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The Howling Report Division 3 South’s Official Newsletter

Volume I – Issue VIII

Jan- 2012

Howl on, Wolves! A word from‌ Hello


The winter season is coming by, so lets get into the holiday spirit through volunteering! It is nice to spend time with your family, but please take some time to think about those who are less fortunate. There are people in our own communities that have no homes, clothes, or even family today. Please help Division 3 South in supporting the homeless in participating in our first ever SOCK DRIVE! You will be credited service hours for each pack of NEW socks! Having socks to use for the feet and hands can be the difference between someone's life. Conclave and club elections are coming very close! Please make sure you prepare yourself for the upcoming term by learning about positions you may be interested in. Thank you for time in reading this! Stay warm with and pack together! Community service is a great way to show someone you care in these holiday seasons! Until next month wolves, stay warm and have a great Holiday Season!


Lieutenant Governor

In this Issue I. Introduction II. New Events III. Election Season

IV. Past Events V. Recognitions VI. Contacts

Upcoming Events

Election Season Interested in running for a position next term? Well here is the general overview of what each position does!

Past Events | Fall Rally

Fall Rally always begins in a cold morning filled with excitement, my Fall Rally 2012 began with all the early morning fun I had recognizing and welcoming of old friends and familiar faces. Due to the over capacity of members on each bus another was on the way to help us out. I was one of the few people who had volunteered as tribute. Arriving a tad late, our division had prepped with all the face paint we could find and entered our spirit session which was one of the most nerve wracking thing ever. After cheering our hearts out, we had not done so great but we walked out of the theater with our chins up. Fall Rally is a great event that allows the great leaders to really put their hard work to the test and prove that leadership is not just shown through victory but also through friendship. After shaking off the spirit session my friends and I trailed off the enjoy not only the rides and funnel cake, but the fact that you are surrounded by hundreds of other people that have the very same feel for service to the very point where you're freezing your toes off on the bus ride home. Ernestine Hong, John Marshall

Kiwanis Family One Family, One Ohana

Past Events |Fall Rally Fall Rally. What can I say? It’s probably one of the best events that Key Club has ever held. From what I’ve heard from previous Fall Rallies it’s always been fun and exciting. With this being my first year I had a lot of expectations coming in to Fall Rally but once I saw all of the Key Clubbers it was everything I expected. Excitement was all around the park and I was just excited to cheer for my division and win that Spirit Stick. But we ended up not winning the Spirit Stick and I saw many disappointed faces although we didn’t win when it was all said and done we were all still winners, we went there and cheered until the end. To me it was a great experience being there cheering, meeting new people, and spending a great day with my friends. We’re all going to work hard to get a chance to win that Spirit Stick again until then see you next year. Limuel Silva, Eagle Rock

Member of the Month For the month of November, the member of the month is Mark Ingcoco! Mark is currently a junior and is a part of our school’s dance team and Glee Club. This is his first year in Key Club and he has demonstrated great passion for service. As a new member of our warm family, Mark has proved to others that he is a true Key Clubber by attending every service and social events. Whether it is our home club events or divisional events, Mark is always the first one to sign up. After every event, he is more than happy to share his experience with the club. This year was Mark’s first year attending Fall Rally and has made him love Key Club even more. He cannot wait to attend next year’s Fall Rally because he wants to demonstrate his fascination for Key Club. He wished he had joined Key Club sooner because he tells others that he has missed out on many service and volunteer opportunities. Mark is a responsible and dedicated member because rain or shine, he will attend every event he signed up for. Even when he is feeling ill, he continues to demonstrate his passion for Key Club. He felt ill on the day of Fall Rally; he managed to have a smile on his face throughout the day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. He refused to miss out on this special event because he wanted to experience spirit rallies, to support Pediatric Trauma Prevention, to meet new people, and to demonstrate his amazing enthusiasm. Mark plans to become an officer in order to further expand his love for Key Club. According to his persistent devotion towards the club, he is undoubtedly a fantastic role model for future members. He has the abilities to inspire others to become successful leaders, to provide amazing services and to appreciate Key Club.

Mark Ingcoco Benjamin Franklin

Officer of the Month It is our honor to award, Arianna Dela Rosa, officer of the month of November. November is a busy, stressful month for seniors with college applications and such, but Arianna was able to maintain her duties as bulletin editor and go to events, such as the Green Festival and Fall Rally as well. She wants to make the best newsletters possible, always improving on them each month. Not only is she passionate toward making the club’s newsletters, but also toward serving the community. At the Green Festival, she helped guide people to the festival and worked at the ticket booth. She cheered loudly during the spirit session at Fall Rally and enjoyed it to the fullest since it is her last year. Unforgettable experiences such as these are reasons why she encourages members to write articles for the newsletter. Arianna is not just a good officer, but also a very proud, jovial Key Clubber.

Arianna Dela Rosa John Marshall

Early Wolves

| Club of the Month






Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock


Herbert Hoover

John Marshall

Holy Family

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover

John Marshall

STEM Academy

John Marshall

John Marshall

Holy Family

STEM Academy

John Marshall



The Presidents APEX Academy Lusine Masanklayan

Benjamin Franklin Aljelen Paraiso

Herbert Hoover Jeannie Mai

Hollywood Grid Vongpiansuksa

Holy Family Waree Ekchanakul Eagle Rock Danielle Peterson

John Marshall Jeffrey Padilla Glendale Karlo Madrona

STEM Academy John Paul Rigonan

To serve, so others may lead – Marion Barleta

Division Leadership Team


Lieutenant Governor Marion Barleta d03s.cnhkc.ltg@

Division News Editor Erick Jason Reyno

Interclub Coordinator Dustin Tran

Executive Assistant Veniel Espanol

Fundraising Coordinator

Division Secretary Jade Archuleta



Region Adviser: Doug Ridnor

Stephanie Thi d03s.fundraising.coordinator@

Education Corner What is Key Club? Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels. Key Club International brings together all Key Club's members' efforts and energies into an area that makes an international impact through the Major Emphasis, "Children: Their Future, Our Focus.” The Major Emphasis unites Key Clubs under the banner of service that deals with the most important part of our community, our youth. The Key Club service initiative is the hands-on element of the Major Emphasis. All of the hands-on service provided to children by Key Club International members is directed to a single area of need, to make a substantial impact. The current service initiative, The Eliminate Project, allows Key Clubbers joining forces with Kiwanis International and UNICEF eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Each year, Key Club International teams up with its three partner organizations, March of Dimes, Children’s Miracle Network and UNICEF, for the fundraising element of the Major Emphasis. As you plan your club’s service programming for the year, keep these organizations in mind. Each Key Club is encouraged to participate with our partners as we join together to make a difference in the lives of children.

* We do not make Keys. We are however, the Key Students helping to make a brighter future!

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