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January 2016

Volume 4 | Issue 10

Cali-Nev-Ha | Region 12 | Division 05 North

In This Issue Message from the LTG………….....3 Message from DNE………………......4 Look Back & Reflect……………....5-11 

Fall Rally Prep………………..6

Grub Down……………………..10

November DCM……………7

Robotics Competition………..10

Two Cities Marathon……….8

Toys for Tots……………………...11

Holy Family Table…………...9

Clovis High Shout Out………….11

F u t u r e E ve n t s … … … … … … . . … . … 1 2 - 1 4 

District Convention………….13

Conclave/January DCM…..….14

Dues & Deadlines……………….…..15 Key Club 101……………………......16-18 Key Club Week………………….…..19

Preferred Charities…………...…...20-21 Social Media……………………….…22 Google Reflect…………………..…23-24 President Contacts…………….….25

LTG & DLT Contacts…………….....26


Hello Corgis, January is a big month for our Division, because the new Lieutenant Governor is going to be elected. What is LTG you may ask? Well, it's an elected leadership position in which the lieutenant governor serves the Division. Who's going to be LTG? You can! We are looking for individuals that have the passion and dedication instilled in them to lead this Division. No prior experience is needed. I hope all underclassmen members plus officers at least consider running. It's been almost a year since I was elected and my term is coming to an end. I hope the dreams that couldn't come true during my term, can come true in the 2017-2018 term. It seems like I just started my term, but alas it's coming to an end. But wait there's more! We have District Convention 2017 held in Anaheim this year. It would be a great experience as a Key Clubber to experience this and truly get a feel of how large Key Club is in California-NevadaHawaii. Please start fundraising if you are interested, and don't forget to advertise it. It would be a beneficial trip for incoming and leaving officers. December is coming to an end, so please enjoy your break- you deserve it. Hope to see you Corgis at Conclave (remember to bring your two electors) and at future events! With service, Lieutenant Governor Kathy


Hello Key Clubbers!!

First of all, I want to greet you guys HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’re half-way through with this semester and I hope that you are able to get to know more Key Clubbers by now. Our LTG’s term is coming to an end...make sure to thank her and give her a Corgi hug because she has done so much for our division. (WE LOVE YOU LTG KATHY!!!) Let’s give a warm welcome to our (soon) new LTG and may our Ohana grow even closer for the next months. I wish you all a year full of service, friendship, and generosity.

-DNE Angela


Look back & Reflect


Fall Rally Prep On November 10th 2016, the Clovis High Key Club attended the Division Spirit Social to get ready and pumped for fall rally! Although none of our members attended we still had a great time bonding with other Key Clubs at the social. The Division Spirit Social was at the Buchanan High School Library Lecture Hall. It was from 3pm to 5pm and the dress code was casual. At the Social we first had a light snack and chilled out for a bit. After getting comfortable, our Lt. Governor discussed about volunteer opportunities, such as PTP. The Kiwanis CNH Foundation recognized a serious need for education and training in the pediatric trauma and injury prevention and created Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP). She also did a recap on the October DCM and informed all of us about the November DCM. Next, she gave us a summary of our division like; our colors, region, mascot, etc. Then we socialized for a bit and did some ICE BREAKERS!!!! Finally, after icebreakers we then socialized some more and left home. -Seraphina Yang, Clovis


November DCM On November 16th, 2016, the Clovis High School Key Club attended the monthly Division Council Meeting (DCM). This month's DCM was at Clovis North High School/Library Lecture Hall from 6pm-8pm. The Clovis North's Key Club hosted the DCM this Month. The theme was thanksgiving and pot luck style. Jennifer Her, our junior representative, brought brownies to the event. In the beginning of the DCM we signed in and ate dinner. After dinner, our Lt. Governor, Kathy Chu, discussed about Dues being turned in on Dec. 1st. The highlight of the DCM was the Mannequin Challenge. Some important fundraisers she also mentioned were the Pasadena Rose Float and District Convention. Kathy sadly announced her retirement and explained about upcoming elections for our new Lt. Governor. We'll miss you Kathy❤️❤️!!!! -Seraphina Yang, Clovis High


Two Cities Marathon The Two Cities Marathon was a project in Clovis where 7 members attended. The Two Cities Marathon is a run that goes from Woodward Park to Clovis and back. Overall, there was over 3,000 people who signed up to run. People came down from all over California to compete. There were even some known professional runners who ran the course. When we arrived, we were sorted into groups. We originally set up the table to give out electrolytes to the runners. Once we finished our tables electrolytes supply, we switched to water and Gu. Gu are energy gels that the runners can eat to give them that extra push. We assisted the race from 7am to 10am. -Kristyna Chavez, Madera South On November 6th, Clovis East students volunteered at Two Cities Marathon. Three members and two officers were in attendance, where they gave water to runners passing by and cheered them on. The girls enjoyed making signs to root for the runners as well as being there to support as a school. Vice President Camille attain described the experience stating," It was great to see the community come together for such a positive event. The gratitude given from the runners in response to our hard work was very heart-warming and satisfying." -Taylor Solley, Clovis East


Holy Family Table For the month of November Madera South Key Club members attended the Holy Family Table. Only Ten Key Clubbers are allowed to go every other Sunday. The Key Clubbers are supposed to arrive at the Holy Family Table at 6:00am and stay till 10:30 or at the time they are finished cleaning, time may change. On November, the 6, 13 ,20, and 27th about 3-5 Key Clubbers Attended the Holy Family Table, they helped bring chairs down, clean tables, and broom. The members helped make a salad, cut up vegetables specifically carrots and broccoli, and butter the bread when they arrive. The members are assigned jobs which must be completed whether it's handing out utensils, keeping count of how many plates were served, serving salsa, plates, pastries. Once the Holy Family Table closes its doors to the people, members have to clean tables and pick up chairs and place them on top of tables. -Itzel Garcia, Madera South


Grub Down In November 17th Madera South held Grub Down, grub down is an opportunity which the school allows all the clubs on campus to be able to sell outside food during lunch to the students and the staff. For the month of November, Key club chose to continue to Sell Rally Burgers. -Itzel Garcia, Madera South During Grub Down we set up our station at 12:45. We decided on selling 45 Rally's burgers. We sold the burgers 1 for $3 and 2 for $5. Five out of seven officers and 3 members attended to help selling. The 2 for $5 deal was the best seller. We sold out at around 12:00, 12 minutes before lunch starts. -Lezly Cota, Madera South

Robotics Competition On Friday 16th, Key Club members were able to participate in the Robotics Competition and the snack bar. About 5 members were able to attend this event, they had to help carry boxes, take orders from the hungry customers and much more. Along with that members from Madera High were also involved. Members had to arrive around 8 am till around 4. Key Clubbers had to hand out food to customers, some were assigned to make the food while others worked as cashiers. -Itzel Garcia, Madera South


Toy for Tots Key Club members participated in Toys for Tots for the month of November and plan to also participate in December. Members help register families who are in need and would be interested in receiving a Christmas present for their children. Not only did they register the families but they also ask for donations, that money will go to buying more toys to hand out in the distributions. On every Sunday of this month members helped set up the booth in which the people are able to register for toys.

Clovis High Shout Out

-Itzel Garcia, Madera South

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Future Events

District Convention Advertise/Fundraise now, the earlier the better!

When: April 7th-9th 2017 (Friday-Sunday) Where: Anaheim Convention Center Cost: Early Registration $196>February 22, 2017 Late Registration $236>March 1, 2017 (Include supplies, Itinerary, name-tag, t-shirt, & meals) What: Elect District Officers (Gov., Sec., Treas.) Retire/Install Lt. Governors Train & Learn about Key Club in general and in depth Meet other leaders, Different service projects-you can start Governors’ Ball Spirit Sessions College Expo Celebrate your term as officer/member and a great ending to another year in Key Club Inspirational Speakers Service Expo Buy cute merchandise from other Divisions, pins from District, and ribbons to put on your name tag (proceeds go to PTP)


Conclave & January DCM

When? January 13th, Friday

Where? Buchanan High School 6-8PM What? Each school in D05N has to bring 2 Electors (underclassman, non-officer, Dues Paid)- that means 20 voters will be present Will be electing Lt. Governor-VERY IMPORTANT Encourage as many members/all oficers to attend, so that your voice can be heard in the next term 14


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