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The Monster mash

The Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club Volume: 4 Issue: 5- October 2013

Please BEE Green! Don’t print this newsletter!

Happy October, Monsters!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Welcome to the month of October monsters! The weather may be getting a little colder, but things in Division 7 South Key Club are heating up! Check out this month’s issue for new events, fundraisers, and more!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – I can hardly contain my excitement! The My heart filled with joy seeing you all at holiday season is only made better with Fall Rally! Although we did not win the some Monster bonding. <3 I really hope to see you all soon, especially at our spirit stick this year, seeing how all of you kept cheering in the heat of the sun, Leatherby’s fundraiser on the 29th! despite being hungry, tired, and thirsty, reminded me of why I love this division Love, Lt. Governor Emily so much! Many Lt. Governors and Dis- trict Board members came up to me say- In service and friendship, ing that we’re a very spirited division. A spirit stick doesn’t measure how much Emily Mu pride we all have in being ORANGE Division 7 South Lt. Governor MONSTERS, and I could not be more Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha proud of each and every one of you who District showcased your pride for our division. I love you all so much, and I know we’re Cell: (916) 752-3717 going to BEAST at DCON! Moving onto new business… Have you gotten your Halloween costumes ready? Have you been Trick-orTreating… For UNICEF? It’s that time of the year again! FALL!

Hello Division 7 South! So I just wanted to say thank you all who have support Division 7 South's Tapioca and area Fundraiser! The outcome was even better than I imagined. By far the most money raised at Tapioca and Tea from a fundraiser, so great job and thank you all you have participated in this event! I had a great time at Fall Rally North! It was amazing seeing some old and new faces. I will never get tired of cheering even if I lose my voice. I just wanted to say great job Monsters for being as loud as you can be. I'm very proud of the enthusiasm and energy. I know it was blazing hot, but we pushed through. We


came in strong and ended strong. You Monsters have made a difference to me, and I'm proud to serve all of you! For future events, Division 7 South will be having a Leatherby's fundraiser on October 29th, from 5-11 PM. 20% of your purchase will go to the Pediatric Trauma Program so spread the word and enjoy some delicious ice cream! --

In service and friendship, Jennifer Dalanan 2013-2014 Executive Assistant Division 7 South, Region 16, CaliNev-Ha District Key Club International Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013

Hello Seven South!


As you all know, we just had Fall Rally! I hope you all had a great time. Even though we didn't win the spirit stick this year, I'm very proud of our division, we showed spirit and integrity in the face of loss. We still have next year!

Nick Nguyen 2013-2014 Executive Assistant Division 7 South, Region 16, Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

In service and friendship,

You all cheered your hardest and that makes me feel very blessed to be a part of this awesome division.

Hello again my beautiful fellow monsters! Another month has passed us by! It’s been WAY too long since we last saw each other!

Team, make the website as snazzy as can be, and really show your digital chops to our entire division! Applications will be released soon, so watch out for that!

I am planning on creating a Fall This month, I’ve been busy making Rally 2013 Recap Video to show flyers for Division Fundraisers, Pho- the great time our division had at FRN this year! If you have any photoshop-ing to my heart’s content, and doing it big up here in the Elk tos/videos/selfies/derping/posing/ etc. you’d like me to put in the Greezy. video, send them to me! If you’d like info on how, just talk to me IT’S OFFICIAL! Our brandand I’d be glad to help you! spanking NEW Division Website will be released on Friday, October Though the weather is getting cold, 25th! The final redesigning is almost complete, and I cannot wait to our division is only heating up! I’ll see you all soon! share it all with you. Look out for more information on our Division In service and friendship, 7 South Facebook Group! To help run this new website, update it, and make it as BEEautiful as you all are, we are creating a new Task Coordinator position, the Webmaster and Publicity Task Coordinator! This is a great chance to serve on the Division Leadership

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013

Nick Stringfellow 2013-2014 Newsletter Editor Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International


Whatsup buttercups? HEY GUYS ITâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S JENNIFER HERE! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s October, and that means Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF! I hope that all of you are collecting donations :)

-In service and friendship, Jennifer Tham 2013-2014 Service Projects Task Coordinator Division 7 South, Region 16, Cali-Nev-Ha District

Hello everyone! I hope y'all have had a falltastic time serving your community and having fun at events like Wafflecakes, DCM + Cheer Training and Fall Rally North. Unfortunately I did not attend Fall Rally North because I had plans with a family friend but I had to cancel everything because I got sick (and I still am, but I am getting better). Anyways, as your KFF Task Coordinator, I am expecting to attend the next Elk Grove Kiwanis DCM on October 23. I invite you all to come and keep me company while learning more about our Kiwanis; contact me if interested!

Hello everyone! Fall Rally North is over and thanks to everyone that attended. Although we didn't win the spirit stick this year, we are still the MONSTROUS DIVISION 7 SOUTH. I had a great time during and after the rally. I met new people, and bonded with my fellow monsters. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

Oh and shout out to my Monstrous Mustangs~ NEIGH, NEIGH, NEIGH! --

In service and friendship, Patton Nguyen 2013-2014 Kiwanis Family Foundation Task Coordinator Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

-In service and friendship, Kristi Doan 2013-2014 Fall Rally Spirit Coordinator Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Hope to see you guys at the next DCM!

Official 3 Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Official Club Newsletter | July 2013of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013

SPOtLIGHt: TRICK OR TREAT FOR UNICEF What is trick or treat for unicef?

One Halloween night, the Reverend Clyde Allison and his wife Mary Emma experienced mixed emotions as they handed out candy to a parade of trick-or-treaters. “It’s too bad we can’t turn this into something good,” said Mary Emma. “We can,” replied Clyde.

being remain constant: make Halloween meaningful by helping children discover their ability to help others.

For generations, kids have toted UNICEF's collection boxes door to door on Halloween calling out "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!" They have raised more than $170 million since 1950 to help children around Soon Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF the world -- funds that have enabled was born, and it grew into one of UNICEF to save and improve chilAmerica's most successful youth ini- dren's lives by providing health care, tiatives. The campaign has changed improved nutrition, clean water, eduover the years, but its reasons for cation and more. What is the Key Club & UNICEF PARTNERSHIP? Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF has empowered generations to make lasting change in their global community by collecting donations on Halloween for UNICEF. Key Club has been Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF since 1994, and over the years has raised more than US$6 million for iodine deficiency programs worldwide, HIV

and AIDS programs in Kenya and Swaziland, programs for teens in Uruguay, and since 2011 The Eliminate Project, which supports the elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus globally.

Learn more about unicef!

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013


Featured Division Events: D7S Leatherby’s Fundraiser + November DCM! D7S Leatherby’s Fundraiser! When: Tuesday, October 29th 5 pm - 11 pm Where: Elk Grove Leatherby’s 8238 Laguna Blvd Elk Grove, CA 95758 What: Hello Monsters! Division 7 South Key Club is having another fundraiser coming up at the end of October! This time, it’ll be at some wonderful ice cream! The Leatherby’s Family Creamery on food here is AMAZING, and it’s a Laguna Blvd! great way to end off a cool October day! Come in at any time between 5 pm and 11 pm and munch on With a flyer at the register, Divisome delicious sandwiches, soups, sion 7 South Key Club will receive appetizers, and polish it off with 20% of the profits for the event!

All donations given to us will be donated to the Pediatric Trauma Program! Have some food, save some children! Sounds like a nice trade-off, if I say so myself! We hope to see all of you wonderful Monsters there!

Upcoming DCMs and Special Events!

November DCM The November Division Council Meeting is still in planning stages! We’ll release more information regarding this DCM in the next issue.


D7S Special Social Fundraiser?! The Division 7 South Leadership Team has been working on creating a NEW fundraiser that has never been seen before! It is still in its early planning stages, but look out for that when the event information is finalized!

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013

Upcoming Club Events Fundraisers Hey Monsters! Every year in early November, Florin Key Club holds an Awake-a-thon, an all night event filled with games, food, and activities for not only just us monsters, but for Key Clubbers from all over Region 16! All proceeds will be donated to Once again, Florin Key Club’s One Brick at a Time, which is Awake-a-thon is upon us again! currently focusing on homeless The event is still in its final teenagers in the Sacramento planning stages, but expect area, and the Kiwanis Family some cool performances, excit- House! ing games, cutting-edge sports tournaments, and times you’ll Make sure you come out! More never forget! details will be released soon!

Many of our clubs fundraised extensively for our preferred charities and our clubs! Let’s take a look at how and where some of our clubs fundraised monstrous amounts!   

Carwashes (We had over 12 just in our division!) Restaurants (TapEx, Leatherby’s, you name it! Our monsters fed their appetites for charity and food at the same time!) Socials and Events (WBDE, Franklin’s Ice Cream Social, Beastly Barbeque, and more! There’s nothing like having fun while making an impact around the world!)

TBA: Florin’s AAT TBA: FrKC Grassroots More information will be released soon as the month progresses!

Other Events There are currently none scheduled at this point. However, there will be many events coming up that you will not want o zmiss!

Any events you want to advertise here? Let us know and we’d be happy to spread the word!

And now that the weather’s getting colder, more events are coming up! I hope you all keep attending these fundraisers! Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013


Featured Submitted Articles!

RTC, Regional Training Conference, was one of the most fun event I’ve went to this month. At first, I thought it would be a hassle. Waking up early in the morning to go to a conference at some middle school, I thought it would it would be a waste of time. A mere training conference I thought, it wouldn’t be fun. But as I step down from the car, entering the perimeters of the school campus, I gradually opened my eyes to this event. Maybe it was the glitter embed into the tutus of the other divisions, maybe it was the silver foil wrapped around the key blade that laid on a member’s shoulder, but whatever it may be, my eyes were gradually opening to RTC. As a quick, natural instinct, I did what every high school student naturally does. I went to my clique first and foremost. Entering the circle, I greeted my peers with nods, and hugs, and the usual inside jokes. Old friends were greeted as well, but what of the new friends? I realized at this training conference, I am not a typical high school student; I am the vice president of Laguna Creek high school of division 7 south. I said to myself, I MUST represent. As I scan throughout the

field of Region 16 key club members, I greeted and introduced myself to new friends. And as a vice president, I searched for my fellow members of my club and made sure they were tended to and felling comfortable. But to my surprise, they were doing fine. Not just fine, incredible. In their comfort zone, they created new friends with smiles on their faces, resulting a smile upon my face as well. One newly joined member decided to go around asking the customary and familiar question, “HOW DO YOU FEEL?”. It put me to great ease knowing that our newly recruited members were adapting to the key club environment, embracing it with much enthusiasm. 5:04 p.m., September 28th, the end of Regional Training Conference. Leaving the school, I created more friends and my perspectives on Key Club and the service within were further strengthened.

Feathers. Ribbon. Paper. Glitter, more glitter, drowning in glitter!! GLITTER EVERYWHERE.

Besides arts and crafts, Key Clubbers dressed up in Fairtytown's Humpty Dumpty costume to take pictures with the kids. Others worked One fine early morning, I attended Fairytale in the gardens by helping children plant vegeTown's ScholarShare Children's Book Festival. table seeds to grow. When the event drew to a At the event, Franklin Key Clubbers helped close, the volunteers helped out with clean up with costumes, arts and crafts, the garden, and by putting away tables, cleaning up garbage, clean up. I myself, helped out with arts and and folding chairs. crafts by showing children how to make bookmarks out of the materials on the table. What I think the best part of Fairytale Town is seeamused these little kids the most was the asing all the happy, young faces of the children. sortment of shiny particles sitting in bottles at I had a good time seeing parents and children the very right of the table. Needless say, I don't have fun making these little projects. Interactthink I've gotten all the glitter out of my cloth- ing with kids may be hectic but it's a great ing yet. Helping out with these kids was still a experience. Despite getting glitter in my eye, blast and it was great seeing all the unique this event was definitely worth volunteering designs each person made. for.


Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013

I arrive at Giedt Hall in UC Davis, California. I can smell the fresh cow patties from the agriculture section of their school. People stare at me as I walk by in my orange cowboy hat. Soon, UC Davis's Circle K begins opening session. They perform a short skit starring Mike and Sully as they party at Monster's University. Circle K finishes off with some UC Davis cheers and send us to our first session. ACT, SAT, SATII, AP, CHASEE. This alphabet soup was served during the first workshop when Kat Lehmann taught us the secrets to passing these tests. In workshop number 2, Leonne Chung (AKA the leader of the Squir-

tle Squad) teaches us the correct ways to apply for jobs and internships. She gave us tips such as: most interviews start off casual, so be yourself. In workshop number 3, I got tip on writing my personal statement. Fong Tran, head of the UC Davis Multi-Cultural program, shares a heart-warming story of his journey to college. (He definitely started from the bottom, now he's here.) And on that journey, Key Club set his foundation. Key to College has made my path to college a billion times clearer. Big shout out to UC Davis's Circle K for doing an awesome job!

On October 11, I attended Cheer Training/ DCM with my fellow key clubbers. The DCM began as all of the clubs from our Division shared their updates about their past and future events they had planned. We were all given a handout with all of our Division’s cheers on it, and we separated into different groups and teams. Each team had a leader/ spirit coordinator who would teach us the cheers. The cheers were really fun to learn,

especially because the energy and spirit of all of the leaders really got us pumped up. Some of the movements were fun and silly, which made it that much more enjoyable to learn! After going through all of the cheers and movements, we walked around and began spirit battling other teams. This was the exciting part, where we challenged each other to see who was louder and had more Key Club spirit!

There are some who believe in love at first sight, and there are some who believe love is accumulated over time. As a guy who’s enchanted by the idea of love (but can’t seem to find any…), things like this make me wonder: does love at first sight really exist? Key Club gave me that answer: yes, it does. My Key Club moment is one of a kind, the circumstances cosmic at best, and the memory unforgettable. The day was October 29th, 2011, the day of Fall Rally North 2011. My family, of all the days possible, decided to head down to Six Flags that day for some quality time with the rest of my family. At this critical time, I was actually contemplating on whether or not I would join Key Club, knowing only

the service aspect of this fantastic organization and not much else. I knew beforehand that Fall Rally was that day, and I was hoping I would see some of my friends there. But, as I walked onto the park that day, I felt a different presence, and an atmosphere I never expected; the whole park was flooded with spirit, cheers, unity, excitement, fun, and more adjectives I can’t even describe. Overall, it was perfect. Simply perfect. It was that day, those moments that are ingrained in my mind forever, that I decided to go all in and dive into Key Club, and have never looked back.

Official Newsletter of Division 7 South Key Club | October 2013

Cheer Training was a lot of fun not only because of the crazy and entertaining cheers, but also because of the new people I got to meet. I saw old friends, familiar faces, and new faces as well. Key Club has given me so many opportunities to meet new people and make new friends! Cheer Training has definitely helped prepare me for Fall Rally North as well. I now know my cheers and am ready to cheer my heart out during the rally!

October 19th, 2013, that day returned to us once more: Fall Rally North 2013 fell upon me with unlimited excitement and spirit that stretched infinitely. Walking into Six Flags that day, jumping into the Spirit Rally and giving it all I had, walking around the park with many old and new friends, and having the time of my life: this was the day that I had dreamt for since 2 years ago. That whole day, the memories of that first moment, my moment, flooded into my mind. My one and only Fall Rally as a Key Club member passed by in a flash, and I left the park with a beaming smile, a wrecked voice, and feeling of love that could not be put into words. Looking back at it now, after reliving my Key Club moment on the other side of it all, I realized that I did find my love at first sight. And it’s a love I never want to give up.


Contact Us! Jennifer Tham Service Projects Task Coordinator Franklin

Emily Mu Lt. Governor Laguna Creek

Patton Nguyen Kiwanis Family Foundation Task Coordinator Monterey Trail

Nick Nguyen Executive Assistant Sheldon

Kristi Doan FRN Spirit Coordinator Sheldon

Jennifer Dalanan Executive Assistant Sheldon

Important Websites Nick Stringfellow Newsletter Editor nick.stringfellow.d7south@ Franklin

Division Website **COMING SOON!** CNH Cyberkey International Website A Kiwanis-family Member 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 - 317/875/8755 - US AND CANADA: 1-800-KIWANIS

Division 7 South Key Club October Newsletter  

Hey all you monsters out there! Check out what's going on in Division 7S this next month! We got lots in store, so take a peek!

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