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The Monster mash

The Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club Volume: 4 Issue: 4- September 2013

Fall Rally Issue

Here we are in August, Division 7 South Key Club! We have lots to talk about this month, including introducing our new Task Coordinators, an infographic on the Pediatric Trauma Program, and some snazzy articles! I hope you enjoy this issue!

PS: Have you purchased your division shirt and ticket for Fall Rally I hope you’ve all been doing well! I yet? Because 7 South is going to be FIERCE at Six Flags! More informiss you all so much that I can’t mation on Fall Rally is included in wait to see you all again… at the this issue! Are you all ready? REGION 16 TRAINING CONBOOM BOOM DOMINATION FERENCE! AYE! ITS MONSTER NATION! What’s RTC? A region wide Key In service and friendship, Club event where you can learn more about Key Club, service, and Emily Mu Division 7 South Lt. Governor leadership and participate in a DANCE, REGION WIDE SERRegion 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha DisVICE PROJECT, and our Divitrict sion Council Meeting! Look at our Cell: (916) 752-3717 event page or ask the team for more info. This is a REGION event, meaning members from all over Lodi, Stockton, Sacramento, Tracy, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, and Elk Grove will be in attendance. You seriously do NOT want to miss out. :) Good luck to any of you who have midterms and final exams coming up! You’ll all do incredibly well. <3

I am excited! I hope to see all of you there! The month of September has been a busy month. With lots of deadlines coming fast, so watch out, they come quicker than expected! The Division Leadership team has been hard at work planning events and doing our duties to the best of our abilities. We have been working towards RTC.


In service and friendship, Nick Nguyen 2013-2014 Executive Assistant Division 7 South, Region 16, Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | September 2013

It has been a long summer, and I For the past month, I have organized can't for this new school year which will be packed with more Monsters! a fundraiser for our Region 16 and everyone else, in order to raise funds Fall Rally is just around the corner and I believe Division 7 South will for the Pediatric Trauma Program. take over once again! I'm very excited for our Region In service and friendship, Training Conference, as it will reunite our divisions together. I look Jennifer Dalanan forward educating the region and myself with all the workshops that we 2013-2014 Executive Assistant Division 7 South, Region 16, Calihave prepared. The cheers, excitement and enthusiasm is what I look Nev-Ha District Key Club International forward to when we all come together.

If you are interested in Website Design/HTML Coding and/or Adobe Dreamweaver, come join us in working on the website! Send me With school in full swing and the cool fall weather creeping in, things an email if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to contribute! are only heating up for Division 7 The more people we have, the betSouth! This time of the year is, by ter representation we can get of far, one of the most eventful in the ALL of you fantastic Key Clubbers in making the website the best it fall, with multiple club events, RTC, fundraisers, and, finally Fall can be. Rally North! Keep up the good work everyone! Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll see you at RTC, different fundThanks again to everyone who is submitting articles and visuals to be raisers, and FALL RALLY! put in the newsletter! I was very proud to see all the pictures from In service and friendship, your Club Rushes, showing off your monstrous spirit in the biggest ways Nick Stringfellow possible! 2013-2014 Newsletter Editor

Division 7 South | Region 16 |

Besides working on the newsletter, I Cali-Nev-Ha District have been busy working with the Key Club International rest of the Division Leadership Team in planning RTC, fundraisers, and making incremental progress on the website! We are facing another delay with school becoming a little overbearing at the moment, but WE WILL GET THIS DONE! Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | September 2013


In service and friendship, HEY GUYS ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S JENNIFER HERE! Look forward to some super totally awesome events okay? I love all of you! Make it a great day :)

Jennifer Tham 2013-2014 Service Projects Task Coordinator Division 7 South, Region 16, Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

to the Kiwanis and work together with them this school year.

As your KFF Task Coordinator, I most recently attended the Septem- I am very excited and I hope you are ber Kiwanis Division Council Meet- too! Stay tuned! ing with Emily Mu and learned a lot more about our wonderful Kiwanis! In service and friendship, They are amazing people who do so much for our communities and schools; they hit me in the feels when they talked about their Kiwanis moment. Their service and organization is on point and I hope we can be as great as them.

Patton Nguyen 2013-2014 Kiwanis Family Foundation Task Coordinator Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

I will be talking to our new Kiwanis Lt. Governor Joe Jaquez soon on how we as a division can contribute

In service and friendship, It is a great privilege for me to be serving Division 7 South as a Division Spirit Coordinator for the 2nd year! I'm Ă&#x153;ber excited, and I can't wait for everyone to see what I have in stored for Fall Rally North.

Kristi Doan 2013-2014 Fall Rally Spirit Coordinator Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Let's make some great memories and radiate our spirit!! Here's to a great year.

3Official Newsletter of Division 7 SouthOfficial Key Club Newsletter | July 2013 of Division 7 South Key Club | September 2013

Newsletter of Division 5Official Newsletter of Division 7 SouthOfficial Key Club | September 2013 7 South Key Club | September 2013 4

Featured Division Events: D7S Tapioca & Tea Fundraiser & Sept+Oct DCMs! D7S Tapioca and Tea Fundraiser Hello Everyone! Division 7 South will be having our Tapioca and Tea Fundraiser right after Region 16 Training Conference! Fliers will be distributed at RTC and will be posted on our Facebook event page. 20% of your purchase will go to the Pediatric Trauma Program and we would love love loveeeee if you came out and support this cause. long day! You can bond with new people within the Region after The location is very close to RTC, meeting them and relax! Rememthat you can just simply walk over ber to bring your friends and famthere after the event is over. This ily! We will have plenty of fliers! event would be perfect if you screamed your lungs out cheering Not attending RTC? No worries! at RTC, to quench your thirst of a You can still print a flier off of

the Facebook page, or just show up and grab a flyer there! Every purchase makes a difference and saves lives,! Can't wait to see you all there!

Upcoming DCMs and Special Events! September DCM When: Sat, September 28th

October DCM and FRN Cheer Training

Where: Harriet Eddy Middle School (Location of RTC)

When: Fri, October 11th

Time: During RTC What: Come join us during RTC for the September Division Council Meeting! Get up to date with our Division Leadership Team, and show the other divisions of Region 16 that D7S knows whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up!

Place and Time: TBA (Check Facebook/with your club officers when this information is released!) What: Not only will you be in tune with the Division for October, but youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll also get to practice cheers for FRN! Join us for a fun experience that will make Fall Rally so much better for you!

Key Club Newsletter | September of Division 2013 7 South Key Club | September 2013 4 5Official Newsletter of Division 7 SouthOfficial

FALL RALLY NORTH 2013 When: Saturday, October 19th 2013 Where: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Cost: $40-$50 (Varies by Club)

What is Fall Rally, exactly?  Fall Rally is an annual event for the Cali-Nev -Ha District that is split into two geographic regions: North and South.  Fall Rally is one of the biggest fundraisers in our entire District: all the donations raised by our clubs and divisions from all over the District directly benefit the Pediatric Trauma Program, or PTP for short.  Fall Rally North specifically gathers Key Clubbers from all over Northern California and parts of Nevada, which is a HUGE opportunity to meet other Key Clubbers!  The cost you pay covers your ticket to the park, wristbands, entrance to the ENORMOUS spirit rally in the morning, and drinks throughout the day!  LTGs from all the divisions that attend FRN will be auctioned off using the money we have raised for PTP! If we win an auction, our division can hang with another LTG for a little while!  Between flexing your monstrous spirit and having fun at the park, what could be better? Key Club Newsletter | September July 2013 of Division 2013 7 South Key Club | September 2013 6 5Official Newsletter of Division 7 SouthOfficial

Upcoming Club Events Fundraisers On Friday, October 4th, Monterey Trail Key Club is holding it’s annual Wafflecakes fundraiser! The event will take place at Monterey Trail High School (8661 Power Inn Road Elk Grove, CA 95624) from 5 pm to 7 pm in the MP Room! Price is $8 for presale tickets, while it costs $10 at the door. Have a great time with

9/22 COKC Carwash @ Running Zone 10/2 COKC Smash Burger & TapEx Fundraiser

fellow Key Clubbers over some of your favorite breakfast foods while benefiting MTKC for events such as Fall Rally and DCON! This is going to be a fun event, so make sure you go!

Other Events 10/12 UCD Circle K’s Key to College @ UCD 10/26 FrKC Grassroots Soccer Tournament

Many of our clubs fundraised extensively for our preferred charities and our clubs! Let’s take a look at how and where some of our clubs fundraised monstrous amounts!   

Carwashes (We had over 12 just in our division!) Restaurants (TapEx, Leatherby’s, you name it! Our monsters fed their appetites for charity and food at the same time!) Socials and Events (WBDE, Franklin’s Ice Cream Social, Beastly Barbeque, and more! There’s nothing like having fun while making an impact around the world!)

How was all this possible? Because of all you BEEautiful monsters participating and making this a GOLDEN year for all of us! 7

Any events you want to advertise here? Let us know and we’d be happy to spread the word!

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013

Featured Submitted Articles!

Hello there, my name is Diego Belloso – I’m the Club Secretary at Franklin High School’s Key Club. Let me tell you a little about this event, it all started when our Project head, Lauren Yee contacted the volunteer coordinator. The volunteer coordinator had responded, more than delighted to have Franklin Key Club members to help out for such a festive night of fundraising, meals and a memorable night of celebration. All of the club members except a selected few had to arrive for their shift at 6:00 PM, including myself. It was 5:55 PM and I had passed by Strikes on my way to the ACC building. I entered only to notice quite a colossal crowd and fundraiser. (And I thought Key Club fundraisers were crowded!) Anyways, the room decoration and set up was aesthetically elegant, I checked up at the front desk awaiting my opportunity to serve my community. There was a

were actually both giving back to our communities, double the service! I was serving my community by performing my delegated tasks and duties, helping out during the ACC Nurslady politely calling me over to check in as a ing Home Fundraiser, in any way possible. volunteer. She was very sweet but with the And this kind hearted elderly women, attendroom so loud, I had to say “Pardon, I didn’t ing an honorable event, fundraiser and bringhear. . Could you repeat once more?” with the ing a joyous atmosphere through kind words, building evoking much talking from a variety a heartwarming smile, and service towards her of people. I was assigned dishes, but I and a community. few others were actually told to collect garbage and recycling. I was partnering up with anMoral to the story? other volunteer, I was moving and collect garbage in the most courteous manner. While he During this service project, I had suddenly was collecting bottles, I had noticed many paused. . What does service mean to me? people calling me over to collect trash. In doing so, some were very open about their grati- Service – simplicity, it’s the simple things we tude towards my act of kindness, “Thanks so truly cherish in our day to day lives, service to much!” an elderly women had said to me. I others, etc. smiled and replied, “You’re very welcome, please enjoy the remainder of your meal.” It was the midst of such a heartwarming moment, mutual happiness among two people. And the particularly unique aspect of it, we

As soon as the bell rang for the last time on Friday the 13th, I bolted out of fourth period and ran (but mostly speed-walked) towards my house. After about fifteen minutes, I was back at school waiting for two of my friends to exit the same gates I had. Together, we embarked on a quest together – not necessarily a LOTR-esque quest, but a quest nonetheless. After about another fifteen minutes of turning corners, asking “Which way do we go now?”, and looking both ways before we crossed streets, we had finally arrived to our destination – John Erhardt Elementary School. We walked through the school’s gate, asking directions on where to find the president of the PTO. Directed to the teacher’s lounge, we went and found familiar faces greeting us. “I haven’t seen you since May!”, “How is senior year treating you?”, and “We’re so glad you’re here to help.” were only a few of the things said to us as we entered the lounge. With smiles on our faces, we asked what had to be completed first and we set out to do it. We were instructed to place the cases of water and soda outside, to prepare to put

them in the various coolers filled with ice. Called over to help carry the various hot-dog and hamburger buns, I gladly lifted the various sacks of baked dough over to where the grill station was. Soon enough, the three of us were not the only volunteers. Two others came, then two more, then a trio of three… volunteers kept arriving until we were a group of seventeen. Seventeen volunteers at one of the first Key Club events of the school year – what an amazing feat! We helped through the evening, until about 8:15 P.M. Some of us served food, wrapped burgers in aluminum foil, set-up laptops and printers, and some of us even helped direct parents and their children to the restrooms or the library. To show gratitude for our help, the PTO offered us the extra hamburgers and as typical high school students – we dug right in. There is nothing more satisfying to hear than the words “Thank you so much for helping! We really appreciate it and we can’t wait to see you next year.” As a senior and this being my last

year as a Key Clubber, I will unfortunately not be able to volunteer next year. Although, I have faith that Laguna Creek Key Club members will continue to volunteer, exude their kindness, and use their skills to become the best servant leaders they can be. John Erhardt Elementary School’s Burgers and Books was an overall fantastic event to start-off the Key Club year!

7Official Newsletter of Division 7 SouthOfficial Key Club Newsletter | September of Division 20137 South Key Club | September 20138

On September 7th, we had our first Kiwanis event of the month. The Kiwanis Family Day Work Party. Key Clubbers from different schools, Circle K clubs from different districts, and Kiwanians all came together to volunteer and to beautify The Kiwanis Family House. At first, a few of us got split up to go partake into different jobs so we could efficiently work together in getting the place spotless. As the volunteers split up, we quickly went into doing our jobs. My job with a few others was cleaning up and shampooing the carpets. Other members went onto washing the windows, cleaning up spider webs, arranging clothing for the closets, and organizing all of the supply closets. Some members went in also to go fix up the kitchen and to make sure the house facilities were functioning properly for the guests that reside in the Kiwanis Fam-

We have just finished our Club Rush, and I guarantee you, I have heard that question more than anything. That, and the ever so comical “Do you make keys?” And each time I explained the basis and focus of Key Club to people who had never heard of it, I got the same answers back.

ily House. This was only just the work inside of the house. The Kiwanis Family House also needed help on landscaping as well. So after some of the Key Clubbers who were working inside, decided to switch with the Key Clubbers who had been working outside, and we set out to work again. Some of us pulled away the cut trimmings to a dumping tray. Also, we were directed to work with some other volunteers and we helped trim down rose bushes, and small bushes as well. As well, towards the end of the event, we got the chance to go plant some flowers near the sign, and around the building. glad that we got to volunteer and help out an It was amazing to see how many volunteers amazing organization that loves helping peofrom different parts of Key Club, Circle K, ple as much as all of the volunteers do. and Kiwanis came together for just a day to contribute towards the Kiwanis Family House. It was a great day to volunteer, and I am so

not always so eager to be leaders; I wanted to mention that they too, despite their confidence and utmost love for Key Club, were once scared Freshmen sitting towards the back during meetings.

I wanted to express how much more is gained with Key Club; much more than a couple of community service hours. I could“So it’s a community service club?” n’t articulate how large of a sense of accomplishment comes with each different service And each time I heard that answer, I was event, and each different “thank you” reconfused as what I wanted to reply. Rather, I ceived. knew what I wanted to say, but I didn’t know how to say it without sounding like I I couldn’t even begin to explain how incluwas preaching, or exaggerating. siveness plays such a heavy roll for many. For many, Key Club brings a sense of belonging I wanted to tell them that Key Club has that isn’t found anywhere else. For me, it is changed my life. I wanted to tell all those what I look forward to every week, and ofpotential Key Clubbers that the leaders Key ten, it is Key Club that brings me out of Club produces come from anywhere and deep slumps, and gets me up, ready to help anyone. I wanted to assure them that the people that are far worse off than myself. competent and confident leaders that were advertising Key Club so passionately were I wanted to share this love with everyone


who asked me what Key Club was, and I want everyone to be exposed to something that create such passion. So I simply said to these kids, “Join and find out.” And to those ever so humorous people who ask if we make keys, I’d like to refer them to something I said last year during Club Rush, which inspired a line in Abraham Nguyen’s highly regarded Key Club Commercial. We make the keys to life. Key Club unlocks your greater potential.

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013

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Hey Monsters of Division 7 South Key Club! Check out this issue of "The Monster Mash" for info on RTC, Fall Rally, and more! I consider this...