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The Monster mash

The Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club Volume: 4 Issue: 2 - July 2013

Hello my beautiful monsters! I hope you're all having a blast this summer and are making time for some fun and service in your busy schedules! Now that we are in the month of July, we have officially completed the first quarter of the 2013-14 term. We're moving so fast but each of you have already accomplished so much in each of your clubs. *We are proud of you, yes we are proud of you!* A huge thank you to all of the members and officers who attended Officer Training Conference! I hope you learned a lot, and if you didn't, never hesitate to let us know how we can improve. We will be releasing a survey very soon that you are encouraged to complete so that we may enhance future training conferences, such as Region Training Conference in the fall. Your feedback is always important to us, especially if we want to create a united foundation as a division. :) Well Monsters, the month of July is finally upon us! The summer is reaching a climax, but your fun in Key Club does not stop there! Read up in this month’s newsletter about upcoming events, learn more about The Eliminate Project, and more! What are you waiting for? GO!

With that being said, keep reading the newsletter for ads with information about our upcoming DCM and carwash! It makes me super duper happy when you support our division events and getting to see the faces of some of the most amazing people I will ever work with. Don't be afraid to say hi to the leadership team, we plan these events FOR YOU (and if you don't say hi to us then we might come up to you and start touching you)! P.S. We will be announcing our Task Coordinators at July DCM and will be releasing an application for FRN spirit coordinator very soon! In service and friendship, Emily Mu Division 7 South Lt. Governor Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Cell: (916) 752-3717

Hello everyone! I hope summer is treating you all very well. I hope you are all having fun with family and friends, but do not forget your Key Club ohana. Join us on our upcoming events such as Water Dodge Balloon Extravaganza, Beastly Barbecue, and much more, so I hope I can see all your beautiful faces at the upcoming events! In service and friendship, Nick Nguyen 2013-2014 Executive Assistant Division 7 South, Region 16, Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International 1

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013

Hello! This past month, I've been getting more comfortable being part of our Division Leadership Team. I've made close bonds with them and I am very thankful to be a part of this journey with each of them. Recently, I’ve been working on organizing fundraisers and other events for our division to attend and participate in. I look forward for this term because we're just a bunch of derps and I know it'll be a fun year. In service and friendship, Jennifer Dalanan 2013-2014 Executive Assistant Division 7 South, Region 16, Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Hey there, Monsters! Wow, it’s already nearing the end of July! I know I’m not the only one who wants summer to keep going, wishing for more time to relax. With less than a month left of summer vacation, the plethora of summer work must be continued. I’ll stop procrastinating, just wait and see... After a hectic and busy July, July has been a month of smoother sailing in the Division Newsletter Editor position. There was still plenty of work, from creating documents and such for Officer Training Conference and little tasks here and there, and now I have a couple updates for y’all! First, thank you to all of you who read my first newsletter for the division! It was my first official newsletter ever, and I’m very glad that I got such positive responses from it. I’ll be working on several different ways to make the newsletter better and more unique, so look out for that in the future! On another note, I am currently taking a look at reviving our old division website from several years back! We are hoping to make the website functional once more and make it more relevant so all of you can use it! Look out for more info in the future, and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see! I’d love to hear your ideas :D With more events coming up, I hope to see all of you beastly monsters soon at division-wide events and fundraisers! DNE over and out! In service and friendship, Nick Stringfellow 2013-2014 Newsletter Editor Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013


Featured Division Event: Division 7 South July Carwash Date: Saturday, July 27th, 2013 Time: 10 am to 4 pm Where: Grocery Outlet (8715 Bond Rd) What: Are you dirty? More importantly, is your car dirty as well? I’m not sure what I can do about the first one answer, but I have the perfect solution for the second: Come to our Division Car Wash! Have beautiful Key Clubbers brimming with energy and enthusiasm washing YOUR car for the Pediatric Trauma Program! Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Of course it does! We hope to see you all there!

Division 7 South JULY CARWASH

If you’d like to actually help out with the Carwash and/ or bring supplies, talk to Emily Mu, our wonderful LTG! We’d love to have a whole bunch of you helping us out :D

Division 7 South July DCM Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 Time: 9 am to 10 am Where: Elk Grove High School What: The end of July is fast approaching, and you know what that means: our next DCM is fast approaching! Come meet us out at Elk Grove High School on July 31st bright and early at 9 am to celebrate another month of roaring with service! You’ll receive updates from the Division Leadership Team and learn about upcoming events and such for the entire division! And then afterwards, stay for Elk Grove Key Club’s Annual Water Dodge Balloon Extravaganza! Form up teams and we’ll see you all at an extraordinarily fun day staying cool and having a blast with your fellow monsters! 3

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013

Upcoming Club Events Hello everyone! Save the date because Laguna Creek Key Club will be hosting it's annual Beastly Barbecue on July 26, 2013 at Elk Grove Regional Park from 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Admission for the event is $7, which allows you to eat all you can, participate in our scavenger hunt, and most of all support Laguna Creek Key Club and the Eliminate Project! There will be tons of activities for everyone to enjoy. Sports, water balloons and guns, and a scavenger hunt are only a fraction of the things you can do! Scavenger hunt teams will have a max of 5 people per team & the winning team will receive an amazing prize. There will also be Presidential and Division Team Pieing! Come and pie your favorite ( or not-so favorite) president or division team member for only 50 cents! Make sure to come out and support!

Fundraisers 8/2 PGKC @ Boba Teahouse 8/3 FrKC @ Togo’s & Baskin Robbins

Other Events 8/3 LCKC Nugget Carwash 8/10 PGKC Nugget Cawash 8/15 First Day of School?!?! 8/16 Sheldon’s Boba Mic Night

Beat the heat & come cool off in a battle of water balloons in a team with your friends, where food will be provided for competitors! Visitors are welcomed to come watch, support their team, and enjoy a nice slip-n-slide (for the small fee of $3). There will be additional food for sale and coat check for your valuable goodies. Stick around the FREE FOR ALL at the end, where free water balloons will out for everyone (including visitors) = ONE MAN FOR THEMSELVES!!! Don't hesitate to sign up & come join for a day of fun; proceeds will go to EGHS Key Club & the Eliminate Project. This is right after the July DCM, so there’s no excuse to miss it!

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013

Any events you want to advertise here? Let us know and we’d be happy to spread the word! 4

FLASHBACK Officer training conference IT was a dark and stormy night…

Just recently, Division 7 South held its annual Officer Training Conference in joint with our neighbors, Division 7 North! The focus of this conference was to teach officers, and members aspiring to hold officer positions in the future, skills for them to succeed in their own duties and information about a wide variety of topics, including the ELIMINATE Project, District Goals, and much more! Despite a change in date and location, a multitude of Key Clubbers full of spirit and enthusiasm arrived at the event eager to learn ways to become better officers. Among the attendees, many of our own officers, appointed chairs, and members with a desire to become more involved were present. Division 7 South had a whopping 40+ attendees alone, and that, in itself, is quite the accomplishment! A big thank you goes out to all those that attended this event, for I know that all of you are becoming GOLDEN leaders more and more every day. For those who did not attend, or those eager to learn more, Region Training Conference, or RTC, will be another chance for you to get involved! Except, this time, you’ll meet members from all over Region 16 (that’s SIX divisions)! Make sure to look out for that, and keep on roaring monsters!


Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013

Spotlight: The Eliminate Project From fundraisers and carwashes to Awake-a-thons and other socials, Division 7 South, as well as the Cali-Nev-Ha District, is raising money to support The Eliminate Project. But what is The Eliminate Project exactly? What are its goals? How does it work? If you’re not sure, take a look below! Learn more about The Eliminate Project, MNT, and everything in between!

PROTECT THE CONNECTION Every nine minutes, a newborn baby dies from tetanus. It is excruciating, and a mother can only watch. The baby’s sensitivity to light, sound and contact prevents even the comfort of her touch. You can help protect that connection. The worldwide Kiwanis family is joining forces with UNICEF for The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. It’s time to do your part.


Kiwanis and UNICEF

To eliminate MNT, more than 100 million women must be immunized to protect them and their future babies. This comes at a cost of roughly US$240 million. Millions of dollars have already been committed. But a US$110 million funding gap remains. With The Eliminate Project, our goal is to fill this gap by raising US$110 million by 2015. In fact, Kiwanis will become the world’s largest single donor in the effort to eliminate MNT.

The Eliminate Project is the Kiwanis family’s biggest campaign for children yet. But it’s not our first. And we’re not alone. In 1994, Kiwanis joined UNICEF and partners for Kiwanis’ first worldwide service project to virtually eliminate iodine deficiency disorder, the world’s leading cause of preventable mental disability. Kiwanis-family members raised and leveraged nearly US$100 million. The effort spared millions of children the pain of disability and continues to make an impact in more than 103 countries. Thanks to The Eliminate Project, we’re doing it again. Together, Kiwanis and UNICEF continue to make the world a better place for children.

Our work will make a profound and historic impact. On average, US$1.80 can protect a woman and her future newborns from this horrific disease. Using this average, we will save or protect more than 61 million women and their future babies. We’ll also pave the way for other improvements to maternal and infant health. After all, there are times when something as simple as a mother’s touch requires a group effort. The worldwide Kiwanis family has the power to protect that connection.

The Eliminate Project combines Kiwanis’ global volunteer network and strength in reaching communities and leaders with UNICEF’s expertise, global field staff and unbeatable supply chain. This dynamic partnership will not only eliminate MNT—it will pave the way for other health interventions in some of the world’s most underserved communities.

Global impact This is a pivotal time to join the fight. UNICEF has been working for years to combat MNT, and the organization’s progress has put historic change within reach. MNT is on the brink of elimination. Now it’s time for the final push—to eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth. It is the hardest leg of a difficult journey, and a committed champion like Kiwanis is needed to complete the work. • Get involved. Inspire others. Make a donation. For you and your club, this is a chance to save or protect millions of lives—and to be at the forefront of a monumental global effort. This is our chance to make history. • Help Kiwanis send a loud and important message—that these women matter, that they deserve to give birth to healthy babies and that their babies deserve to achieve their full human potential. By coming together, the worldwide Kiwanis family has the power to keep millions of newborns safe from a deadly disease—and in the comfort of their mothers’ arms. We have the power to put tetanus where it belongs: in medical history books. Learn more about The Eliminate Project by visiting to learn more about how the Kiwanis Family is changing the world one mother at a time.

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013


Featured Submitted Articles!

The summer is marked several different ways for many people, but for me, it is marked with new films tearing up the box office. In recent years, the super hero genre has made itself an essential player in summertime cinema. The reimagining of these heroes also puts to rest some of the classic archetypes of a hero, ensuring that a hero does not have to be someone who has sworn to be inherently good. Bruce Wayne said it best in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises when he reminds audiences that “A hero can be anyone”. If a hero can be anyone, what differentiates a hero from an ordinary, moral person? One could argue that very little separates the two, since both share a common characteristic: selflessness. In this sense, the closest people I’ve met to a hero are the very people reading this article. A hero can be anyone, especially a Key Clubber. At first, this statement may seem incredibly romanticized, and frankly, cheesy, but I ask you to reexamine what Key Club stands for. As a member of Key Club International, we have promised to make caring our way of life. A hero, although differentiating in how they express their caring, revolve around the idea that they care for their city, for their world. We, as Key Clubbers, have pledged to combat all forces which tend to undermine our home, school, and community. We may not be on the level of stopping a masked villain from destroying our city, but we are working to strengthen the places where our caring is targeted. We may not be equipped with expensive weapons, incredible powers, or even a suit and a name to match it, but our humanity and caring equips with the ability to go to all ends to try to help a bigger cause. We spend hours serving both our community and the world, whether it be passing out water at a local run, or helping raise enough money to save hundreds of mothers and infants affected with a life threatening disease. We, as Key Clubbers, possess the power of perseverance. Mixed with the motto of caring, the combination produces some of the most tenacious young individuals may have ever seen. Many heroes wish to remain separately from their identity as a hero, some because they don’t want their foes to hurt the ones they loved; this separation of identity has another result, and that is the refusal to receive anything in return for their services as a hero. Often times, my family asks me why I am so persistent to participate in Key Club if I receive nothing in return. Sheldon’s President, Brian Tran, put it earnestly when he said he loves Key Club so much because of “the good feeling [he] gets when [he] helps others”. That is the only reward that needs to be given. The satisfaction of knowing that a positive influence was made because of you is both motivation and a reward. And I know that the most rewarding thing I have experienced, as a Key Clubber and as a human being, is knowing that I have saved lives through donations; knowing that a mother or a child is no longer suffering because of a donation that I made. The overwhelming feeling of importance that overcomes you, I imagine, is what a hero feels like once their job is done. While they are tending to their wounds received in combat, and while we are tending to the sunburns received during a carwash, we have much in common. A hero and a key clubber become synonymous when we realize that our selfless work to improve the world has not fallen short. We are caring and competent leaders. We do improve communities worldwide. We are heroes.


Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013

On Saturday July 13th, Pleasant Grove High School Key Club held its second car wash. Seventeen dedicated members arrived prior to 9AM. They emphatically waved their car wash signs with pride. When a suggestion was made, they eagerly addressed it. We wrapped up the car wash with many satisfied customers and an impressive profit that will go towards reducing the costs of events. I could not have been more proud to preside over such an enthusiastic club full of leaders. Each cordial interaction they have with a local, whether a race individual or the wonderful Kiwanians, I am overwhelmed at their genuine passion for service—just as a parent beams with joy when their children have been extolled for their polite manners. I, however, am not the reason for their service excellence. These individuals owe it to themselves, the initiative they demonstrate or their unbeatable spirit. They are the reason I serve.

As a rooster somewhere shrieked 6 a.m. on June 29th, half a dozen sleep-deprived but fearless Key Club monsters marched into a sprawling expanse of grass and mud that would be our home for the entire day. The coordinator swiftly split us into teams – a friend and I were singled out for the epic, perilous task of directing parking lot traffic. From Bugattis to Mercedes and Ferraris, we assisted the endless stream of drivers trying to find a nicely shaded parking space. Later on, we joined the rest of the gang in a sweaty, unventilated, cramped tent to distribute a selection of fashionable Old Navy shirts and flip-flops to the mud-caked runners. As the sweltering summer day peaked to a boiling103˚F, sweat streamed down our faces as we scampered to and fro to accommodate the increasing flow of runners. After what seemed like eternity, the line of customers dwindled and we rehydrated ourselves with CANS of oxygenated water (that’s a first – canned water) that the coordinator gave us to try. Eyeing the grimy, sloppy blobs of Key Clubbers that had gone down to the course itself, I felt both lucky and envious that I didn’t get the full muddy treatment. As the day drew to a close, we folded the tables and dismantled the giant monster tents, decomposing them into a million pieces of tubes and fabric. We also hauled back enormous bags of obstacles such as beach balls. Though there were some casualties along the long trek to the dumpster (some bags burst and buried their victims alive), we helped each other and got the job done. While cleaning up, we were able to acquaint ourselves with members from other clubs and even other divisions. By the end of the day, each volunteer had gained a new friend or two, a bad crimson tan from baking under the sun for nine hours, and the satisfaction of having gotten dirty and muddy like a monster should (some of us did, at least). The event motto pretty much summed up our experience: Pretty Awesome. Pretty Fun. Pretty Muddy.

Peace. What is it exactly? It is said to be symbolized as one giving an olive branch to another. In a world full of disease, violence, and war torn countries, peace is may what we all need. It may not be needed to stop all what is in the world. Maybe instead we just need peace for ourselves to clear our state of mind and maybe we can do this by folding for peace. On June 22nd, 2013, Laguna Creek Key Club had an event at the Crocker Art Museum. There, we were not in a contest like our last event, but just a time to fold cranes. People whether volunteers or families came to help out. Beforehand we listened to the story of the girl Sadako Sasaki, who was affected by the radiation of the atomic bomb dropped in World War II in Hiroshima. She became sick and while in a hospital started folding paper cranes. A Japanese legend says that if you fold one thousand your wish will come true. Sadly, Sadako did not complete all one thousand and died; her classmates though came and finished the remaining cranes for her. When we got started, we folded cranes of various colors. Those who did not know how to fold were taught by those who were experienced. In between breaks, we were served snacks and if you wanted you were able to tour the museum free of admission. We were reminded to bring our cranes on September 21st to the steps of the State Capitol for the International day of Peace.

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | July 2013


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