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District Project Committee’s Olympic Team at Summer Board!

Volume 3 Issue 3 September

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Our Beast of the Month for August going to be withheld until the DCM rolls around, recognized this month for his/her contributions and achievements this past month! Not much can said about this mysterious winner of ours other than the rides they gave and their 40+ hours of service in just this recent month! Congratulations… you!

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EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT, EMILY MU Happy August everyone! School is back in session, meaning new classes, new friends, and another year of rigorous work! School does come before Key Club; however, I hope this doesn’t pose too large of an obstacle to everyone’s attendance and participation! J Division summer fundraising hasn’t officially ended yet—keep your eyes open for upcoming events! Are you interested in becoming a task coordinator? Each task coordinator will work with the division leadership team to focus on one of the following topics: Pediatric Trauma Prevention, Eliminate Project, Kiwanis Family, Project JUMPSTART, Key Leader, March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network, and UNICEF. This is an opportunity for active members to take up leadership positions and to further educate members of these topics. More information will be released at the next DCM! Work hard in school and continue to serve the community and support division and club fundraisers! Remember to congratulate our beloved Region Advisor, Mrs. Whitby-Brummer, who is now the CNH Kiwanis Governor Elect! In Service and Friendship, Emily Mu Executive Assistant #2 Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 3 September


Table for Two? Right this way! Hello Beautiful Monsters! Summer vacation was filled with several community service events, fundraisers and meetings; however, we now come to a close and start the new school year! Though summer vacation is over, you may certainly maintain your activity, all you need to do is plan proactively! Remember to get plenty of rest as balancing family, school and Key Club may be strenuous. I hope the first few days of school were fantastic, although some of you may have been working on summer homework in the morning, I cannot wait to see you all and hear about your exciting experiences. In the month of August, the division has been very busy with fundraisers and we appreciate every event you promote, create and participate in. Looking at the Google calendar, almost every month has at least one fundraising event, awesome work Monsters! Please do not forget to utilize this calendar with your planning, especially now that school has started. If you know of a major school function that will affect our school district such as a showcase, play, etc.; please let us know so we may place that on the calendar as well. It is crucial that we communicate even more as our primary focus is school, but we cannot forget that the division is a part of our focus. Moreover, thank you all who attended the August carwash! We are extremely close to our $1000 PTP goal for the summer! What is PTP you ask? Well my friend, PTP stands for Pediatric Trauma Prevention and it is a Kiwanis Family project. The main cause of death in children is not disease, it is accidental injury. What this program accomplishes is educating the world about this problem, provides training for doctors affiliated with this line of work and saves a child’s life. The division has several more fundraising ideas for the last few weeks of summer, so please come out to the events when they are hosted! Not only that, but spread the word about the project! You can host fundraisers dedicated to its cause and feel awesome inside because you have helped a child make it through a difficult portion of their life. The more people aware of this program, the more children we can protect. For this month, we have been assigned to create a project dedicated to UNICEF, thank you to all of the clubs who have started preparing for your event. The due date is August 30th, so please send in your pictures and SLP forms as soon as possible! Remember, when you plan events, please try to include our district project and our preferred charities. On another note, please utilize the universal sign-in sheet that Executive Assistant Conway Ou emailed you. If you do not have a form, feel free to email us! This form is crucial as the district would like to document every hour of service you complete. This form will contribute to your distinguished binder as well secretaries! News Editors, if you have not started on newsletters, it is not too late to start creating them! If you need ideas or help with your publication, Editor Gary Meng is there for you! Remember that newsletters are due no later than the 20th of each month by 6PM: Special thanks to Cosumnes Oaks, Laguna Creek and Monterey Trail for sending them in this month! Please do not confuse newsletters with articles and visuals as these are due on the 15th so we can edit the files. Thank you news editors, you are all too beautiful for words! On Friday, August 24th, we will have the Amazing August DCM at Countryside Park; please come out and join us! We have several important topics to present that you requested, several new leadership positions, and many other surprises. Please invite all of your friends and those interested in Key Club! This is a perfect opportunity for them to get involved with the division! See you there! With love, Stanton Rucker Lieutenant Governor Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

2Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 2 August

1 Monster Nation | Volume 3 |Issue 3 September

Hey, Division 7 South Monsters! Now that school’s started, it’ll be more difficult to balance your time between family, friends, work, and Key Club. So your friendly Executive Assistant is here to give you a few tips that I’ve found very useful during my years in Key Club. One useful technique is to get into a daily routine, a daily groove, so you know how to plan out your time, and you won’t be thrown off by a spontaneous event. For example, go to school, go to Key Club meeting, go to track conditioning, eat a snack when you get home, do some homework, play a game, eat dinner, go to sleep. Of course every day will be different, especially the weekends, but once you recognize your regular pattern, document a schedule within a notebook, and try to go through the day by that schedule. Make sure you have a hour or two free every day in case of a unexpected occasion. Another idea I think is extremely important is to have a set plan to divide your time. Knowing what you’ll be doing with your time will give you maximum free time and plus, you won’t be worried about not having enough time. You can plan out your days, weeks, and months using a large whiteboard calendar and a pushboard. Using your phone calendar is okay for reminders, but a physical, in-your-face whiteboard is needed in order to get your attention for important things. Right when you get an event, such as a field trip to the Zoo, write it down on your calendar with the time and place. You’ll never miss an event ever again! Use thumbtacks to attach documents to your pushboard to elaborate on the events written on your calendar. One fun modification: write down your Key Club service and social events in a bright orange marker, so it stands out, and motivates you to get through the week. What is the most important thing to get you through the day? It’s not time management, sleep, food, water, or music. It’s motivation. Hopefully, we Key Clubbers are motivated by Key Club, but whatever gets you through the day, be it Leatherby’s, your family, a college, or your boo-boo, surround yourself with your motivation every day. For me, I set my phone to notify me daily when my next Key Club event is. THAT JUST GIVES ME A BIG SMILE, YOU KNOW. Besides school, I’d just like to say that I’m extremely proud of all my Key Clubbers for raising so much money, serving so many hours, and just simply increasing the spirits of everyone around us. I encourage everyone to continue doing well in Key Club despite the stress put upon us by school. Good look at Club Rush, let’s boost that member number! Roaring with Service, Conway Ou

Dear citizens of the Monster Nation, Fall Rally is coming up and I have only received one cheer. One is not enough for us to take home the victory at Fall Rally North! Please send in any cheers/ideas you have. Only with the teamwork of everyone can we succeed as the most dominant division. After Open Mic Night, Key Club has realized the value of all of your vocal cords, so in order to protect those magnificent audio creators, drink tea and honey! With love, Dorian Chen Division Spirit Coordinator Division 7 South | Region 16 | Cali-Nev-Ha District Key Club International

Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 3 September


Digital Crystal Ball Amazing August DCM! When: Friday, August 24 at 4:30 P.M. Where: Countryside Community Park Why: School is back but unlike school, Key Club never ends and the th

punches keep on rolling onto our next DCM! With things coming up for the school year like club rush, we need to come together and ponder ideas and think twice about how to start our year off strong, probing the minds and scouring through propositions of the people to successfully attract people to this wonderful organization! What is so special about this DCM? WHY IS IT AMAZING!? Well, Monster, there will be a personality workshop the day of the DCM as well! Don’t forget that we also name off this month’s Beast of the Month and Club of the Month! Also at this DCM, we will continue to cover our traditional club updates and give insight to what business we have to attend to for the month.

It’s T-Shirt Time! It is time for the legendary Division Seven South to come together, in unison, in holy matrimony, gathered on August 24th, to decide the fate of chests and backs all over Seven South. More Specific, please: We will be introducing the final stage of the choosing process; indicating who’s designs we will be voting and who the face behind each design will be! Note: I would like to take the time to thank everyone who submitted a potential shirt design because without you, Seven South would be that division wearing a plain white shirt that nobody would recognize as Seven South.


Monster Nation | Volume 3 |Issue 3 September

WANTED: Cheers for the division to showcase at Fall Rally North! The school year has officially started. This means one of two things. One, life instantly becomes ever so slightly bleaker. Two, the time between Fall Rally North and is now quickly approaching. For this to work out properly, we need you and your brilliant, golden star, 2.0 ideas in order to make this year an even bigger success than what our ancestors left us with. Without you and your cheer prowess, we will fall behind everyone else, this is a team effort, so make one for the team! There is no such thing as a good cheer or a bad cheer, there are simply just cheers, so SHARE YOUR


Recent Fundraisers Sheldon’s Open Mic Night: Just the other day, August

17th, the day right after school started for monsters and potential future monsters, Sheldon High School Key Club introduced their karaoke, boba deliciousness extravaganza. After putting their talents on display, singers and future Taylor Swifts could refresh their miraculous throat muscles with some ice cold beverages and boba balls! The night and fun did not stop at this! For the mere price of a singleton dollar, people could take pictures in a photo booth set up for that night only!

Franklin’s Leathby’s Ice Cream Fundraiser: Aside from celebrating the return and birthday of Secretary Amelia Chen’s birthday, Franklin High School Key Club decided to fundraise at the fairly recently opened creamery. Across the room you could see a multitude of their world renowned Daddy Dave’s and other frozen goodies. The Cookie Monster could have easily converted to the Ice Cream Monster amongst all the Monsters devouring the galore of frozen flavored milk!

Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 3 September


Featured Submitted Articles Laguna Creek’s Beastly Barbecue by mina bordeaux Every year Laguna Creek Key Club hosts its annual Beastly Barbecue. A social fundraiser to commemorate the division for all the hard work they’ve done these past summer months. Laguna Creek worked hard from the end of July to the beginning of August to host a successful fundraiser on August 3rd. The profits from the fundraiser went to Pediatric Trauma Program and the club’s FRN costs. This fundraiser was a perfect way to end the summer and let key clubbers relax as school hastily approached the few weeks following. The barbecue included a variety of food including burgers, hot dogs, hotlinks, Hawaiian bread, otter pops, and more all for only $7. The food was also all you can eat, so those who had paid for a meal could come back for seconds whenever they’d like. We also had various activities for everyone throughout the day, including various sports such as volleyball or soccer along with a scavenger hunt towards the end. One of our more major activities throughout the day was our Presidential and Leadership Team pieing. Each pie was sold for $1 and extra toppings cost $0.50. It may not sound too bad at first for those being pied, but the extra toppings included condiments such as mustard and ketchup. Anyone could pie any president or leadership team member they wanted to and add extra toppings as they pleased. Most of our division’s presidents happened to be absent for the event but all but two people from our leadership team were and hastily took a few pies the team. As the day came to an end and everyone who had been pied cleaned off, the board slowly began to clean up the park. We were all glad with the turn out and happy that those key clubbers had decided to support our club. At the end of the day most what we had been working towards the past few weeks had paid off. We made had made a profit of $50 at the end of the day. Laguna Creek is happy to have concluded the summer with an event that not only was beneficial towards Pediatric Trauma Program but an event that overall Division 7 South could enjoy.


Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 3 September

Club Rush 2012 by onessa anastasio Club rush is a tradition most high schools have to advertise their school’s active clubs. Club rush is a great way to attract students and inform incoming students on what your club is about. Elk Grove Key Club takes advantage of club rush to gain members. During Club Rush, our officers and our Key Clubbers sacrifice their lunch to tell students what Key Club is really about. The best way we attract members is our spirit and costumes. Our Key Clubbers give a small glimpse to new students of how spirited our Key Club and division is. We also include shirts, pictures, and even display our website and the CNH website on laptops. We also incorporate videos and cool pages from Division 7 South. Another way to attract new members is our scrapbooks and non-traditional scrapbooks. Since some students are visual learners, we offer our scrapbooks as a learning guide for Key Club. Not only do we use displays, we also use our voices, flyers, and pins to remind students when our meetings are. We write Key Club info on clothes pins and secretly pin them on student’s bag packs during lunch. Later, when a student discovers a mysterious pin on their bags, their curiosity naturally reads the note on the clothespin reminds him or her that there’s a Key Club meeting coming up soon and he or she should definitely go! Flyers are a simple and easy idea to convince students to join Key Club as well. We usually just hand the fliers out or hang them on windows and poles around the campus. We usually obtain around 200 signatures each lunch (there are two lunches) and then host our first meeting at the small café because of the large crowd. Since club rush is coming soon, we plan to spice up our game at Club Rush and add some snacks and more ORANGE!

Strauss Festival by nathan to Strauss Festival is an event that happens every year at Elk Grove Park and this year marked the 25 th Year! The event was a performance that took the audience back in time with classical dances that were performed. The music was played by an actual orchestra to give a more authentic feeling, instead of just having audio from the computer. The female performers were all dressed in big dresses while the men performers were dressed in old styled tuxedos. I personally volunteered last year, and saw that every year the performances had something new and different, but in the 25 th year they did dances from all 25 years to celebrate the past. What I did at the event was hand out brochures and newspapers that described the current event, as well as the event in the past years. I felt the event was underrated, because the Strauss Festival spends over $150,000 every year to put on a free performance for everybody and anybody to enjoy. The event should really have had a full house every showing because it is free to enjoy, with no strings attached. The event had a small museum tent where it looked over the time period that was represented by the Strauss Festival. Next to the museum was a tent that sold Strauss Festival apparel and fine wine. The rest of the place was either filled with people or with vendors selling food. Going from ice cream to Asian orientated food to Belgian waffles. They were not short on variety. With my duty to pass out out the items to the people coming in to watch, I worked with a lady named Edith that helped create the event for the past years. She was friendly with me as she told me about the past events, her opinions on the Strauss Festival, and even shared some personal stories. In the end it was really nice to work with someone and not just sit there waiting for the performance to start. I also met Iris Zimbelman, founder of the Strauss Festival, and he said to me “Thank you for volunteering, it means a lot.” I felt like a celebrity was talking to me; dorky as it sounds, it was pretty cool. That is one of the reasons to be motivated or inspired to volunteer at events. You meet cool people that you would have never met at school, or online. Going to events in general is something everybody should do because you’re benefiting your community and yourself. Times are tough, so make sure you help out!

Monster Nation | Volume 3 | Issue 3 September


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