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The Marinotter Monthly Pacifica Key Club|Official Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 4 October-November 2013 Pacifca High School|Division 4 North|Region 3|Cali-Nev-Ha District

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October/November 2013

A Word from Our President Dear Otters, I have never been so proud to be President up until now. I was honestly very grateful to see so many of you willing to join our club to become leaders, serve our community, and change the world. Our club has grown incredibly, and that's all because of each and every one of you! You should all be proud of your dedication and devotion to Key Club! Thank you for making me so proud to be a part of Pacifica's Key Club. I not only have the opportunity to serve you all as your President, but work alongside you as a fellow member.

Sincerely, Chris Pile President

Stay GOLDEN, Mariners!

Editor’s Note: Hey there, Marinotters! As you can tell, every month there are new changes to our newsletter. Some elements are added, while others are taken away. This is all in effort to make a more informative, entertaining newsletter for all of you to enjoy. Thank you for reading the Marinotter Monthly every month! It truly means a lot. -Kim Custodio, Tech Editor

October/November 2013


From the Eyes of an Otter Region Training Conference

(Saturday, October 12,12pm-5pm)

Kim Custodio|Tech Editor|Senior On the sunny Saturday afternoon of October 12th, all Region 3 Key Clubbers gathered for the annual Region 3 Training Conference held at Bolsa Grande High School. Everyone

came with a common purpose; to learn more about being a golden member of Key Club. First, each division started with their monthly DCM, or District Council Meeting, and I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that my LTG, Tommy Dang, chose me as one of the Officers of the Month for September. Then, everyone headed to the opening session of RTC, where all the Lieutenant Governors gave an overview of the events during the day and introduced a special guest, Newsletter Editor Kelly Chan! Being an editor for my home club’s newsletter myself, I decided to attend two sessions of her workshop about being an editor for your club, where I learned a lot about creating the best flyers, bulletins, etc possible. During third session, I saw the two Division 41 LTGS, Joseph Olmo and Sean Cai, who served as inspirations to me from OTC. Unfortunately, I had to leave early and missed the last workshops, but I left Bolsa Grande with motivation to work harder as a member and officer of Key Club.


October/November 2013

From the Eyes of an Otter Anaheim Fall Festival

(Saturday, October 26, 10am-5pm)

Kelby Custodio|Member|Freshman

On the morning of October 26, 2013, I tapped my fingers on my leg nervously. It was my very first Key Club event, and I didn't know what to expect. Yet I was also excited. We walked up to the group of Marinotters and were led inside for a quick tour of the haunted house. It was so cool to look behind the scenes, and as the woman in charge described the jobs I got more excited. After, we were then briefed on what our duties would be and asked what we wanted to work as. I listened to the jobs pass on, with people taking them immediately. Almost everyone had a job, and the woman was already done assigning them. A few more minutes passed, with me and my friend, Gwyneth discussed how we would be active in Key Club and other clubs at school. We saw the woman again, and I perked up. "I have a job for you," she said to us. She returned a few minutes later with a huge box of sheets of paper, with tickets for the haunted house printed on them. There were also various manila envelopes filled with already cut tickets. "Sort these out,"

October/November 2013

she said, gesturing to the envelopes, "and cut these up."She handed our group of reject actors and emcees two pairs of scissors and walked off. We soon got started on sorting slips of paper into certain dates and types of tickets, while others cut up the tickets or ripped them if they didn't have scissors. Despite the seemingly dreary situation, it was actually pretty fun. Soon, I forgot that I was working. After the image of the tickets had burned into my mind, spots had opened up for the Haunted House. This time, I didn't wait up. My hands shot up in the air, and I was led into the Haunted House, where I worked two jobs as an emcee. It was overall a really fun event, and I was also helping out. My goal as a fresh faced

otter is to be as active as I can and help out as much as possible. It's going to be a fun time in Key Club, and I'm ready for the ride!


Bee-ing Golden October Highlights: Club Rush The time had finally come for Pacifica’s Key Club. October 14-16 was our school’s Club Rush, and we were more than thrilled to recruit new members for the school year. All of board worked hard to get Mariners to join our club and had the help of our amazing Spirit Committee. They went around and advertised in various ways, like how Vivian Truong shown here walked around with a poster.

The line for the Key Club booth at Club Rush was always long and crowded, because so many wanted to join our ohana. At the end of the three day period we had numerous sheets filled with names interested in becoming a Marinotter. We held our first general meeting not too long after in the gym and were surprised to see over 200 people show up to our meeting alone!

In the end, after our membership drive, we ended up having 205 official members join our Key Club family. Thank you so much for choosing to

be a part of Key, everyone. We promise to not let you down. We look forward to a bright year for our club and are excited to serve our community, with spirit.


October/November 2013

Bee-ing Golden Spotlight on: Leadership

In case you don’t already know these two lovely your Spirit Chairs, Anthony Duong and Thu Tran! Anthony and Thu are both juniors who have been part of Key since their freshman year and are in charge of our club’s spirit committee. They were the ones leading other committee members in cheers and advertising our club during Club Rush. Also, if you’ve ever been to a social or service, you can see these two pumping up the members with their Key Club spirit! If you ever see any of these two, make sure to thank them for all their hard work!

October/November 2013


In Otter News… Marinotter of the Month Brittany Tran Grade: Senior Why’s she’s our Marinotter of the Month: We just couldn’t choose one this month! For Brittany, she’s been going to Key events even during the summer as an unofficial member. You can always catch her at service or social. This past month, she even attended RTC! She also is always ready to offer her help to us on board, which is very much appreciated. Though it is only her first year in Key, she has shown tremendous dedication!

Grade: Freshman Why’s they’re our Marinotters of the Month: Christina and Tanya have also shown incredible dedication as freshmen. In the short period that they have been members of Key, they made an effort and attended every social or service we hosted since, including Spirit Night. These two are inseperable, and they both share that Key Club spirit, We can’t wait to see them grow even more as members through the years!

Tanya Nguyen

Christina Fuehrer 7

October/November 2013

In Otter News… Upcoming Events

November 2013 Sun

3 Dino Dash





2 Spirit Night @ BGHS

7 Show you K in Every Way

8 Social after school Spirit Night @BGHS

9 Fall Rally @ Six Flags



16 Alzheimer’s Walk @ Anaheim Stadium 23

5 Kudos to the Key Players

6 Connect the Ks




18 General Meeting

19 20 21 Membership Class Rep Drive Applications due @6pm




Key Club Week



1 Electric Run @ OCC

4 General Meeting Bring a Friend to a Meeting 11




22 Spirit Committee Applications due 29 30

Thanksgiving Break check out our website for updates and more! Got a story to share? Write us an article! Each article equals points for you! Send them in to October/November 2013


Last Laughs

Hey there Marinotters! Three of these derp pictures have already been used in the newsletter. Can you spot which ones they are?


October/November 2013

Contact Information Danny Nguyen Historian

Chris Pile President

Kim Custodio Tech Editor

Wayne Nguyen Secretary

Brandon Hong Vice President

Michelle Tran Treasurer

Ana Tourtellotte Faculty Advisor E-mail us at: October/November 2013


Thanks for reading!

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The Marinotter Monthly - October/November 2013  
The Marinotter Monthly - October/November 2013  

The official newsletter for Pacifica Key Club of the Division 4 North Otters.