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The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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TABLE OF CONTENTS The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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June 2017 The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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Hello Dolphins!

Hey D11 Dolphins!

Happy June! Summer is right around the corner, and I hope that you are all closing the school year off with a bang! It's crazy to think that we are in the third month of the term already, before we know it, it'll be over! With that, the time is NOW to start gathering ideas for summer events and fundraisers. One of the biggest things I want to implement is raising money for one of our preferred charities, PTP! I highly encourage you all to stay active even after the school year ends to ensure that the Fall season will start as smoothly as possible! Going back to the present, I would like to thank you all for submitting your MRFs and other monthly submission. With that, there is always room for improvement! I highly encourage everyone to BEE proactive with their monthly tasks, as meeting these deadlines are very important. There will be numerous reminders that will be sent out by not only me, but also your newly appointed DLT as well! Please be on the look-out for reminder emails an updates, so that you can all keep up with upcoming events and other things of that nature. Don't hesitate to let me know if you are not receiving emails, it is extremely important that every club reads them as they have a lot of important information!

My name is Jason Letargo and I will be serving you as your Division News Editor for the 17-18 term! Let’s start this new term strong and end the school year strong as well. However, by the time some of you read this, you’ll already be out of school, so... How did it go? Did the school year go well? Are you doing well? I sure hope so bro! I am currently cramming all that I can in my last moments as a Junior before my last hectic year in high school begins. But I can’t wait for summer because of all the chances to participate in the events and fundraisers that our division will hold! That means more events and fundraisers that I could include in the D11 Newsletter! Be sure to make use of the time ahead of us by doing something productive, whether it be taking up leadership positions or serving the community! Everything you do for the community, makes it a better place. Even though this is my first year in Key Club, I’ve seen how hard working we are! Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my first Newsletter as DNE. If you have any questions comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me anytime!

Signing off,

Sincerely, Jason Letargo Division News Editor

Nathaniel Banlusak Lieutenant Governor

The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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EXECUTIVE ASSITANTS Welcome Gianella Feliciano and Nya Kim! These two girls will be serving as your Division 11 Executive Assistants. As EA, they are assigned to aid any clubs with issues, help connect the clubs and members to Lieutenant Governor Nathaniel. They will be there to answer any immediate questions you may have, and will ensure that you are all successful in the upcoming term. It is highly encouraged that you reach out to these three, and make them a familiar face to you and the club that you serve! Refer to the contact sheet for more info on how to reach them!

DIVISION NEWS EDITOR Welcome Jason Letargo! The Division News Editor is in charge of keeping clubs and the district updated on what's happening in Division 11! From collecting Articles and Visuals, to making publicity posters for events, the DNE is definitely a busy BEE! It's highly recommended that all club editors and/or historians become close to the DNE, as you all will be serving alongside him for the next year!

SPIRIT COORDINATOR Welcome Kate Roque! She will be serving as your Division 11 Head Spirit Coordinator for the upcoming term! As a spirit coordinator, she will be creating and compiling cheers, putting together a spirit team, and will keep Division 11 HYPED UP! As the year progresses, be on the lookout for this spirit team come up! :)

The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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Member of the Month: Guy Owens [Morse Key Club] OfďŹ cer of the Month: Brenton Porter [Lincoln Key Club] Faculty Advisor of the Month: Stephanie Kinnamon [Mar Vista Key Club] Club of the Month: San Diego Key Club

The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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MIRACLE MILE OF QUARTERS Division 100’s Mircale Mile of Quarters fundraised for the Rady’s Children Hospital on May 6, 2017 by holding an art design contest with quarters. This event is hosted every year and all the quarters used in it are donated to a different charity each year. This year, we have raised more than $100,000, which was donated to the hospital.

Morse Key Club’s design at the Miracle Mile of Quarters

The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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SDCPA Key Club participating at the walkathon

On April 14th, Rosmil, Robelynn, Vanessa, Tran, Janelle, Sky, and advisor, Ms. Mooney, attended the Annual Region 1 Walk-A-Thon at Helix High school in celebration for fundraising for the San Diego Rescue Mission. We made donations, began walking the track, and did a fun interactive activity after every lap. We ended the event with our DCM, pizza, and of course raffles. Our president and treasurer, Rosmil and Robelynn, spoke during the DCM of their DCON experiences. Submitted by: Skyler Saxour

The Official Division 11 Newsletter

Rosmil Manalansan speaking at the DCM after the Walkathon held at Helix High School

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Who: All Divisions from Region 1 are welcome to the banquet! What: Divisions 11 and 31 will be hosting a Region 1 banquet to honor and celebrate the 2016-2017 term! This event is open to all officers, members, and advisors within Region 1! Please open this up to the clubs that you serve! Where: San Diego High School Gym When: June 10, 2017 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm Why: Meet and socialize with your fellow Kiwanis members throughout the region! RSVP Form:


Who: All Kiwanis members are welcome What: A canned food drive event followed by a movie outdoors Where: TBA When: TBA Why: Meet and socialize with your fellow kiwanis members!

The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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The Official Division 11 Newsletter

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Division 11 JUNE Newsletter  

Division 11 JUNE Newsletter