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Why do we pay dues? As official Key Club members, the $11.00 dues we pay to Key Club International enable us to attend big events such as District Convention. Not only do these payments serve as our “insurance” as members of KCI, but they also fund our big events, district service projects, leadership training, and more. All of the money gained from dues is put towards a good cause!

All new AND returning members pay

$11.00 for the CNH District

Find the membership update center at: Member/User/Login?skin=kiwanis

Work with the secretary to input dues paid members Make sure the club secretary prints an invoice after updating the MUC Send only ONE check to: Key Club International 3636 Woodtrace Trace Indianapolis 46268



WHO MANAGES THE MEMBERSHIP UPDATE CENTER (MUC)? Collect member information o Name o Contact o Grad Year o Address Add/Update MUC Add/Update on club roster on the Club Monthly Report File

PAST events

Photo Credits: Erin Chen, Ann Sobrato Key Club



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auc tion t o t als & Resul ts PTP Donations: $2097 Board Members won: Total Spent: $1500 D12S LTG Lindon Tran $800 CNH Tech Editor Lincoln To $700

“This was my second year attending FRN and I absolutely love it more than anything in the world. It’s one of the biggest Key Club events I always look forward to in October! Not only do Key Clubbers gather to raise money for PTP and go into spirit battles for the Spirit Stick, we also become closer and closer. Not just with other Key Clubbers, but especially with my D12S Super Villains! I look forward to my very last FRN and I couldn’t be more proud to be a 12South Super Villain! I wouldn’t trade my D12S ohana for anything in the world!” Jessica Nguyen, Yerba Buena

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“FRN changed my Key Club experience because it showed me that Key Club is more than just a volunteering and service group – it made me realize how many new people you can meet through this wonderful organization. Attending FRN gave me so many more reasons why I should keep serving as a 12South Villain. I loved FRN because I met people from different divisions, including their LTGs who are role models to me. I love how such a fun event for CNH also enables Key Clubbers to celebrate and fund raise for a good cause at the same time!”

Mindy Dinh, Gunderson

“Well, I was excited to go to FRN because I’d be reunited with the people I met at RTC. Since it was my first time attending this event, I was so pumped up to show my spirit. During the rally, it was AMAZING. I have never felt so much energy throughout the crowd, it was amazing how much everybody was determined to win the spirit stick. I thought Key Club only did volunteering jobs, but after going to events like RTC and FRN, I met so many people and made new friends. Key Club never backs down from service, and I’m proud to be a D12S Super Villain!

Lily Nguyen, Oak Grove

RO CK N’ ROLL MARATHON On October 4th, around sixty Andrew Hill Key Clubbers were given the opportunity to help out the San Jose’s biggest marathon of the year, Rock N’ Roll! We assisted around 1,300 runners by handing out water and cheering them on while they were running. We were given a Starbucks break which was great for the cold morning. Regardless of how early and cold it was, we had a great time volunteering with each other! - Quyen Vo, President

Ann Sobrato Key Club hosted a campus cleanup on October 4, 2013. After school, new and old members walked around campus picking up trash with friends after the school’s annual Food Fair. This event allowed Key Clubbers to bond with freshmen; it was also a convenient time and location! Sobrato Campus Cleanup was a fantastic event where memebrs got to stroll around school on a sunny day to beautify the campus. It was a great way to get a head start in hours for the first semester. - Amy Tran, Vice President

During this spectacular service event called the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, members were asked to group into three to five people and cheer on walkers/runners. We also had signs to guide runners/walkers to the right direction! By cheering over 3,000 people, all of our members were happy to support this cause. All in all, everything went smoothly. - Andy Chau, Project Coordinator

Oak Grove Key Club volunteered at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on October 12th! For the first shift, we came early to set up tables, tents, and get everything else ready for the walkers. The event started at 6AM! Then from 9AM to 12PM, we went to our spot to cheer with posters, yelling and singing to get the walkers motivated! After that from 12PM to 2PM, we helped clean up! They gave out nice t-shirts and delicious energy bars with warm coffee! - Khoa Nguyen

Many of our members helped out at the Williams Walk-aThon this month, an event hosted by our local elementary school. Our members we assigned various tasks such as filling up and handing out water, watching over the dunk station, managing the students, and more! Everybody had a blast since we were all excited to meet the cute kids and see them in action! - Thomas Nguyen, President

gunderson A service project that Gunderson participating in this month was the Books Aloud. Once every month, Gunderson heads to the Martin Luther King Library to help sort, file, and pick out books for those with vision loss. It is a great cause to work with. It’s also a good way to connect with some of our Kiwanians who are part of Books Aloud. Together with Books Aloud, we share the love for reading and literature! - Gunderson Key Club



On the 12th of October, Pioneer Key Club participated in the Pancake Breakfast event at Abraham Lincoln High School. The event was a fundraiser for Lincoln’s music program;; performers entertained the crowd while they enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, sausages, and scrambled eggs. Although the smell of food in the morning made us hungry, we kept strong and performed our duty as Key Clubbers. We had a variety of tasks including posting up posters and acting as ushers for the door. For our help, many of the participants in the events thanked us. One senior even said he should have tipped us! We had a great time and afterwards, the event organizers decided to give us a free lunch for our help. Towards the end of the event, we even got to listen to some of the singers. The time that we got to spend together was a great bonding experience and I hope that we can do it again next year! - Ryan Choy, Project Coordinator

You know those memorable nights that one can never forget? Well, on October 5th, Interactors from Area 8 and Key Clubbers from Division 12 South joined each other for a fun-filled night to dance the night away at the Interkey Dance: The Royal Pumpkin Ball. That’s right! History was being made as the speakers were blasting and as everyone threw their hands up in the air. Santa Teresa Key Club and Andrew Hill Interact planned The Royal Pumpkin Ball in order to raise funds for Key Club’s preferred charity PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program) to donate at Fall Rally North and Interact’s International Project. Another goal for us was to host an event that gave everyone a great experience. This dance was filled with amazing music played by DJ Technik, which created an exhilarating atmosphere for everyone to groove in. It was definitely a night to remember! Pumpkins, wild dance moves, good music, and memories being made? There was no better way to kick off the month of October. Santa Teresa and Andrew Hill would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the cause! Together we raised $1800 for both of the charities. -

Nicole Fernandez, Santa Teresa Key Club Vice President

The Booksin Walkathon is an annual event for Booksin Elementary that’s been around for years; I can remember when I was a student participant myself! But this time around, Willow Glen Key Club helped distribute prizes for the runners and walkers of the Walkathon. For every 5 miles, a new prize was awarded. For a couple hours we accepted lap cards, validates miles, and handed out prizes to the prizes to the children (and some alumni and parents!). Prizes ranged from key chains and bamboo plants to kites and duffle bags. In general, the event was relaxed, even at peak times when participants had to go home, or when the entire Walkathon came to a close itself. It was a great experience being able to be involved in the Walkathon again! -

Donald Franks Web Editor

In the month of October, I participated in Yerba Buena Key Club’s Trick-or-Treat for UNCIEF starting on October 3rd all over the campus! The experience gave me the opportunity to collect all those donations and to challenge my communication skills. All donations go to the ELIMINATE Project to save mothers and newborns from a painful disease. Knowing that I can help contribute to making a difference somewhere in the world and getting others involved to help eliminate MNT left me speechless and opened my eyes to this amazing project. -

Theresa Nguyen Member


Get Photo Credit to Ashley Lam

Come and get your GOLDEN TICKET! Watch the call to DCON here:

What is DCON?

District Convention (DCON) is CNH’s annual convention held to attend leadership workshops, elect the new Executive Board, install and retire District Board members, celebrate a year of service, unite with our CNH ohana, and more!

Have YOU thought about LEADERSHIP POSITIONS? CLUB OFFICE With about half of the 20132014 term left, clubs should prepare to elect and install new officers in order to ensure a new legacy of leaders to continue serving in the 2014-2015 term. There are a multitude of officer positions to run or apply for! Ask your president for more information regarding your club elections! Executive Club Positions President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Bulletin Editor Visit for more information regarding the duties and responsibilities of each officer position and how to run for office!


Interested in running for LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR?



Candidate Training Conference (CTC)is designed to train leaders interested in serving as their Key Club division TRAINING CONFERENCE Lieutenant Governor by reviewing the Conclave process, exercising public speaking, and more! Locations and specific times are to be determined, so stay updated on the division reflector!





The Executive Candidate Training Conference will train and inform Key Club leaders how to run for District office at District Convention. If you are interested, ask your Lieutenant Governor for more information!

WHY? Join to receive important updates, information, and forms from LTG Lindon Tran and the CNH District! Regular updates include:

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- Details for events such as DCON, Fall Rally North, RTC, etc. - DCM agendas and details - Division Newsletters - Division Leadership Team apps & info!forum/d12south

Happy November Super Villains! I am thankful to serve this division and be a part of our Division 12 South ohana! Thank you to all the clubs that sent in articles and visuals this month, YOU’RE GOLDEN! Remember there is a new and more efficient set of guidelines to submitting articles, so be sure to send them in properly and on time for future issues! I love to read about all your service events! The service we do as a division never ceases to amaze me. Please keep an eye out for future issues and thank you for reading; I put my all into providing 12South with only the best of newsletters. I hope to see you all at the November DCM! -

Kyle Dimla, Division 12 South News Editor

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