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Dec. 2012


Division 5 Newsletter Kiwanis International Volume 1 Issue 6

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Message from an EA.... 1 Club/Member of the Month...1 Rallying It Up At Fall Rally... 2 Car Wash Creates Funds for Cures...3 All About Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus...4 Carnivals...5 Candidate Training Conferences...5 Calendar...6

Hello Trojans! Hopefully you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving break! This past month has been busy, yet exciting and enjoyable! On

Message from an Exec. Assistant

October 27th, 2012, Division 05 attended Fall Rally North at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, with about 23 other divisions. We had many members from our division attend this spirited event, decked out in blue, white, and black. Division 05 fundraised about $2,000 for Pediatric Trauma Program! The Division 05 bidders, Clovis West Secretary Julieanne Nguyen and Executive Assistant Caroline Ba Doe Lwin, used the funds to buy the District Governor, Alyssa Yocom, and the District Treasurer, Cannon Joyce, in the auction. Thanks to all the members that have attended and showed their undying spirit at Fall Rally, we made it to the top 5 in spirit in our session! Also, thanks to all the members who went trick-or-treating and raised money for UNICEF! As of November 2012, MNT (Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus) was finally eliminated from China. Congratulations to China for this noteworthy achievement for children. On November 4th, we helped out at Two-Cities Marathon. The marathon started in Fresno and looped around upscale scenic neighborhoods lined with brilliant autumn foliage, and on through Old Town Clovis. Thanks to all the volunteers and their cheering, the event was a success! Key Club week was from November 5th to 9th. Each day placed an emphasis on service, promoting Key Club within homes, schools, and communities and making Key Club a household name. Great job to all those who participated in this fun promotion and celebration of service! We held our monthly DCM (Divisional Council Meeting) at McLane High School on November 14th. We were honored to have Madera and Madera South, which would be chartering their own Key Clubs and joining the division very soon, attend with us that night. Congratulations to Sunnyside High School for achieving Club of the Month, and Josh Samra, from Clovis North, for receiving Member of the Month! Sunnyside was honored for their improvement in service hours and funds raised, accurate MRFs, and increased participation in Division events. Josh was chosen for his exceptional leadership showcase of coordinating over 10 events, involvement in all club activities as well as nearly all division events, and he is a strong member who motivates others to become active in Key Club! All in all, Division 05 was able to have a constructive month of fundraising, spirit, and volunteering. Thank you to all the schools and members who have worked hard to make the division successful! An upcoming divisional event to look forward to is the Pasadena Rose Float Parade, where Division 05 will be able to go down to Pasadena and help build the floats. December is going to be a frosty month for more volunteering and fun. Let’s keep our Trojan spirit up and look forward to the festive season filled with smiles and support! Keep up the excellent work! Stay strong, Caroline Ba Doe Lwin D05 Executive Assistant


Rallying It Up At Fall Rally!

What better way to end October than to have Fall Rally North! Divisions from all across northern California gathered at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for a day filled with fun and spirit. Division 5 brought about 200 people, and we walked around showing that we were “BOOM DYNAMITE.� Left and right, you could hear us spirit battling other divisions, even a friendly region battle with Division 46. We are in a tough second rally session with our sister division as well as the biggest division, the D12S Supervillans. With a great effort, our region made it into the semi finals, where we were overtaken by fellow Division 46 and Division 12S. Besides the rally session, LTGs were bid for to spend a day with the winning division, and boy was this entertaining. Back and forth battling for D46 LTG Brent DeMayo ended up being bought by his division for over $1000, donated to PTP. Division 5 were able to buy District Treasurer Cannon Joyce and District Governor Alyssa Yocom. Everyone had a great time showing their Key Club spirit and helping raise money for Pediatric Trauma Program, ultimately helping save lives. Written by: Tracy Liu, Buchanan High


KEY CLUB District 5 Newsletter

Car Wash Creates Funds for Cures The sounds of laughter and squeaky clean cars could be heard from a Shell on Saturday, October 20th, as Edison High Key Clubbers scrubbed and raised funds for the American Cancer Society. Among the ranks of high school do-gooders was new recruit Sean Ezenwugo. “I had a lot of fun, and it was really cool to be able to help people with cancer.” And help they did. The Club brought in a tidy sum of $271 – 100% of which will be donated to the Society. “It was a lot of work, but I like being able to work for a good cause. It’s also fun to hang out with my friends who are also in Key Club” reports veteran Jocelyn Stevens. The Edison High Key Club is at it again, this time with their sights set on bigger things. On Saturday, October 20th, these high school do-gooders were washing cars for a cause – the American Cancer Society. “I had a lot of fun, and it’s really cool to be able to help.” says new recruit Sean Ezenwugo. He, along with a squadron of other Key Clubbers, were scrubbing and cleaning away at a Shell gas station from early morn’ to afternoon, making sure each car that passed through their hands was squeaky clean. Amidst the bubbles and laughter was the club president, Kendra Quinlan. “I know that cancer is an illness that is close to a lot of our clubbers’ hearts, so I was excited to be able to set this opportunity up.” The Cancer Society is undoubtedly equally as excited, for Edison High managed to collect a tidy sum of $271, all of it to go to the Society. “I’m really glad I decided to join Key Club this year,” reports junior Mario Vargas, “I love being able to make a difference in the community.” And make a difference they did. Written By: Alex Bordona, Edison High


All About Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus

What is MNT? In 31 countries around the world, maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) can quickly turn the joy of childbirth into tragedy. MNT kills one baby every nine minutes. Its effects are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. There is little hope of survival. And tetanus kills mothers too. Who suffers from MNT? MNT is caused when tetanus spores, found in soil everywhere, come into contact with open cuts during childbirth. The disease strikes the poorest of the poor, the geographically hard to reach and those without health care. Can MNT be stopped? Yes! MNT is highly preventable. Just three doses of a 60-cent immunization protect mothers, who then pass on the immunity to their future babies. Together, Kiwanis and UNICEF can stop this disease. Why hasn't MNT been eliminated already? UNICEF has helped to successfully eliminate MNT in many countries. But in 31 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America, it still strikes babies and mothers who have little or no access to health care — either because they are poor, live in remote areas or are caught in humanitarian emergencies. More funds and resources are needed to reach all babies and mothers at risk. What will it take to eliminate MNT from the Earth? More than 100 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take US$110 million — and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family. Why focus on this issue? It is unacceptable that innocent newborns and their mothers suffer and die from MNT when it can be prevented so easily. This is also an amazing opportunity to reach the poorest, most neglected mothers and babies with lifesaving health care. Developing delivery systems for MNT vaccines will blaze a trail to provide additional desperately needed services to these marginalized families. What is the Eliminate partnership? Hand in hand, Kiwanis and UNICEF will eliminate MNT and change the world. Kiwanis' commitment, vision and strength in reaching communities and leaders will help wipe out this cruel, centuries-old disease and pave the way for other interventions. UNICEF has staff working in the most isolated corners of the globe and an unbeatable supply chain. Article Provided by Kiwanis International: 4

Clovis North Key Club had the great opportunity to lend a hand to the local elementary schools for their annual carnival festivities. Every year, key clubbers eagerly flood the carnivals of these elementary schools to help at the various booths, stands, and even obstacle courses for the kids’ enjoyment. This month, Clovis North’s key clubbers helped out at the Mountain View Carnival as well as the Riverview carnival: serving as volunteers at stands that ranged from the cake walk all the way to the more physical and [extremely] intimidating obstacle courses. Clovis North had a fantastic turnout of students volunteer at these two carnivals, and each one of them had a great time serving kids, teenagers, and even adults at their respective booths. Clovis North had so many volunteers who signed up to help that, as a matter of fact, some of them could not be stationed at their own booth simply because they filled up all the booths! With a smile on their faces, Clovis North key clubbers greatly enjoyed their time as volunteers in these carnivals, and many of them look forward t working at more of them again in the years to come! Written by: Matthew Low, Clovis North High

The Candidate Training Conferences (CTC) are for Key Club Members who are interested in being a candidate for an office above the club level. It is not mandatory to attend any of the Candidate Training Conferences to be able to run for an office above the club level, but the paper work must be turned in on time. CTC will be held on Saturday December 1, 2012 from 9 AM to 5 PM/ Transportation is provided. If you would like to attend, please register at: =dEJZeFhMNG9QaFd3dFA3ZkJvVzhNRFE6MQ.




Our annual trip to Pasadena in order to decorate floats for the Rose Bowl Parade is coming up! Make sure to sign up before all of the 200 spots are taken! There will be a fee of $30 in order to pay for your bus seat. If you have any questions, contact your club president. Hope to see you all there!

Key Club's Fall Rally, was a big success and the most enjoyable and non-forgettable trip. I enjoyed hearing everyone cheering their chants and "How Do You Feel?" When you are there you feel good about yourself that you are helping out with a lot of foundations. Even though we didn't win the spirit stick, we at least had lots of fun cheering and meeting new people from other divisions. Thank you Key Club for making this trip a great one. ~Alexis

Dates To Remember 12/1 – CTC (Candidate Training Conference) 12/30 - Rose Bowl Parade Decorating

DIVISION 05 LEADERSHIP TEAM 2012-2013 Eugene Park Lieutenant Governor Eric Kor Executive Assistant Caroline Ba Doe Lwin Executive Assistant Kristen Shimoda Executive Assistant Sophia Xu Division Editor Eunice Kokor Technology Editor Julia Le Spirit Coordinator

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