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Hello Blue Turtles!


Have you all heard the wonderful news yet? Our division recently elected the Lt. Governor for the 2013-2014 term: Jason Basulto! He will be co-hosting DCMs with me up until March when I retire, so get to know him!






I am so excited to end this year with a BOOM. Please continue to fundraise for Pediatric Trauma Program or the Eliminate Project. It is never time to stop in our service, so let's continue on with the work that we have been doing! End this term with more service hours, greater attendance at events, and more division spirit! Even though Fall Rally has been long over, I still expect you all to keep up the same enthusiasm for Key Club that you had back in November. And guess what else is coming up?

District Convention 2013! Even though after DCON I will no longer be your Lt. Governor, I am ecstatic about this event! District Convention is a one-in-a-million kind of experience, so don't miss out! I hope that you have all registered with your clubs already because the deadline is FEBRUARY 8TH! This celebration of our district's achievements will contain workshops, elections, spirit, and unforgettable friendships. I hope to see all of your BEEautiful faces at Anaheim on March 22nd to March 24th.

Let's end this fantastic term in a spectacular way! As always, thank you for believing in me this entire year. I am really honored to serve as your Lt. Governor. Division 10 South Key Club will always be my home, and I hope it is yours too. Love,


JASON BASULTO Hey Key Clubbers, My name is Jason Basulto from Schurr High School, and I am your new Lieutenant Governor-Elect. If you must know, here are some facts about me: I like working out, I eat like a monster, and I LOVE serving communities through Key Club. When I first joined this organization, I could never have imagined myself running for Lieutenant Governor. However, as I started attending Division Council Meetings, my perspective changed when I saw our Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor Sarah Shy. I knew I wanted to be like her. I wanted to serve members on a larger scale, just like what she was doing. Another one of my idols is Kelly Lau. She made all of my doubts for Lieutenant Governor vanish; she was the one who made me absolutely positive that I should run for this position. Throughout her term, I have noticed a significant growth in the division not only in terms of spirit but also in regards to the different types of services. Overall, you turtles should shoot for the stars because every member has the qualities to be a great leader. Even if you don’t hit the star you were aiming for, you just may end up in the ocean with your beloved blue turtles. Although I am blessed to be your Lieutenant Governor-Elect, Kelly Lau is still our Lieutenant Governor. So, let’s say it one last time before her term ends… L-O-V-E WE LOVE OUR LTG! Name: Jason Basulto Ethnicity: Mexican American Height: 5’6 ½ Weight: Don’t worry about it… Interest: Singing, Eating, Exercising Best Key Club Memory: District Convention Favorite Song: Bruno Mars- Locked Out of Heaven





























08dcon registration due distiguished officer portfolio due

16ronald mcdonald house

Date/Time: Saturday, February 16 2012, 2-4pm Location: 763 South Pasadena Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

09making friends

ing ongo y hl mont

Date/Time: Saturday, February 9, 2012, 10am-12pm Location: 415 S.@Garfield Ave, Alhambra, CA 91801 home alhambra convalescent

february dcm


Date/Time: Sunday, February 24, 1-3 PM Location: Almansor Park

EMIKA NISHI schurr key club

OLD BUSINESS CHRISTMAS @ CANNON Frigid weather was no exception for Schurr Key Club, which volunteered to serve dinners to the unfortunate at the annual Christmas at the Cannon event Dec. 24. Members assembled at the Quiet Cannon golf course’s banquet hall at 8 a.m. and waited for assignments to be given. A majority was assigned to bussing tables, though some had the opportunity to distribute toys to children or serve food. The event lasted until 1 p.m., where members were allowed to eat. Christmas at the Cannon has been an event intertwined in the history of Montebello, existing for more than 20 years. The food and toys are made available by several local sponsors, and clubs from both Schurr and Montebello High School sign up to volunteer at this large-scale event. This event not only serves to spread the often-missed holiday spirit or unite the efforts of different clubs and schools, but allows members to realize the impact volunteers can have on the community. “Helping families celebrate their Christmas may not seem like a huge task to us, but seeing their warm smiles shows us that simply helping them to their seats can really make a difference in their lives,” senior Michele Wong said. Schurr Key Club’s officers held a holiday gathering, hosted by adviser Michael Kim, Dec. 28. Officers were able to realize the importance of friendship and maintaining a strong bond within them to uphold the club. It seems that holiday cheer was eminent throughout the month of December, and it was only renewed with second vice president Jason Basulto elected as the next Lieutenant Governor of Division 10 South, Jan. 12. “I’m excited to be D10 South’s LTG elect and I hope to reach more members. I feel so honored and blessed with this position and I’ll serve D10 South into another successful year,” said Basulto. The results of the election earned much praise and pride from Basulto’s home club, and members were quick to congratulate him. “I'm truly proud of Jason. Whenever he is volunteering for Key Club, I can see his genuine passion for service. Though I’ll be away at college and won’t be able to see him lead the division, I know he will be a great LTG,” said secretary Taylor Honda.


On Saturday, January 12, 2013, Rosemead Key Club attended the Region 13 Conclave along with all the other divisions in our Region. The Conclave was held so that we could elect our new Lieutenant Governor of Division 10 South and for all the other Divisions to elect their new LTG's. Every division had only 2 candidates except Division 35 West who had 4 candidates to choose from. There were three factors that would help you decide on who you would like to be your next LTG. First, they are given five minutes to give a speech that would showcase what they're all about and to reason why they should be the ones you vote for. Then, they would have a platform for the Key Clubbers to look at that listed their accomplishments and goals. At the end of their campaign they had five minutes to answer any questions asked by the members that were related to Key Club. Listening to all the different candidates and hearing what they could for their division was very interesting as some of the votes got heated when both candidates seemed to be head to head. For our division, Jason Basulto, Vice President of Montebello Key Club turned out to be the winner and is now our current Lieutenant Governor Elect. He is the future of Division 10 South and we have high

JEFFREY LEUNG rosemead key club




Rose Float Decorating is an annual event that Key and help finish floats. These floats are then displa tradition and then spectated by numerous people shapes and size, but it is ultimately the story line a determine its uniqueness. On December 26th and attended this event in Pasadena from 8 a.m. to 3 to do, especially since the New Years was only day charge of cutting flowers and gluing them on the flowers were assigned to cut every petal of marigo cutting it thoroughly, it was made sure that every boxes of yellow, brown, red, and orange flower pe actual float. Every spot was expected to be covered intensity of the colors and to save materials. As ex over Southern California volunteered for this Kiw contribution to the success of the floats. Although different types of floats such as the Trader Joe’s fl Veteran’s float, each and every one slowly came to who are committed to service.



y Clubbers attend to prepare ayed on New Year’s Day, as a nationwide. Floats vary from and flower choices that d 27th, Rosemead Key Club p.m. There are numerous tasks s away, but we were mostly in floats. Those that were cutting lds until the bud was shown. By color and part was used. The tals were then transferred to the d in order to increase the xpected, key clubbers from all wanian event and made a great h the warehouse was full of oat or the Korean War o life as color is added by teens

JENNIFER QUACH wilson On December 27, 2012, Wilson High School Key Club volunteered at the Rose float decorating event. Many of our members enjoyed this event and had a great time. We were able to get on the floats, decorate, cut flowers, and empty out trash cans. Our service went from 8am-4pm. This event was successful due to the amount of people who attended. We are looking forward to more events like so in the near future.

DONALD YU don bosco On Friday and Sunday of December 28 and 30, 2012, members of Don Bosco Tech Key Club attended one of our yearly events, the Rose Float decoration. The Rose Float decoration event is located in Pasadena. The nuts and bolts of the Rose Float event is decorate more than ten rose parade floats, while having fun and learning teamwork and leadership skills. Key Club members arrived at the Rosemont Pavilion in Pasadena at 8am to sign in and prepare for this event. This was the first event for one of our members, Ralph Beccerra. A Kiwanis Rose Float supervisor separated the key clubbers into large groups and sent them to do various tasks. Some of the tasks involving the floats were attaching flowers, painting, and preparing many items to be used on the float. Working on the Rose Float was thrilling, because many of us watch the Rose Parade every New Year. We are able to say that we worked, contributed, and a part of the Rose Parade. There were foods and drinks available to the volunteers for nourishment and vitality. The snacks were especially needed, because many of us were having fun and working hard decorating the floats that we were exhausted and needed the food to energize us. Time passed by fast when we were beautifying the floats and as soon as we know it, it was the end of the shift and everyone was leaving for home. Overall, the Rose Float decoration is a service project where Don Bosco Tech Key Clubbers worked on the Rose Parade Floats while having a memorable experience of developing friendships and leadership skills. It was exciting and awesome to participate on the Rose Floats.



February newsletter for the Division 10 South Blue Turtles

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