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Jan. 2012


Division 5 Newsletter Kiwanis International Volume 1 Issue 7

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Messages from an EA

Hello Trojans! Message from an Exec. Assistant I hope you all had a wonderful, frosty December! Now that winter break has come, you should all spend enjoyable time with family and friends and rest up before the new school semester begins! Our division will be volunteering at Pasadena on December 30th to help build floats for the Rose Parade. Clovis North High School will be hosting Division 05’s DCM and Conclave on January 9th. We will be electing two new Lieutenant Governors (as our division is realigning) for the new 2013-2014 school year, so we encourage everyone look forward to and attend this event! Moreover, DCON is edging closer and closer, so hopefully everyone is getting excited and pumped up! Congratulations to December’s Club of the Month, Kingsburg High School; and Member of the Month, Roxanne Vang, for showing great dedication and hard work. We hope all you Key Clubbers continue to commit outstanding work and enthusiasm towards Key Club. Have an enjoyable, fun holiday season! For those of you that have finals after break, good luck! Happy Holidays, Caroline Ba Doe Lwin D05 Executive Assistant 1

Rocking the DCM Crowd of Clubbers at Edison DCM Who? Droves of D05ers (and some from D46, too). 33 from the host school alone! A record amount! What? Divisional Council Meeting, or DCM in Key Club lingo. When? December 12th. That’s right, 12-12-12. Where? Edison High School. Theatre Room, decked out in Christmas lights. Why? To see the lovely faces of Key Clubbers, of course! Oh, and to discuss past and upcoming events, and division news. A winter-themed ice-breaker was also played, to introduce future friends from different divisions. Thank you to the hosts, the officers, and all of the members who came to represent their school. It wouldn’t have been the same without any of you! --A. O. Bordona, Edison Key Club editor


KEY CLUB District 5 Newsletter


Making a Difference

"This year the Kingsburg High School Key Club started an after-school program in the New London community near Traver. It is called Kids to Kids and involves crafts, games, and snacks. The newly built London Community Assistance Program, run by Yvonne Reyes, is the site for Kids to Kids. The purpose of this program is to encourage positive interactions between high school students and elementary students. Also, to reach out to a community that has very little resources. So far, Kids to Kids has been a wonderful experience for the volunteers and for the children." Written by: Jasmine Mahfoud, KHS Key Club President


On December 1st, Buchanan Key Club volunteered with our sponsoring Old Town Clovis Kiwanis Club and Fresno State's Circle K club at the Electric Christmas Parade located in Downtown Fresno. We were treated to a nice dinner of chili, cornbread, and cookies, and then volunteered at various stops. We were in charge of directing the floats where to go and making sure traffic and parking was regulated. Some of the Key Clubbers even got to walk in the parade. Although freezing, it was a really fun event to be able to volunteer with our Kiwanis Club and Circle K club and seeing all the Christmas floats starting the holiday season off. After the event, our club as well as the public was able to participate in setting the new world record for most people to eat a dessert at a designated time.

On December 12th, Division 5 had our December DCM at Edison High School. Edison had a great showing of members at the meeting. We started off with a holiday themed ice breaker, where the Key Clubbers got to meet one another while having fun running around being reindeer, being under "mistletoe", and more. We were also able to learn about upcoming divisional events such as the Rose Float Decorating in Pasadena as well as began to talk about DCON held next year in Anaheim. Written by: Tracy Liu, Buchanan VP

Our annual trip to Pasadena in order to decorate floats for the Rose Bowl Parade is coming up! If you have already paid, your spot has been reserved! If you cannot go for any reason, please let us know because the bus is full but more people want to go. Hope to see you all there!

Dates To Remember 12/25 - Christmas 12/30 - Rose Bowl Parade Decorating 1/1 - New Year's Day 1/9 - Jan DCM 1/9 - Conclave DIVISION 05 LEADERSHIP TEAM 2012-2013

Conclave is just around the corner. Has your school decided which two delegates will represent your school? Are you considering to run for LTG? If you are running, have you gotten all the required signatures? Whether a delegate or not, please come out and support our candidates at Clovis North, right after the January DCM.

Eugene Park Lieutenant Governor Eric Kor Executive Assistant Caroline Ba Doe Lwin Executive Assistant Kristen Shimoda Executive Assistant Sophia Xu Division Editor Eunice Kokor Technology Editor Julia Le Spirit Coordinator

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