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LETTER FROM THE LTG Hello Blue Turtles! I hope your winter break has been fantastic! 2012 has past and it is time for us to get geared into the new year! In just a couple of weeks, your Lieutenant Governor-elect will be decided, and clubs will start to have elections. But that does not mean we should stop in our service for these last few months of the 2012-2013 term! In the upcoming months, I hope that we can create more wonderful memories together of Key Club. Whether you are a senior or freshman, it is time to make those memories last! So come help out at the Alhambra Convalescent Home or Ronald McDonald House each month. Attend a fundraiser for the Eliminate Project or a Division Council Meeting to meet more people! Key Club activity NEVER stops, so make the most out of it! January is about the time to start getting ready for District Convention. Let your club officers know that you want to attend this event of a lifetime, and do not miss the chance to meet Key Clubbers from all over California, Nevada, and Hawaii! March will be here before you know it, so make your decision now! Don't forget that you can continuously bring new friends to Key Club--it is never too late to join. Spread that spirit of service in your community and I thank you for everything that you all have done. Division 10 South is the best division I can ever serve! Love,



Anaheim Convention Center / Anaheim Marriot Hotel

March 22 - 24, 2012

About $267/person




























12 conclave 2013

Date/Time: Saturday, January 12, 10 am - 5pm Location: Air Management District: 21865 Copley Dr Diamond Bar, CA 91765 Elect the next Lieutenant Governor!

12 alhambra convalescent home


Date/Time: Saturday, January 12, 10am - 12pm Location: Alhambra Convalescent Home

19 ronald mcdonald house

ing ongo y hl mont

Date/Time: Saturday, January 19, 2-4pm Location: 763 South Pasadena Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 The Ronald Mcdonald House is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter for families with children treated at hospitals away from home. As volunteers, we help out with whatever the House needs at the moment. This includes cleaning, organizing, restocking pantries, gardening, etc. This service project is open to 2 volunteers per school per shift (two shifts: 2-4pm and 4-6pm), giving us a total number of 4 volunteers/school/month. Interested members can sign up with their respective schools.

20distinguished officers workshop


BRIAN HOANG rosemead high school

On Saturday, December 15, 2012, the officers decided to have some bonding time amongst Rosemead Key Club and therefore we planned a Scavenger Hunt at Rosemead Park. The Key Clubbers found a partner before the day of the event and were grouped in with another pair of partners forming a group of four on the day of the event so that the members could meet new people. Before it started, the officers and our street team captain, Ivana Duong, set up the hints spanning from the park to the inside of Rosemead High School. After we finished setting up, the Key Clubbers arrived with an approximate number of 32 attendees. We informed them of the rules and how the Scavenger Hunt worked, we grouped them up into their groups of four, and soon after we began. Some of the tasks included finding the historian and saying a pick up line, finding the street team captain and dancing (preferably body rolling), and going up to one of our advisors and thanking them for their hard work. The rest were hints to different locations and at the locations were fill in the blank answers related to Key Club. The winning group finished within fifty minutes, and in this group was Diana Ly, a senior, Chris Lim, a sophomore, Myron Ho, a sophomore, and Benjamin Lam, a Freshman. The rest of the groups finished and soon after the winning team was given their prizes, a $5 Jamba Juice gift card, first in line for pizza, and 5 points for Key Club. Overall it was an event where the members had a lot of fun, got tired from running from hint to hint, challenged their knowledge of Key Club, and had some delicious pizza


On Saturday, November 3, 2012 from 9:00am to 12:00pm, Gabrielino High School’s Key Club volunteered at Peck Park Habitat Restoration Service. One Saturday every month, Amigos De Los Rios gathers at Peck Park in El Monte to clean up the park. Amigos De Los Rios is a non-profit organization that provides a helping hand in cleaning, and protecting the environment. Other members of the community also join in to help alongside Amigos De Los Rios to beautify the parks. When the volunteers arrived the supervisor of the project, Bob, had a short orientation about what was needed from the volunteers, a quick bio of the park, and then took the volunteers into the park near the lake. The members then began to pick up trash near and around the lake to ensure it does not flow to the rest of the park when the lake over flows due to the rain. Starting from the very end of the park, Gabrielino Key Club members worked their way along the river gathering trash and admiring all of the trees along the way. We learned all sorts of neat stuff from Bob who was very educated about trees. After about two hours of cleaning, we ended up cleaning up to the place Bob wanted us to, so we began to head back. We saw all sorts of things from baseballs, to shopping carts, and the things we saw always amused us. When we all gathered after throwing away the bags full of trash we went to the park benches and were served snacks and water, to thank us for the work we’ve just done. Overall this service was beneficial to the environment and fun for the volunteers also.


On Sunday November 25, 2012, members of Don Bosco Tech Key Club attended the annual D10S Division Council Meeting. The meeting was held at Almansor Park in Alhambra. This DCM was different from the rest, because we held a potluck for winning the Fall Rally Spirit session. The Division Council Meeting starts at 1pm and ends at 4pm. Majority of our club members attended the meeting to celebrate our winning the Fall Rally Spirit session. The meeting covered updates and news about the Key Club schedule and service events. After the updates and news, all the members were craving for food and subsequently we started the pot luck feast. Some of the food served was funnel cake and pizza. We had a great time eating food and talking to friends during the district council meeting. The food was good. Our club members talked about the great time they had at fall rally and how awesome it was winning the spirit stick. Some of our members mingled with other clubs and played games. So in one word the food was first-class. The exciting part of the potluck was when one girl got asked out for prom with a huge poster. Overall, Don Bosco Tech Key clubbers had a great experience at the Division Council Meeting. The potluck part of the meeting was especially fun and the food was great. Yea, just remember--the food is good. Also, “We totally didn't go to the DCM because of the free food,� Ocean Zhang said laughingly.

CARD MAKING emika nishi schurr key club

In accordance to the holiday season, Schurr Key has been busy during the eventful month, but has been particularly attentive to a certain project: making cards of encouragement for the children of the Los Angeles Hospital. The project was started at a social held Nov. 24, where members gathered at Acuna Park to make cards, play icebreakers, eat, and end the day with an obstacle-infused race. Roughly 35 cards were made that day. The card count more than doubled to 80 cards at the night meeting on Dec. 12, where members were encouraged to make at least one card. Card-making time was extended during the meeting after seeing the enthusiasm of the members in the process. Though the meeting ran past the expected end time, officers were pleased with the outcome of the cards. “It’s really important that you make these cards look nice,” second vice president Jason Basulto said. “These kids are in a hospital during the holidays so we need to cheer them up.” Because of age restrictions, the cards will be sent rather than delivered personally to the hospital. However, the officers and members are brimming with hopes anticipating a positive influence on the children.

brian hoangrosemead On Friday, December 14, 2012, Rosemead Key Club attended our monthly event, Familia Unida, located at the Garvey Recreation Center. For this month's Familia Unida we mixed up with some Christmas spirit. The one in charge of the Familia Unida gatherings, Irma Resendez, was not able to make it but we were still able to make it a successful event. When we arrived at the event we began setting up the tables and the chairs and soon after Andy, one of the more known Familia Unida members, took charge. We practiced carols for the Familia Unida members while Andy played away on his guitar. As the members arrived we split up into three groups, a group to prepare the food, a group that entertained the Familia Unida members with carols, and a group that played with the kids. Halfway into the event, Santa Claus arrived. We started serving food and as we were serving, Santa Claus was passing out candy and goodies to the children. All in all, it was one of the most memorable Familia Unida gatherings we've attended; where we had good food, had much more people attending, took pictures with Santa Claus, and had a great time.




Janauary Newsletter fo the Division 10 South Blue Turtles