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Hello blue turtles! School has started, so it's time to get that membership recruitment rolling! The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to get freshmen to join Key Club and show them what service is all about. Ask a friend to go to a DCM, a service event, or a fundraiser, to get them more familiar with Key Club. Don't forget that every Key Clubber must pay $11 of dues! Membership recruitment is essential to the growth of our division, and I can't wait to see new faces enthusiastic for service in this division! PTP fundraising is continuing throughout the fall, with our goal being $2500. As of September, the division has already raised $1000, and it could not have been possible without you. So please continue to support division fundraisers, and encourage your club to host fundraisers of its own! Remember, you need to buy me back from the auction at PTP! (: Once again, thank you so much for all that you have done so far this term! Summer Key has been amazing, and I hope you enjoyed the different activities the division planned for you all. Fall Rally is nearing, so be on the lookout for spirit workshops throughout the course of these three months. I hope that our service and our spirit will increase with the coming of this fall. We will win that spirit stick and claim blue turtle glory! Love, Kelly Lau,

FUNDRAISING COMMITEE ELNORA PHU Summer has come to an end and now schools in session. Who's excited for the

2012-2013 school year?! I know I am because that means Fall Rally is just around the corner! We still have a few more fundraisers left before November to raise money for PTP. We are currently selling bows made by the fundraising committee and street team for only $1. The bows are versatile- you can use them as a hair accessory, decoration for your backpack, lanyard, etc. You can even use them to style your clothes! Don't forget to buy one from your president or any committee member! We also have a car wash and Factory Tea Bar fundraiser coming soon, so be on the look out for that. Hope to see you blue turtles at our next fundraiser! Til then, stay in school and study hard!


KELLY LUC Yet another school year begins, anew, and with it comes more opportunities to

meet new Key Clubbers, raise money for PTP, and serve our community. Fall Rally is coming up soon, so try your best to help make money for PTP! This year CAN be the year we win the spirit stick, so plesae consider coming, and don’t forget to show your spirit. Get people to join your local key club, and become a part of this wonderful family. I hope to see you around! Work hard, blue turtles!

DIVISION UPDATES help raise money for PTP by donning some cute hair __bows, wearing an adorable pin, or sporting a brand-new crewneck! Keep your eye (or ear) out to find out when you can start getting your hands on these goods!



If you would like to recieve your own cute D10S merchandise, all you have to do is donate! Ordering and distribution will take place with your club president, so please talk to them if you are interested. All donations will go directly towards PTP!





Due to the District's massive size, two Fall Rallies are held each year; one in Northern California at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, one in Southern California at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Thousands of members gather at each of the two theme parks on their selected day, one in October, one in November. At Fall Rally North and South, LTGs and Executive officers are "auctioned" off to Divisions; the winning Division is able to then spend a designated period of time with the "purchased" officer. Auction funds and a portion of the ticket sales for both events go towards the Pediatric Trauma Program


November 10, 2012


Six Flags Magic Moutnains


Experience Motivational Programs, Divisional Spirit Rally, Meet New People, Helping out Pediatric Trauma Program, and Key Club Spirit.


































ronald mcdonald house

Date/Time: Saturday, September 8, 2012, 2-6pm Location: 763 South Pasadena Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

ing ongo y hl mont

The Ronald Mcdonald House is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter for families with children treated at hospitals away from home. As volunteers, we help out with whatever the House needs at the moment. This includes cleaning, organizing, restocking pantries, gardening, etc. This service project is open to 2 volunteers per school per shift (two shifts: 2-4pm and 4-6pm), giving us a total number of 4 volunteers/school/month. Interested members can sign up with their respective schools.


region training conference Date/Time: Saturday, September 29, 2012, 10:30 am-5 pm Location: Cal Poly Pomona At the Region Training Conference you will meet Key Club members from all the other clubs in your region and division. There will be informative workshops on various topics that will help you and the other members of your club. There will be Icebreakers so you can get to know some of the members of the other clubs in the region. You will leave this conference knowing so much more about Key Club and how to be a more effective officer and /or member.

september dcm/spirit session feafea

Date/Time: Sunday, September 29 2012, 1-3 PM Location: Almansor Park Come to D10S’s Montly DCM for all the latest club updates. Meet cute keyclubbers, enjoy some delicious food, and have some fun before school starts up again! We will also be having a spirit session, so come ready to be loud and be proud!



BRIAN HOANG rosemead high school

On July 14, 2012 we had our Eaton Canyon Social, a hiking trip between Mark Keppel, Gabrielino, and Rosemead Key Club. All members met up at Eaton Canyon at 8:00am where water bottles were supplied and fun tasks were assigned. Some of the tasks included were taking a silly picture with Virginia Qi, the Gabrielino Key Club Vice Present, taking an awkward turtle picture with Tracie Wong, the Rosemead Key Club President, telling a pick-up line to one of the presidents, asking a secretary how they feel, and getting a number from someone of the opposite sex from another school. We then set on our hiking trip filled with rocky hills, streams, and surrounding trees. For the most part we stuck together as a group and waited for everyone to cross. There were some slips and falls but no serious injuries. After a long hike we finally reached our destination, a waterfall surrounded by many other hikers. Some members got into the water and some even dared to go under the icy cold waterfall. After we spent some quality time we headed back and took a group picture. It was a fun experience and a good opportunity to socialize with members from other schools.


WORKING AT THE LI AMY CHANG mark keppel high school

This summer a “Dream Big� reading program was held at the Bruggemeyer Library in Monterey Park. The program encouraged young students to spend their summer dreaming big while reading. Reading is a fun and educational way to learn and explore beyond the ordinary and expected. With over 700 eager children participating in this reading program it was a guaranteed success. The kids reported each time they read and received a different prize each time with all sorts of fun prizes like posters, bracelets, and many more. The requirement to receive a prize was to read one book, but most kids went beyond that and read an average of 5 books. Some kids even read more and showed up several times a week. With several excited readers, the most important factor, this reading program enhanced reading and promoted education. I’m very excited to participate next year and assisting several kids to dream big! Working at the library provided me to talk to these young students who had a unique and inspiring outlook. From them I have learned how important and legendary a simple book can be. A book may look simple, of just paper, but inside beholds more than anyone can imagine. All you need is a book, a seat, and an open mind and you can enter several exciting journeys of your choice. A variety of books are provided at the library like nonfiction, mystery, easy, bilingual, and several more. There are even board books for toddlers and babies who can also participate in the reading program. The staff is friendly and helpful providing essential expertise and assistance. The environment is calm and peaceful, perfect for the ultimate reading experience. I met new people and learn. Being a part of this program encouraged me to rea dmore Even though over 10,000 books were read this summer by the participants there are many more books to read, many more journeys, and many more opportunities to dream big!



mark keppel high school

Traditional lanterns, food, and festive lanterns decorated the parking lot of Hongashi temple. Everyone was preparing for the Obon festival, which is a tradition Japanese festival consisting of games, prayers, food, and dance. My friend and I volunteered the whole day shift at the temple. At first when we arrived, no one was there and there was barely anything set up. Later as time passed on, we were assigned to work in the game booths. I worked at the sponge toss for a couple of hours then was sent downstairs to the bingo center at the cafeteria where they sold tempura and udon. When I went back upstairs, more people showed up and the energy was starting to build up. Traditional Japanese delicacies and American food were sold at the booth near the stairs. They had dango, udon, chili dog, chicken with rice, beef with rice, shaved ice, and much more ! After a while, more people showed up and lights in the sky dimmed. It was getting late, but the music got louder and the dance began. Of course, my friend and I stayed working in the booths until our next break. In our free time, we both went to the small mall just across the street. It wasn't an American mall, but a Japanese mall. When we came back, we bought dango that had oreos inside ! We saw so many people dressed in kimonos- all of different colors and patterns! We heard Japanese spoken extremely fast and characters we did not understand on paper being passed around. Overall, the festival was really fun. Even though we stayed ten hours there, it gave us a new experience. Everyone was so nice to us and they even offered to buy us drinks when the heat was at its peak. I enjoyed the festive lights and music during my stay at the temple. I hope I get to volunteer next year as well !



IRENE LAM mark keppel high school

Every year in the month of July, Key Club would hold a beach cleanup at Santa Monica Beach. It’s where all the divisions from different schools come together to help pick up trash, and make the beach a cleaner place. Not only do we, key clubbers clean up, but also meet new people and do spirit battles as well. Before we got onto the bus, President Diana Liu, LTG Kelly Lau and other board members from Division 10 taught us the spirit battle cheers and comebacks. The cheers were catchy yet tiring because we were all so dead and soft that we had to do it over again and again. We also practice more once we got there at the beach. Everyone from Division 10 South was in a big circle, trying to warm up before the real spirit battle begins. Sadly in the end, our division lost to another division which I forgot the name of it! But it’s okay because we still have fall rally and next year’s beach cleanup! Other divisions were also selling snacks, cookies, drinks, lanyards, shirts, and much more to raise money for their club and other causes. Overall, I like going to this event because you get to help clean up the beach, protect the ocean and animals from harmful plastic bottles that might get them caught or washed away in the ocean. It’s also a great cause because not a lot of people clean up the beach. Even though you earn hours but you are also helping the community out. This is my second time going to the beach cleanup and I had fun doing it so I’ll be looking forward in going to next year’s beach cleanup and the year after that.

626 NIGHT MARKET IRENE LAM mark keppel high school During this month, I help volunteered in setting up for the 626 night market in Pasenda. The 626 night market is a late night market filled with mouth watering Asian foods, products, and drinks from local businesses. It’s where family and friends come together to enjoy the Asian culture. The 626 night market goal’s is to bring Asian culture, food, and products to California where people can show off their products and promote their businesses in such a time like this where the economy is falling apart. This is a great cause because nowadays, it’s difficult to maintain a business. Because of the 626 night market, it helps people with spreading their business.

While I was there, I help with the driving parkway. When a person doesn’t know where the parking spaces are at, I would be the person who guides them and tell them which section they can go to park their cars at. Another thing I did was help people bring out foods from their car. This task required more than 2 people so about 10 people from different schools all helped out. Kenny Mock, Lynna and I also helped one of the staff member in putting the caution tape in the parking lot to notify people that they can’t park there only for people who works at the festival. Afterwards, we helped build tents and carrying them to the location that the staff members wanted us to put them at. This job was quite tiring because it requires lots of strength, balancing and team work. Because of the tents being heavy, it was hard to balance it while carrying it at the same time. One side of the tent was being lop sided and the other team was about to drop it. But in the end, we got the job done without dropping the tent! By the time it was 12 which was the end of our shift, we all got free shirts and pizza! Kenny, Lynna, Courtney and I wanted to stay for the night market to begin but it started at 4 p.m. so we couldn’t stay long. Maybe next year we’ll get to go!



wilson key club

On August 4, 2012, Wilson High School organized a Cha for Tea fundraiser in Alhambra. It went relatively well. Although the amount we made wasn’t as much as we expected, it was just our first time and we plan on improving on that. People came and enjoyed their drink while hanging out with friends. It was the time to relax and chill from a hot summer. We plan on having more fundraisers throughout the year.


Though the month of August signals an end to summer, Schurr High’s Key Club takes this as an opportunity to participate in as many events before school goes back in session. On August 11, Schurr Key’s officers gathered to discuss the club before the school year starts. From membership policies to the upcoming year’s new big project, a wide range of topics were covered, and after the meeting was completed, the officers spent a day reinforcing the strong bond that will be needed to keep the club running smoothly. “I feel warm inside after today. I feel more motivated to put in maximum effort into Key Club,” said secretary Taylor Honda on the officer meeting and bonding day. Along with school-related activities, Schurr Key has also been active in division events. Also on the 11th, Schurr Key’s members participated in the Ronald McDonald house service, assisting volunteers with any housework needed. Members also interacted with the elderly at the Alhambra Convalescent Home. Taking advantage of the overlapping events, some members participated in both. On August 10, Schurr Key’s members contributing to Division 10 South’s fundraiser at Ten Ren’s Tea House. In addition, Second vice president Jason Basulto’s coronation at the July DCM as Mr. Key Club spurred Schurr Key’s motivation to become more active in summer Key. Schurr Key will host a bake sale on August 18 and 19, using funds to prepare the club to jump-start the new school year.


D10S September News  

September Newsletter for the Division 10 South Blue Turtles