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The Marinotter Monthly Pacifica Key Club|Official Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 10 End of the Term 2014 Pacifca High School|Division 4 North|Region 3|Cali-Nev-Ha District

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End of the Term

A Word from Our President Hello Otters,

Editor’s Note: The time has finally come to publish the last issue of “The Marinotter Monthly” for the term. It still does not feel real that I won’t be able to create these for you all every month. I have incredible faith and belief in our new editors, Sarah and Stephon, but it’s still sad for me to pass on the torch. Please continue to read our newsletter and support our club. Until next time Marinotters, Kim Custodio, Immediate Past Tech Editor

End of the Term

I'm going to miss serving you all. I never imagined myself to become so in love with our club when I first became your President. Each and every one of you gave me passion to work harder to help our club grow. I honestly grew to worry more about our club than my own school work at one point in the term. You all helped me define who I am today. I was really known as the one who loved Key Club. It really became my whole life after becoming so passionate about serving this organization. Now that part of my life has come to an end, I am proud to look back on my legacy. Actually, believe it or not, it is YOUR legacy. Each of you has made this past term golden. It really was YOU that helped our club grow into one of the strongest and biggest in the division. Without you all, I would really be nothing. Moreover, I would like to give a great thank you for allowing me to serve you as your President. On a last note, be happy because you truly made your President proud.

Stay Golden! Your Immediate Past President, Chris Pile


From the Eyes of an Officer For this newsletter, officers of the 2013-2014 Executive Board were asked to describe their term in one word. Here were their responses.


From the inspiring leaders, the caring members, the honorable achievements, the priceless memories, and to the countless hours of service, everything in this past term has truly been golden. Chris Pile, IP President

Brandon Hong, IP Vice-President If I had to describe key club in one word, it would be “bittersweet.� Ultimately, within key club, you get exactly what you put into it and the harder you work, the greater it feels to see the fruit of your efforts. There is never a moment that can I can be regretful while serving my community and every smile makes every extra step more satisfying.


End of the Term

From the Eyes of an Officer Excitement. From the moment of initiation to the last second of the term, there was always a feeling of excitement that made my love for Key Club grow. I have experienced so many events that have changed my life and that have made me the person I am today. One of the best things about my term was the satisfaction from being able to work with the rest of my board. It Wayne Nguyen, IP Secretary consisted with a variety of individuals that were as excited as I was. Without them, I would not have been able to grow as much as I did. owe my to pursue myasKey Club career to my board who welcomed me in haveIbeen abledrive to grow as much I did. I owe like another family my member. Another, point was every month when I had to fill my drive to pursue Key Club careerhigh to my out thewho MRF as Pacifica Club’s secretary. Although it may seem a bit tedious to board welcomed meKey in like another family some, I eagerly completed it knowing that it was going to help those above me. Because member. Another, high point was every month of my Iterm candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Division 4 North. when had Itoalso fill became out the aMRF as Pacifica Key Although I did not win, it gave meseem excitement, Club’s secretary. Although it may a bit cherished memories, and new friends. My termtomay be over, but completed it has beenitfull of excitement and to this day I am still tedious some, I eagerly knowing excited about what nextabove in myme. Key Club career. that it was going to will helpbe those Because of my term I also became a candidate a A pleasure. for Michelle LieutenantTran, Governor IP Treasurer of Division 4 North. There were numerous times when I was not able Although I did not win, it gave me excitement, to express cherished memories, and new friends. My term my spirit for Key Club through attendance due to other commitments I had may be over, but it has been full of excitement made,will but in the times I was able to via service to and to this day I am still excited about what my community, I do not regret a single minute of be next in my Key Club career. it. You do not always have to fit in and be a surrounded by friends to be happy. The smile and gratitude from those you serve will more than suffice.

End of the Term


From the Eyes of an Officer If I could describe my term this year with one

Kim Custodio, IP Tech Editor Like many things in life, my term is hard to define, but I believe it could be best summed up by the word life-changing. I started as Tech Editor last April a completely different person than I am today. I’ve gained a new perspective on everything and a different outlook overall. From my first event as officer up until the last, I am constantly learning lessons about Key Club, people, myself and just life in general. The people around me have inspired me into doing things I did not know I would ever be capable of doing. You, my members, have inspired me to work hard to be the best for you. Of course, that wasn’t always the case, but whenever I feel down seeing your smiles and effort brought me back up. Thank you for that. From the extra hours put into my job to embarrassing myself with a “How Do You Feel” remix with booty, all are memories and lessons that have shaped me into a new individual. There are many things I did not do that I wish I did, but I do not regret anything that I have done. My life has definitely changed for the better because of Key. As I go on to college and beyond (and Circle K), I will carry these memories of being a golden Division 4 North otter close to my heart always.


word, I would chose memorable. It sounds simple and overused but it perfectly fits to me. Throughout my term I have learned and experienced many new things by taking part with Key Club. Even though I wasn't the best leader and made a lot of dumb mistakes and sometimes I don't even act like how an officer should be .Being the historian, I felt that my job was easy since I didn't have to do much, this I regret a lot about my term. With my term being over, I felt that I could have done more to improve the club and the members. This is where memorable comes in. I have taken all of these types of negative elements and changed myself to become a better person. With my term being over and my last year of high school closing soon, I shouldn't being slacking off like I'm already am. I should set better examples and train my successor to do what I couldn't accomplish.

Danny Nguyen, IP Historian

End of the Term

From the Eyes of an Officer Kody Dang, IP Senior Class Representative

Enlightening It showed me the benefits of serving others and to work with other people. My term was short and sweet and Key Club served as the engine in my car. The term has shown me to enjoy my time and to also keep inspiring.

I would describe my term as an officer as

enlightening. Drexler Kim, IP Junior Class Representative

End of the Term

I had no idea that Key Club did this much to provide service and how enthusiastic the members and board was. I just thought it was another service club, but Key Club truly did open my eyes to the world of service, and I learned very important things from my time as a Key Club officer. Key Club has made me a better person, I have learned more about people a good person, and an overall spirited individual with positive traits and a positive outlook on doing good for those around me. I love Key Club with all my heart and I wish this next term to be better than the last so I may demonstrate what Key Club has taught me to all the members that have yet to see the brilliance of this club.


From the Eyes of an Officer I would describe my term as unexpected. I joined Key Club freshman year and only came to events to be with friends. Now, I am class representative and would have never expected it. It’s an honor and a sweet surprise to be able to serve you all. Dat Nguyen, IP Sophomore Class Representative

May Nguyen, IP Freshman Class Representative If I could describe my term as an officer in one word, it would be sentimental. Thinking back on all the events and decisions my old board planned out together truly makes me smile. It was amazing to work with such wonderful people, and the communication between each individual was clearly incontrovertable. As the youngest on board, I felt extremely welcome and included in all discussions, leading me to become a better person with better social skills. I hold the memories shared with the 2013 to 2014 executive board dear to me because they've opened up new experiences for me and have allowed me to have a different perspective on the environment around me. Overall, my past term has been memorable and brilliant in every way.


End of the Term

In Otter News Marinotter of the Month

Brian You

There he is! Our final Member of the Month for the term. Brian is a caring junior who has been dedicated to Key Club all throughout. You can always see him happy and laughing, and super spirited. Brian is also quite friendly! He even spends time trying to become more involved and is definitely worthy of recognition. Congratulations, Brian! End of the Term


In Otter News Finally, here are some of the derpiest derps of the year! Obviously all could not fit, because we Marinotters ARE quite attractive. Regardless, enjoy!


End of the Term

Welcome the 2014-2015 Board!

From left to right: Nancy Seo, Drexler Kim, Wayne Nguyen, Ivy Chen, May Nguyen, Christina Fuehrer, Sarah Pham, Stephon Tran, Dat Nguyen

President: Wayne Nguyen Vice-Presidents: Ivy Chen & Drexler Kim Secretary: Christina Fuehrer Treasurer: Nancy Seo Bulletin Editor: Sarah Pham Technology Editor: Stephon Tran Senior Class Representative: Andrew Chi Junior Class Representative: Dat Nguyen Sophomore Class Representative: May Nguyen Advisor: Drew DeVoy

End of the Term`


Thanks for reading!

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End of the Term Newsletter  
End of the Term Newsletter