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TROJAN HORSE Official Newsletter of Key Club District 05 Trojans

Message from the LTG

Volume 1 Issue 4

In this Issue! Message from LTG ...... 1 Why Join Key Club? ... 2

Greetings Division 05 Trojans!

Moon Festival .............. 3

The past few weeks have been a blast as we began to travel deeper into the school year. In fact, we Trojans have been extremely busy every weekend raising money for PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program) and raising money for the division. Most importantly, we even had service projects to give back to the community! And I must say, we have done a great job. So far as a division, we have raised over $400 for PTP and over $400 for the division in just the span of two months! That is something to applaud the division for! However, the division has even more in store for YOU in the next couple of weeks! Stay updated by keeping in touch with your club officers! Or, join the Division Facebook Group, follow us on Twitter, or attend the monthly DCMs! Lastly, continue to work hard raising money for PTP at the club level and turn in the funds at the October DCM! I look forward to seeing you all at future events! -Eugene Park D05 LTG

Gone Volunteering .... 4 Awards ......................... 5 Leaders Needed ........ 6 Dates............................. 6

New Division Website: Please visit it and tell us what you think! One Million Ways to Serve: 46,000 members, 800,000 hours, and 154,000 for PTP!


What Join Key Club? Q: What made you want to be a part the Key Club community? Chris Domanski, Clovis West: “Some friends recommended it to me and it seemed very interesting. I wanted to join a club that was entertaining but also something that would be worthwhile.” Tracy Liu, Buchanan: “I joined Key Club, because I wanted to get exposed to different volunteering opportunities.” Helen Cheng, Buchanan: “I kept hearing great things about Key Club- my friends were in it, and they all talked about having fun during service while earning volunteer hours for college. And I thought, why not? It's beneficial in every way. And as soon as I jumped into it, Key Club was everything everyone told me it was- fun and satisfying to give back to the community, especially with my friends. In actuality, I met a lot of my friends through my clubs, especially through Key Club! Eventually, all these bonuses just kept adding up, and I'm still searching for a way to give back to show how much I appreciate this.” Q: What does Key Club mean to you? CD: “Key Club is a way of me giving back to the community. It gives me that warm feeling inside. Aha.” TL: “Key Club has done so much for me, and provided me with my "ohana."’

Chris Domanski, Senior Clovis West Key Club Member

HC: “To me, Key Club gives me a sense of purpose among my peers and community- all of a sudden, I can give back to my community while meeting new people, growing friends, and gaining those volunteer hours for college.” Q: What was your favorite event/part of Key Club? CD: “Well, you know, I love nature so getting the opportunity to clean up the park was nice. It combined two of my favorite things. Nature and benefiting the community.” TL: “My favorite part of Key Club has definitely been DCON, because you get to meet so many new people from the district, and you get to be immersed in everything Key Club through workshops for fun events for a weekend.” HC: “My favorite part about Key Club would be plain volunteering, because it gives me opportunities to do multiple things at once, such as getting to know more people and having fun while selflessly performing service. My favorite event about Key Club would be the DCMs (Divisional Council Meetings), because then I get to meet all sorts of people, all fellow division members, on a monthly basis! The DCMs also really help me keep up with things and grow more active in Key Club.”

Tracy Liu, Buchanan Key Club Vice President

Q: Would you recommend Key Club to your friends? CD: “Yes. Although Key Club is a community service based club and takes up time and effort, it’s something fun. It’s a great way to meet new friends and make new memories.

HC: Of course I'd recommend Key Club! How rhetorical- but it's surprising how so many people are uninformed. So I talk about/recommend Key Club on a daily basis because of all the great benefits that everyone and just about anyone can reap! To put it simply, Key Club equals more friends, fun, and purpose for yourself and tons of help for the community! There's just no bad side to it. And of course, for the ambitious, there's always those volunteer hours.” ;) Interviewed Conducted by: Michelle Lee, Clovis West VP and Sophia Xu, Division Editor


Helen Cheng, Buchanan Key Club Member

KEY CLUB District 5 Newsletter

Tzu Chi Moon Festival The Tzu Chi Moon Festival is an annual charity night that is aimed to promote and support the Tzu Chi Foundation, specifically their medical missions. Clubbers met with the director of the event, Ms. Yang, who explained how truly fortunate we all are. She related a story of less fortunate families in China, who could not afford many simple luxuries taken for granted in the United States. Touched by the Tzu Chi Foundation’s cause, members were determined to provide as much help as possible. In order to support this endeavor, Clovis West Key Clubbers assisted in creating multi-colored paper lanterns, as well as white origami lotus flowers for the event. The number of members that attended this event was so overwhelming that the project was finished almost an hour early! This event was in preparation for the actual festival that is being held on September 22nd. During the festival, Clovis West Key Clubbers will continue to offer their service by manning booths that are selling tickets, egg rolls, spring rolls, pot stickers, steamed buns, rice noodles, Chinese tamales, sushi, samosas, turnip rice cakes, ramen noodles, veggie chicken noodle soup, deep fried tofu, deep fried yam, moon cakes, and honey dew tapioca drinks‌ Just to name a few. Not only that, but Key Clubbers will be responsible for selling and lighting the candles nestled within the paper lotus flowers. These flowers are in turn released into the lotus wishing pond by guests. This is the main at the Moon Festival, along with the lantern walk. Participation of members throughout the entirety this event will be necessary, as maintenance of the pond, lanterns, and candles is required. This event promises to have a great turnout, as well as establish increasingly positive relations with the Tzu Chi Foundation and surrounding community. Written by: Claire Carlson Clovis West High School Bulletin Editor Clovis West Key Club President, William Tang, shaking hands with Ms. Yang, the director of the event.

White origami lotus flowers made by Key Clubbers.

Various Clovis West Key Club members making lotus flowers

Colorful paper lanterns assembled by members in preparation for the Moon Festival.


Gone Volunteering On September 8th, one of the most hectic events we’ve had so far, Buchanan Key Club teamed up with Old Town Clovis Kiwanis as well as Fresno State’s Circle K club and volunteered at the Clovis Unified Elementary Football Carnival that was held at Buchanan High School. Who knew being in charge of a snack bar could be so hard? The volunteers helped with everything such as making churros and hot dogs, selling soda and candy, and keeping up with the constant line of customers. It was fun to volunteer once again with our Kiwanis club, as well as meeting the Key Clubbers from Circle K. -Tracy Liu, Tracy preparing Buchanan Vice President churros to be sold.

Key Clubbers never turn down a volunteering opportunity, even in the hot sun! On September 15th, Division 5 Key Club held a yard sale after Clovis Fest at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds. Key Clubbers from across the division as well as Kiwanis clubs came out to help. It was a pretty successful yard sale, and it was also fun at the same time getting able to bond with the volunteers that came and meet people from around the division.

Making signs for the division yard sale and sorting through the items.

Tracy Liu, Buchanan VP With the first DCM of the school year, which was hosted by Buchanan, Division 5 had a great turn out with 37 members. The DCM started off with our usual spirit activity, this time being “anyone who…”. It was a fun way to bond with everyone in our division. After the game, we got down to business, and learned about new divisional events and upcoming deadlines, such as RTC, Fall Rally, and the all important Division 5 Yard Sale. -Tracy Liu, Buchanan VP


MONTHLY AWARDS Written By: Sophia Xu

Division 5 News Editor

As many of you probably

Congratulations to Tracy Liu

already know, each month

for receiving Member of the

at the District Council

Month for the month of

Meetings (DCM), our LTG,


Eugene Park, awards one school with the award, Club

She received this award

of the Month. Similarly, one


member receives, Member of the Month.

- She is always at division events.

Congratulations to McLane High School for receiving

- She donated a lot to the

Club of the Month for the

yard sale.

month of August. - She even went on her own They received this award

to sell and donated $80


proceeds to division PTP funds.

- They have completed over 201 service hours and 8

-She is very active on the

service projects.

Division 5 Facebook group.

-Their MRFs are accurate.

-She writes at least one article for every newsletter.

-Despite the distance, they

(Did you notice who wrote

are regularly present at

all the articles on P4?)

division events. -She has a lot of Trojan pride!


Fall Rally Updates Fall Rally will be held on October 27th in Vallejo. It costs $33 if you book with your club by October 5th. $37 if you buy tickets at the door. Transportation will be provided by the division at a central location. Check to see if your school allows it. Price is to be determined. Changes: We are now in Session #1 at 11 am. (We better beat out the other divisions.) PTP funds will be due to Eugene Park at the October DCM. There will be a pre-Fall Rally Meeting on Sunday, October 21st, where you learn cheers and we have a run through of going crazy. This is also when/where we will pass out spirit gear items. Extra Order Forms are also available for discounted meal price. Everything is located online on the Cyber Key.


Leaders Are In Need!! Would you like to be a leader? The district is assigning new leadership positions at the division level. As a result, Eugene needs task coordinators for the following topics:       

PTP The Eliminate Project Kiwanis Family Project Jump Start Key Leader March of Dimes Children's Miracle Network

All members are encouraged to apply. If interested, please email Eugene at: OR look for the link on the Facebook page

To Be A Park Volunteer: Turn in Liability Forms If you want one, email Location has been settled as Sierra Bicentennial Park at Sunnyside Ave and Sierra Ave Date has not been set but will update Do not need to provide social security Thank you to everyone who came out to support/volunteer at our PTP Car Washes and Yard Sale! Our PTP Car Washes made $385.40. The yard sale made $400.51. In addition, thank you to Yosemite for donating $40. We will use that money to buy our LTG at Fall Rally North.

Dates To Remember 9/29 – Color Me Rad Marathon @ WWD Park 10/5 – MRF due @ 6 PM 10/10 – DCM / Socialing Event @ Selma Layne Park (4-8 PM) 10/10 – PTP Money Due 10/21 – Pre-Rally/Spirit Gear Meeting (Selma Lyne Park @ 3 PM – 6 PM) 10/27 – Fall Rally North @ Discovery Kingdom

Please raise as much money as you can for PTP and turn in all the money at the October DCM. Make all Checks to Bronco Foundation and write Key Club in the memo/for spot.

DIVISION 05 LEADERSHIP TEAM 2012-2013 Eugene Park Lieutenant Governor Eric Kor Executive Assistant Caroline Ba Doe Lwin Executive Assistant Kristen Shimoda Executive Assistant Sophia Xu Division Editor Eunice Kokor Technology Editor Julia Le Spirit Coordinator

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October Newsletter  

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