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Piedmont— Piedmont Key Club helped Uhuru Foods at the San Mateo Maker Faire.

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July 2013 Volume 2 // Issue 3

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Division 2 | Region 9 | Cali -Nev-Ha District | Key Club


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Photo credits to Julie Ho, Skyline.



Happy summer, Kiwis! It seems as if the time is flying by. We’re a couple of weeks into summer, but we’ve done an infinite amount of service! We’ve got a ton of Division Wide Events coming up, all to ensure more bonding time! Even though I’m not here right now, I hope that everything is going well ^_^. The Division Leadership Team has been handling everything oh so gracefully. I hope many of you were able to attend the DCM on the 15th! If not, I hope to see you at our next DCM. We have tons of events coming up, so look out for them! Remember: Key Club doesn’t end when school ends! Happy 4th of July, everyone! Each month, I have one deed of kindness I’d like to see our fellow Kiwis complete. :) You can Facebook or E-mail me a photo or message of how it goes! Deed of Kindness: Read to a child! :)

Flying with Service,

Cindy Wen g



July 2013 Sun

Mon 1

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Wed 3

Thu 4

Happy July 4th!

Fri 5

International Convention 7





Sat 6

DWS: Studio One Clean Up



Mr. Gin’s birthday! :) 14



















The winner of our Division T-shirt Contest! This was designed by Jeffrey Xiong, the MRS Chair. :) 6

Bonfire DCM


July DCM Agenda JULY 13, 2013

Call to Order: 12:30 pm Division 2 | Region 9 I. Pledges II. Roll Call a. Alameda, Albany, Arroyo, Berkeley, Castro Valley, El Cerrito, Encinal, Oakland, Oakland Technical, Piedmont, San Leandro, Skyline b. Advisors and Guests III. Old Business a. Club Reports b. Cindy’s Absence c. Mosswood Clean Up d. Studio One Clean Up IV. New Business a. Upcoming Events b. i. My Absence ii. July Division Wide Service 1. Mosswood Clean Up: June 22nd 2. Studio One Clean Up: July 6th iii. DCON 2014 iv. Club Registration v. Kiwi Points 1. What are they? 2. Who is in the lead? vi. Recognition | July 2013 1. Club of the Month 2. Member of the Month 3. Officer of the Month 4. Kiwanian of the Month vii. Service doesn’t end when School does! viii. August DCM 1. August 10th, 10am-2pm 2. Ohlone Park, Berkeley, CA 3. Tie Dye & FRN ix. AIDS Walk 1. When: July 21st, 8am-3pm 2. Where: San Francisco, CA x. Relay For Life xi. When: July 27th xii. Where: Skyline High, Oakland, CA xiii. Studio One Clean Up 1. When: August 3rd, 10am – 2pm 2. Where: Studio One, 365 45th Street, Oakland, CA xiv. Love Box: Write a message, and I’ll read it at the end! xv. Newsletter Prizes V. Explanation of how the BBQ will run. VI. Kiwanis Family Update: Cristobal VII. The Eliminate Project: Peony Chen VIII. FRN Cheers IX.Comments/ Questions? X. Adjournment 7

R ECOGNITION Oakland Tech had the most service hours. San Leandro had the most funds raised for service. San Leandro is our club of the month.

Division Kiwis of the Month Berkeley’s Cuca Gonzales 1. What do you like about Key Club? I like that for Key Club, I can always count on there being fun and interesting events every single weekend as opposed to other clubs who don't always plan events. Also, the fact that I get to meet new people while helping other people out, like through Glide for example, is also a plus. 2. Do you have any favorite Key Club memories? I would say one of my favorite Key Club memories was volunteering at Glide to make all of those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because I knew that the sandwiches I was making would be going to someone who really needed it. Even though by the end of it I didn't want to look at another sandwich again. 3. What is one of your favorite books or movies? One of my favorite books and movies is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 4. What is your biggest pet peeve? My biggest pet peeve would be people who talk at movies because I just want to watch the movie in peace. 5. What do you plan on doing this summer? This summer, I will be volunteering at Franklin Preschool as I've done in the past and I will be playing a lot of tennis to get ready for the upcoming tennis season.


CLUB MEMBERS OF THE MONTH Alameda: OSCAR LEUNG “I love working together with the Key Club members and seeing how everyone contributes.‖ ―My favorite book is The Hobbit and that is my favorite movie too because Bilbo is such an awesome character. I even love the dwarves’ mountain music because it’s very calming and soothing.‖

Albany: MEGAN LOI ――I really enjoyed going to DCON and learning more about volunteering and service.‖ ―This summer, I am taking a Latin course, and I hope to travel and see new things.‖

Arroyo: DANIA BARACAT ―Walk For Poverty was one of the best memories I had in Key Club! I met many new people and overall it was the best event I went to.‖ “Annoying people are my biggest pet peeve.‖


CLUB MEMBERS OF THE MONTH Castro Valley: MATTHEW CHUNG ―I like that Key Club is inviting. I feel like I can go to any of the events without it being super awkward and feeling left out.‖ ―This may sound sad, but I like to study for school. I like A's. (:‖

Encinal: ERIC HUANG ―Favorite memory would be helping during Mabuhay since it was the first event I went to. It was pretty fun and I had Lumpia.‖ ―In my free time, I play League of Legends with my boys Aaron and Kim.‖

El Cerrito: CATHY PHUN ―Key Club is the perfect club to catch up with friends and classmates along with meeting new ones who share the same interests as you.‖ ―One of my favorite books is Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. As for movies, I love watching The Dark Knight Rises and Thor.‖


CLUB MEMBERS OF THE MONTH Oakland: HANSON NGUYEN ―I like the friendliness and the good vibes everyone gives off [in Key Club] — how everyone is welcoming and no one is shy.‖ ―This summer, I’m planning to wind down, relax, spend time with everyone and get money.‖

Oakland Tech: ADRIENNE LE ―I like everything about Key Club but what I like the most is that despite all our differences we can come together as a big ol' family and just help and get things done while having fun.‖ ―My biggest pet peeve… would have to be when a person manages to turn a perfectly good conversation into a conversation about themselves. That and people who don't use soap when washing their hands.‖

Piedmont: CHRIS FONG ―My favorite Key Club memory is working at the Maker Faire because we got free food and walked around the area after.‖ ―This summer, I am going to Japan for six and a half weeks to learn Japanese.‖


CLUB MEMBERS OF THE MONTH San Leandro: WILSON TRAN ―I like the energy of Key Club. The cheers are awesome and it’s not just a normal service club.‖ ―One interesting fact about me is I like to cook.‖

Skyline: PRESTON LEW ―I love the people in Key Club and their enthusiasm.‖ ―[I plan on doing] CROSS COUNTRY TRAINING and watching anime [this summer].‖

Kiwi Points

Note: These Kiwi Points are percentages per member.

Alameda: 8.36

Castro Valley: 3.43

Oakland Tech: 12.36

Albany: 22.26

Encinal: 1.80

Piedmont: 36.07

Arroyo: 9.54

El Cerrito: 0.00

San Leandro: 15.88

Berkeley: 7.92

Oakland High: 6.34

Skyline: 11.51

Piedmont is in the lead! :) 12

1 2 3 N-I-C-E, NOICE!

Being the last month before summer break, we at Alameda High School had some memorable events! Before and after finals, we had events such as our school Food Faire, See Jane Run, Love Our Lake Day and Division 2's Walk to End Poverty. Our fellow Kiwis volunteered at See Jane Run to hand runners snacks and water. In one of our numerous events at Lake Merritt, members helped regulate traffic. In The Walk to End Poverty, volunteers from our division got together to collaborate and work together for the cause. Though the year has been great, summer break is here and many of our senior members have graduated. We would like to congratulate everyone and wish everyone a great break!

ALBANY This month, Albany Key Club brought back one of our traditional fundraising events for the school graduation: graduation lei sales! Club members made leis in their own time, spending approximately 30 minutes for each lei. The sale was unfortunately unsuccessful, with way less profit than expected. We also helped organize and set up a Chinese Dance Performance at Albany High School Theater for three hours. The show turned out great, and dancers appreciated our big help!


Club Summaries


ARROYO In the month of May/June, we have participated in events which include Walk to End Poverty, the May DCM/K-Auction, Salvation Army Dinner, See Jane Run and the banquet held at the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club. This is also the first month that Arroyo Key Club has held a fundraiser for PTP. It was a great success. We raised $170.95 for PTP this month through our "Coin War" and "Stuck For a Buck" events at school. We succeeded in duct taping our school principal, Mr. Smith, to the wall of the gymnasium. He was stuck to the wall for a whole lunch period as students donated money to purchase more tape. We earned a total of $77 dollars from the "Stuck For a Buck" event. We also earned a total of $93.95 from collecting coins in a baby bottle. We also recognized our active members at our last meeting by awarding them with certificates. We handed out their service hours with a note of appreciation for their time and hard work. As for now, our officers are working hard to plan events and fundraisers during the summer and for next year. Service NEVER stops even when school does.

BERKELEY This month, we did not have as many events as we had hoped, due to many of our officers and members being committed to standardized testing. However, we did have two bake sales: one on Fourth Street in Berkeley, and the other at Berkeley High School, both of which benefitted PTP. Sarah, Isabel, and Molly also participated in the Walk to End Poverty. Although we did not actually go on the walk, we helped out with the festivities, volunteering to supervise the bouncy house for kids and helping kids tap into their inner creative sides at the MOCHA booth. Perhaps one of our more rewarding events was our visit to Chaparral House in Berkeley. While we did not stay for the entire day, we got to know many unique senior citizens, each of which had their own talents to showcase.


CASTRO VALLEY Castro Valley attended the division wide service event, Walk to End Poverty, as well as the DCM/K-Auction. We had a FUNdraising event for PTP where we flyer-ed for bottles and cans, and then two weeks later, we collected them. We served people at an auction dinner at a local church in which the tips we earned went to PTP as well. Some of our officers and members attended the D2, D26N, and D26S banquet at the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club, where they got to meet and bond with other Key Clubbers.

ENCINAL Our Encinal Key club has been quite a success in the past month of May. A couple more people attended the DCM, more helped at the Mosswood cleanup event, and we've made more profit (that of course, goes to PTP and Eliminate) from our school fundraiser at which we sold spam musubis, ice cream floats and chicken. One great edition to our club is that we now have an Instagram! Follow our Encinal Key club @ehskeyclubkiwis. There are lots of great photos posted there and I think it'd be a great idea for other clubs to have an Instagram too because it's a good way to publicize our events and maybe even recruit more members.


EL CERRITO This month, the city of El Cerrito has asked us to volunteer at their Fourth of July Festival which will be held at Cerrito Vista Park. This event will be El Cerrito High School Key Club's first event this term! Since it is our first event with new board members, we are all looking forward to it! Also, our club is doing well and our goal for this year is that we will volunteer in many events in the future and create them as well.

OAKLAND HIGH During the month of June, Oakland High Key Club did not have as many weekly meetings and service events as we usually do due to dead week, finals week and graduation week. However, many of us participated and volunteered for many senior activities such as the senior ball, picnic and even graduation! It was amazing to see our Key Club members step up to the plate when it came to getting things done to make those events successful! It definitely ended the school year strong and we are looking forward to next school year's effort and willingness to do service!


OAKLAND TECH This month, we organized an officer training conference. We had many officers and club members come join us to learn more about Key Club. We also had a division wide event where we volunteered at the Walk to End Poverty event. There were many other organizations there to help, so Key Club decided to cheer for walkers! Some of the members of Oakland Tech volunteered at our dance production in transporting goods in and out of the building. Our club also organized another bake sale on 4th street in Berkeley. Lastly, we had a Mosswood clean up where we cleaned out the after school program classes and lastly, ended with a Club banquet!

PIEDMONT In the months of May and June, Piedmont Key Club participated in a variety of super fun and rewarding events. We helped Uhuru Foods run their food booth at Maker Faire, performing many different tasks such as making garlic fries and working the cash register. We also got to learn a little about Uhuru Foods, which is an organization that produces and sells food to aid the African community. Later in May, we attended the DCM and auction, where we got to meet and bond with our fellow Key Clubbers! Watching everyone get auctioned off was very entertaining and hilarious, especially when our very own Piedmont members were being bid on! More importantly, we all felt great knowing that the auction money was going towards saving babies with the Pediatric Trauma Program. In June, we attended the D2, D26N, and D26S Banquet to honor our past LTGs and officers. The food was amazing, the people were amazing - basically, everything was amazing. We look forward to volunteering at more events during the summer and meeting more key clubbers from throughout our division!


SAN LEANDRO This past month marked the last general meeting of the year. We held our last general meeting on May 30th and all of our officers brought food and we had a small party for the members. This month, the officers of SLHS Key Club discussed ideas and plans for the club for the upcoming year. The event that we hosted was the May DCM, where our Key Clubbers were being auctioned off and we raised $618 for PTP! The Walk to End Poverty event was held at the Lake Merritt Band Stand and it was a division wide event. We did a tremendous job cheering on the participants walking. Last week our webmaster, Timmy Leong renovated our Key Club page. It has a new, clean look and we also have an admission box where members can sign up for events when officers are occupied.

SKYLINE Though it's the summer, Skyline Key Club is still filled with much excitement as events are still ongoing and meetings have not lost their joy. We had our last meeting for the school year on June 7, where we had an ice cream social for all to come, enjoy, and celebrate the end of the school year. Besides the meeting, other events were planned because Key Club doesn't end when school does: these events include the Mosswood Historic Estate Clean Out on June 22nd at Mosswood Park in Oakland. Along with that, we've sold ribbon leis during graduation, earning us quite a good amount of money for the next year. We’re also recruiting underclassmen to pass on the Key Club tradition when we graduate during the 2013-2014 year.




By Preferred Charities Task Coordinator Peony Chen, Albany

Small, fragile infants and children in hospitals EVERYDAY need special pharmaceuticals and equipment made just for them. Besides the fact that they help sick kids get well, they also are very high priced tools. This is the reason why Children’s Miracle Network was formed. CMN is a nonprofit organization who raise money to benefit hospitalized kids. All contributions go straight to hospitals to purchase up-to-date equipment, train staff, conduct life-saving research, implement outreach programs and provide health care for children whose parents can’t afford to pay. More than 170 children’s hospitals are with CMN Hospitals. For more than a decade, Key Club International has been supporting CMN Hospitals by sponsoring fundraisers and participating in service projects involving CMN Hospitals. So let’s keep going for an everlasting time to raise money for those cute little kids! Remember that this will help lift off the stress of their parents and is greatly appreciated by them. We are one of the reasons why they are allowed to grow up and live happily.

IHOP’s National Pancake Day!


Guests will enjoy free pancakes

In exchange for pancakes, they will be asked to consider donating to CMN

Arroyo hosts a “Stuck For a Buck” event to raise money for PTP. Oakland High volunteers at the school’s senior picnic day.


Oakland High


Articles Piedmont


Piedmont helps out Uhuru Foods at their booth in San Mateo’s Maker Fair.

Piedmont 20

Oakland High’s Senior Picnic Day By Sherry Liang, Oakland High On June 13, 2013, Oakland High held a senior picnic day for the graduating seniors. Students did not have classes that day, so they weren't required to go to school. However, many students came to school to volunteer at the picnic and some of them were our hard working Key Club members who chose to help. First, we brought all the materials that were needed to the field before we set up. This took a lot of work due to the distance between the field and the classroom that we were getting materials from, but we did it. Then, we helped with keeping the cotton candy and Icee machines under control. There were a lot of things going on at once — we had some students regulating the water slide,

Oakland High

barbequing hotdogs or making sure that drinking water bottles weren't being used for recreational reasons. It was fun to watch the seniors spray each other with water guns and dump each other into the waterslide!

Love Our Lake Day By Brian Zhen, Alameda


Brian Ye and I were assigned a trafficking task where we escorted vehicles near the lake. It was my first time doing this and I learned how to interact with drivers and direct them to their destinations. Not only did I learn from this event, but Brian and I were flabbergasted when we saw Jerry Brown, our state governor, in a big old black SUV. Volunteering at this event gave me new insights and experiences. My favorite facet of this event had to be the three hours that flew by when Brian and I were on the job.

Alameda 21

Graduation Lei Making By Hiroka Tamura, Albany As graduation was getting closer at Albany High, Albany Key Club decided to bring back one of our traditional fund raising projects: graduation leis. One month before graduation, we began ordering ribbons and candies to create four different leis: red and white leis for Albany High, black and yellow leis for Albany Middle School, green and white leis for Cornell Elementary School and candy leis. Although the preparations took a while, we managed to start making leis at a good rate. Club members spent about 30 minutes per lei, bringing them home to work on their own time. In total, we made approximately 200 ribbon leis, and 300 candy leis. Albany Key Club members advertised and sold the Albany leis after school, four dollars for ribbon leis and five dollars for candy leis. The club spent about $500 on candies, ribbons and cellophane. Our profit goal was not met, and there were way less sales than expected. The project was not as successful as past years, but we did our best!

Bottle Pick Up and Recycling By Francisco Aguilera , Castro Valley On the 25th of May, Castro Valley High School Key Club had their first ever aluminum can/ plastic bottle pick up and recycling. This event was a fundraiser for PTP and it was a great success. We raised a total of $45.26, just from cans that otherwise would have been thrown away. The day started off with Key Club members meeting at the Palomares Recreation Center at 11 a.m. As soon as everyone arrived, we got straight to work. We first went to go and pick up the bags of cans that people had placed outside their door. After we had picked up all the bags of cans, we all met back at the recreation center. We then separated the bottles that could be recycled from the bottles that could not be recycled. After that, Kevin and his dad took the bottles to the recycling center. Overall, it was a great event and we raised a nice amount of money for PTP.

Castro Valley 22

Castro Valley







See Jane Run By Andy Huang, Alameda See Jane Run was an awesome event! Although the location of the event was a little confusing it all went well and I got a free t-shirt. At the event, I was able to help pass out medals for the runners as well as water and snacks for them. I also got the chance to work with people above my age group, which was a very unique experience. It was really fun being able to help the community, especially at such a large scale where there were thousands of runners present.





The wonders of coming together By FRN Coordinator Tiffany Huang, Oakland Tech On a bright and early Saturday, Division 2 was able to come together on May 18th for another one of many division wide service events: Walk To End Poverty at Oakland's Lake Merritt. The goal of this annual event was to support and bring awareness of the increasing issue of poverty occurring in underprivileged communities. The event coordinators were shocked with the amazing amount of Kiwis who came to support the cause that they struggled to find specific tasks for us to do. However, Division 2 Kiwis luckily came up with wonderful ideas of engaging the walking participants by practicing their classic Key Club and D2 cheers.

fellow peers, but the walkers felt more appreciated for advocating the end of poverty and it definitely brought our community together with a new kind of energy. :) With those simple cheers that brought genuine happiness to others, Division 2 made it to a local newspaper article the next day! This successful event is just a mini reminder that every individual can make a difference, whether it was a "G-Double O-D J-O-B" cheer or a simple smile. Way to go, little Kiwis! Keep up the great work (and don't forget to practice/teach others the cheers)! :)

This not only gave a rewarding opportunity for our Kiwis to increase their spirit and bond with their

Skyline 24

Oakland Tech


“It definitely brought our community together with a new kind of energy.” -Tiffany Huang

Skyline 25

Oakland Tech

San Leandro




San Leandro


The day started off with the Division Council Meeting (DCM), going on for about an hour. People talked about how their home club was doing. I thought it was a wonderful idea to host an auction to auction off Key Clubbers and to help raise money. It was amazing to see people go off from five dollars and even up to 100 dollars quickly. I was astonished to see how people bought others for a date! People willing whipped out their wallets, trying to get a steal on auctionees in either small groups or just by themselves. The day was amazing, money was raised and people had fun; and possibly will have or had fun on their dates!

-Executive Assistant Edmond Lau, San Leandro

San Leandro


San Leandro


By Immedia

Mr. Gin


Skyline Skyline 28

A step here, a step there, Ke along the line, signing in, gazing u streamers from the ceiling, parrots tached to walls, we attempt to emb Aloha Summer. More and more p mingle amongst themselves, scatte people catching up, seniors discus and aroma of BBQ chicken makin the gym. Finally, the banquet begin bers rush to the food, lining up an on food provided potluck style and and corn. We start the night with a co Fellowship bestowed upon Vonnah Leandro Kiwianis, for her amazing the Eliminate Project. The night fo awards and thanks you presented t to Anne Lin, Emilie Shen, and Ke night grew monotonous, performa Aldea and Zach Chen and his boy body’s spirits. Lastly, the IP LTGs addresses and we ended the night spired to do more service.


cognize your impact

ate Past LTG Charles Chu, Albany

ey Clubbers trod upon decorations— s and flamingos atbody the theme, people file in and ered conversations, ssing college plans, ng its way through ns and the memnd grubbing down d Mr. Gin’s chicken

oveted Walter Zeller h Bagner, of San g contributions to ollowed with more to DLTs (Shout out elly Chan!). As the ances by Matthew ys, boosted everygave their farewell jubilee and in-


For those who did not hear my speech, in a couple phrases: always remember your times in Key Club. No matter how small or large your contribution, you have made an impact, and lastly thank you to each and every one of you for supporting me and helping me change my life.

Best Wishes to all, Charles Chu See you all in the future!

“No matter how small or large your contribution, you have made an impact”

Hello Kiwis! I hope everyone’s summer is going well so far! And like you’ve probably heard a million times already (I hope), school has ended but SERVICE is always yearlong! This past month, I attended the D2 and D26N/S banquet and it is always such a blast seeing all the Kiwis and even other Key Clubbers as well! I am constantly surprised at how welcoming our members are — each event I go to, I meet more and more Key Clubbers! It really makes me feel glad (for lack of a better word) to be part of such a wonderful organization. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the DCM and Officer Training Conference this month. I hope that everyone who did attend learned a lot and is ready to prepare and plan a summer filled with service! If not, that’s okay — the Division Leadership Team is here to assist you! (& Cindy is spiritually here for you! At the moment, she is away in Paraguay!). We also have another training conference planned in August: Fall Training Conference (FTC)! You guys will be extra, extra, and extra prepared to deal with anything during your term! Have a great day and I hope to see you all at the July DCM and DWS events. =)

In Service, Danica Liang, Division Newsletter Editor 30

C ontac t Info Cindy Weng Division 2 Lieutenant Governor

Jeff Van

Executive Assistant

(510)-847-3607 (510)-779-8215

Danica Liang Division Newsletter Editor

Julie Ho

Executive Assistant

(510)-846-9238 (510)-213-3049

Edmond Lau Executive Assistant (510)-701-6980

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the newsletter or submissions, email Cindy or Danica. 31

’ s t n e resid


C ontac t Info



Jay Zhang

Ayleng Giang

Han Tran








Molly Wampler

Kevin Moyung

Christina Zhou








Tsz Yau Wong

Janet Yan

Alan Kwok






Taylor Chow

Jessica Huynh

Lena Chen






Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the newsletter or submissions, contact Cindy or Danica.


Division 2 July 2013  

Presented to you by the Division 2 News Editor Danica Liang.

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