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“To Serve and Protect”

June NEWSLETTER Volume 1: Issue 1 Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten

Division 5 South, Region 12

table of contents

2; division calendar 3; LTG’s note 4; division board positions 5; clubs’ actions 6; division’s news 9; The Eliminate Project

upcoming events

time to mark your calendar!

June 12th DCM

OTC @ BUCHANAN H.S. @ June 15th (Mandatory for all club officers)

July 10th DCM/carwash ; fundraiser for PTP

August RTC (Region Training Conference) TBA

key clubbers, how do you feel?

message from your lieutenant governor Hello Key Clubbers of Division 05 South! My name is Tina Saensombath, I am junior attending Edison high School, and I’ve been in Key Club for 3 years. First of, I would like to say that it is such a great honor for me to serve as your Lieutenant Governor. In my term, I have many plans that we all will work together to lead our division to the next level. I plan to work with all club officers and assist them by enhancing their skills to serve their duties that they have committed to, and of course, with their best abilities. As the first LTG of Division 05 South, I hope to create many legacies and miracles within the division. My greatest desire is for our division to rise above and beyond with our anticipation for service. With that, I wish for everyone to gain the rewarding experience of being a Key Clubber by making lasting memories and friendships throughout this year. Together, I anticipate for us to have an unforgettable time serving our home, school, and community. This will be a great year!

-Tina Saensombath

Email: Call/Text: (559)-250-9120

want to be more than a member?

be on the division executive board!

As a Lieutenant Governor, I require to have 5 different assistants serving the division by my side. If you want to be more than just a member, this is a great opportunity to change that status. This is a chance for you to go beyond the call of duty. I can guarantee personal growth will come from any position you wish to choose. This growth will assist with time management as well as other leadership skills that can be applied throughout your life. It only takes initiative, which leads you to success.

The available positions are:

Executive Assistant: Deals with assignments that the LTG cannot complete alone such as: record minutes of every Division Council Meeting (DCM), review Monthly Report Form (MRF) with the Lieutenant Governor, and assist lieutenant governor in panning events for the division.

(Bulletin Editor): Creates monthly newsletters in Graphic Standards to update the division.

News Editor: (Bulletin Editor): Creates monthly newsletters in Graphic Standards to update the division. Take pictures at every present event and meeting hosted by the division. Review monthly editor reports with the Lieutenant Tech Editor: Governor. Functions the division's website such as updating the website with new upcoming events, past events, and general information regarding the division. Division Task Coordinators: In charge of keeping the division spirit at a high level. Send me an email if Emphasize on knowledge of the cheers and use of you need the link to spirit items. Feel free to be creative. Any fresh ideas the application! Hurry, are willing to be accepted. time is running out!

service and commitment

clubs’ actions

Edison Key Club: -Volunteered at the Community Food Bank where the members went bright and early to help distribute food to the needy in Fresno. -At the school’s annual club lunch, Edison Key Club sold "Dirt and Worms Cups" for two dollars and raised money up to $60! -Few members volunteered to help set up the Kiwanis Annual Crab Feed Fundraiser. Hailey Stinecipher at the Crab Feed event.

On a Saturday of April 6th, Division 05 South all gathered by the San Joaquin River for the East Fresno Kiwanis One Day 2013. Many members from each club collaborated to clean up the San Joaquin River area and worked on the future River Parkway Project with many other Kiwanis Club Members, Circle K, Aktion Club, Builders Club, and K-Kids Members. Each school club was assigned with different tasks such as repairing the lost garden nearby Woodward Park, cutting and plowing grass. Due to the hot sun, some members decided to take a dip into the super cool river! At the event, many members learned many ways of how each plant should be taken care of, met with many Kiwanians, built new friendships, it was just a blast! Under the hot sun… Hoover Key Club: -Volunteered at the East Rotary Park to cleanup the local area. -At the school’s annual Food Fair, Hoover Key Club raised money up to $30 by selling food.

Kingsburg Key Club: -Volunteered to spruce up the flowerbed along the old Highway 99 of Kingsburg. The club successfully planting the trees and flowers, they’ve mentioned that the flowerbeds look beautiful and hoped to maintain them throughout the year.

only moving forward

division’s news On April 12th, 2013, Division 05 Trojans held the joint Division Council Meeting (DCM)/Banquet between the new realigned Divisions (D05 South and D05 North) of the 2013-2014 Key Club year at Break the Barriers starting from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. This was the beginning task for Eric Kor and Tina Saensombath serving a new Lieutenant Governor for their divisions. The DCM started with both Lieutenant Governors relaying important information regarding the Division news to the club members. When the DCM was over, it was time for dinner and for the banquet to start. The Immediate Past LTG Eugene Park took over the microphone and that was time for the end of the year awards ceremony. Many clubs and members received many awards, whether they were District or Division awards. And before this ceremony was over, everyone got a chance to see the video clip that the Division’s EAs had put together with pictures from the beginning of 2012-2013 term until now. It was clear that everyone was tearing up…with joy of how much we have done as one single division. Before the clock hit 11:00pm, the remaining attendees enjoyed themselves with some social time and even hit the dance floor that the banquet committee had put together. Many new friendships were built along with unforgettable memories. To sum it all up, the End of the Year DCM/Banquet for Division 05 Trojans was A SUCCESS!

want to get creative?

division’s news division’s news

Heard cool beats on the radio that you can’t get it out of your head? Well hey, turn it into Key Club spirit cheers! Trojans, it is time for you to show off your talents and create new cheers for our division! Fall Rally will be here in no time and we want to be at the top, DON’T WE?? Yes we do! So get your grooves on and BEE creative, BEE spontaneous, and BEE wild! COME UP WITH NEW SPIRIT CHEERS!

Are you creative? Do you like designing? Well here you go, FORM A COMMITTEE AND DESIGN OUR TROJANS 2013-2014 Spirit Gear!! We will need new designs ASAP in order to have enough time to distribute them, so get right on and design your heart out! Always remember, BEE creative and bring out your inner talent to show the world! Submit any work at

very own first step

division’s news May 8th, 2013, Lieutenant Governor Tina Saensombath held her very first solo DCM at Edison High School from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Many important topics were discussed, such as summer fundraiser for PTP, Spirit Gear Committee, and MRFs from each club. Due to AP testing during that week, the DCM was quick and straight to the point. Overall, it was successful, although the meeting wasn’t a full house.

As the year progress, many clubs are becoming easier to reach and contact. Many secretaries have received the MRF Manual packet and have been learning on how to complete the MRF. This issue will be taken care of ASAP when they all attend OTC in June 15th. More MRFs have been received and it is showing a fantastic sign that D05 South will be improving in many ways.

June DCM: June 12th at Edison! DON’T MISS OUT! We will be discussing important events and projects!

BEE a hero!

the eliminate project What if your Mother’s Day Gift could save a child’s life?

The Eliminate Week was May 6th10th , what if you could save a baby’s life? The Eliminate project is a program that works with Kiwanis and Unicef to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). MNT is a horrible disease that kills a baby in every nine minutes, that's 60,000 babies every year who will never grow up, make their mothers laugh, play with friends or dream about the future. Did you donate? By only $1.80, you could make a mother happy by saving her baby, and make a difference for Mother’s Day. With your donation, YOU will give the poorest families the chance to lead the healthy lives they deserve. YOU can make a difference in this world.

Put a smile on a mother’s face

I Pledge on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school, and community, to serve my nation and God, and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

Division 05 South June Newsletter  

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