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October Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3

Division 12 East | Region 17 | Cali-Nev-Ha District | Key Club International

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LTG’s Message CAUTION, LOOK OUT. CAUSE THE HEROES’ GONNA SHOUT! Hi Superheroes! October is here, I hope you all are getting ready for Fall Rally North! It’s going to be super exciting getting to see you all in your spirit attire and performing our division spirit cheers! Region Training Conference was on the weekend of September 29-29, and it was a weekend full of learning and memorable experiences. I hope that the members who attended RTC this year have learned so many new things and are ready to bring information back to your clubs! I LOVE being able to see all of your successful club meetings. FaceBook and other social network websites are GOLDEN methods to advertising, and I hope that you all continue to have such successful meetings! Pay your dues! Earlier in September, I spent a Saturday serving at Veggielution with Piedmont Hills Key Club. Thank you PHHS for being so welcoming and for serving our community! I hope you all learned a bit of new information and are just as excited as I am! To other clubs, I hope you visit you all soon as well! Serve on, superheroes! --Lieutenant Governor Austin Quach

Oct. DCM Key Leader

FRN Key Leader







200 hours





6500 hours





1000 hours



KIPP San Jose


100 hours





500 hours



Mission San Jose


150 hours



Piedmont Hills


??? hours



San Jose


1000 hours





750 hours



One of our upcoming events is the March of Dimes Signature Chefs & Master Vintner’s Gala, where we will be serving food for guests. March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization that raises research funds for preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. The group also provides mothers who may lack the resources and financial support monetary and emotional support to ensure a successful, full term pregnancy.

Independence Key Clubbers have a lot planned for the remaining days in September and the month of October. Besides participating in the Color Me Rad 5K Run on September 14 participating in major events such as the Chinese Moon Festival, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and even the Bubble Run! We’ll also be joining many other Key Clubbers at Regional Conference and Fall Rally North, of course! The Color Me Rad 5K Run is an extremely fun and messy race where our main responsibility is to cover the runners with colored powder. Whether our members are in charge of the green, blue, pink, or orange powder station, we have no doubt that they will make a ton of memories and be left with colorful boogers! The Chinese Moon Festival is an annual event that our club members always look forward to! It is an event full of music, crafts, and wonderful performances, including lion dancing! The best part of this event is being able to work with kids and help them with the various crafts! The Bubble Run is an event that is new to us and we’re highly anticipating it! We’ve thrown colored powder, walked in the dark with light-up balloons, and we’ve even volunteered at races to support different causes, but we’ve never worked with bubbles before! We’re super excited to participate in a race where runners will be covered in colorful foam!

On October 5, Irvington High School and Independence High School plan to volunteer at the San Jose Bubble Run. The Bubble Run is a charity run in which runners run through piles of foam up to six feet high. Benefiting up to two local charities, Bubble Run has the potential to raise thousands of dollars. Bubble Run has a variety of volunteer options ranging from passing out shirts to signing up runners and shifts ranging from 10am- 4pm and 6am- 6pm. “I cannot wait for Bubble Run,” stated Irvington high school Sophomore Harsh Harpalani. “I love volunteering and knowing I am helping a cause. I am in Irvington’s track and field and my favorite hobby is running, so naturally this event is for me.”

KIPP San Jose Key Club is working on creating shirts that members could wear to show off their spirit. We are in the process of digitalizing the designs members have created and hope to have something the members will want to show their spirit and pride for our own Key Club. It will make our club more unique and motivate them to be more active within the club. Plus it is free advertisement for our club!

Milpitas Key Club intends on volunteering at the annual Rock-n-Roll Marathon on October 6th from 6:30 AM to 2PM. This year, the marathon will be taking place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Key Clubbers will be expected to cheer on marathon runners as well as hydrate them as they pass by. Marathon officials expect the an increase in marathon runners, so if we have more people cheering them on the better!

On October 19th, MSJ KEY is going to attend the annual Fall Rally North, and we hope to bring the spirit and joy of key club and share it with all of our members! By bringing our members or potential members to Fall Rally, we can show them just how spirit and big Key club really is, and that we are all in reality one big family. In my own personal experience, the first Fall Rally I ever went to was extremely fun, and there were constant spirit battles going on , filling me with even more joy and spirit! I conversed with many Key clubbers from other districts and other backgrounds, and got to know more people as well! We hope to bring as much people as possible to Fall Rally, and just have a great time serving!

An upcoming event for Piedmont Hills Key Club is Fall Rally North! Our school always has a wonderful time at Fall Rally. We get the opportunity to show off our Key Club spirit, bubbly personalities, and our passion for service, all the while being able to spend time with our friends at Six Flags and raising money for Pediatric Trauma Program! What more can our club desire? All of our members are looking forward to a day of fun and service at FRN in October.

For the past few years, our club has participated in the Step Out! To Stop Diabetes marathon in both setting up and participating. This year we plan on once again helping out with the run/walk that occurs near the Guadalupe River in downtown San Jose. Our club also plans on hosting our first school/park clean-up of the year as well as promote bonding among the members by hosting a few socials! Since our club has never had events specifically for bonding, planning has been a fun and new experience!

With Fall Rally North coming up and a wave of new members have arrived with the new school year, our club is planning a sort of spirit pump up session for our club. The purpose of this is for the members to be closer together and learn chants that they will use in spirit battles or rallies. We are also hoping to combine this little social with a park clean up at our local lake, plans are still in the making, but we are hoping to have it soon.

October DCM The October Division Council Meeting (DCM) will be held on Friday, October 11 from 6 to 8 PM at KIPP San Jose Collegiate High School. The DCM will focus on learning Division 12 East cheers (in preparation for Fall Rally North), and learning about Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP), the CNH District’s focus. Attend the October DCM to learn more about Key Club, meet new people, and prepare for Fall Rally North!

Fall Rally North (FRN) will be held on October 19 (Saturday) at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA. FRN is a great way to meet Key Club members from the northern part of the Cali-NevHa District, make new memories, and support Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP). At FRN, Divisions will compete in a friendly spirit battle to determine which Division is the most spirited and deserves the spirit stick. Additionally, the District Board (Lieutenant Governors, District Secretary, etc.) will be “auctioned” to raise money for PTP. PTP is Cali-Nev-Ha’s major focus, as pediatric trauma is the leading cause of death in children 14 and under. Last year, Fall Rally North and Fall Rally South fundraised over $100,000 for PTP. For FRN 2013, Division 12 East will be in the first rally (10:00 AM) along with the Divisions from Regions 9, 12, and 17.

Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and raise funds for The Eliminate Project. Every penny counts!

Key Leader will be held from November 15 to 17 at Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda, CA. Key Leader is a weekend leadership program for Key Club members. This life-changing event focuses on service leadership as the first, most meaningful leadership-development. A Key Leader will learn will learn the most important lesson of leadership – helping others succeed. Key Leader participants will learn leadership skills that will be effective in bettering their home, school, and community, and be able to meet leaders from all over California.

Past Events

August DCM

The August Division Council Meeting (DCM) was held on August 31 at Milpitas High School. After an overview of old news, logistics, and new events, Key Club members played several icebreakers to become more familiar with each other. Icebreakers such as Hula Hoop Pass, Swap the Deck, and Balloon Pop. When everyone became familiar with one another, Key Club members split into 2 teams, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw for Capture the Flag. The winner of Capture the Flag, team Gryffindor, was able to go to the Potluck first, and choose what food they wanted. The DCM was filled with new and familiar faces, exciting experiences, and unforgettable memories.

Region Training Conference Region Training Conference (RTC) was held October 28 to 29 at Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda, CA. Key Club members from Regions 9, 15, and 17 all gathered to learn more about Key Club and what it means to be a “Star of Service.” There were a plethora of helpful workshops such as Time Management, Public Speaking, Ethics, etc. Key Club members not only learned more about Key Club, but also helpful tips that can assist them in everyday life. Aside from the helpful workshops, there was also a KeyNote Presentation, which included speakers who shared their care for The Eliminate Project, Pediatric Trauma Program, and Think Kindness, a nonprofit organization that encourages individuals to be kind and caring. RTC was an unforgettable leadership opportunity that attendees will not forget. If you couldn’t go to RTC, there is Fall Rally North on October 19!

Division Task Coordinators PTP Coordinator The deadline for the Pediatric Trauma Program Task Coordinator Application was on September 20th! Thanks to all who applied! At the October DCM, the PTP Task Coordinator will be presenting and informing you all about what PTP really is, and how the Kiwanis Family ties into it!

FRN Coordinator The Fall Rally Spirit Coordinator deadline was also on September 20th. At the October DCM, the spirit coordinators will teach spirit cheers to the division and organize cheers at Fall Rally!

Club Recaps Although many are not thrilled to start school, there are many more opportunities to not only spread club spirit, but also serve the community! In August, we teamed up with Washington’s Key Club for one of our most important fundraising campaigns: Relay for Life (RFL). RFL is an event hosted by the American Cancer Association that raises awareness for cancer and cancer research. Key club members spent 24 hours walking the track at James Logan High School selling lemonade, raising a grand total of $800. Relay for Life participants spell out the word Submitted by Kong Pan

1) Independence High School students learn more about Key Club International at the first general meeting.

2) Wei Zhang, Independence Key Club Spirit Chair, shows off the golden sash to encourage members to serve their 100 hours.

“Hope” at Relay for Life to honor the individuals who lost their life to cancer.

On Tuesday, August 27th, Independence Key Club held its first General Meeting for the 2013-2014 school year! Our officers and board members were surprised by the number of attendees! With 227 students present, our first meeting was a huge success! We started off the meeting by introducing the officers and showing members what the club is all about! Members were entertained when our lovely Captain America showed off the golden Key Club Sash! Students who attended the general meeting were eager to sign up for events and earn more hours to reach their goal of 100! Our first meeting came to an end when one lucky member was given a free club T-shirt! Submitted by Stephanie Tran

Irvington Key Club officers sit at their MAZE Day booth to ensure every interested student has the proper information on what Key Club is.

KIPP San Jose Key Club will be start selling ice cream after school on Mondays to raise funds for the club. We plan to use the money to expand our club gear and for future projects and events. We hope to put aside part of the profit for the preferred charities like PTP. This will also help serve the school something refreshing after a long day of classes! Submitted by Olivia Ly

Every year, Irvington High School hosts a MAZE Day, which occurs a week before the first day of school. MAZE Day is a great opportunity for clubs to gain new members, especially from the incoming freshman class. On this year’s MAZE Day, Irvington Key Club included the T-shirts from previous years, as well as pamphlets, colorful signs, and other decorations that would attract many students join our club. Officers also wore capes and attractive sunglasses to gain attention from the incoming students by walking around the campus. MAZE Day was a success this year, and Irvington Key Club looks forward to a new school year filled with many key opportunities. Submitted by Kristen Chen

Key Club has been known to reach multitudes of potential members. This year is no different. At the beginning of each school year, Milpitas High School facilitates a day where CLOGs (clubs/organizations) can garner the attention of students to join their club. Such a day is called CLOG rush. Last year, Milpitas Key Club was able to received 312 sign ups during CLOG rush. The Milpitas Key Club officers, ultimate goal was to match and even increase the number of sign-ups from the 2012-13 school year. In order to do so, we made a plethora of posters, purchased bags of kisses, and even bought a batman suit, as batman is our club mascot. After endless shouting and jeering, our club was able to surpass our goal with 373 signups! For the rest of the year, the Milpitas Key Club Cabinet hopes to maintain a high membership rate.

Milpitas Key Club Vice President Brian Lien, who is dressed as Batman, advertises Key Club with CLOG Commissioner Biancka Dela Cruz.

Submitted by Alexander Tran

After our first meeting, Key clubbers got to know who their officers for the 2013-2014 term would be, and we decided that we needed to make an event where the members could bond and have fun with the officers! And what better way to bond with an officer than to pie them in the face? We did the event on the big stage, so that not only Key Club, but all the school could see just who we were and what we do. After this event, we saw a raise in member who attended meetings, which implies that this event did certainly help us attract the attention of many incoming members! Submitted by Samuel Liu

On August 10th, Piedmont Hills Key Club helped out at the annual Back-to-School Salvation Army Backpack Distribution. Volunteers were able to bond with each other as they passed out backpacks to young and eager students who were about to start school.

I can’t forget the glimmer in their eyes when they saw the Jansport backpack they were receiving, which was also filled with school supplies! The smiles of the students as they had fun throughout the day made me realize how great it feels to give back to the community through Key Club! Key Club members grab backpacks to distribute to the eager young kids.

Submitted by Michelle Truong

For the month of September, San Jose Key Club hosted its first general meeting of this school year! We had about 300 students sign up at Club Day, and approximately 250 showed up to our first meeting! We discussed what Key Club was about, and what it took to be an active and successful member. We also went over our club’s general goals, which included having at least 115 active members (an increase of 30 from the last term), serve a total of 1,000 hours, and fundraise a total of $2,000 for Pediatric Trauma Program and The Eliminatw Project. We also began to discuss Fall Rally North and ways to promote it to our club, as only a fraction of our active members attend each year. Some ways we have promoted the rally is via social media sites, where we have begun to teach the entire club dibvisional cheers for spirit battles and having members who previously attended FRN to share their experiences. These tactics have definitely promoted great interest in the club! Submitted by Fadumo Osman

Today, our club held the first meeting of the school year. The meeting started off with chants to get ready for the upcoming Pediatric Trauma Program fundraiser, Fall Rally North. We also explained events to new members and people who were just interested and came in. We also had an overview on what is Key Club and what it means to be a Key Clubber. The first meeting of the year started the year with spirit and laughs which I hope we will be able to carry on for the rest of the term.

News Every year at District Convention, the Member Recognition Committee rewards clubs who do an outstanding job. However, clubs cannot receive awards unless they apply for them! The Recognition Coordinator will serve as the board member (appointed) who informs the club and members on awards to apply for!

The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is a Key Club grant that gives clubs money for their service project. Funds range from $100 to $2,000. Applications for this grant are due October 15. Last year (2012), only 4 Key Clubs from the Cali-Nev-Ha District applied for the YOF Grant, and all clubs received the grant. Therefore, the chances of receiving the grant are fairly high!

PRESIDENTS Division Team Lieutenant Governor Austin Quach

Division Executive Assistant Tiffany Wong Division Secretary Steven Tan Division News Editor Jennifer Duong

American Chloris Li

Mission San Jose Roselin Yao

Independence Vivian Wong

Piedmont Hills Allison Mac

Irvington Miuccia Halim

San Jose Fadumo Osman

KIPP San Jose Olivia Ly

Washington Denny Cao

Milpitas Amy Zhao

Closing Message Hey Superheroes! Can you all believe it’s October? School has already started for all of us, and the workload has been increasing. Despite the stress that we may all feel, remember that it is only temporary! Also don’t forget to take a break every once in a while and don’t push yourself past your limit. With the new month means new service opportunities! I hope you all are working towards completing your club goals and bettering your community. Remember, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Have a wonderful October, heroes! Keep up the amazing work.

--Jennifer Duong

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