CLASS Fred Kramer (586) 246-3156 C, 60+ & WOMEN'S CLASSES Tina Flegel (989) 875-8186 FLAT TRACK/TT CHAIRPERSON Robbin Pangborn (989) 859-7285

HARE SCRAMBLE CHAIRPERSON Steve Beane (313) 989-8944

POINTS KEEPER Brix McFee (616) 847-6265

ICE RACE CHAIRPERSON Jeremiah Sherman (989) 621-8701 VICE CHAIR Joe Barns No email provided No phone provided

VICE CHAIR Neal Soenksen (313) 244-6827

MX CHAIRPERSON Kreg Bigelow (810) 965-8764

VICE CHAIR – ATV-XC Dan Brendel (810) 217-7404

VICE CHAIR - VINTAGE MX Steve Baginski (586) 321-5680

POINTS KEEPER Mark Becker (248) 672-1224 RIDER REPS Brent Bergeron (ATV-XS) No email provided No phone provided Mark Becker (HS) (248) 672-1224 Kevin Fleszar (HS) (734) 735-3717

POINTS KEEPER Jenny Johnson (989) 871-3356 ROAD CHAIRPERSON Terri Sweet (517) 719-6264 VICE CHAIR Jim Charlebois phone & email – not provided POINTS KEEPER Don Sepanski 313-303-1103

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All D14 membership and charter registrations/renewals, address changes, card replacements, missed newspapers and other membership related issues should be directed to the MEMBERSHIP ADMINISTRATOR: HEATHER SOENKSEN 3155 Prescott Dr, Howell MI 48843 • 517-775-5897

Visions by Thomas Dunn, District 14 President

broading our horizons WE are motorcycle and ATV racers!

It’s getting involved.

WE are Clubs and Promoters!

It’s writing an article for the paper.

WE are, live to ride and ride to live type of people!

Leave your paper at your dentist’s or doctor's office.

We are Competitive!

It’s finding ways to shine a bright light on the District!

WE are all these things, but we are so much more! Bringing the district into the light so others can see what we are and what we do is still one of my major goals. We are a major player at the State level, welcome into the Capitol, where we are listened to and asked for our advise and have been involved in several pieces of legislation that allows us to do what we like to do.

We are now involved with Biker’s for Books, a wonderful program that helps bring reading material to schools and getting our future riders into reading. We are involved in and participating in the Trek the Mighty Mac. A public showing of ORV’s on October 3rd this year, where we will be allowed to ride our bikes and quads across the Mighty Mackinaw Bridge.

We have members that are on local, City and State boards and commissions.

There is already over 1000 people registered!

The AMA looks at what we do to help them with other districts

The District is working with the Cycle Conservation Club to put on a ride from Indian River to Mackinaw on Friday.

We are White Collar. We are Blue Color. Professionals, laborers, and everything in between. WE are District 14! Broadening our horizons means moving beyond our comfort zone. It’s getting involved with State and local programs..

Anything we can do to let the world know who we are and what we do is a good thing! We are 2500 members strong and much more with our family members. We have a voice and we will be heard! We are District 14

It’s working with different groups and people.

See ya at the races!

Helping others shine.

Thomas Dunn

6 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News



Story and photos by: Steve Baginski Well here we go again! The 2015 season is under way and once again we started off with round one at Bulldogs M/C. The off season was broken up with our Banquet a little later than usual but it was great seeing everyone back out on new and old projects. We had a great turnout and the weather was perfect for a late April race. A few racers had some bike issues with some bugs still needing to be worked out. I am willing to bet that a few week break will be enough time fro all of them to be ready for round two.

Tim Anderson was looking good in both classes taking a fifth overall in Transition

The Evolution racers were out first and it was Al Doneth with the holeshot making his return on his rebuilt first Championship winning YZ 250. It has been sitting in his dads garage ever since and even being picked apart for other projects, including mine! Ray Brooks picked up where he left off last season quickly taking over second. His son Derek was also back and fighting with new comer Dean Howard for third. Eric Taylor was making it around in fifth with John Korte making his Vintage debut after picking up

Tommy Lee earned a Fourth in Evolution his first Vintage race in nine years

George Mekjian’s Bike of the Year in the off Season. Tommy Lee was making his return to racing after a nine year hiatus and running seventh. Mark Havalda was the first to have some problems and was racing a borrowed Iron Man bike from Mike Poirier Sr. As the laps clicked away, Al had established a comfortable lead with Ray holding down second. Derek pulled a slight gap in third as Dean was slipping in fourth. Eric was riding a lonely race in fifth as John was maintaining sixth and Tommy was in a battle with Mark for seventh. As the race went on, Al was out front and cruising with Ray a solid second. Tommy was on the move as he was making his way forward and up to sixth as john slipped back to seventh. When the checkers waived it was Al with a commanding lead with Ray finishing a solid second with Derek rounding out the podium in third. Dean came away with fourth in his first Vintage race as Eric finished fifth. Tom held on for sixth as Mark got passed John for seventh. There was a little delay to the gate drop of moto two as moto one winner Al could not get his bike started. He tried and tried but could not keep it running. So the race went on without him and the battle for the overall was up for grabs. John, Tom and Mark were very quick out of the gate. Eric and Ray both went a little sideways off the start with Ray having a slight edge over Derek. With lap two under way it, was Ray with the lead and looking at the overall. Dean was trying to make it hard for him in second with Derek in third. Eric had moved up to fourth with John slipping back to fifth after a great start. Tom was also back a few spots in sixth after his quick start with Mark in seventh. Lap three had Ray out front with Derek now in second with Dean slipping to third and Eric gaining in fourth. Then a half lap later, Dean had stalled and was struggling to restart. Ray was happy out front and I think looking for his first overall. Derek was a solid second with Eric inheriting third. Tom also gained a spot and was up to fourth. So at the finish it was Ray with his 2-1 giving him the overall victory. Derek finished second making it a Brooks family 1-2 with Eric earning third overall with his 5-3. Tom was thrilled with his fourth overall in his first race in nine years. John ended up with 8-5 for fifth with Mark taking sixth on his borrowed Iron bike. Dean never could get his RM 465 to start and ended with a DNF for seventh overall. As the Innovation class was lining up, it felt a little strange not lining as well. But when the gate dropped it was Chad Morehouse with the holeshot. Tim Anderson and Kris Gillett were next with Ryan Baeder following. Tom Lee was next with Mike Poirier Sr. and Eli Hovorka giving chase. Eli was a little under powered on his CRF 150 as his usual ride of a CR 500 was still being rebuilt from the off season. Chad, Tim and Kris established the top three early on and never looked back. Tom had an early edge on Ryan as Mike was pulling a slight lead on Eli as he was struggling on the smaller bike in the sand. On lap three Chad was holding a minor gap on the new second place rider of Kris. Tim was

a solid third with Tom still in fourth. This race seemed very long as I Believe they went six laps. Kris was slowly catching Chad for the lead as Mike and Eli were going back and forth for most of the race. On the last lap, with a half a lap to go, Kris took advantage of a small mistake from Chad and took the lead. I think it took Chad off guard and you could see the shock as he tried to get back up to speed. When the came out of the woods down the final straight it was Kris and his 125 out front and taking the moto one win. Chad crossed in second and obviously disappointed. Third went to Tim as Tom held on to fourth with Ryan losing some ground in fifth. Eli would pick his bike up and put on a charge and pass Mike and take sixth. Chad was off to another great start and looking to redeem himself in moto two. Kris, Tim and Tom were all quick off the line with Ryan in tow. Big Mike was next as Eli was learning a new bike as his 150 couldn’t make to the start of moto two. Chad, Kris and Tim once again would establish themselves as the top three. Tom was holding off Ryan for fourth as Eli had gotten around Mike for sixth. Kris stayed close to Chad for the entire moto hoping for another late charge. They were making quick work of the field and making it look easy. On the last lap, Kris was close but just didn’t have enough left and it was Chad with the win and the overall victory. Kris was forced to settle for second with Tim holding on to take the third spot on the podium. Tom had a steady ride in fourth with Ryan once again in fifth. Eli would stay on two wheels this time and take sixth with Mike watching his loaner bike beat him in seventh.

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 7

The Iron Man and Schoolboy classes were next With Kevin Stone very fast out of the gate. Mike Laczko, Stephen Ellis and Richard Laughlin were all fighting for sec-  John Korte finally raced a Vintage race and not just a Vet race ond. Richard Stone was battling with Konnor Visger in SB with Dale Darling on his rear a few times and was a great battle to watch. On lap three, I saw Phillips off the bike and wheel. Steve Phillips, Randy Stone, Brian and Nolan Briggs were all slightly slower of looking to be having more bike troubles. When they came around for the finish, it was the line as they were all on 125’s. When the dust cleared, Garrison Goforth was stalled Ellis out front taking the win and the overall with his 1-1. Mike was a close second for in the gate but was able to start it quickly and join the race. At the start of lap two it second overall with Laughlin making the pass for third and rounding out the podium. was Ellis out front with Mike all over his rear wheel. Kevin slipped to third with Konnor Kevin slipped back to fourth with Rick ending up fifth. Randy took another sixth with next and looking good on his extremely lowered RM 125. Laughlin was a steady fourth Garrison doing one spot better in moto two for seventh overall. Dale fought hard but with Rick in fifth. Randy was up to sixth with Dale a close seventh. Phillips was keeping ended up with 7-8 scores for eighth. Brian once again finished ninth with Phillips unforDale in sight as Garrison was looking to make the tunately getting another DNF. Konnor was all alone pass for eighth. As the race went on, it was the out front taking the win and the overall in the Schoolyoungster Konnor taking the overall lead with Ellis boy class. Nolan rode better and was able to finish pulling a small gap for the Iron Man lead. Mike moto two for second overall. was within striking distance with Kevin holding on to third. Laughlin was gaining on the top three as The Transition guys were next with last years Champ the rest were all holding their ground. At the fingetting great start battling George Mekjian for the ish it was Konnor winning his first Schoolboy race holeshot. Ray Brooks was out on a new bike with Kris over all the Iron Man guys. Ellis held on for his Gillett pulling double duty on his 125. Jeff Hale was first moto win with Mike a close second. Laughlin also out with Mel Blight making his return and Joey charged all the way to the finish taking the third Munger had to do some racing on his home track. Tim step of the podium. Kevin slipped to fourth as Rick Anderson was another two class entry and Gage Ditook fifth. Randy rode great to sixth as Dale manFalco was also back out after making a few races last aged to stay ahead of Garrison. Brian took eighth season. At the start of lap two, Joey was out front as Phillips had some problems and ended with a with Kris a close second and looking smooth. Joe was DNF. Nolan also had some problems and ended in third with Ray closing in fourth as Tim and George his moto early. The start of moto two was more fought for fifth. Gage was seventh with Jeff and Mel of the same with Kevin getting a great start with closing in. With Joey and Kris battling for the lead, Mike, Ellis and Laughlin fighting for second. KonGage had moved into sixth. George was headed in the nor was looking to once again take the overall lead wrong direction slipping back to eighth. At the start of but gives up some hp on the start. Rich was giving the last lap, Kris was now in the lead but Joey was very chase as well as Dale, Randy and Garrison as he close. Ray was a holding on to third as Tim took fourth made a clean start this time. Brian and Nolan were from Joe. Gage was still charging in sixth and had his next with Phillips out for moto two on his back up sights on fifth. When the checkered waived it was bike. The start of lap two looked similar to moto Joey back out front narrowly edging out Kris. Ray was one with Ellis out front and Mike on his rear wheel. unchallenged in third with Tim taking fourth. Joe was Konnor was off to a faster start as he was ahead of a little off pace in fifth with Gage closing in sixth. Jeff third place Kevin. Laughlin was fourth just ahead ended up seventh as George slipped to eighth. Mel of Rick and Randy. Dale had a slight lead over Garrode well in his first race in a while to take ninth. The  Kris Gillett worked his KX 125 hard in both I rison with Brian holding off Phillips. By the middle Transition guys were out last with Ray getting a great of lap two, Konnor had taken the lead and was on nnovation and Transition taking a close second in both, jump over the entire field. Everyone else was about the gas. Ellis was trying to break away from Mike even a moto one victory in Innovation but was having no luck. They went back and forth VINTAGE continued on page 20

8 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

ENDUROµREPORT by Bill Smith | Photos courtesy of Floyd “FMF” Allen

Sand Goblin Enduro

D14 Enduro Series Round #1 ROSELAWN, IN | April 19, 2015 This year’s season opener had 233 riders enjoying some decent temps, fairly clear skies (with a drencher at the end as the last group of riders rolled in), excellent soil conditions, and a well-marked course. The Grand Kankakee Trail Riders did an outstanding job of providing a course layout that still left you grinning, but no doubt sore on Monday! Thank you to all the club members, volunteers, and landowners for providing us with a great weekend of riding singletrack! Calvin Camp (4th B-Open) charging through the enduro-cross section. Meanwhile, Mark Beltinck (background), always a crowd favorite, demonstrates his “popa-wheelie” technique over a 30” log. Yeehaw!

Top 10 Overall 1. Chase Robinson 2. Tyler Vore 3. Ryan Moss 4. Ron Scharphorn 5. Martin Ryerson 6. Cory Maryan 7. John Roth 8. Brett Dubois 9. Richard Scharphorn 10. Owen Hufnagel

Top 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Top 10 Overall A 1. Ron Scharphorn 2. Cory Maryan 3. John Roth 4. Richard Scharphorn 5. Owen Hufnagel 6. Andrew Stokely 7. Brian Lohman 8. Ryan Blake 9. Sean Woods 10. Darren Carlson

Top 10 C / 60+ / Womens 1. Seth Crivac 2. Jeff Kirkwood 3. Jake Darmon 4. Marshall Dillon 5. Neel Bhagat 6. Sky Knisely 7. Mateusz Denslaw 8. Donald Gierlach 9. Dawson Vandecar 10. Alex Moss

Overall B Eddy Cox Todd Bennett Kyle Oberlin Ben Bragenzer Adam Stevens Fred Kraemer Tommy Cox Nick Graf Zach Sanders Trent Hickey

For full results and point standings, visit Always looking to shave a few sections off his time, Mark demonstrates his “BubbaScrub” move over the same log. Meanwhile, Scott Allen is all about precision, and is clearly extending his gap over his worthy A 40+ competitor. Mark’s trials background turns this intimidating log pile into mere child’s play. … And then he throws in a mean whip for good measure! Whoa… Where did Scott go?!? (Let the record show that Beltinck did beat Allen at the end of day by 36 seconds!)

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 9 4. 5.

Turkey Creek – November 1st Peace Pipe – November 8th

How Enduro Race Dates Are Set…

MSR and D14 Enduro Team Up for $1,250 in Gear Awards! We all know that riding an enduro is big fun, and a rewarding, if not challenging, experience. And for 2015, MSR will be ensuring that you don’t have to be at the top of the podium to come out a biggest winner of the event. For 2015 and beyond, MSR is going hardcore off-road. With a namesake like Malcom Smith, the brand is returning to its roots. And with Enduro-specific gear, the brand has the durability and features offroad racers need. The D14 Enduro Series

I’ve received some e-mails / phone calls from a couple riders who are disappointed that there are two National Enduro conflicts on the schedule this season with the D14 Enduro series. I realize that there may be some misconceptions out there regarding how the schedule is set, so will hopefully provide some insight here as to how and why certain decisions are made in the D14 Enduro Series. Regardless, I encourage everyone to ride and support the D14 series, even if it means not being able to ride 100% of the events (FWIW, in the 12 years I’ve been competing, I’ve never been able to ride all events in a season - due to either personal commitments or other conflicts). To begin with… Here is our D14 Enduro Supplemental Rule 3a: “Series events

the upcoming race in Marquette. Our very first D14 event of the season would then be June 28th (Knuckle Buster). Given a conflicting date, another consideration is the location of the National enduro. Is it in Texas, or California, or Ohio? What’s the proximity and driving distance to the National? Will it be a “popular”, and likely well-attended National by D14 riders? Would it be a popular National for a good percentage of D14 riders, or a very small percentage? • District 14 does not set or control the date of race events; we merely sanction a set of races, given their dates, in order to provide an overall compelling series. I think that this may be a misconception by those riders chasing National points, and who are unhappy with the 2 conflicts. We work very closely with the clubs in trying our hardest to come up with the best possible schedule for our riders, taking into account the following factors, considerations, and constraints: 1. What are the possible dates that a club can hold an event? a. Landowner restrictions. 95% (or more) of enduro trail is on private land. Clubs have to abide by restrictions put on them by landowners as to when the land can be used and how it can be used. Crop schedules, hunting seasons, and other event use of the land all comes into play. Also consider that some events have 60+ landowners that clubs have to coordinate with – they all have to be on the same page and all come to agreement in order to string trail sections together.

is very excited to have MSR on-board, and supporting our riders in a big way. At select District 14 enduros this year, MSR will be giving away a jersey + pants + glove combo to one lucky racer. MSR wants to give all riders at all skill levels a chance to win. A set of gear will be on display at each race to check out. Winners at each of these events will be able to choose their set of gear, valued up to $250. Go to to find your next set of gear! Details and rules will be displayed, along with MSR apparel at race signup. Look for the MSR gear give-aways at these select races: 1. 2. 3.

Knuckle Buster – June 28 Bark Buster – August 2nd Summer Bummer – August 9th

should not conflict with popular National Enduro dates.” • I’m by no means defending or justifying this year’s two conflicts based on the semantics of this rule, but the key words here are “should not” and “popular”. Trust me, we did not simply choose to “ignore” this rule, and I hope you’ll understand that a lot of thought and consideration goes into everything we do for the series. As much as humanly possible, there should not be any conflicts, but in certain circumstances, and due to many factors and constraints, this is simply unavoidable in some cases. If the rule stated “will not”, then for the 2015 season it’d be pretty cut and dry; we’d have two less events on the D14 schedule. We would have had to drop the season opener at Roselawn, and also

b. Volunteer work schedules, vacation schedules, guard duty, family commitments, etc. are other factors that come into play. The vast majority of trail work is done by a very small group of people (unfortunately). It can take several months to get a course ready. The availability of the work force has to coincide with the availability of the land. c. Weather – Too wet, too muddy, too much snow still in the woods all contribute to when clubs can have an event. 2. Given the generally limited number of possible dates for race, what other conflicts are there? Holidays, D14 harescrambles, Family enduro events, other regional enduro events, and yes, even other National enduro events. 3. How many D14 enduro riders would be impacted by a conflict? My decisions are data-driven by nature, and I look at rider participation at past events, including events where there was a conflict with a National (this is not the first time it’s happened). Are we potentially impacting 5 riders, 15 riders, or 25+ riders? Of those potentially impacted riders, where do they typically fall with series points at year-end? Do we make a decision that benefits 5% of our rider base, while adversely impacting the other 95%? • I spent a lot of time on the phone with the clubs that are putting on the two conflicting events, trying to come up with an alternative date that would work. When no alternative dates were possible, the

ENDURO continued on page 10

  • • • •

••  • 

10 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News ENDURO continued from page 9 only other option was to drop these events from the D14 schedule. Would that have been in the best interest of the riders, the series, the club, or the sport as a whole? And to do this to accommodate the 5-10 riders that wanted to ride the National series without missing any D14 races? Half the riders at the Sand Goblin and Loose Moose (non-Nationals) are D14 riders. What type of impact would it have on these races and clubs by pulling D14 support from their events? • I know riders that have personally contacted the clubs to voice their concerns over the date conflict, and to see if they could get them to change the date. If given the opportunity, would riders personally contact and work with all the landowners in trying to coordinate another date? It becomes quickly apparent that this is a daunting task, and there are typically very legitimate reasons for the given dates that are selected. On one hand, it’s a testament to the popularity of our series that riders are bummed when they’re going to miss a D14 event. And I encourage riders to continually provide feedback on what they like or don’t like about the series, including suggestions on where and how to improve (and bringing a potential solution to the table is even better!). Like they say… There are worse problems we could have!

Not to Beat a Dead Horse…

1. Make sure your AMA membership is current, and will last the entire season! All D14 events require you to be a member of the AMA. Dig out your card now, and take a look at the expiration date. Better yet, when you sign-up / renew online, if you select “auto-renew”, you get FREE roadside assistance, and never have to worry about your AMA renewal again. A new card just magically shows up in your mailbox when it’s supposed to. (I’ve used the AMA’s roadside assistance 4 times now, and it’s a great benefit!). Also, for those renewing, please include your current AMA number so that you get the same one. It causes issues with the few riders that decide to get a new AMA number every year. To join or renew AMA Membership:

2. Make sure your District 14 membership is current, and will last the entire season! All enduro riders that live within the geographical boundary of District 14 must be a District 14 member (this includes the Lower Peninsula, and the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula). If you happen to live outside of D14, but are interested in earning series points for yearend awards, then you must be a D14 member as of the date of the event. You can’t ride a couple of D14 enduros, then decide to sign-up, and expect to retroactively earn points for the first few events. We had a very unfortunate situation this past year when a top rider had some of their series points pulled because they had inadvertently let their D14 membership lapse mid-season. This was a very tough phone call to make, as the rider had a strong season, and ended up missing out on some great year-end awards. With the D14 membership term no longer on a calendar-year basis, it does make it harder to remember to keep this current if it happens to expire mid-season (there’s no “reminder” letter or e-mail). So please… Pull out your D14 card now, and look at the expiration date. Better yet, when you do renew, sign up for 3 years so you don’t have to worry about it for a while! To join or renew D14 Membership: 3. New for this season: D14 Series Points Registration is required! As mentioned in the December and March editions of the D14 newspaper, we will be using a module in the MotoTally system to better manage series points. In order to do this, everyone earning series points must register online at the beginning of the season. This works very similar to the MotoTally online pre-entry system we’ve been using for the past 8 years. It is quick, easy, and takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. • Registration is needed only once per season, and it’s good from January 1st – December 31st. • Once registered, you will receive series points for the remainder of the season. If registering on the day of an event (you can register via a smartphone), you will get points for that event. If you register after

an event you raced, you will not get points for the previous race. • In order to help operate the enduro series and fund the awards banquet, a $10 fee will be assessed during series registration (1x per year). • You must be a member in good standing with the AMA and District 14 (see above info). It is a promoter’s responsibility to ask for proof of membership, and a rider’s obligation to provide such proof. Riders without proof at sign-up may be required to purchase a membership at the event. D14 Enduro Series Registration: Recap of AMA Class Advancement Process Right after the Sand Goblin I received some questions from riders about class advancement, e.g., riders getting bumped from C to B, or from B to A. There were major changes made this year regarding how the AMA assigns off-road advancement points, and how riders advance to the next highest class.

In a nutshell:

Any Advancement Points accumulated in prior years based on the old system are reset to 0. Everyone starts with a clean slate for the 2015 season. D14 Enduro Series Points are completely separate from AMA Advancement Points. Series Points are tracked and managed by the D14 Enduro Division, and used to determine year-end awards. Series Points are only assigned to D14 members who have registered for the D14 Enduro Series. Advancement Points are tracked and managed by the AMA, and used to advance riders into their appropriate class, based on performance, in order to provide an even playing field. All riders at an event are eligible to earn Advancement Points based on their Overall finish position within the B and C classes. Riders will receive off-road advancement points for participation in all AMA-sanctioned enduro, hare scrambles, desert scrambles, cross country, grand prix, hare and hound (or any similar activity) meets. AMA riders advance from one classification to the next through their successful participation in AMA-sanctioned meets. Advancement points will be calculated

from Dec. 1st to Nov. 30th each year. Riders will be advanced effective Jan. 1st of the following year. Riders between the ages of 12 and 15 on Nov. 30th riding the B classification shall not be forced into the A classification regardless of how many B races or advancement points he/she has. Riders in this age group may advance based on their own ability/competence. For a rider to be advanced, they must have a certain Off-Road Performance Value (ORPV). For B and C riders the ORPV threshold is 15. For C riders, they will also be advanced if they've raced the C class for 2 consecutive years, and their ORPV is 11 or higher. A rider's ORPV is calculated by taking the average of advancement points earned for each race during the season. To be considered for advancement, a rider must have a minimum of six points-paying finishes within the rider’s classification. Race results that have a DNF, DNS overall finish or zero advancement points will not be used for calculating a rider’s advancement ORPV. A rider's ORPV resets to 0 each year. Example: A rider has 10 B class entries and earns 130 advancement points. To calculate the ORPV, divide the total number of entries by the points earned. 130 / 10 = 13. This rider has an ORPV of 13, which would not advance him to A as the required advancement ORPV is 15. Need more Details? Check out this document at ama_off-road_advancement.pdf

Still Seeking Contributors!

My phone has not been ringing off the hook, and my inbox is empty (HA… right!) For those interested in stringing a few words together for the D14 Newspaper, it would be greatly appreciated! The article can be about anything related to motorcycles, racing, trail riding, community, etc. It doesn't have to be about anything recent - write about your adventures from years past, a human interest story, etc. Or just submit some pictures with a little background info on the who, what, when, and where. I can help edit if you'd like.

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 11

submitted by Jeana Carrasco The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Motocross has several plans to help riders raise funds for camp this season. It is the goal of the Michigan Team to assist ALL campers who desire to go to camp regardless of their ability to pay. The “Send a kid” campaign has been launched at Michigan dealerships and businesses. While visiting these businesses in the months of May, June and July, customers can make donations that will go directly to camp attendees. Donators can fill out a paper dirt bike to be displayed by the dealership if they choose to. Participating businesses include: Grace Performance – Kimball MI Babbitt ’s – Muskegon MI Ball Equipment, Richmond MI Magic Racing, Shelby Twp MI K&W – Utica MI Macomb Powersports – Macomb MI Businesses interested in supporting the campaign by selling the paper bikes please contact Camp Dean Jeana Carrasco at 810-394-2727.

your name here!

S e n d a ki d C A M P a i g n July 18th, 2015 Freelin MX will host the 2nd annual Ride-A-thon. Interested campers are encouraged to begin collecting pledges now to participate. Like last year, a minimum of $100 per camper is required to enter the Ride-A-thon. Non-campers of all AMA eligible ages and bike sizes can ride the event for $40. The camper collecting the most donations will win a $695 scholarship to camp. All participants are eligible to win cool event prizes. Money collected from the event is combined to assist campers raise funds for camp. Last year $195 per each participating camper was raised! Pledge forms can be downloaded at At local races, FCA MX team members have two raffle opportunities available. At Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National on July 31st, a 2015 Kawasaki KX 250 F will be awarded to one lucky winner. The winner does not need to be present to win. Tickets are available for $10. The FCA MX Michigan team would like to extend a big thank you to Babbitt’s of Grand Rapids for the donation of the bike. Stop by the booth at local race events to see pictures of the bike with custom graphics and enter to win. Trey Canard has partnered with the Michigan Team by donating his jersey worn in the recent Beyond the Dream video. All proceeds from the raffle of the jersey will go to the scholarship fund. Ticket prices are as follows: 1 ticket for $3, 2 tickets for $5, 5 tickets for $10 and 20 tickets for $20. The winner of the custom framed signed jersey will be announced at the 2015 Baja Brawl.

Over 25+ Years Providing Support to Local & International Riders!

MATT CROWN RACING { Suspension + Performance }

Complete Line of

SUSPENSION SERVICE from Beginner to Pro!

PRIVATE & GROUP MX TRAINING! UPS DAILY ... Quick Turn Around!! 4185 Blood Road, PO Box 65 • Metamora, MI 48455

810.678.2617 Over 30+ Years Racing Experience!


12 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News


Garret, Kohlton, Levi...... It's fun to watch these kids battle it out on the track and then be great buddys when the race is over. The stories I overhear after some of there races are what makes this all worth it. I love these little racer. What a great group of kids!

Jason Eddy, Garret Goodman, Nathan Dekett and Landon Cousineau showing their hardware

 A look at the spoils provided by Tech Care Suspension, Magnum Distributing, Magic Motorsports, Hoosier Tire Midwest, Pivot Works, EVS Sports, Twin Air, Team Alba Racing, Walsh Race Craft, Barkers Exhaust, and of course KOLDKUTTER RACING!

Winners of the Open Hack Solo, 1st Blair Bersano, 2nd Greg Bradish, 3rd Kevin Lambert SR.

 Steve Heinzelman and son Chad Heinzleman taking home Senior and Vintage Class Championships, and a 3rd in 450B! MORE PHOTOS on page 19

The Locals – by Brooke Gentz

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 13

 A group of club members enjoying the track. Photo Credit: Erin Krell


not the average polka dot

immy Badour compares it to a Northern Florida Track. Trenton Beyer calls it the best in the state. Carrie Leddy thinks it’s the perfect mix of sand and safe. Jamie Discher says the layout and dirt are superior. So what is it? If it made you think of one of Michigan’s best club run tracks, Polka Dots Motorcycle Club, then you’re right. Polka Dots has dominated the sport for many years and I wanted to know why.

scrambles, and motocross. According to him, they are one of the few tracks that offer so many different disciplines. The club is run by John, the president, and a board of directors that make track and club decisions as one body. Members of the track do all the track maintenance, event promotion, race day preparation, as well as actual race day events. Generally, club run tracks are mostly just riders working for other riders.

Since the early 1970’s, Polka Dots Motorcycle Club has been putting on motorcycle events such as motocross races, hare scrambles, and flat track races. The club currently averages about 190-230 riders per motocross event and holds approximately three to four motocross races, one hare scramble, and an occasional flat track event per year. After being voted one of the sports best club tracks in 2013, Polka Dots has done nothing but grow and thrive in the motocross community. I spoke with the Club’s President and several active members to get a little more insight in what it takes to be one of the best.

“We have guys that have been riding and racing for 20 plus years, I feel that our success at Polka Dots is due to the fact that we are all friends and enjoy working and hanging out together,” says Pryor.

Club President, John Pryor, represents the whole club including flat track, hare

After much positive feedback about the many track changes last season, Polka Dots will continue to run their track backwards from the previous years. As always, there are more positive changes sure to come.

State Championship Series races are part of one of each of those motocross races as well as our prestigious money moto. As always our goal is to promote 1st class race events by racers for racers and we hope to see you there!”

Finally, I spoke with Gary Seibert about the plan for the rest of the year for the club. Gary informed me that “the PDMC will be hosting one flat track, one hare scramble, two TT's and three motocross races this year. Vintage, Vet Class & the

Polka Dots first race of the year will be Sunday, May 31st, with an open practice day Saturday, May 30th from 11-4pm. Visit the Polka Dots MC Facebook page for more information.

“I think it's fun no matter the skill level the jumps are safe for the beginners and vet riders and the corners are good for the fast guys!” says active member, Timmy Badour. The track is generally one of the safest tracks in the state, but throughout the day it naturally becomes rougher increasing the technicality. However, the wide set track makes it easier to find the smooth lines.

 A muddy start to last year’s prestigious money moto. Photo Credit: Six10 MX Photography


14 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

2:15 AMA D14 EVENTS atv MX


CHAIRPERSON ....................Bob Miller VICE CHAIR – MX............. Larry Seeley  = Michigan State Championship Race

11 25 26

Treaty MC FES ............Greenville Muddobber FES .......Matthews, IN Matthews D/S .........Matthews, IN

01 02

Weed Wacker FES .......... Bentley Bark Buster .................... Bentley Valley Trail Riders Summer Bummer ........Roselawn, IN Hill & Gully Riders Pine Cone FES ......... Moorestown JACK PINE NATIONAL ENDURO Lansing MC.............. Moorestown


02 03  09 10  24  30 31

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Open Practice .............. Portland Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland Baja Acres ...................Millington Grattan Raceway............. Belding Grattan Raceway............. Belding


13 Open Practice................ Portland 14 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 20  Grattan Raceway............. Belding 21  Grattan Raceway............. Belding 27 Open Practice................ Portland 28 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 28 Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac


04 05  25 26 

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek

15 16  23 29 30

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac Grattan Raceway............. Belding Grattan Raceway............. Belding

12 13 13 19 20 

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac Open Practice................ Portland Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland




03  33 Motorsports .................... Mio 04  33 Motorsports .................... Mio 17 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 18  Valley MX ...................... Stanton

enduro CHAIRPERSON .................... Bill Smith VICE CHAIR.................... Mark Beltinck FAMILY ENDURO (FES)......Mike Maurer ( DATES INCLUDE FES )

JUNE 13 14


Mini Moose FES ..........Marquette Loose Moose...............Marquette UP Sandstormers Grapevine FES ................Lawton


Kuckle Buster ..............Greenville Knuckle Buster Riders

AUGUST 09 22 23


Fall Classic FES .........Traverse City


MUDDOBER NATIONAL ENDURO Muddobbers MC.........Matthews, IN Turkey Gobbler FES ...New Paris, IN




Turkey Creek ......... New Paris, IN Riders MC Peace Pipe .......... Greenville, OH Treaty City MC

flat track CHAIRPERSON .......... Robbin Pangborn VICE CHAIR.....................Andy Nichols

MAY 02 03 09 10 16 17 23 30 31

ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway ST .................... I-96 Speedway (Rain Date).......... I-96 Speedway ST .................. Lucky Thumb MC TT .................. Lucky Thumb MC (Rain Date)...................Unknown ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway

06 07 13 14 20 21 27 28

ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway HM .............. Midland Fairgrounds (Rain Date) ....................Midland ST ................. Tri-City Speedway TT ................. Tri-City Speedway ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway

11 18

HM ............. Croswell Fairgrounds ST ..................... I-96 Speedway



19 25 26

TT ..................... I-96 Speedway ST (no pts) ....... Lucky Thumb MC TT .................. Lucky Thumb MC

01 02 09 09 15 22 23 29

ST ......................Polka Dots MC TT ......................Polka Dots MC ST .................. Lucky Thumb MC TT .................. Lucky Thumb MC HM ..... Cadillac Fairgrounds (TBD) HM ............. Standish Fairgrounds (Rain Date)... Standish Fairgrounds STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HM ............. Croswell Fairgrounds RAIN DATE .............. Croswell FG



SEPTEMBER 05 06 12 13 19 20 26 27

ST .......... Owosso Kart Speedway TT .......... Owosso Kart Speedway ST ..................... I-96 Speedway TT ..................... I-96 Speedway STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ST ................. Tri-City Speedway STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TT ................. Tri-City Speedway ST RAIN DATE ................ Tri-City TT RAIN DATE ................ Tri-City

hare scrambles CHAIRPERSON ................ Steve Beane VICE CHAIR..................Neal Soenksen VICE CHAIR (ATV) ............ Dan Brendel

MAY 03 17 30 31

Plymouth Blackhawks ....Culver, IN White Trash......................... Mio ATV NATIONAL HARE SCRAMBLE .............................. BattleCreek H/S NATIONAL HARE SCRAMBLE .............................. BattleCreek


Valley Trail Riders ........... Bentley


Valley MX ...................... Stanton

09 16

Bent Wheels................ Rose City Polka Dots .....................Midland

13 20

Evergreen Creek ............Bay City alley Trail Riders ............. Bentley


Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland




hill climb CHAIRPERSON .................... Tom Ruid VICE CHAIR....................Roger Bibbler

MAY 17

Goshen ...................Goshen, IN

13 14

Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton

11 12

Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton

02 22 23

Port Huron MC ...........Port Huron Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton

12 13

Muskegon MC ............ Bridgeton* STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Muskegon MC ..............Bridgeton




* 3 points paying climbs (day & night climbs)

motocross CHAIRPERSON ............... Kreg Bigelow  = Vet Series - Max Points Vet Classes  = State Championship - Max Points


02 Baja Acres ...................Millington 02 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 03  Baja Acres ...................Millington 03 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 09 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 10 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 10 Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac 16 Big Air MX .................... Newago 17 Big Air MX .................... Newago 23 Baja Acres ................. Millingtong 24 Baja Acres ...................Millington 30 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 31 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 31  Polka Dots MC ...............Midland

JUNE 06 07 07 13 14  20 20 21 21 

Big Air MX .................... Newago Big Air MX .................... Newago Bulldog Riders ............... Millingto Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland Freelin MX .................Brown City Grattan Raceway............. Belding Freelin MX .................Brown City Grattan Raceway............. Belding

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 15

2:15 AMA D14 EVENTS 27 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 28 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 28  Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac


04 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 05 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 11 Big Air MX .................... Newago 12  Big Air MX .................... Newago 18 Freelin MX .................Brown City 19  Freelin MX .................Brown City 19 Polka Dots MC ...............Midland 25 Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek 25 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 26  Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek 26 Grattan Raceway............. Belding


01 Big Air MX .................... Newago 02 Big Air MX .................... Newago 09 Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek 15 Freelin MX .................Brown City 15 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 16 Freelin MX .................Brown City 16 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 23  Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac 29 Grattan Raceway............. Belding 30  Grattan Raceway............. Belding

SEPTEMBER 05 06 07 12

Baja Acres ...................Millington Baja Acres ...................Millington Baja Acres ...................Millington Valley MX ...................... Stanton

13 Valley MX ...................... Stanton 13 Cadillac MC ...................Cadillac 19 Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 20  Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland 26 Big Air MX .................... Newago 26 Freelin MX .................Brown City 27  Big Air MX .................... Newago 27 Freelin MX .................Brown City

OCTOBER 04  Polka Dots MC ...............Midland 11  Bulldog Riders ..............Millington

17 18  24 25  31

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Valley MX ...................... Stanton Freelin MX .................Brown City Freelin MX .................Brown City Baja Acres ................. Millington\

Battle Creek MC .......Battle Creek Valley MX ...................... Stanton


Cadillac M/C ..................Cadillac

03 10 26

Polka Dots MC ...............Midland Bulldog Riders ..............Millington Baja MX ......................Millington


road CHAIRPERSON .................. Terri Sweet VICE CHAIR ................. Jim Charlebois



vintage mx


CHAIRPERSON ............. Steve Baginski

MAY 10

Portland Trail Riders ....... Portland

07 21

Big Air MX ................... Newaygo Freelin MX .................Brown City

05 19

Valley MX ...................... Stanton Polka Dots MC ...............Midland



09 16

NOVEMBER 01  Baja Acres ...................Millington


AMA – D14 – D14 News – ENDURO – MX – ICE –

AUGUST (Hill & Gully)

17 14



Muskegon Spring Run Muskegon MC .......... Mt. Garfield 43rd Blessing of the Bikes Para Dice MC ...............Baldwin Flag Day Ride ................Midland Tri City Travelers

Poker Run .................. Rose City Bent Wheels Poker Run Lucky Thumb MC ............. Deford


27 27

Turkey Run ..................... Crump Tri City Travelers Fall Tour & Steak Fry Para Dice ..............Grand Rapids

Be sure to visit these websites often during the season and offseason to make sure you’re up to date on the latest and greatest!

The 2015 Season is Underway Submitted by Mike Caron

Finally the weather has warmed and racing is in the air! Everyone should be all geared up and ready to go for the 2015 season. If not…..get a move on it….its moto time! Hopefully these past winter months were put to good use; drinking plenty of beer to stay in shape, new builds completed, broken parts replaced, fresh tires are on and powder coating is done. I hear it’s going to be a hot one this summer so I hope everyone got some light gear! The Farmers Almanac has predicted this for summer: According to our long-range weather predictions originally released in the 2015 Farmers’ Almanac, the warm weather will be slow to establish itself, but the summer heat will arrive in full force by July, with much of the nation sweltering with aboveto much-above normal temperatures, I also saw some new faces at Freelin last weekend so I hope so see some more! As well as some old faces, who will be watching from the sidelines regretting they sold their quad (Scott Blanchard). It’s sure to be a fast paced season having so many available dates to ride on! And I’m sure everyone is pumped to have Baja added to the race schedule (lets hope Polka Dots is game for next year)! This year sure is looking to be a good one and I hope to see a good turnout at the races! Buckle up your boots and gas up your bike because the 2015 season is underway! #BRRAAAPP Mike Caron #835

Before traveling to any event, be sure to check out the track/promoter's website or facebook page or go to for updates.

16 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

I-96 Speedway I-96 SPEEDWAY (Lake Odessa) | April 25 story and photos by Mike Barton Flat trackers kicked off their season at I96 Speedway in Lake Odessa. The sun was shining, but the wind was blowing, making it a chilly day. There were a good amount of riders that showed up to ride the short track. Practice went smoothly and everyone was very pleasantly surprised to see Gage Beland, who showed up for a special visit! D14 has implemented a new rule this year stating that all 50cc classes and the 65cc class must have their final completed by 10pm. They ran all of their heats first and an added quad class for the little guys. Due to some delays, the time got late, so halfway thru the heats the little had to run their mains. After that they finished up the heats before running the rest of the mains. There was a lot of fast guys and girls and some of the riders showed some big improvement! Kyle Martinez was flying around the track! Austin Harrington really stepped it up this year on the 85, also! It was also great to see Calob Blain back on the track! A big thanks to Mike Barton for taking a lot of great pictures when most of our hands were too frozen to do so. Leaping Larry Schmid was there to wave those flags and keep the track running smoothly. Also, a big welcome back to Robbin Pangborn who reclaimed the position of Chairman of Flat Track! We hope to see you all next weekend at Owosso Motorsports Park!

 Gage & Shelby Beland, with big smiles!

 Girl Power! Morgan Monroe wins 251 Open Single and 350-450 A

 Morgan Monroe getting a tire between Charlie Gerencer and Todd Martin

A little Article by Austin Harrington, #99 65cc class and 85cc class

 John Scherer catches a hard edge in the turn and rides on without missing a beat

 Austin Harrington showing some speed in the 66-85 class

I like to race flat track and when I was 4 I had to make a choice on racing or just riding my bike around the house. I chose racing. I keep on improving more and more when I go the race track every weekend. The reason I love racing is because everyone works together. At every single race I feel at home. I love getting the support from people like my mom and dad and Tony Gifford and other racers. People at the track always get along after a race which is why I love it. At I96, which was the first race of the season, the track was in pretty good condition, but there were a few crashes. Everyone did really well this weekend. I was really impressed with the new riders. Nice job everyone!


May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 17


story by Mike Maurer, Family Enduro Series Chairman

The Family Enduro Series got off to a great start this year. We traditionally start the riding season in Roselawn, IN and Kalkaska, MI. Both events had a significant increase in attendance compared to last year. We had 490 riders attending these April events (only 348 riders last year). According to the Michigan Off Road Events scoring team, many of these riders were first time FES participants. The Grand Kankakee Trail Riders laid out a 10 mile loop and the route sheet had three laps of this course at different speed averages. Mother Nature cooperated on the first loop - dry and sunny. As the second loop started, so did the rain and we got REALLY wet. The dust was gone and in 30 minutes the sand turned to mud with a new set of trail challenges. Some riders decided to stop after loop 2, but the true enduro experience came to those who finished the third loop. Jeff Fredette (Mr Six Days) provided giveaway items to the participants as Michigan Off Road Events completed the scoring - some of the scorecards were very difficult to read due to the mid ride weather. We have a new set of young riders who continue to advance their riding abilities and prepare for the Sunday C class in a few years. Joseph Kraemer had the lowest score for riders under the age of 16. In fact, his score was better than his father by two seconds. Attendance at the Arbor Day was not impacted by back to back FES events. We welcomed 193 riders (40 more than last year) to Kalkaska and the Trout Festival. The first loop was 11 miles at 12 MPH and included the trail on private property thanks to the Matley family to allow us to ride in their backyard. The second loop had 21 miles of new trail and was on public land - thanks to the Michigan DNR. The speed average for this loop was increased to 18 MPH and once on the trail, timekeeping was not a concern. Fletcher Collins had the best score for riders under 16 years old. It looks like les-

sons learned at the Rich Lafferty school are benefitting Fletchers trail speed. The Harter boys and Chase Orme are still in the running for the Youth neck brace that is being donated by Steve Beane at Plus One Performance. If the three of them attend the Grapevine in Lawton, we will draw one of their names as the winner and start the next lottery for the next age groups. We had 19 people who stayed in Kalkaska on Saturday night and planted trees with the DNR. The turnout for this important event was low, but everyone there worked hard to plant trees and restore a damaged area near Smith Lake. Thanks to everyone who helped. This event makes the Arbor Day trail available. I hope we have more that can make it next year. I would like to provide a warning to the X riders who choose to ride faster than the speed averages. I realize that 12 mph is slow on a full size bike. However, if you blast through the trail and decide not to wait at the posted resets for the scheduled departure time, you will create unplanned two way traffic and arrive at road crossings before the volunteers both VERY unsafe outcomes. The intent of the X class is to allow riders to chaperone younger participants or to have bragging rights with your friends who are not interested in points or trophies. If you use these events to practice for Sunday and create unsafe conditions for the other riders, your opportunities will be limited or removed. Some clubs have already approached me about not allowing an X rider on the trail if they are not riding with a younger rider. I have asked the clubs to post this change on the event flyer if the X class participation will be limited. We do not have any events in May. We will be headed to Marquette in early June and Lawton in late June. See you at the races.

May 2015 – by Steve Beane

• What a crazy month it has been in the two-wheeled world. The Enduro World Championship kicked off, numerous nations announced their teams for this September’s ISDE in Slovakia, and Kailub Russell continued his tear in the GNCCs with (seemingly) 147 straight overall victories to name just a few of the hot topics. • Just when it looked like Ryan Villipoto had shaken the cobwebs off his MXGP debut season, he literally busted his $#@ at the event held in Trentino, Italy. RV was way over his KX450-SR’s rear fender when he inadvertently grabbed just a teeny-tiny-too-much throttle, causing the bike to squirt out from underneath him and throw America’s best hope at MXGP glory on his butt, breaking his tail bone in four places. Ouch. • Not to be left out, Tony Cairoli hit a kicker at the next round in Valkenswald and blowed heavily into the sandy soil, fracturing his left hand. Gauthier Paulin was the big winner in Holland, but it’s Max Nagl and Clement DeSalle that are currently the men to beat in the points. • Jorge Lorenzo recently won his first MotoGP race in a long time in front of … wait for it … 122,000 rabid fans in Jerez, Spain. Valentino Rossi carded his 200th podium at the same event. • Last winter was too long for almost everyone but the ice racers – I’ve already had more service work in four months than I had all last year as riders from across the country are eager to get their bikes in tip-top shape for spring. • Ryan Dungey posted an incredible eight wins on his way to another premier class Supercross title. His recent win was the first for KTM in the premier class, and his first since taking the title on a Suzuki in his rookie season. • Cody Webb has his hands full in defending his American EnduroX title. Husqavrna’s Colton Haaker (previous JCR Honda-mounted, and Kawasaki before that) grabbed the holeshot in the main in Vegas and would never relinquish it to Webb at round 3 of the series. After five years of Blazusiak it appeared that Webb might be the only contender for the title, but perhaps not. • GasGas may or may not have resumed production at their Spanish assembly plant, but their five month lay-off had to play at least some part in the decision of Tenneco to shudder it’s Bologna, Italy Marzocchi fork operation. We’re currently working on plans to ensure on-going support for the superb closed chamber ‘PFP’ forks. • In one of the most blatant take-out moves of all time, Babbitt Kawasaki’s Jacob Hayes saw his Arenacross championship hopes go up in smoke (steam actually). Hayes destroyed the water pump on his Kawasaki in an incident that left co-points-leader Kyle Regal on the ground wondering where his bike went, but it wasn’t until a couple laps later than the big green bike expired. • The first spy photos of the 2016 KTMs have surfaced, although it’s clearly not 2016 yet and the pictures were snapped at an Austrian dealership, so there wasn’t much actual spying involved. The orange brand has moved product introductions so far forward in the year that they’ll soon have to skip one just to keep the calendar straight. Superior Service Worldwide … it’s more than a slogan, it’s what you can expect from PlusOnePerformance. Find us on the web at, or in the woods near you.

18 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

THE BECKER CHRONICLES by Mark Becker #184v

Pound-Town PLYMOUTH BLACKHAWKS (Culver, IN) | March 29 29 March was our first event. An early race usually brings winter-weary riders out to play. 212 riders total came out. Michigan winters suck. The older I get the less tolerant I become. So when the state of Indiana offers up the first race this early I’m packing my trash and headed southwest. Every time I travel to the Plymouth Blackhawks I find a new route to take. It’s location allows me to challenge my sense of direction. Gas is cheap now so who cares, I’m riding eh. This particular Saturday had me take the toll road 80/90. As it turns out, since you have to pay to use this road (seems so un-American, almost hippie-liberal in nature) it allowed me to drive as fast as my aging truck could be pushed. Even at 80 mph I was being roosted by the family station wagon. I stopped at the rest area to allow my dog some relief. There was a collection of fast food joints so I decided against better judgment to indulge. I bought a burger call an El Diablo. It was a gut bomb that served as an omen for the weekend. Weather was perfect for racing, not so great if you were working the event. It was dry but cold. A few gusts of wind served as a reminder it was still March. It was sunny and bright and that was enough to make any rider happy. The sun was not seen too often the previous month. The weather helped spike the numbers. The track was reversed since the last time. However, it was shortened due to early spring flooding. The club wanted to keep us dry so they routed us onto the high ground. In doing so we lost the technical parts of the trail. What remained was open, fast trail that would be used for the quads in the afternoon. We had 5.2 miles of GNCC style trail. My instincts were telling me this would be bad. I hate high speed ultra crazy hyper velocity brain -dead racing. Much like real life for me, I was proven wrong. The club has been doing this for 40 years. Odds are they know what they’re doing. 200 sets of wheels pounding the ground has a way of changing the landscape. Like most riders, I came ill-prepared and questioning my fitness, my attitude, my bike, and even my ethics (lack of). I had some time to survey the track. Handguards were not required, only vast amounts of testerone and minimal brain activity. More questions for me to stress over. No matter, time to Shut Up, Buck Up, and Man Up. If I wanted easy then I should have stayed home and played shuffleboard. Racing was never intended for whimps. You’re either tough or you’re a poser that talks about racing. I don’t do “talking”. Saddle up pilgrim. Steve Beane our new Chairman gave an inspirational riders’ meeting. Sound enforcement will be in effect. No excuses, pass or fail. Simple. Start your e-mail blasts now. My “Delete” button works well. 21 Expert riders lined up on the front row. I can’t say I ever saw that many before. We have so much young new talent this year. Very cool indeed. 90 riders in the 2 hr classes, 62 riders in the 3hr, 18 team riders (9 teams), and 15 minis. We had 27 quads (going on memory on that stat) which is respectable. So allow me to spin my slant on this race. I watched the expert class take off. The first corner had at least 3 riders go down in the slimey topsoil. The next corner brought down 4 more riders. Surprisingly, I had a revelation. Getting the holeshot may not be that important. Staying upright with forward momentum is. The green flag was waved and I hit the button. The bike whirred to life and off I went surrounded by 11 other like minded riders. I came off the line early but choked upon entering the corner. I backed off while the serious contenders fought for position. My first lap was challenging. I stalled my bike 8 times. I was hating my new bike. Wave after wave of riders went by me as I had to learn my new bike. Once I settled down and properly adjusted my clutch I found a rhythm. Lap 2 and 3 allowed me to catch my competitors. I’m ashamed to say I used a guy’s bike as trail traction. He crashed so fast in front of me I had no time to adjust. It looked as though his front

wheel hit an ice patch, it was that fast. I rode over the entire length of his bike. I want to say that I’m sorry and it was not intentional. Given the option of running over the bike or his body, I made the right call. Remember, this track was only 5 miles long. That means the braking bumps became whoops and the whoops morphed into an endless series of tabletop jumps awkwardly spaced. These Kong-sized whoops became the great equalizer. It wasn’t about who was the fastest rider but who wanted it more than anybody else. It was gut-check time. You had to commit or slow roll over them. I want to say that I manual wheelied through them like a pro but that would be an absolute lie. I kept the front end skipping off the tops while the rear slammed into the leading faces. Not pretty but it worked for me. I never got a chance to sit and relax. The entire 3 hours I spent in the attack position. I think scoring was my only chance to sit and grab a drink. My legs were reduced to aching stumps of putrid flesh for days after. It took me a full week to recover. My upper body was fine but my legs never experienced a pounding like that. Intense. With each lap I gained confidence in the bike and myself. Here’s a nifty lesson. I came up on a line of riders in one of the tighter sections. OA winner Alex Witkowski came up on me. I immediately let him by knowing he would do my dirty work. He clears the way and I reap the benefits. It pays to let the fast guys by. I noticed a few “creative” lines but nothing too outrageous. The riders kept it clean and rode the course. No drama, no problems, and no worries. Here’s a brief comical side note. I decided to keep my dog in my truck since it was cold. Neal Soenksen offered up his truck instead since his daughter was staying warm in his truck as well. She left the truck and Rufus (dog) stepped on the lock button. The keys were in the truck. So picture 6 people palming the side windows trying to coax my pea-brained dog to step on the unlock button. Rufus was enjoying the heat and the attention. Too funny. We as racers experience our own private hell when we ride. Take any 2 riders and they will relate opposing versions of what the track was like for them. I always enjoy hearing how somebody else’s day went. I then compare it mine. Steve McQueen said it best, “Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.”


PORTLAND TRAIL RIDERS (Portland, MI) | April 26 I was not going to write about this race for the simple fact what can you say about a 3 hour long moto? As it turns out it was quite a story. This track has a great location and the weather seems near perfect every time. An impressive record for a track that tries to shake it’s pure MX heritage. This club knows what it has and embraces it. This track separates whiney,excuse-making crybabies from dedicated racers. Yes, it is a moto track with a farm field and a short stretch of trees with a grass track. It was 5.2 miles of mindnumbing fun. I come here every year to support this club and try to hone my limited MX skills. I never expect to place well. But, as any gambling addict will tell you, one can’t lose all the time. It is statistically impossible. Short story is I earned a 2nd place which is my best ever there. I acknowledge that is the first place loser but it pays the same amount (that would be zero). Moving on. Portland is a track that draws big numbers. 239 bikes entered which may become this year’s record. 115 riders in the three hour program (56 were team) and 95 in the two hour girly-man classes. 29 mini riders showed up to turn and burn for an hour. Despite being a 3 hour moto this club knows how to run a hare scramble. So let’s look at the course.

HARE SCRAMBLES continued on page 26

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 19

 Mike Revor JR. waiting patiently for his Champion's Jacket

NATIONAL ENDURO REPORT story and photos submitted by Talon Soenksen

 Mike Revor JR. Winner 200cc Studded Solo receives his Champion's Jacket from Chairman Jeremiah Sherman

After round 3 of the National Enduro series was cancelled due to flooding we switched gears and got ready for a hilly round 4 in the mountains of Tennessee. After arriving to the race site on Saturday we got signed up and prepped the bike for a muddy race on Sunday. Waking up Sunday morning with a steady rain helped me to realize that it was going to be a tough one. The row I was on was pretty good and was in the perfect place for the conditions. I started off a little slow in section one just trying to get used to the conditions but sped up as the section went on. I got a decent time through the test and found a few deep muddy sections but not many. Coming out of the section I realized that my front sprocket had missing teeth on it and needed to be changed. Thanks to my awesome pit crew and super mechanic Dad we got it changed and I was ready to rip in the second section. Right out of the start of the second section I missed a corner and had to turn around but I got back onto the trail and kept on going. Section three was good and was not too eventful but I came through the check with a pretty good time. After a short gas stop and some food I got ready for section four and right as our row was starting it began to rain. Section four was good but I had a small tip over that cost me some time. I made it through to the finish and went back to the pits before section five. Section five was good but pretty rough and muddy. I tried to conserve a bit of energy for the last section so I could make the final push. Section six was the longest of the sections and one of the hardest. I didn't realize it was a twelve mile section but I kept pushing all the way to the end. I had two small tip overs and got stuck on one muddy and really rooted hill but I still had a decent time and didn't let the mistakes slow me down. I tried to keep a positive attitude the whole way through because what else would you rather be doing on a Sunday afternoon than riding your dirtbike, even in the mud and rain? At the end of the day I finished 3rd in A200 and 18th in Overall A. Thank you to everyone that is supporting me and thank you to my Mom and Dad for everything they do. Also a big thank you to the following companies: MSR, LAKE CYCLE, GALFER, MOTOREX, ACERBIS, SKORBORZ, ENDURO ENGINEERING, TWIN AIR, GAERNE, FACTORY CONNECTION, LEATT, RENTHAL, EVS, FMF, POWERSPORT GRAPHICS, 100% GOGGLES.

20 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

 Gage DiFalco charged hard in Transition earning third in moto two but just missing the overall podium in fourth VINTAGE continued from page 7

lot of ground on the last lap finishing only even all the way to turn one. At the start a few seconds behind Joe in seventh for  Derek Brooks rode well to a second overall in Evolution of lap two, Kris had moved into the lead seventh overall. George held onto eighth with Joey a close second. Ray dropped to when I do and please bring any mistakes 10. S. Phillips (Hod) Evolution: 1. R. Brooks with Mel ending up ninth. third as Tim took over fourth. Gage was a to my attention. For any other informa- (Suz); 2. D. Brooks (Yam); 3. E. Taylor (Yam); 4. close fifth with Joe getting roosted in sixth. I am very pleased with our turnout to tion please check out www.michiganvin- T. Lee II (Suz); 5. J. Korte (Mai); 6. M. Havalda George, Jeff and Mel were all in the battle round one and hope the interest grows Thanks for checking (Suz); 7. D. Howard (Suz); 8. A. Doneth (Yam) Innovation: 1. C. Morehouse (Hon); 2. K. Gilfor seventh. Joey and Kris were once again even more. Now we are off for a few in and I hope to see you at the races. lett (Kaw); 3. T. Anderson (Hon); 4. T. Lee (Ktm); swapping positions for the lead foe most weeks and then we head back to Portland 5. R. Baeder (Kaw); 6. E. Hovorka (Hon); 7. M. of the moto. Ray was on the gas in third on May 10th. Then we have our usual RESULTS – Bulldogs M/C 4/19/15 Poirier Sr. (Suz) Transition: 1. J. Munger (Ktm); with Tim still in fourth. Gage was gaining Memorial Day race and then it is out to Iron Man: 1. S. Ellis (Hon); 2. M. Laczko (Hon); 2. K. Gillett (Kaw); 3. R. Brooks (Suz); 4. T. Anground on Tim and pulling away from Joe. Big Air on June 7th. I will be working on 3. R. Laughlin (Suz); 4. K. Stone (Suz); 5. Ri. derson (Kaw); 5. J. Sangster (Hon); 6. J. Hale Stone (Hsk); 6. Ra. Stone (Kaw); 7. G. Goforth (Ktm); 7. G. Mekjian (Hon); 8. M. Blight (Ktm); Jeff had taken over seventh with George the points but won’t post them until after (Suz); 8. D. Darling (Kaw); 9. B. Briggs (Hod); 9. G. DiFalco (Hon) in eighth with Mel a close ninth. Gage was around race four. Please check them over the racer on the move as he was up to fourth by the start of lap four. At the finish, Joey was out front with a 1-1 with Kris losing a little ground but still finishing second. Gage made a last lap pass taking third and finishing one spot off the podium in fourth. Ray took fourth in the moto but his first moto third gave him the last step on the box. Tim finished fifth just ahead of Joe and they would also finish fifth and  Konnor Visger was flying on hi way to his first sixth respectively.  Stephen Ellis made his return to Bulldogs and fighting hard to win the Iron Man class School Boy Victory Jeff also gained a

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 21

Back in the Woods with Steve Beane, HS Chairman

It’s hard to believe that we’re three races into the 2015 D14 Hare Scrambles series, but the numbers don’t lie. The season kicked off at the very tail end of March at the Plymouth Blackhawks club grounds way down in Indiana. (I say way down because a race day down there means 400 miles of driving when it’s all said an done.) The thermometer on the way down had me scratching my head – it was reading 16F at one point – but by the time the minis took to the track the needle was on the high side of freezing, if only just. In big bike action Brad Benjamin ripped one of the best holeshots of all time, only to pirouette to the ground in front of a pack of over 20 M class riders. Luckily for Brad he avoided taking a direct hit as numerous others also discovered that frozen ground with the lightest covering of last year’s grass doesn’t offer much traction. If any humor can be found in rider’s crashing it is that with every successive start handfuls of riders would hit the deck in exactly the same spot … clearly in sight of the starting area. Portland Trail Riders hosted round two of the series, and the club took the renewed emphasis on course length to heart in laying out their spring race. The highly accurate odometer on the Beta showed 6.1 miles following the first lap, allowing for a slight overlap between the start and scoring. With the longer layout the club was able to run a full-length race instead of calling it on laps. It was hard to believe that the chisel-plowed field was all in one place as there was at least four distinctly different soil textures in just that one area. The deep sand in

a couple corners made power a premium, and it also sapped the fuel reserves on a number of bikes. Perhaps the toughest line to navigate on the day was sign-up – there were still at least 20 riders waiting when the flag was supposed to drop on the big bike classes. Don’t forget that AMA and District cards are available on-line. _____________________________________________________________ Round three had series participants returning to Indiana to tackle a longer, yet still very challenging and rough course. A month’s time had allowed the club to access different sections of the property, so the trail ran over some terrain not seen in the previous round, and the sections that were repeated had a different rhythm and flow. Power-robbing sand hill climbs and a couple treacherous mud holes provided opportunities for exertion that was amplified by the 80F weather. The White Trash club decided that they would rather hold a fantastic event in 2016, with the oft-promised 90% new trail, than serve up a beat up trail, so May 17th becomes a trail riding/golf/yardwork day. The series continues on Saturday May 30th for quads, when Battle Creek will offer a rare Saturday quad race. Sunday May 31st is the Battle Creek Motorcycle Club’s National Hare Scrambles with all District bike classes offered, as well as National designations. Hope to see you there!

Michigan’s Largest Offroad Dealer just added 2015

Just 20 minutes north of Lansing, on US127, we are on your way to the tracks and trails of Michigan.


May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 21

story by Bill Smith photos as noted

Knuckle Buster Enduro – June 28

 Follow the arrows to the land plenty… ~ photo by Zach Smith

 Loose Moose Mastin ~ photo by Shan Moore

Loose Moose Enduro June 14

Round #3 in the D14 Enduro Series brings us back way downstate to the town of Greenville, MI. Based on rider surveys, this event without a doubt offers up some of the most epic singletrack in the series – for those riders that make the effort to actually ride it! For all those fair-weather riders that have never given the Knuckle Buster a shot due to race format, you are doing yourself a disservice as an offroad rider. And did I mention the always cool and unique trophies the club comes up with? Your spouse may even let you keep this one on the living room mantle! (at least mine did for a week)

According to a 4x D14 Enduro Grand Champion, Marquette offers some of the best technical singletrack in the country… And he’s ridden it all! Round #2 in the D14 Enduro Series brings us to the unique and varied terrain of Marquette, MI. You won’t find anything else like it in the state, guaranteed! Don’t be left reading about the Loose Moose…. Ride it!

Located in close proximity to our riding compadres in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, it’s a must-ride event for the 30% of those south of the D14 boundary competing for series points and year-end awards.

Go to for event flyer and online registration. This log is long gone, but there’s still plenty of big fun to be had in the Loose Moose playground! ~ photo by Zach Smith

Throwback to LM 2003 and this author’s first enduro; a lesson in line selection! ~ photo by Tom Buchkoe

Look for event flyer and details to be posted soon on

 KBE Crossing ~ photo courtesy Capture Me Photography

22 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

11th Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting

submitted by Thomas Dunn

The 11th Annual Arbor Tree Planting, a part of Kalkaska’s Trout Festival, was accomplished again this year with the help of a small group of volunteers. The Planting, sponsored by the Lansing Motorcycle Club, District 14, Michigan Off Road Events and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has successfully planted around 75,000 trees in the 11 years. This years planting took place just east of Kalkaska next to a beautiful lake that is being ruined by 4x4 use at the waters edge and into the lake. The group was able to put stumps and brush in the openings to help restrict activity and the planted between 2500 and 3000 seedlings of Red Pine and Jack Pine in the tracked area. A big thank you goes out to Kelly Standerfer of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for helping us set this up each year. The restoration of O.R.V. damaged areas of our forest helps the District and Family Enduro Series to obtain land use and trail that would otherwise be off limits to our members for events . It also helps at the Capitol and with the public to see our groups help maintain our natural resources.

 Kelly Standerfer

 Lorrie Dunn and Katie Hunt

I hope to see a better showing of people to help next year!

 Mike Maurer of FES and Craig Scott of Valley Trail Riders

 Lewis Shuler Executive Director Of CCC, Thomas Dunn, and John Spence


May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 23

story by Bill Smith photos as noted

Knuckle Buster Enduro – June 28

 Follow the arrows to the land plenty… ~ photo by Zach Smith

 Loose Moose Mastin ~ photo by Shan Moore

Loose Moose Enduro June 14

Round #3 in the D14 Enduro Series brings us back way downstate to the town of Greenville, MI. Based on rider surveys, this event without a doubt offers up some of the most epic singletrack in the series – for those riders that make the effort to actually ride it! For all those fair-weather riders that have never given the Knuckle Buster a shot due to race format, you are doing yourself a disservice as an offroad rider. And did I mention the always cool and unique trophies the club comes up with? Your spouse may even let you keep this one on the living room mantle! (at least mine did for a week)

According to a 4x D14 Enduro Grand Champion, Marquette offers some of the best technical singletrack in the country… And he’s ridden it all! Round #2 in the D14 Enduro Series brings us to the unique and varied terrain of Marquette, MI. You won’t find anything else like it in the state, guaranteed! Don’t be left reading about the Loose Moose…. Ride it!

Located in close proximity to our riding compadres in Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, it’s a must-ride event for the 30% of those south of the D14 boundary competing for series points and year-end awards.

Go to for event flyer and online registration. This log is long gone, but there’s still plenty of big fun to be had in the Loose Moose playground! ~ photo by Zach Smith

Throwback to LM 2003 and this author’s first enduro; a lesson in line selection! ~ photo by Tom Buchkoe

Look for event flyer and details to be posted soon on

 KBE Crossing ~ photo courtesy Capture Me Photography

24 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News

FreelinMX – Spring Fling Success


FREELIN MX (Brown City, MI) | April 25/26 Story by Team Freelin Photos courtesy of It’s always so great to get a new racing season started. The thumb started off with a big grin from Mother Nature. No wet stuff, just cool chilly weather to Fling into Spring. When the sun came out it was just a bonus. Over 400 racers made their way to FreelinMX to play in the dirt and kick some A$$! The track was ready, the track crew was ready, all that was needed was some race gas and a stroker to get around the track. By the looks of things, the racers were ready to go. This weekend was Round 1 & 2 of the Michigan State ATV Championship. Once a year FreelinMX plays host to the ATV crowd, and what a crowd they were. The quads always bring tons of spectators to see those 4 wheels fly through the air, what a treat. We love the bikes and we enjoy the additional show of the ATVs when they come to visit. FreelinMX looks forward to their annual Freelin FRENZY (June 20/21). Additional activities include kids games, prizes, cotton candy, our giant blow-up slide will be up. Look to the skies Saturday night for a fireworks display to get you starry eyed and ready for dreams of Sunday racing. This family event is always a great time. Lots of racing action, lots of fun.

 Ready, Set... Go

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 25 For additional seat time check out our regularly scheduled open rides. Open to bikes, if you are looking for a non-race environment but still want all the safety and regulated sessions, come on out and join us some Sunday for practice. You will find that our open ride sessions are a good value for an entire day of run. Plus you get all the safety of flaggers and EMS on site.


Jeremie Sparrer (FreelinMX Announcer) 4/25/15 – OK folks, here with the winner of the Quad 16-29 class, on a Yamaha, out of Farwell MI, he’s 17 years old, it’s Andy Hartwell. You took off, never looked back, looking smooth. Looks like the track is starting to get a little rough out there, see you guys kickin it up a little bit. Congratulations on a great ride, is there anybody you want to thank? I would like to thank my mom, my dad, Jake Wilson at Slick Willy Powersports, Fox, and the whole family who came out here today. Wow, great ride, how’s the season been going for you so far? Real good, havin fun! Any goals for the season? Win another championship. What class are you going for the championship in? 16-29 and B. Earlier you told me that you traveled down to a national this season, do you plan to hit any more nationals? Ya, hopefully the rest of them if all goes as planned. Right on, best of luck to you. What did you think of the track out there? Have you ever been out here to FreelinMX before? Ya I have. This tracks been awesome. I loved it last year and this year I like the new changes. You like that new back section with all that loose dirt? It gets like rolling bumps for the bikes. What’s it like for the quads out there on the new stuff? It’s really tore up, it robs all your horsepower but it’s very fun! Well, you made it look easy so good luck later in the B class. Next up we have the winner of the 50+ class, out of Livonia MI on a Yamaha, #581 Chris Lane. Boy you looked sharp out there, got a couple of holeshots, you and Paige Reeser dukin it out there pretty good, but you had the endurance, you pushed hard, and at the end of the moto you made her eat your roost. Fast as ever out there, anybody you want to thank. Ya, thanks a lot I appreciate it, Paige just made a mistake. I just want to thank John Kreh and Jim Quinn to come here and get me goin. Or otherwise they don’t feed me  so I gotta go fast or I don’t eat! It was a good moto, had a great time, love the people here at Freelin and I want to thank the God above like all the racers do n o w . Gonna follow s u i t . We’re all good, thanks a lot, appreciate it. Yes, I saw John Kreh out here in the pits e a r l i e r,

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16 Wheeler are these guys all here cheering you on? Are you done for the day? Running any other classes? No, I gotta cut grass. Way to go Chris, hope to see you again tomorrow. Ya, I’ll be back. Here with the winner of race 6, running in the SuperMini class. He’s #11, running on the KTM out of Plymouth MI it’s Colin Deems. Colin, I’m used to talkin to you, you’re up here all the time, you’re a main stay out here at Freelin. Faster than ever, I can tell you worked your butt off all winter. Who helped you get this win? My mom, Jagger, Jesse, Jody, MCR, Reno, Leland and Jeff and Scott & Cam Jeffers. I understand you had a little problem with the bike today, was slowing you down a little bit, but you still got it done. No back brakes and O-rings are shot. WOW, you’re pulling holeshots, with no back brakes, looking like a stud out here. Ya, thanks man. Race 2, Open C, 20 rider gate, who is going to get the holeshot, it’s #51, AGAIN, out of Romeo, on a mean green Kawasaki, it’s Joseph Barczak. It’s packed and that first corner gets hectic. In the first moto #818 Zac Holman and #313 Shawn Chamberlain duked it out. They ended up with 2nd and 3rd place finishes. Looks like this moto may be more of the same. Coming up on the Super Double we have a new race leader, #51 may have gone down, it’s Wade Muma, #94 out of Gladwin leading, Paige Reeser in 2nd position, and Barczak in 3rd. Wade has his work cut out for him as Barczak is all over him trying to take that position back. Paige had a much better start in this moto. First moto she started in about 10th and worked her way up to 5th. What a moto, total action. Love to see these big classes. Good luck to all of them out there. Two laps in and 313 in 4th while 818 in 5th. All these top riders can swap positions in a quick turn. Wow, that ½ a lap had some changes. 51 back in the lead, 818, Muma 3rd, Reeser in 4th and 5th is Chamberlain. Barczak is starting to check out. Here with the winner, race 4, Quad SchoolBoy Jr, #44, riding on a Honda, out of Gladwin MI, it’s Jacob Nixon, 15 years old. You had a lot of competition out there, you had to pin it to win it. Who do you want to thank? Ya I want to thank my Grandpa Dan, Steve Hartwell, Andrew Hartwell and everybody else who’s out here racing with me. This afternoon we had a lot of bikes out there on the track, how’s it holding up out there for the quads? It was alright, track wasn’t too rough. Otherwise track was in pretty good condition. What was your favorite part of the track? Your favorite section? I would have to say the finish line. You can carry a lot of speed through there, it’s a lot of fun. Congratulations on a big win. Gonna be out here tomorrow racing again? Yep!

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26 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News HARE SCRAMBLES continued from page 18 We had some minor tweaks. The woods section had us making abrupt turns that exploited my short legs. Good news about that is once the ruts developed after the 2nd lap I was able to touch ground. (focus on the positives). The moto track was deceiving. I usually feel comfortable but today was different. I suspect the jump faces may have been altered. Not sure but I was confused. My first lap had me come up short on the big double which I’ve done in the past. After that I decided it was time to focus on corner speed and leave the high flying to the real moto guys. That was the best decision I made all day. My bars touched the ground only once and it was at a deep sandy corner. The corn field with 40 years of silt accumulation held up surprisingly well. I’ve seen it worse. Clutch it, shift up, butt back, and throttle on was my menu. It wasn’t pretty but it worked. I gave up looking stylish years ago and decided that getting through took precedence over looking cool. As a general rule, one only needs to look cool on first and last laps. Everything between is just another unrecognizable rider on an orange bike. Yawn. The grass track was less challenging for me this time. In the past I struggled with flat and off camber corners. This time it seemed to flow more easily for me. Riding a bike with decent suspension makes a difference. I’ve always been one of those guys that makes one change on the suspension and leaves it there all season. Turning clickers seems so annoying. We spend so much money on these things; when will they offer self-adjusting suspension that reads the terrain and compensates automatically? I want that, not paying some ying-yang $500 only to tell me that I need to play with the the clickers. My rant is over now, back on point. My favorite jump came after that small double in the center of the track. It was that uphill that launched you into orbit with the soft (but deep) sandy straight-a-way. I felt fast there. I know the reality was that I looked like a spode but it was still fun. I made an effort to improve my corner speed at Portland. I think I did OK. As they say, jump for show but corner for dough. Races are determined by corner speed, not how awesome you look flying 90 feet. Most of us have jobs to go to Monday morning. The enduro-cross section seemed

2015 EVENTS For 2015 MX Classes & Rules visit


Open MX Practice @ 9am-2pm D14 Quad Harescramble @ 3pm


National Harescramble @ 8am

easier this year. The initial rock section had a cheat line on the inside that bypassed most of the rocks. And, I was within the ribbon at all times. I know you were taking the same line. The whole reason for this article was to give credit to our overall winner. I want to say a district record was made that day. 18 year old Joe McNeil proved to be the fastest man at Portland. I can’t remember anyone that young taking a 3 hour OA. I’ve watched this young man the last few years and knew this was coming. Joe has developed into a true class act. He rides well and maintains a true professional demeanor. Well done. Here is my final quote of the day. “DEAD LAST is greater than DID NOT FINISH, which trumps DID NOT START”

TREK THE MIGHT MAC - UPDATE submitted by Dick Ranney

As of this writing, the tally of entries for TREK the Mighty Mac for ORV's on October 3, 2015 is 1,001! TREK will be, without doubt, the largest ORV event in Michigan history! Have you registered yet? Do so now as accomadations are filling up fast. To do so, visit STIGNACE.COM. or STIGNACE.ORG To keep up with the latest additions, punch in TREK the Mighty Mac The size of this event makes us reach out for voulnteers to make this historic event come off without any glitches. We need a few Wednesday, a few more on Thursday, several on Friday and a few on Saturday. Come join the fun and be proud you played a part in making this historic event a sucess! For further information, contact Dick Ranney, Co-chair of TREK the Mighty Mac at 989 469-2405.


AM FOR MX SPLIT PROGRW elcome! Quads Always

21758 Waubascon Road Battle Creek, MI 49017 ClubHouse 269.964.0778 General Info 269.729.9691

One of D14’s Largest Kids’ Track for the Youngsters with a pavilion nearby


GPS Coordinates: Lat. 42.3879N Long. 85.2108W

D14 Motocross @ 9am

Traditional, yet very modern & pristine club.


Plenty of parking & camping on lush grounds.

Track is one of the state’s best with little dust and plenty of good racing.

Very safe track design.

Plenty of personnel to help with sign up, safety, parking, & rider assistance.

D14 Motocross @ 9am AMA /D14 State Championship Series


Open MX Practice @ 11am


MoneyMoto @ 9am

Gates open at Noon on Friday prior to races. 7 a.m. sign up with Practice at 9:00 a.m. Racing approx. 10:30 a.m. LOCAL SPONSORS: Custom Connection Motorsports George Danke Motorcycle Company • JT Cycle Katz Well Drilling • Seyberts Kubota Kings • Shortys Cycle

May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News 27

FREELIN continued from page 25 4/26/15 – Racing in the 85 9-13 class #989, riding on a Yamaha, out of Clarkston MI it’s Chase Scalf. You were lookin real good out there, you’ve had some solid starts all weekend long. The #278 of Garrett Simpson has been just ahead of you but in the final race here you got around him. And, you pulled a bit of a gap on him. Way to keep your composure dude. You really kept focused. You made your move and you kept it when it counted. Great job out there. Is there anybody you want to thank? Ya I would like to thank my mom and dad for taking me, Full Throttle and Magic Motorsports. So what was going through your head while you were out there making that pass on 278? Well, he flew off the track over there and so I just kept solid. Well, regardless, everyone makes a mistake out there every once in a while. And, maybe Garrett did make a little mistake, but you capitalized, and once he got back on the track you were able to keep him back behind you. I know it’s a lot of pressure out there, do you get nervous when you got a lot of fast guys behind ya? Ya, I get pretty nervous. Well, you looked about cool as a cucumber out there man. Congratulations. Do you have any other motos out here today. Yes, I’m racing Supermini, race number 9.

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85 7-11 class winner, going 1 & 1, for the overall win, it’s Chase Smith, on a KTM, out of Hemlock MI. Chase rides the #851. Chase, getting it done. Hanging with the big dogs, faster than I’ve ever seen you. Last year on the 65s but you grew a lot this winter. Congratulations on a great ride. How did you like it out there, how did you get it done? I just kept pushing it harder and harder every time. Any time just wide open, just trying not to let off. Right on, you rode hard but you rode smart. I’m telling you, those SuperMini guys were ahead of you, but not pulling on you. You are a force to be reckoned with, and better by the end of this season. I know you have some people you would like to thank. Ya, mom and dad, Dragon, TwinAir and TMV. Great job, looking forward to watching you rippin it up out there again.


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For additional information visit us online at, call 989.761.1301 or LIKE us on Facebook (FreelinMX). We can’t wait to see you!

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28 May 2015 – Michigan’s AMA/D14 Motorsports News


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