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Hi-Ya Ninjas!    If you don't know me already, I'm Alexis Phan, but you can call me Lexi! I proudly serve you as your 2018-2019 Division News Editor! So a little bit about me... I love hanging out and taking pictures of my friends. Of course, I LOVE boba!!!! I'm a junior at Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science.       I'm currently trying to balance making the first newsletter of the term and AP exams ahhh!!  Anyways, I'm so excited to meet and serve alongside everyone this year! If you ever see me at events, please come up and say hi to me!! I would love to be friends with you all.       I hope you enjoy the first newsletter of the term. Keep an eye out for a new one each month! If you would like to be featured in the next one, email your articles and visuals (photos) to or use the #ninjasofkc on social media!







HIYA Ninjas! My name is Gerard Legaspi and I have the honor of serving as YOUR Lieutenant Governor for the 2018-2019 term! I am currently a junior at Sato Academy of Math and Science in Long Beach, CA. I got my homeclub chartered just last term after hearing other schools having this club on their campus and I have never regretted it to this day. Unanimously, I got the opportunity to serve as the president while the club was starting to get up off of their feet. I remember walking into my first Key Club event last term at the April Division Council Meeting. At first, I was so shy and nervous as I walked into the Bellflower Kiwanis Hall surrounded by so many people who I’ve never seen before. I got to know everyone a little bit more and I came out of that meeting feeling like I’ve known everyone in that room since birth. Soon after that I got to make unbreakable friendships that will last a lifetime. I hope everyone this term has this moment similar to mine, having that feeling of being part of a family. Never would I picture myself to this day of earning the position I have today, but here I am! A couple of my goals this term are to have over 6,000 service hours by the end of the term! Next, to have all 15 clubs be active in serving their homes, schools, and communities. Lastly, to build a strong relationship with our sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs for all that they do! I am sure that we will go beyond these goals, all we need to do is BEE-lieve! In just the first month, we have completed over 400 hours of service and I know that a couple clubs have already raised money for the Pediatric Trauma Program! I am so happy and proud to serve you all and I can’t wait to see the multitude of things you will do to help serve your community.


Meet the DLT (From left to right)

Chris Pu


Joann Pham

Social Event/DCM

Josh Trelaje Service Event

Emily Yan Member Recognition

Khelynn Nou Head Spirit

Krezzia Basilio Executive Assistant

Mia Sam Executive Assistant

Vittina Ibanez Executive Assistant

Alexis Phan Division News Editor

Gerard Legaspi 6

Lt. Governor

Meet th

he DLT!


DLT's Message

DLT's Messages 8

Hey there Ninjas! I’m Vittina Ibanez from Mayfair High School, and I am so excited to be serving you all as one of your 2018-2019 executive assistants! I can’t wait to get to know every single one of you in the upcoming term, and please, do not hesitate to come up to me and introduce yourself! I don’t bite, I promise. If you’re like me, then you’re super glad that summer is just around the corner. Thank goodness! We all deserve some much-needed rest and relaxation. As we approach the last weeks of school, we all may be stressing about AP testing or finals, but I have so much faith that all of you will pull through doing the best you possibly can! Just remember to keep your head up high and give it your all. I can’t wait to see what this new term will bring, so let’s give this upcoming year our best!

HI-YA Division 13 South! My name is Krezzia Basilio and I am  thrilled to be given the opportunity to serve as your Executive Assistant for the 2018-2019 term! A little something about me is that I am currently apart of the class of 2020, and I serve as Gahr Key Club's President! When I am not running meetings or serving my community I am probably playing tennis, hanging out with friends, or writing in my bullet journal. I am super excited to express my vehement personality to the rest of the division, and to have a term full of spirit, service, and fun! I hope to achieve GAHR-8 things during my time as EA, and I BEE-lieve that with enough dedication and hard work we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.


What's up Division 13 South! My name is Mia Sam and I have recently begun serving as Sato Key Club's president and your EA! I'm currently aiming to help our members get more excited and involved. There are many opportunities to volunteer, learn, and have fun, so I encourage you all to try attending different types of events and figuring out what you have a passion for! Also, I know the school year is nearing the end, just know that you can do it. From turning in those last few zeros to studying for APs and finals, YOU GOT THIS IN THE BAG. Please, please, please don't hesitate to come up and talk to me. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you throughout the term!!Â


Club Recap

Hey Ninjas! For the month of April, Jordan has participated in the April DCM, and we’re proud to say we have been working on our Eudaemonia project by recruiting volunteers for the mental health initiative! We aim to attend more events in the future!

HI-YA NINJAS! For the month of April Poly Key Club has participated in many events! This month we had a member attend DCON. The same weekend our club took part in our schools Intercultural Faire where we sold Milky Buns! Our members also took part in events such as the Walk for Kids where we cheered on the people walking. We also took part in the SOCO Neighborhood Tree Planting on the 28th. For the upcoming month we plan to increase member attendance at events.Â


HI-YA NINJAS! For the month of April Gahr Key Club has conducted our weekly meetings as well as additional officer meetings. We participated in most of the Divisional Events for the month and fundraised with the Apple Watch Raffle and our pin sale.

Hiya Ninjas! How are you all doing? For the month of April, Mayfair Key Club has attended the Long Beach Walk for Kids, Help So-Co Grow Tree Planting, and April DCM. We would like to congratulate the key clubbers who were given the honor to serve on the new Division Leadership Team. The 2018-2019 term is in good hands! We can't wait to see what wonderful, new things are in store for the whole division.

Hiya everyone! Millikan Key Club has diligently been working hard on gaining new members for the upcoming year (and studying for APs) . We plan on encouraging people by making flyers and spreading the word through our social media accounts and our YouTube channel! We also helped plant tree in the Ridgewood Triangle last Saturday and we're helping out at the upcoming Filipino Festival!

Hey ninjas! For the month of April we have decided on our new board fro the year! We also are working on fundraising within our school’s pathway games and we hope to earn a profit. Our members have also volunteered for the March for Our Lives Walk and the Long Beach Robotics Fest at LBCC. With the coming months, we expect to get settled down with our new board and participate in more service events.

On the month of April, Rancho Dominguez key clubbers have participated in the AOC7 Neighborhood Cleanup. Since the new term has already started we have been trying to recruit members. During our meetings, our members have been creating posters to showcase around the school.

ALOHA NINJAS! For the month of April, Wilson Key Club participated in multiple events such as April DCM, and we helped out at the Environmental Health and Family Fun Day. Unfortunately, none of our members attended DCON this year, but that is for sure going to change next year! We are also currently planning on designing Wilson Key Club merch that can be worn with our uniform and plan on making other NINJA merch!


Club Recap

Hiya Ninjas! Saint Joseph Key Club has done quite a few things for this month of May! We had a 3-day clothing drive in which we donated half of the clothes while the other half is going to the garage sale that we will have on June! We have also attended events such as the March for Marrow or Walk Your Way! We also had our See's Candies fundraiser and have most of the proceeds go to the Pediatric Trauma Program! We are currently looking forward to a fun and productive summer!

For the month of April we held our elections and have been transitioning duties from the 2017-18 board to our newly elected 2018-19 school year. Our new board is getting acclimated with how key club is operated. With the school year winding down, we are working to bring a close to key club for this year, and are looking ahead to next year. Two members also attended Key Leader in May.


For the month of April we held our elections and have been transitioning duties from the 2017-18 board to our newly elected 2018-19 school year. Our new board is getting acclimated with how key club is operated. With the school year winding down, we are working to bring a close to key club for this year, and are looking ahead to next year.

For the month of April, St. John Bosco's Key club held their elections for the new 2018-2019 term! A couple of members went to DCON during April and Key leader in May. We look forward to attending future events!Â

What’s popping NINJAS! For the month of April, Bellflower High School’s Key Club was starting off the term just right! We participated in multiple division events such as the Walk for Kids in Long Beach, the SOCO Neighborhood Tree Planting and the April Joint DCM with our fellow ninjas and monkeys! Earlier this month, Bellflower High School Key Club participated in decorating a trash can with our Division 13 South mascot and dedicating it to Key Club. Currently, this trash can be found on campus along the 200’s wing and key clubbers at Bellflower High School are extremely proud of this accomplishment. We are also planning on fundraising events and planning on creating some new club events for the future

HIYA NINJAS! To begin the month of April, we had our first general meeting with our new board on the 3rd. The following weekend, some of our Sato Key Club members attended DCON 2018! We joined many of our fellow divisions within the Cali-Nev-Ha district in Reno, Nevada to begin the 2018-2019 term. Shortly after, we had our first general meeting of the term on the 17th. More recently, our members have participated in Kiwanis events including the “Walk for Kids” at Shoreline, “Help SoCo Grow Tree Planting” in Long Beach, “Special Olympics” at LBCC Veterans Stadium, and “AOC7 Neighborhood Cleanup” in Long Beach. At these events we’ve volunteered to help clean up our neighborhoods and raise funds and awareness. To kick off the month of May AND our new term, we also attended a joint April DCM with D13N!


Division Update

For the end of April, members of Division 13 South volunteered at the Walk for Kids, Help SoCo Grow Tree Plantings, and neighborhood clean ups. In May, we helped out at the Best Buddies Walk, Bolsa Chica Habitat Restoration, Southern California’s Special Olympics, Food Finders, and the 1st Annual Filipino Festival. A couple of us even attended Key Leader in Ojai, CA! In the future, we plan to volunteer at even more service events!

Service Hours goal 427.5/6,000


Upcoming Events


From Friday, April 13 to Sunday, April 15, CNH bees from all regions came together in Reno, Nevada for the 72nd Annual District Convention Service Safari. Over the course of three days, Key Clubbers attended workshops and learned more about leadership and life skills. Not only were members able to take these skills back home, but they created new ideas to make another successful term. Additionally, attendees were able to watch the district board be installed for the 2018-19 term. Many goodbyes were made as many members shed their tears for the ending of another term. It was a life-changing and memorable experience for many CNH bees Jenni Heng Sato | Publicity Committee


On the 22 of April, members of D13S participated in the Ronald McDonald House: Walk For Kids around Shoreline Park. The Ronald McDonald House provides comfort, care, and support for children and families. Their vision is a community where children and their families embrace life and healing with a sense of hope, enthusiasm, courage, and joy. Members acted as route cheerleaders giving encouragement and positive vibes for all the passing walkers along their 5-kilometer path from the Aquarium of the Pacific to Shoreline Aquatic Park. It was wonderful to see so many people from so many different backgrounds come together to support a great cause. All of the volunteers had a great time, being able to help out and cheer on all the walkers. Josh Trelaje Millikan | Historian


On the 28th of April, members of Division 13 South participated in the Help SoCo Grow tree planting organized by Long Beach Kiwanis. All these members planted different types of trees around the neighborhood. Their goal is to plant 6,000 trees around Long Beach by 2020. Members had to prepare the soil to be planted, dispose the topsoil, put in the actual tree, and finally, water the newly planted trees. That day members planted about 55 trees. Many organizations like the Orange County's Credit Union and Port of Long Beach participated with schools in Long Beach. Alexis Phan Sato | DNE


April DCM was a joint DCM with Division 13 North. At the DCM, both divisions presented their Division Leadership Teams for the new term. Throughout the event, green monkeys and ninjas were able to bond through ice breakers. Afterwards, both of the divisions worked on decorating baby socks. Darleen Tith Sato | Historian


Key Leader is a leadership experience like no other. Through a three-day weekend, you’ll be able to watch your own leadership skills as well as others’ grow through hands on workshops, interactive discussions, teamwork, and outdoor activities. Here we learned about what the KEY aspects are in being a leader by talking about communication, respect, growth, integrity, excellence, community, and most importantly… ourselves! At Forest Home Camp in Ojai, our lead facilitator was an Immediate Past Kiwanis International President, Jane Erickson (the first female to carry the role of Kiwanis International President!). I was able to meet so many inspiring individuals and I hope you all get the opportunity to take part in it the future. Look out for updates about future dates and locations so that YOU can take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Check out for more information. Gerard Legaspi Sato | LTG


On May 12th, 2018 I experienced an event called the Special Olympics at Long Beach Community College Stadium for the first time. This event was very eye opening and changed my perspective on others and their needs. At this event, there were many athletes, volunteers, and small events such as running, long jump, and etc. When helping out at this event with our new LTG Gerard we took charge of the small game booths outside of the stadium so that when the athletes were done and waiting for their events they can have fun playing games and win some prizes before their events. Also, later on, started to handle out medals for those who placed in their events which were awesome.    While doing so we met so many people, heard many of their stories, and saw many happy faces. One story that was told by Sun-Sun Lin an advisor from Long Beach Kiwanis was about how this event started because of the lady in charge has a sister who has a condition called Down Syndrome decided and wanted the whole community who also had special needs come together and play sports and to have fun. This was very eye-opening because it changed how I felt about others and how those who participated and many others around the world have it harder than what we have now and that we should always help in any way possible even if starting small such as your community. Lastly, I would definitely go again and advise many others to go and have an experience that may change their lives.  Vyanh Tran Gahr | Treasuer


On Saturday, May 12, Division 13 South Participated in the Ridgewood Triangle Tree Planting, presented by the "I Dig Long Beach" organization and funded by the Port of Long Beach. Their goal is to plant 6,000 trees in different Long Beach neighborhoods by 2019. They are striving towards beautifying the community as well as producing a better quality of air for everyone. From 9am -12pm, many Key Clubbers helped to plant and water over 150 trees. We were so glad that we were able to take part in such an amazing effort to help our city and we can not wait to participate again. Josh Trelaje Millikan | Historian


As I arrived at the "Help AOC7 Neighbors Clean Up The Neighborhood," there was a good number of people who volunteered to help clean up the neighborhood. From young to old, they all have helped. I was told to help out grab the tools from the truck and then we were instructed to go along mostly 10th Street to clean up. We were still allowed to other streets also, but I just went with a group and we got at least one bag full of trash. There was a tremendous amount of trash, but with the number of people, the work was quite fast. My group finished quite early, and other groups also. As a lot of people were fast with cleaning, we ended around 11 AM and met up for the thank yous towards the volunteers. We saw a major difference from cleaning up the streets and sidewalks, it amazed me also that the work was truly worth my time. The experience was great, from meeting great people and also having the opportunity to volunteer in this neighborhood near Downtown Long Beach. AOC7 was an extraordinary event and I would love to volunteer there again. Jowell Ramos Rancho Dominguez | IP President


On May 6th, the Bolsa Chica Habitat Restoration was held. McBride Key Club Vice President Jose Moya was in attendance and got to work with his hands. Jose, along with other members, watered a rare plant in the area and removed weeds from last years harvest. According to him, they learned that plants from Africa can be planted on United States soil. The plants came from the ballast of the ships that came from Africa and also had salt crystals. They learned how to work efficiently and cooperated to get the job done. Alexander Alonso McBride | Historian




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International Convention Pediatric Trauma Program Maternal Neonatal Tetanus Sergeant-At-Arms Region Advisor Region 8 Division 13 South Immediate Past Key Club International Division Leadership Team Division/District News Editor Executive Assistant District Board

Fall Rally South/North

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KHEY.NOU23 Wayyyy too overdue for something that I’m too dedicate to, but first DCM of the new term...

D13SNINJAS HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to the Walk for Kids event yesterday!

LEXIIPHAN Make a difference in our neighborhood by joining us next time to plant MORE trees!!!! #ninjasofkc

MILLIKANKEYCLUB Thank you to everyone who came out and helped with the Ronald McDonald Walk For Kids...

JENNI.HENG just your casual sock decorating and game of poncho.#ninjasofkc

GERARD_LEGASPI Thank you @d13sninjas for allowing me to serve as your 2018-2019 LTG!

KHEY.NOU23 DCON 2018 was incredible!! Around one year ago I joined this club not knowing what it was...

KATHERUNN @d13sninjas you’re in great hands
































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Ninja News: Division 13 South Newsletter (June 2018)  
Ninja News: Division 13 South Newsletter (June 2018)