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PENGUINETTE CNH Key Club Division 6 Newsletter

October Edition 2011

Your source For ALL Things DIVISION 6

What is a

A way of life. 1

It’s family. Key Club.

Tableofcontents 01…………………………What is a Division 6 Penguin 02……………………………………....Table of Contents 03……………………………….A Word From Your LTG 04…………………………….…………Division Roll Call! 05…………………………………..…District Convention 06……………………,,.….Region Training Conference 07………..…….How is YOUR Key Club Experience? 08…How is YOUR Key Club Experience ( Cont ’ d ) 09………………....What has YOUR Club been up to? 10…..What has YOUR Club been up to? ( C ont ’ d ) 11…………..…..What has YOUR Club been up to? 2 12..What has YOUR Club been up to? 2 ( Cont ’ d ) 13……………………………,,,…………..Fall Rally Flyer 14………………………....Fall Rally Info & Order Form


A WORD from your Lieutenant Governor Darren Kwee, Division 6 Lieutenant Governor Greetings, Division 6 Penguins! This month, many of us are well into school. As we continue as Key Clubbers, don’t forget to keep your eyes on your education! We are continually progressing towards our Fall Rally! Be sure to prepare for it! It’s such a huge event! How could going to Six Flags with THOUSANDS of other Key Clubbers be anything but a big event? Get pumped for this HUGE event to be held on November 19th this year! Get your D6 Spirit on, and learn our division cheers. Ask your presidents or myself about these cheers. The division 6 penguins will BEAST it this year at fall rally! Talk to your presidents about your attendance for fall rally! Hope to see you soon, and contact me anytime! -Darren Kwee Division 6 LTG From Left to right:

Executive Assistant Juliana Deer, LTG Darren Kwee, ERHS President Alex Le, ERHS VP Lily Lewis, Division Secretary Valerie Kwee


We, the

Penguins. Centennial Chaparral Eleanor Roosevelt Great Oak Perris JFK John W. North Martin Luther King Notre Dame Paloma Valley Ramona Rancho Verde Riverside Poly Santiago Temecula Valley Woodcrest Christian


Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club

66th Annual

DistrictConvention! Get PUMPED for the 2012 Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club Watch the DCON! Call to DCON 2012 video on youtube!


BEElieve - the Magic of Service


Check periodically for updates and more information!


The Wizarding World of Service


Join us for our annual Region Training Conference!

Meet many others across the Region 4 Houses! Division 6 Penguins, Gryffindor House Division 36W Huskeys, Hufflepuff House Division 36E Raccoons, Ravenclaw House

You will be able to find: Magical General Sessions Enchanted Icebreakers Interesting Workshops Intense Spirit Battles At the commencement of the region training, the houses will take part in Division Council Meetings with their respective houses. Please pack $5 for food and drinks. Our Key Club District Governor, Erinn Wong will also be in attendance! We must show her the spirit of Region 4! Contact LTG Darren Kwee for more details!


HOW IS YOUR KEY C A family of lions is a pride. A family of wolves is a pack.

For ants, it’s a colony. A family of snakes is referred to as a nest. Pigs? A litter. Monkeys? A troop. Penguins? Key Club. Now if we were going to be all technical, the correct term would be a perhaps a rookery, huddle, colony, or even a waddle, but I’m not here to encourage you to expand your animal-related vocabulary. For the record, I’m not an expert on zoology and the classifications that come with it. However, I am an expert when it comes to using Google to whip up some animal facts. Let’s get back on track though. The point that I’m trying to make is that Key Club is a family. When I first came to high school, which was only last year, I was an ambitious little freshman. Everyone had advised me to get involved, but there was only so much I can do in my limited range of time. For the first couple of months, I was completely dedicated to simply adjusting to this new routine. With the new addition of tennis to my agenda, I wasn’t capable of joining clubs, but I was counting down each day until I could finally do so. Throughout tennis, older students were my ultimate resource. They would tell me about how the school ran, and gave me suggestions and information about clubs. One of the tennis girls was the secretary of Key Club, and she happened to grasp my interest on the subject.


Key Club of ERHS

CLUB EXPERIENCE? Looking back on it, I’m truly glad that I had been so curious, because my curiosity was what brought me to the first meeting. I can’t say I remember what we did, or what they were even talking about that day, but I remember feeling extremely awkward in a crowded room. Fast forward and here I am. I had always known that community service was rewarding, but I never knew how much fun it could be. I didn’t realize that laughter and the formations of friendships came along with it. These days, volunteering makes me excited, and I look forward to every event or opportunity that allows me to do so. I have so many memories that make me smile as I look back on them, and I don’t think forgetting any of those moments would even be possible. In addition to the satisfaction of helping others, I have also been rewarded with new memories with wonderful people who make me feel like I’m actually apart of something. Thank you, Key Club.

Vice President Lily Lewis


.WHAT HAS YOUR So woo! Yay newsletters~ This will be my first time writing one for our Division so please bare with my odd humor & weird...ness, ha!

Hello everyone! The name is Alyssa Panganiban (or as some know me as Sushi) and I'm Paloma Valley HS Key Club Secretary! The term so far has been very organized and successful thanks to our amazing President Melissa Rose who's definitely contributed so much into our club to be where it is. I also like to credit our current board members for always putting in time in the service of this club. We're just a really awesome team and it'll surely show during this year. Ohoho, so yeah... KEY CLUB, we definitely know how to represent here in Paloma. During Club Rush, we had our table situated! Insightful papers of what Key Club is, examples of our Service Projects, our beautiful Key Club poster with our patches of success. I don't know what we did but we certainly gained much attention and had many signer -uppers XD It was fun 2 days of Club Rush. We weren't afraid to say the infamous "How do you feel?" chant nor did we stutter in stating


Key Club of PVHS

CLUB BEEN UP TO? what is Key Club, 'cause oh we knew and we were prepared! Our 1st meeting was on Tuesday, September 6th and wow, what a great turn out. Every seat filled and many standing up against the wall filled within the room. I noticed our most of our veteran members from last year returned, and we gain a majority amount of newcomers! And I'm glad that we were able to give them a lovely incentive like ICE CREAM, everyone loves ice cream. That was our icebreaker talking about our favorite flavor ice cream... lol get it? Ice cream icebreaker, ohoho no? Ok nevermind, aha! We did the usual 1st meeting procedures like introduce the board members, tell what Key Club is about, upcoming events, member participation, dues and what future plans our clubs has. Melissa, gave an amazing detailed explanation of all the aspects our club will gain & provide. We're definitely set for an even better year of service! YAY! :D

Secretary Alyssa P.


.WHAT HAS YOUR School's been in session for a month now, and we're working towards a productive year full of service! Our club rush was really successful, with over 70 students signing up and showing interest in what Key Club does.

At tabling we were probably the most eye-catching club, with a bright division banner and penguin attracting stares and questions. The first meeting was packed, with students that had to stand in the back or sit on the floor. The meeting was mostly informational, sadly we didn't have time to do a few icebreakers. But I plan for future meetings to be more interactive for members. We have service events almost every weekend for our members, most notably a beach cleanup for California Coastal Cleanup Day! We're working towards establishing a long-term service project, tutoring elementary school students (and letting them know about Kiwanis Family in the process ^_^). Our members love going to


Key Club of JFK

CLUB BEEN UP TO? DCMs; the 20 or so who went to August's meeting thought it was cool meeting the other D6 Penguins and some D47 Krakens as well! ;D We're looking forward to meeting more D6'ers (so you should all come to DCMs! *hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge*)

President Ranee Lee



FallRallySouth Join THOUSANDS of Key Clubbers as we have fun and celebrate our efforts to fundraise for PTP! Six Flags—Magic Mountain—Valencia, CA See the Fall Rally South Form for all the details!

Work with your school to plan your club’s trip to Fall Rally 2012! Below is the order form. It’s important that this is turned in! Check with your advisor! This form could be printed off this page, completed, and sent to the CNH district office. 6


Questions? Comments? Concerns?


Darren Kwee

Carolyn Qualm

Division 6 Lieutenant Governor (951) 496 7707

Region 4 Advisor (909) 871 1773

Virgiline Ongkingco

Juliana Deer

Key Club Division 6 EA

Key Club Division 6 EA

Valerie Kwee

Valerie Kwee

Key Club Division 6 Sec

Temporary divi-sion newsletter editor

The Penguinette  

October Issue for the Penguinette 2011

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