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Volume 1, Issue 5

Division 12 East | Region 17 | Cali-Nev-Ha District | Key Club International

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Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue



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Happy December, Superheroes! December is a month of chilly weather, holiday spirit, and family celebrations. I hope you all are diving head-first into this beautiful season to serve your home, school, and community. Warm and colorful leaves may have fallen off of trees, but your service should be rising and growing! The autumn is a fantastic season to complete service events, as there are plenty of ways to give back to your community. Do not forget about your family, however! One of the greatest things about this holiday season is being able to spend time with your family and express your appreciation towards them! Thank you to everyone who attended the November Division Council Meeting! Special thanks to Mission San Jose High School for hosting and to Allison Mac for presenting on the Eliminate Project! Do not forget to send in your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF donations to Kiwanis International by December 31st! Remember: your clubs have worked hard to eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus thus far, and deserve the recognition for your efforts! By now, each club should have submitted your dues to Key Club International. Congratulations on your first set of new members for this term! Remember that membership should continue to grow throughout the year; every new dues paid member should be recognized and submitted on the Membership Update Center in order to officially join our Key Club Ohana and receive their membership card, pin, and certificate! If you have any troubles, feel free to contact me at or District Treasurer Johansen at Happy Service Season! As always, feel free to express any comments, concerns, questions to me, or even if you just want someone to talk to!

Hanukkah ends Candidate Training Conference

Christmas Eve


Kwanzaa begins

New Yearâ€&#x;s Eve

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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100/200 hours


Independence $3448/$3,000

5188/6500 hours




0/1000 hours


KIPP San Jose


292/100 hours




75/500 hours


Mission San Jose $300

150 hours


Piedmont Hills $250

??? hours


San Jose


150/1000 hours




750 hours


   

46,000 Members $150,000 for Pediatric Trauma Program 1,000,000 hours of service For each member to save 3 lives from Maternal Neonatal Tetanus

Division 12 East Newsletter | December November Issue

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Want to make an even bigger difference? Want to improve your Key Club Division and share your passion for service? Do YOU want to run for Lieutenant Governor? If so, Candidate Training Conference is definitely the event to attend!

Why?: To gain more information about running for LTG, improve your public speaking skills, and meet new people who share the same passion as you!

When?: December 14, TBA location in Sunnyvale, CA

What? : With over 3000 Key Club members attending, District Convention is the BIGGEST Key Club event of the year! : Meet people from all over CA, NV, and HA, be recognized for your dedication and service, elect the new District Board, learn leadership skills, and experience something unforgettable.

When? : April 11 to 13 : Sacramento Convention Center

Price? : $265 pre-registration Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue


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Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is a fundraiser in which eager Key Club members receive a UNICEF box and ask others for donations, which go towards The Eliminate Project. The Eliminate Project is Key Club and UNICEF’s effort to #elimin8 Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (MNT), a deadly but preventable disease which affects mothers and their newborn. MNT is a result of unsanitary needles or sharp objects, which are often used to cut umbilicial cords in third world countries. It only takes $1.80 for an MNT vaccine, which saves approximately 3 lives.

Key Club Week

From Nov. 4 to Nov. 8, Key Club Week was a week filled with Service, Gratitude, and Spirit.

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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Key Leader “I experienced Key Leader for the second time from Nov. 15 to Nov. 17 at Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda, CA. There were a few familiar faces, but once again I found myself personally getting to know 40 something individuals over the course of 2 days! With loads of ice breakers, we all got to become quite comfortable with each other Friday evening, the first day of Key Leader. The evening went late into our first few workshops covering what each of us expected to gain and what our definition of a true “Key Leader” was. Saturday had us up early and working with our “neighborhoods” and a few different partners. These workshops eventually led to all of us participating in a ropes course that not only challenged how much we wanted to push ourselves, but how well we coped with working in a group setting under pressure to accomplish the goal. Our host was surprised to find us cooperating and remaining calm rather than losing our patience. I would recommend the Key Leader experience to anyone who is willing to further his or her skills leadership skills. One thing I would offer after Key Leader is that one does not always have to be in the spotlight to be an efficient leader, by letting others shine with their own unique capabilities, you‟re showing the best possible kind of leadership.”

Fadumo Osman


November DCM

The November Division Council Meeting (DCM) was hosted by Mission San Jose Key Club on November 15 at Mission San Jose High School. Key Club members not only met a plethora of new individuals and bonded with their home club, but also learned more about The Eliminate Project via PHHS President Allison Mac‟s presentation. The DCM also featured a potluck and pizza, along with the encouragement to donate at least 3 cans, which would be given to charity.

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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b Club Recaps f h p s

Hey Key Clubbers, I hope you all are doing great! Recently, American High School had its Key Club Week! On Monday, members wore their club gear to show their club spirit. On Tuesday, American Key Club members tagged people around the school with Key Club clothespins. Wednesday was an especially memorable day, as Key Club members passed out goody bags to all the teachers in the school, showing our appreciation for the staff members’ hard work to make school a warm & friendly environment. On Friday, the club hosted a potluck afterschool at officer Jacky Tsang’s house. Everyone brought delicious food ranging from Chinese to Latin American cuisine. As the week ended, members all had their Key Club spirits revived. Submitted by Kong Pan

General member Mary Sabuco folds one of the PurpleStride t-shirts and sets it on the table.

On November 2, Independence Key Club members joined the fight against Pancreatic Cancer by volunteering at the PurpleStride Silicon Valley Event in Downtown San Jose. We started our day by setting up the food tent, where breakfast was served to the volunteers and runners. Using a bagel guillotine, our members perfectly cut bagels in half and eventually arranged them in baskets. Our members also helped set up the coffee table, where runners were able to get warm drinks before the walk began. After our members finished helping the food tent, we split up into smaller groups and found different responsibilities. Some of us helped out at the incentive station, where we awarded those who fundraised the most money. Others handed out t-shirts to participants of the event. At the end of the day, a few of us were able to get free caricatures of ourselves! It was definitely a fun event and we loved how friendly all of the event coordinators were! The best part about participating in this event was knowing that our actions were helping out a great cause! Submitted by Stephanie Tran

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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On November 23, Irvington Key Club volunteered at the Kiwanis Turkey Drive. The Kiwanis Turkey Drive collects turkeys and nonperishable food items at a local Safeway to donate to the Tri-City Homeless Coalition for their annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Volunteers helped pass out fliers for donations, and collected food. The Turkey Drive is a great way to spark others to give back to the community, and see the effects that kind actions can bring to people during the holiday season. It creates a Happy Thanksgiving for everyone! Submitted by Stacey Lin

Irvington Key Club President Miuccia Halim places donated food bags on a shopping cart.

In October, KIPP San Jose Key Club members volunteered at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, an event hosted by the American Cancer Society (ACS). At this event, we were assigned to be part of the clipboard brigade, which had the task of going around and asking people if they would like to sign a petition that showed their support for continuing to fund cancer research. The ACS would then send the petition to the government. Overall, the event was lively and amazing due to the entertainment provided, and most importantly, all the people who stepped out to walk (breast cancer survivors, family members of people who had breast cancer, and those who are aware of breast cancer and voluntarily came out to show their support). Submitted by Richany Mak

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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Holidays are just around the corner, which also means Jack Emery! For November, Milpitas Key Club paired up with Milpitas Interact in light of this special community project. We have already participated in a project called “We Scare Hunger,” a movement to lift the burdens of the holidays on the less fortunate. As a school, Milpitas High’s goal for Jack Emery is to collect 6,000 cans and $4,000 by the end of Jack Emery. One incentive for the clubs and organizations is that for the CLOG (clubs and organizations) that raises the most money and cans will receive a plaque. Deeply invested in service projects like these, Milpitas Key Club has accepted this challenge with a goal of 800 cans in total. Submitted by Alexander Tran

After collecting some cans, an MSJ Key Club member sorts them in a cart.

For Mission San Jose Key Club’s annual InterKeyLeo Canned Food Drive, Mission San Jose Key Club’s goal was to collect cans to donate to Abode, an organization that donates cans to the less fortunate individuals that can’t afford a nice Thanksgiving meal. The event took place over the course of approximately two weeks. For the first week, we passed out flyers to various Fremont neighborhoods, and bonded with one another while walking around. For the second week, we drove around the neighborhoods colleting donated cans. In total, we collected 1235 cans!!! We were astounded by the good hearts of the people, and we donated all 1235 cans to Abode, finishing off our good Thanksgiving nature with a blast!

Submitted by Samuel Liu

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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Piedmont Hills

October is one of the most spirited months for Piedmont Hills Key Club. Along with the rest the D12E Superheroes, we crammed ourselves into a bus and went to Fall Rally North (FRN). FRN is a celebration of the selfless actions, beautiful friendships, and the incredible sense of self-fulfillment brought about by Key Club. As we arrived in Vallejo, Piedmont Hills Key Club went through the procedure. We equipped ourselves with a yellow bandanna and bright blue Divisional T-shirts that were imbued with mysterious properties that created a sense of camaraderie among D12E members that had never laid eyes on each other prior. To top it off, we started smearing ourselves in fearsome blue and yellow war paint. The rest of the division did the same, and soon enough D12E was ready to rep’ its colors. The grounds of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom quickly became blanketed with thousands of Key Clubbers from all over the Cali-Nev Ha District, all brandishing colorfully unique attire relevant to the themes of their respective divisions. Although we did not even make the second round of the spirit rally, I am proud to call myself a Division 12 East Superheroes superhero. prep for their next cheer at FRN. 12 East, so Beast! Submitted by Steven Tan

On November 9, San Jose High School Key Club members, alongside with other Key Club, Circle-K Club, and San Jose Kiwanis Club members spent their Saturday morning weeding San Jose’s Municipal Rose Garden. Nearly seventy volunteers helped the city of San Jose beautify the garden. Aside from pruning roses, shoveling holes, watering rose plants, and spreading fertilizer, there was plenty of bonding between the clubs. It was a wonderful way to end Key Club Week with about 200 hours of service completed in all. Submitted by Fadumo Osman

San Jose High Key Club and Kiwanis Club members weed the Rose Garden on November 9.

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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For the month of November, Washington Key Club appointed board members. Board member may not seem like an important or relevant position, but the board members are vital for the success of a club. There are many different roles and functions and boards that one can be in, each with an important role in the club. They range from contacting and working with other Kiwanis clubs, to planning and coordinating events and fundraisers. Although being a board member might not sound exciting, it is a position that every club needs and by being a board member, one further helps their club improve and develop its goals. Submitted by Denny Cao

member of the month San Jose High Novemberâ€&#x;s member of the month is


Escobar! Though it is her first year as a Key Clubber in 9th grade she has gone to almost every service event so far this year. Brittany has also raised the most funds for Project Eliminate through filling Trickor-Treat UNICEF boxes! By showing such dedication at an early stage Brittany has helped increase interest in Key Club among the underclassmen, an important goal for San Jose Key Club.

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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A Message from the Division News Editor „Tis the season to be jolly! Hello Superheroes! Can you all believe it‟s December already? For many of us, December means Finals Week and the end of the first semester of school. Although December may be stressful and exhausting, it also means Christmas, a two week break, New Year‟s, and new memories! December is also the end of UC applications for seniors, now to submit the CommonApp! If you are applying to a private college, many colleges‟ deadlines are January 1. No matter what responsibilities and obligations that we‟re entitled to this December, please don‟t forget to continue serving your community and helping the less fortunate. There are many service opportunities in December, like Christmas in the Park, local Holiday Gift Wraps, Canned Food Drives, and much more. Additionally, please remember to stop and take a break – don‟t overwork yourself. Unfortunately for some, December also brings long and tedious homework packets, a plethora of projects, and unneeded stress. Try to not procrastinate on these things, so that you won‟t have to worry about them later and can enjoy your break! I hope everyone has a fabulous December! Only T-3 months until Conclave, 5 months until DCON, and 7 months until the end of school. We can definitely do this, so let‟s all try our best and achieve our planned goals! Lastly, I want to thank all of you amazing individuals for your unwavering service and dedication. Division 12 East would not be what it is today without you. With much love, Jennifer Duong

Division 12 East Newsletter | December Issue

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Lieutenant Governor Austin Quach

KIPP San Jose President Olivia Ly

Division Executive Assistant Tiffany Wong

Milpitas President Amy Zhao

Division Secretary Steven Tan

Mission San Jose President Roselin Yao

Division News Editor Jennifer Duong

Piedmont Hills President Allison Mac

American President Chloris Li

San Jose President Fadumo Osman

Independence President Vivian Wong

Washington President Denny Cao

Irvington President Miuccia Halim

D12E December Newsletter  

The Division 12 East 2013 December Newsletter

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